"I tell ya Joe, it was the most amazing thing, in all my years playing slots here, and I've never seen a streak like that."

"He make much money?"

"He made some," Charlie said, moving his hands as he talked, "maybe a thousand." He felt them tremble some as he ran one up though his thinning hair, "But that's not it man, there is more."

"A thousand, that ain't so much, hell I seen a guy..."

"Listen to me Joe, there's more, I saw it all," he said, shuffling up in the long, long line leading from the player's club windows. "Let me tell you, cause I saw it all, from the time he walked into the Casino until he staggered out of here counting his money, tipping everyone who even looked like they worked here."

"Is this one of those all day stories of yours, one of those that you forget the end just as it's starting to get good?"

"Will you let me tell the story?"

"Okay, go on, go on."

"Well here he comes, walking past the buffet line..."

"Oh yeah man, you see how long it was today?"


"Okay, okay, tell your story."

"Thank you," Charlie said as he inched up in the line. "You see, he comes walking in past the buffet line, yeah that long buffet line." He paused, waiting for some comment from Joe, when he finally raised his hands in exasperation, Charlie continued, "He wasn't alone, he walked up with his wife, a pretty sort, a bit chunky for my taste, but yes, beautiful red hair."

He paused again, wondering just how real that color was. "Anyway, you could tell they've been here before, they seemed to know just where to go. I watched both of them walk up to a Player's Club window and pick up a card. There were no lines then, nothing like this mess," he whispered nodding his head to the long snake of people that seemed to wrap in on itself several times.

"He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and they kind of split up, her heading for the bar and the video poker games while he headed over to one of the slots. He passed up several of the all electronic ones, finally finding one that, although you could push just buttons, there was also an arm you could pull. I later heard him say, to one of the people watching, that his daddy once let him play one of those bandits in some airport somewhere, and damned if he didn't win twenty bucks with one pull.

"Once he found the right machine, how he knew it was the right machine, I'll never know, but it turned out to be one on the end, so I could see it all from my machine. Anyway, he gets his little bucket of coins, he was playing quarters, he gets his bucket of coins and feeds about a half dozen into the machine and gives it a pull. He calmly watched the spinning bars and cherries, and carrots and potatoes..."

"Carrots and potatoes? Hell these machines..."

"Work with me here Joe, will ya? I couldn't see what kind of fruits and vegetables were spinning on the machine. He played a few more times... Hey, hey fellah, the line starts back there. Damn, I've never seen it like this," Charlie said, elbowing the guy out of the way.

"Where was I?" he started again, "oh yes, the cauliflowers spinning on the machine," nodding his head to Joe, who just held up his hands. "Anyway, he misses a few more times, when I notice him smile a bit and glance over his shoulder, as if someone was there. Well, he looked a bit confused, but went back to the machine, putting his hand gently on the arm, as if it could fall and break. He pulled his hand away, looked at it and rubbed it with his other hand. He reached back to the arm and pulled, jerking his hand away and looking at it again. He looked over both shoulders, as if someone were there, but nobody was near him.

"I thought he was gonna get up and leave, but his machine hit. Nothing big mind you, I heard a few quarters fall into the hole. He seemed to settle in a bit, pulling the arm ever so gently. Well, he keeps looking around, like somebody's there, but still nothing. He keeps pulling the arm hitting a second and third time, again, just a few quarters.

"Well, he goes to hitting on every pull, five, six, now seven times in a row," he paused, watching Joe shake his head, scratching his stubbly chin. They inched forward a little and he continued, "Mind you, he's not hitting anything big, a few quarters here and a few quarters there, but he keeps hitting, nine, ten, fucking eleven times in a row. Well he's starting to draw a crowd, all that dinging and quarters falling and falling."

"Suddenly, he stands up again and stares down at his crotch, then remembering there are people now watching, he slowly sits down. From my vantage point, I could see his casual move of the hand as he adjusted himself."

"Well, Christ almighty, eleven times in a row and I'd have a hard-on too."

"Hang on Joe, this guy acted surprised. He peeked over his machine, and I saw his wife wave to him. He kind of sat down and guiltily fidgeted in his seat. Through it all, he kept pulling, fifteen, sixteen, it was amazing. I noticed him moving a bit strangely, closing his eyes and raising his hips with each pull. As he continued, he moved more and more. He was up to twenty, twenty-one when I heard his first moan.

"His right hand held the slot machine arm, but he left hand was between his legs, as if cradling something. Shit, Joe, if I didn't see differently, I'd swear he was getting a blow job. Twenty-five, twenty-six and by now his wife had wondered over, but he didn't notice. He was getting a blow job all right, just there didn't seem like anyone was there. All the people where chanting, go, go, go, but from what I saw, I was chanting cum, cum, cum."

"As he hit forty in a row, he damn near fell off his seat, and his wife, I guess recognizing that look, just figured that he was just getting off on the winning. She was chanting with the rest of them, so I shouted louder, cum, cum, cum. She looked over at me and shrugged her shoulders and copied me. Soon everyone was chanting, cum, cum, cum."

"Sixty! Hitting sixty he let out a loud moan and pushed his hips forward, his wife grasping his shoulder. I watched as he eased back into his seat, noticing a tell tale stain expanding in his lap. Who ever gave him a blow job, didn't take it in her mouth, cause it was running down his leg."

"Realizing what happened, his wife 'accidentally' spilled her drink in his lap, splashing all over his spermy stain. He looked up at her and then nodded his head, guiltily. I watched her grab his chin and say, 'That was the sexiest thing I have every seen.' He looked confused, but didn't argue with her. Together, they shoveled all the quarters into their buckets and her purse and limped over to the change booth. After getting his money changed, he walked back to the machine and pulled out his Player's Club card saying, 'I sure don't want to leave that behind.'

"His wife and him headed up to the rooms, while everyone in that part of the Casino rushed into this line to get their own Player's Club Card. And that's why we're fighting this line. Hell Joe, look over there at his machine, they must be six people waiting their turn. But they just keep playing and losing, I don't know what it was, but I am sure gonna give it a try."

"Yeah Charlie, imagine all that money," Joe pondered.

"Money, are you nuts man, you know how long it's been since I had a blow job. I don't care if it takes all night, but I am gonna get me a card and I'm gonna play that fucking machine."

"I thought you said it gave him a blow job not a fucking?"

"Yeah Joe, a blow job! Work with me here a little, will ya?"

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