Casino Debt


Casino Debt Part 1.

Janice McGilney had a problem. Her husband, the colonel, was away in Europe and she had decided to have a little fun while he was gone. Nothing terrible, just a little gambling on one of the local casino boats. Unfortunately, it turned out she was not the luckiest woman on Earth and within a week she had lost $500.

Janice knew her husband would never forgive her, but she knew that if she just kept playing she would win it back. The next day Janice went back to the casino and used her Visa card to purchase $500 more in chips. This maxed out her card, but she would pay the balance off when she won her money back.

Three hours later, Janice had lost this $500, too. Now Janice was desperate, not only had she lost $1000, but she now had no money available anywhere to buy chips so she could win it back. She was going to leave the casino, when she saw a sign that said "Credit available to Casino Club Members."

Janice walked up to one of the cashiers and asked about the sign. The young lady at the counter told her that credit was available to Club Members, but you had to apply with the casino manager and only he could then approve credit. Janice took an application. It was a standard credit app., asking for her name, address, basic personal information, social security number, and credit history. The desperate woman immediately took the paper to a nearby table, filled it out, and returned it to the cashier. The young lady told Janice to come back the next day to speak with the casino manager.

Tony Vineti was the manager of the casino. Tony was 28 years old and managed the casino for his father, Mike Vineti, who owned casinos all across the country. He was about 6 feet tall, in decent shape with dark hair and brown eyes. Frankly Tony didn't need the money from the casino job, as his family was worth well over $500 million dollars, but the casino offered Tony a chance to have fun. Tony's favorite thing to have fun with was beautiful women. He especially liked to see if he could humiliate stuck up society women, who had lost at his casino. So when Tony saw Janice McGilney's application for membership in the Casino Club he immediately approved it. He wasn't sure what this woman would turn out to be, but it might be interesting and he had nothing planned for the next day, anyway.

Bright and early the next day, Janice returned to the casino. She went to the cashier and was told that her application had been approved, and that she needed to see the casino manager about being issued chips on credit. The manager's office was down on the lowest deck, so Janice took the stairs down to the main office area. When she got to the lowest landing, there was a receptionist at a desk. Janice told the lady that she needed to see the manager about credit. The receptionist picked up her phone, had a short conversation, and told Janice to go on in. Behind the receptionist was a door with a plaque which said: Casino Manager, Tony Vineti.

Janice walked into Mr. Vineti' office and her jaw dropped. The office was huge, about 100' X 50'. Most of the center of the room was open space. At the far end of the room was Mr. Vineti's desk. The room was lushly carpeted, except for a 10' X 10' square of tile, right as she walked in the door. Janice could see Mr. Vineti at his desk. He appeared to be working on some papers and had not noticed her walk in. Janice began to walk over as she said "Excuse me, Mr. Vineti, may I speak to you?"

Tony looked up and got his first look at Janice McGilney. According to her application Janice was 35 years old and she looked darn good for her age. She had shoulder length light brown hair and a pretty face in a very elegant way. She was about 5' 8" tall and though she might be a little heavy she was very curvy. She was well dressed in what appeared to be a designer outfit with matching shoes and bag. Her makeup was perfect and her jewelry looked genuine, but understated. This woman radiated class. It was going to be very entertaining bringing her down to earth, and then some.

While examining, Janice, Tony without hesitating asked what he could do for her. Janice explained her situation to him. Her husband could never find out that she had lost that kind of money, but she knew that if she could just have a few more chips, she could win it all back. "How much money do you think you need?" Tony asked. Janice said that $500 would probably be enough. "What makes you think you could win this time, when you've lost both times before?" Tony continued. Janice told him that she had been watching the slot machines for several days now and knew that now she had a system that had to win.

Tony almost had to turn around to hide the laugh that was fighting to get out, but he managed to keep his composure. "Well Mrs. McGilney, I have looked over your credit history and your personal information and you certainly appear to be a responsible woman." Janet thanked him and Tony handed her a voucher and told her to present it to the cashier and she would issue her $500 in chips. "However," Tony explained, "please understand that the $500 is to be paid back within 1 week. There is no interest charge for our Club Members, since they are our most important clients, but the money must be paid back on time or there are consequences. Do you find these conditions acceptable?" Janice said that the conditions sounded more than reasonable and that she would happily accept them. "Very well," said Tony, "Since this is Monday, I will expect to see you in my office next Monday with the $500, until then have a lucky week." As Janice walked out of his office, Tony muttered under his breath, "Let the game begin."

Casino Debt, Part 2

Janice took the voucher to the cashier and was presented with $500 in chips. She began to play and by the end of the day had actually won $100. She went home and thought to herself that this was going to be easy. Her system worked perfectly and she would easily win her $1000 back by the end of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday, Janice was tied up, so it was Thursday before she got back to the casino. She played for 4 hours Thursday and only won $50. This was going to take longer than she thought, but at least she would win enough to pay Mr. Vineti back and still have some money left to keep playing. It would take a while, but sooner or later she knew she would win her $1000 back. After all, her husband wouldn't be back in the country for at least 6 months, so she had plenty of time.

Saturday was Janice's next day at the casino and her luck went completely south. She played for only 3 hours and by the end of that time she had lost every coin she had. Now she was in real trouble, Mr. Vineti had said the $500 was due on Monday and she had no way to get it. Maybe she could speak to him and work out an arrangement. She went down to the receptionist on the lowest deck and asked to speak to Mr. Vineti, but the girl told her that Tony was gone for the weekend and wouldn't be back until Monday morning.

Janice went home and paced around and around. She didn't know what to do. Her husband controlled the rest of their accounts and she couldn't get to any of the money without him knowing. He paid all the bills directly from his accounts so she didn't have any excuse for dipping into those accounts. He would send her another check the beginning of next month, but that was 2 weeks away and would only cover her expenses, anyway. Well, she would just go in first thing Monday morning and speak with Mr. Vineti. After all, he seemed like a reasonable man and she was a Club Member so she was an important customer. She was sure they could work something out.

Bright and early Monday morning, Janice McGilney walked into the casino and headed down the stairs to Tony Vineti's office. When the receptionist saw her she simply told her that Mr. Vineti was expecting her and to go right in. Nervously, Janice walked the long distance to Tony's desk. "Mr. Vineti..." she began, but he cut her off. "I'm really very busy, Mrs. McGilney, so if you'll just hand me the $500 I'll let you go and I can get back to work."

Janice stammered and told him that she had a small problem. "Excuse me," said Tony, "I don't have time for small problems right now, do you have the money or not?" Janice said that she didn't, but she was sure she could get it with just a little more time. Tony sighed and then he looked up at Janice. "You understood that the money was due today, right?" Yes sir. "You knew there were consequences if it wasn't paid, right?" Yes, sir.

"Very well," Tony continued, "I see from your papers that your husband is a colonel stationed in Europe. I'm sure that the simplest thing to do is to call the army and have him contacted so that he can wire the money."

"Oh dear God no" screamed Janice, "he can never know what I've done, there must be some other way to work this out." Tony sighed again, and then asked Janice to give him a minute to think of something.

"By the way, while I'm thinking you have a lovely body, Mrs. McGilney. Janice, surprised by the remark stammered back a nervous thank you. "Do you mind telling me your measurements?" Tony continued. Janice opened her eyes wide and said that yes she did mind and it was very rude of him to ask. "Janice, I am not the one standing in this office unable to pay my debt, so unless you want me to take my first idea and call the army, I suggest you answer my question." Tony finished speaking and just stared at Janice, waiting.

"Oh very well, if you must know I am 38D, 26, 38," Janice finally stammered back.

Tony continued looking at her, "I like the dress you have on, where did you get it? Janice was so nervous she didn't even remember what she was wearing. She looked down and saw that she had on a green dress she had bought at Saks. It was one of her best, low cut with a scoop neck, and bordered with expensive lace. She told Mr. Vineti that it had come from Saks. Tony told her he really liked the way it showed off her cleavage and Janice began to blush. Then Tony asked, "You know I'd really like to see more of your curves, why don't you take your left breast out of your dress."

"What!!!," Janice asked in shock. "Mrs. McGilney, you have two choices you can either extract your left tit from your clothes or I can call the army. Your choice, you have 10 seconds before I call." Again, Tony finished speaking and then simply stared at Janice. Janice shivered for a moment and realized she had no choice. She reached down into the low neck of her dress and scooped out her left bra cup. She was so embarrased, she didn't know how it could get worse, but it did.

Tony glared at her, "Janice I guess I didn't make myself clear, I didn't ask you to take out your bra, I asked you to take out your left tit. Now do it." Janice felt tears come to her eyes, but she had now choice, she reached down and peeled her bra cup down so her breast was completely exposed. "Very nice, large and very firm especially for your age. The nipple is nice and large and the dollar size aureole complement it well."

Janice turned completely red. She couldn't imagine hearing her breast analyzed that way. "May I put it back now?" she asked."

"No, let me explain to you how this will work. Since you haven't paid the loan on time you now need collateral. That pretty boob of your is the collateral. Next Monday you will come into my office. You will either hand me $500 or you will take that tit out again and hand it to me."

Janice didn't understand, "what do you mean?"

Tony glared at her and continued. "It's perfectly simple, next Monday you will walk through that door. If you have the $500 you will walk to my desk and hand it to me. If you don't you will walk through the door, stop on the tile square, take out your left tit, walk over to my desk, and place that pretty tit in my hand. I will then fondle it, play with it, or just hold it, while I think of what else to do with you. Is that clear enough?

"But I don't have anyway to get the money, I haven't anything left to play with, Janice pleaded."

Tony thought a moment. "Very well I will give you a voucher for another $500 in chips. That will give you a chance." Janice just stood there with her tit hanging out staring like a deer caught in the headlights. Then she quietly sobbed that she had no choice and walked out of the office. She didn't even remember to put her tit back in, until she got up to the next landing and heard the man laughing as she got off. Janice ran crying out of the casino and didn't come back that day.

Casino Debt Part 3

Janice cried all the way home. She couldn't imagine how she had gotten into this mess. The rest of the day she just sat at her kitchen table and tried to think of a way out. The more she sat, the more she became conviced that she had just hit one day of really bad luck. After all, she had studied the game and it wasn't very complicated. Surely her system would work over time and since she had already had a really bad day, then she must be due for a good day. So, with her confidence restored, Tuesday morning Janice went back to the casino.

Sure enough, her luck changed. She played all day, and by the end of the day she had won $300. Now she had $800 and she knew that she was safe from Mr. Vineti. Her system was working perfectly and soon she would win all of her money back and her husband would never know. Wednesday she had a luncheon with the officers' wives so she didn't get back to the boat until Thursday.

By 9:00 Thursday morning, Janice was back at the casino with a bucket full of tokens at her favorite slot machines. For the next 3 hours she couldn't win anything and by noon she had lost $500. She was just beginning to question her wonderful system, when her luck began to improve. By the end of the day she had won $200 back. She left the casino with her original $500.

That night Janice got out a pencil and paper and tried to analyze her system. She hadn't lost any money yet this week, but overall she hadn't won any either. She had to find a way to make this go faster. As she looked over her system, she became more and more convinced that it had to work. The problem was the machines she was playing were only $1 machines. Obviously, if she played the more expensive $5 machines she would win five times faster. Well, Friday she had to get her hair done for a formal lunch Sunday afternoon, so the casino would have to wait until Saturday. But that was okay, with her new plan, one day would be plenty of time to win back at least a substantial part of her money.

Saturday morning, Janice slept in. After all she had plenty of time to play since she would win so much faster. She didn't even get to the casino until 11:00. Janice took her $500 to the cashier and bought 100 $5 tokens. Then she went over to the $5 slots and began playing for all she was worth. Unfortunately, lady luck was not with Janice that Saturday morning, and not being used to playing the $5 slots, she lost track of how many tokens she had played. At 12:30 Janice looked down into her bucket of tokens and was horrified to see that she only had about $100 left. Where had the rest gone? It didn't seem like she had played that much, but there it was. In a panic, Janice played the rest of the day, but all she could do was break even. She left the casino Saturday night, in tears, with only $100. When she got home, she called General Parker's wife. She was in charge of the luncheon tomorrow and Janice had to get out of it so she could get back to the casino and at least win back enough money to pay Tony Vineti. Emily Parker listened to Janice beg to get out of the luncheon. Emily asked her why she couldn't attend, and of course Janice couldn't tell her the truth, so she just said that she had personal commitments. "Janice," Emily told her, "we all have places we would like to be, but this Officer's Wives' Luncheon is a major charity fund raiser and we are all expected to attend." Janice hung up the phone and just stared into space. What was she going to do Monday morning?

Monday morning Janice woke up early. She began to panic, but then calmed herself down. After all, she thought, Mr. Vineti was really just trying to scare me so I would try harder to pay back his money. I have $100. I'll give him that and we'll work out something for the rest of the money. Janice also decided that she wouldn't wear anything remotely provocative so Tony wouldn't get any ideas. Janice put on a simple white blouse and black slacks and drove to the waterfront. She boarded the casino and walked straight down to the office area. Once again, the cute little receptionist just looked at her and told her that Tony was expecting her.

Janice walked into the office and began to walk over to Mr. Vineti, but as soon as she walked through the door Tony yelled across the room, "I see you have my $500." Janice stopped walking. She started to explain that she only had $100, but as soon as she began to talk, Tony put up a hand to stop her. "Walk back to the tile square, Janice. Now do you have my $500?" Janice started to cry, and sobbing told him that she just had $100 but she would give him that now and she would get the rest of the money somehow. "Janice, if you don't have the money why did you start to walk across the room. You remember the conditions I gave you last week."

Janice continued sobbing, "I didn't think you were really serious about that. You can't believe I would really... Oh god!."

Tony just sat a moment watching the shocked officer's wife cry. "Janice, I was quite serious about my conditions and I expect them to be followed. You have three choices. First, you can walk out that door and I will call the army immediately. Second, you can walk over here and place $500 on my desk. Finally, you can scoop that pretty left tit of yours out, and then walk over here and place it in my hand. Your choice. I'm going to count to 10 and if you haven't started moving I'm picking up the phone.

Janice just stood there stunned. She couldn't do what he asked, but there was no way she could allow him to call the army. After a moment, Janice looked up and realized that Tony was up to 8. Well she had no choice, and after all, it was only her breast. Quickly, before Tony could finish counting, she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, reached into her bra, and scooped out her left breast. It was humiliating to be standing with her tit hanging out, but the alternative was worse. Slowly Janice walked the 100 feet over to Tony's desk. Tony held out his hand, palm up, and Janice leaned over until her naked breast was resting in Tony's palm. Tony took his other hand and gently stroked the top of the pretty tit while he looked up at Janice. "Beautiful" he told her as he petted her big boob. Then as he took his top hand and pinched her nipple playfully, he told her that she had one of the nicest tits he'd ever seen. Janice just stood there, leaning over and blushing. She didn't know what to say.

Tony, while playing with her breast, asked her why it would be so terrible for her husband to find out what had happened. Janice told him the truth. Her husband, Colonel Phillip McGilney, worked on sensitive projects in Europe. She didn't know exactly what they were, but they required high level security clearance. If the army found out that she had gambling debts, not only would they revoke his clearance, but they might even force him to retire since he would no longer be able to do his job. Janice knew that even if he wasn't forced out, he would leave her over this and she would have no one to support her. She asked Tony, "What's a woman my age to do without a man's support?"

Tony couldn't help laughing, this was just getting too good. He told Janice that he understood her situation. "So let's make sure that neither the army or your husband ever find out." He continued speaking as he casually bounced her tit up and down in his palm, feeling its weight. "Here's how this will work. Each Monday you will report to my office. If you have enough money to pay everything you owe me, the game is over and you're free to leave. If you have at least $500 to pay me, then the game stays where it was the previous week and you don't have to pay any additional penalty. However, if you don't have at least $500, you will have to put up additional collateral."

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