tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCasino Plot Ch. 07

Casino Plot Ch. 07


The contest had taken all day, and by the time the women reached Ruth's office it was early evening. The first four had been inside about 3 or 4 minutes, when Janice activated their vibrators. With the bugs in the room, Janice had of course known the minute the ladies arrived. Any conversation that had started immediately ended as the only sounds the women could make were squeaks and squeals. When Lee came in the door a few minutes later, she couldn't imagine why her friends were jumping around and making those noises. Then, when Janice activated her vibrator she knew exactly why. In fact she joined in with the same noises and jumps.

Sue Lynn didn't waste any time. She sat down in a chair and yanked her pants off. Quickly, she started working her clit.

"What the HELL are you doing?" Ruth managed to yell out, although it was a struggle with her pussy shaking like that.

"Hey, the wetter we get, the quicker our flaps open up. So, I'm gonna work myself until I can open my pussy and get rid of this thing. If you want to hang onto yours, that's your business."

Well, Ruth and the others had to agree that made perfect sense. So she and the twins quickly found seats and began masturbating along with Sue Fairchild.

Lee was the only one not joining in. The Korean girl was just too shy to voluntarily play with herself in front of people. Even after everything she had done, and everything her friends had seen, she just couldn't do it.

For the next 2 hours, the four ladies worked their pussies. With the vibrators going off inside them, the room was almost always filled with the moans of at least one woman approaching orgasm, or the shrieks of another one reaching it. Lee couldn't believe what she was watching her companions do, but she didn't say a word. She just sat there while the others played with their clits.

It was Gertie who let out the first happy shriek. During her fifth cum, she felt her flaps separate. Quickly, she grabbed the antenna and yanked the toy out of her slit. The sergeant sagged back in her chair, while the other women kept up their work. A couple of minutes later, her twin managed to get her pussy open and extract her present. After that, the two sergeants just sat back and tried to rest while the officers continued to frig themselves so they could unstick their lips.

After another 15 minutes or so of masturbating, Ruth and Sue managed to get their pussies open. Right after that, they disposed of their "gifts" as well, and collapsed down to rest. All four women just glared at Lee. Then Ruth just told all of them to go home. And she told Lee that if she wanted to go around with that thing still stuck in her cunt it was her business. Lee was about to whine that she couldn't drive home with that toy buzzing around inside her, when suddenly it shut off. Thank the Lord. The battery must have finally run down.

Except the battery hadn't died, of course. Janice had simply turned Lee's vibrator off. If the little bitch didn't want to play now, she could play later. Janice was sure that she could find an opportune time to turn Lee's little messenger back on. And in all honesty, it really would be too dangerous to start it going while Lee was driving. No, Janice would bide her time. Opportunity would knock, and she would be ready with an answer.

And it didn't take very long for that opportunity to come. In fact, opportunity didn't just knock, she practically pounded the door in. About 9:00 the next morning, Ruth called all her officers and staff to remind them that there was a general staff meeting in her office at 1:30 that afternoon. All base officers and sergeants were to attend, and General Dwight Cutter would be there as well. General Cutter was Ruth's direct superior, and any of Ruth's officers who wanted a promotion would really like to be on General Cutter's good side.

Ruth's people were always punctual, and by 1:20 everyone was present. The entire group moved into the conference room next to Ruth's office and General Cutter began his presentation. Lee Kwan, along with everyone else, was paying strict attention to what the general had to say. There was one additional listener as well. As it turned out, the wall between Ruth's office and the conference room wasn't that thick, and Janice could hear every word through the bug in the office.

Janice let the general go for about 10 minutes, and then she just nudged the power on Lee's vibrator. It was really too bad she couldn't see the reaction. She was sure it would be memorable.

Lee had actually forgotten about the thing in her snatch. She was so focused on the general that it had completely slipped her mind. But then it reminded her it was there. The colonel almost squeaked when that thing buzzed her. Quickly, she put her hand over her mouth and hoped no one noticed. If they did, they didn't say anything. But then Janice gave her a stronger and longer jolt.

Colonel Kwan managed not to make a sound, but she couldn't help wriggling a little in her seat. Fortunately, it let up in a few seconds, and Lee sagged down in relief. But it didn't last long. Suddenly, the toy jolted back to full power, and this time it showed no signs of cutting off. Lee tried to fight it, but she just couldn't stay still. Finally, she threw up her hands and yelled that she had to go. Then she jumped up and dashed for the bathroom. It was right outside the conference room door, so she managed to slip inside and lock it before anyone could say anything.

No one in the room knew what to say. It was such an odd scene. Even Ruth, for a moment, didn't know what to make of Lee's behavior. But then she realized what it had to be. It took all the willpower she had for General Simpson not to pound the table and laugh like she was crazy.

Lee didn't know what to do. She couldn't go back in the room like this, but everyone had seen her dash into the john. Sooner or later, she had to come out. But she couldn't with that thing going crazy up her vagina. She had to get it out of there. Desperately, she grabbed her flaps and pulled, but they just wouldn't come apart. Finally, she realized what she had to do. She had to get those lips so wet that they would separate. So Lee stuck her hand between her legs and began working her clit for all she was worth. She had to cum and cum quickly. The longer she stayed in there, the more people would start to wonder what was wrong with her.

She tried to rush it, but Lee had just never been able to orgasm that quickly. Even with the buzzer going full speed, and her fingers working her button for all she was worth, it still took almost 10 minutes for Lee to fire off. And when she did, she had to bite her lip to keep from shrieking or moaning. The walls were thin, and she couldn't afford for anyone to hear her and realize what she was doing. When she was done, Lee grabbed her lips again and pulled. At first they still wouldn't come apart. But then the moisture gradually loosened the glue, and slowly she was able to get her flaps to separate and gain access to her vaginal hole. As soon as she was open, Lee grabbed that toy and yanked it out of her channel.

But now what? She couldn't throw it out. God help her if someone came into the bathroom and saw a vibrator in the trash. And she certainly couldn't flush it. Of course, she could stick it in her purse. Except, Oh SHIT!!!. Her purse was still out there on the table. And that stupid thing was still buzzing away. Furious, Lee grabbed the antenna and broke it of. A moment later, unable to receive a signal, the toy went dead. At that moment, Lee wondered why the hell she hadn't thought of that earlier. If she had just broken off the antenna that was sticking out of her, the stupid thing would have quit working. Well, that didn't matter now. What was she to DO??!!

She had to hide the thing, and sadly she realized there was only one place to hide it. A tear actually rolled down her face as Lee reached down and tucked the toy back up into her pussy. When it was firmly in place, she pulled her pants back up and rearranged her clothes. Then she took a moment to collect herself before opening the door and walking back out.

When Lee finally walked back in, Ruth was dying to say something really catty. But she didn't dare. She couldn't afford for anyone else in the room to have any idea of what was going on. So when Lee sat down, she just asked if she was all right. When Lee said she was fine, Ruth then asked General Cutter to continue.

Dwight Cutter was not a stupid man. While a number of generals were simply paper pushers and bureaucrats, General Cutter wasn't. He had over 40 years in the service, and had seen combat in Vietnam and Iraq. He also was pretty good at knowing when someone was hiding something from him. And the way Lee Kwan had acted should have gotten some reaction from her commanding officer. When it didn't, Dwight Cutter realized that something was going on on this base, and that General Simpson and her staff were aware of it. He didn't know what it was, but he was going to find out.

The meeting ended uneventfully. General Cutter left, everyone filed out, and Ruth and her little group filed into her office. With the group finally alone, Ruth couldn't hold it in any more. She started laughing so hard, she thought she would never be able to stop. A second later, everyone else joined in, everyone but Lee of course.

"So, Lee, you finally got that thing out of there?"

"Damnit Ruth, it's not FUNNY!!"

"Actually it was. And what did you do with it? I admit, I can't imagine how you hid that toy in the bathroom. Where did you leave it?"

"I-I-I couldn't leave it, there was no place to HIDE IT! If you must know, I ripped the antenna off so it couldn't buzz any more. Then I had to stick it back in so no one could find it."

"You mean it's back in your pussy? God that is too FUNNY!"

"Yes, it's back in my pussy, and there's nothing FUNNY ABOUT IT! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom and get that GODDAMNED THING OUT OF THERE!"

"Actually Lee, I do mind."


"You sat here and watched all of us play with our pussies so we could get them open. So if you want that out of there, sit down, drop your pants, and we'll all watch you take it out. If not, you can just sit here and keep that thing up your hole."

"BULLSHIT! I'm headed out."


Lee looked around the room, and realized that the other three were completely behind Ruth in this. Slowly, she slumped down into a chair and reached for the buckle of her pants. There was no way she was getting out of this, so Colonel Kwan lowered her pants and panties. Then she opened her legs and reached in. She hated being watched, but she had to get that horrid thing OUT OF THERE. She wanted to die, as she heard her four companions laugh while she reached into her vagina and got a grip on the toy. As soon as she could, she yanked the thing out of her snatch and threw it across the room. Then she just glared at everyone as she pulled her pants and panties back up.

When she finally had her pussy empty and her clothes back on, Lee stormed out of the office. A few minutes later, the rest of the group split up and Ruth was left alone. The general sat there a moment, and then decided she just didn't feel like doing anything else that day. She locked up and went home. And the next morning, Ruth still didn't feel like going in. Well, what the Hell, she was the general after all. So Ruth simply called her assistant and told her that she wouldn't be in until Thursday.

Wednesday wasn't completely uneventful, though. General Cutter was still trying to figure out what was going on. He spent the day looking over logs from Ruth's office. Nothing really unusual stood out, but there was one curious thing. A number of visits from Colonel James Wright. Dwight knew Jim Wright of course, but he had been retired for years. Why did Ruth Simpson's log show him coming in on official business? And why did she seem to think he was still active? It might not mean anything, but Dwight Cutter decided that it might be worthwhile to find out where Jim Wright was these days.

Of course, Jim Wright wasn't far away at all. In fact, at that moment, he was in Tony Vineti's office. Along with Tony, Janice, and Connie. They had gotten together to discuss the progress of building for the next week's game. But that discussion had ended over an hour earlier. Now, Tony was lying on the floor, with Janice on top of him. He was in her pussy, while Jim Wright had her bent forward with his own member deep up her ass.

The guys had wanted to try double fucking the girls, but couldn't agree on which one to use. It just didn't seem fair for only one of the guys to share his girl. So they had decided to do both. Currently, Janice was riding both dicks, while Connie was standing off to the side waiting her turn. She was already naked, and occasionally one of the guys would call her over just to squeeze her huge tits. Connie was kind of excited about what was going to happen, but she was also a bit scared. Not that it mattered of course. Scared or not, Connie was going to get double pronged. So she might as well see if she could enjoy it.

Janice had been a little scared, too. But not any more. It was the most amazing thing she had ever felt. It was overwhelming and absolutely wonderful. She moaned and whined, and slammed herself down as far as she could. Anything to get those two wonderful things as far into her as she could manage. Finally, Janice couldn't take any more. She threw her head back and howled like a crazed wolf. The orgasm was so intense, she almost fainted when it was done. As it was, she really couldn't move. Jim just pulled out of her ass, and gently lifted her off of Tony. Then he just laid her down gently on the floor and called Connie over. Quickly, he stuck Connie down onto Tony Vineti's cock. Then he pulled her asscheeks apart and drove his own pole home.

For a moment Connie was still scared. A moment after that her ass hurt a bit as the second pole was stuffed inside her. But the next moment wiped out any fears or worries she might have had. God it felt WONDERFUL!!! Those cocks drove in and out, and Connie couldn't get them in deep enough. After a while, she was sure she would cum with each stroke, but instead of happening, the orgasm just kept building. Connie had no idea what was going to happen, but she wouldn't stop it for anything.

The men pounded Connie's openings for a few more minutes, then Tony thrust deep and began to cum. A moment later, Connie shrieked and started going with him. And a second after that, the vibrations from Connie's orgasm finished off Jim. The three of them came and then just collapsed on the floor. Connie ended up lying between the two friends, with their now soft dicks still inside her holes. It was over fifteen minutes later before any of them could move enough to even think of extracting those things from Connie's openings. And after they did, Janice was still lying on the floor, and the only sound she was making was a kind of soft purring noise.

Thursday morning found Ruth back in her office. Having been out, her paper work had piled up on her. She was just getting caught up, when Billy Watson walked in. "Listen Ruth, I didn't know that you took it up the ass, but after what I saw at the game Monday, I realized you do. So I've got to try that."

Ruth started to tell Billy, that she didn't take it "Up the ass" as he put it, and that the game had been the first time a dick had gone in there, and that she hated it. But Billy didn't really give her a chance.

"I've got to go load the machines in the officer's club, but I'll be back in 15 minutes or so. Get that ass ready and greased up for me willya. I won't have a lot of time, so you'll need to be ready to go when I get back." And with that, Billy left the office before Ruth could say a word.

The general was absolutely stunned. Did that man think she would really do that? Sure, she'd sucked him, and even let him fuck her, (although she couldn't imagine why she had done that.) But up her ASS!! No way.

Still, she really couldn't have him making a fuss, could she? No she couldn't. So she really didn't have any choice in the matter did she? Of course she didn't.

With that settled, Ruth sighed and unbuckled her pants. Now she was supposed to grease up her anal hole. What could she use for that? There was nothing in her office. Maybe something in her purse. Ruth looked through her bag... There it was, the perfect thing. A small travel bottle of Vaseline.

Quickly, Ruth lowered her pants and panties. She took a big glop of the stuff onto her finger. Then she reached back between her cheeks to find her hole. Ruth had never played with her asshole before, but she needed to get that opening really slick if Billy was going to get his pole up inside there without killing her. So Ruth stuck the finger up inside her anal channel and smeared the gel all around in there. It felt really funny, (and not altogether bad), having that finger up inside there.

When she had her opening all greased up, Ruth sat back down in her chair. But she left her pants and panties at her ankles. That way she could get in position as soon as Billy got back.

And he got back right on time. Almost exactly 15 minutes after he left, Billy Watson walked back into General Simpson's office.

As soon as he came in and closed the door, Ruth got up and bent over her desk. Then she reached back and pulled her cheeks wide apart so that Billy would have easy access to the hole he wanted. Then Ruth just closed her eyes and waited for Billy to stick his rod into her asshole.

Ruth didn't have to wait long. Billy was actually a little surprised at what he saw. The general was bent over her desk with her ass pulled wide open. Her little anal hole was completely exposed, and from the way it was glistening, Billy could tell that it really had been greased and was completely ready for him. The soda man hadn't really been sure that Ruth would be willing to go this far. In fact, he'd been kicking himself since he'd left her office for pushing his luck like that. But now that it had all worked out, Billy was awfully happy that he had taken that gamble.

The soda guy didn't want to give Ruth any more time to change her mind. Quickly, he lowered his pants and set the head of his cock right against the little anal ring. When he had himself centered right on Ruth's hole, Billy began to push in. For a moment nothing happened. The little hole wouldn't give and Billy couldn't get in. But then the lubrication paid off, and the pressure forced the cockhead through the opening. With all that slickness, the shaft just slid right through.

Ruth's eyes threatened to pop out of her head. She'd felt the pressure at her rectal opening, and really thought Billy wasn't going to be able to get in. But then just as she relaxed, or maybe even because she relaxed, the thing popped its way in, and a moment later the entire stalk was lodged in the general's ass.

Billy had to be lot bigger than the game player who had been in there. Either that, or Ruth had known it was coming this time and was more aware of it. Either way, Ruth couldn't believe how far that thing seemed to be going up her anal chute. And how wide it was stretching her wrinkled little asshole. The general tried to adjust to it, but just as she did, Billy pulled out the entrance and then drove home again. After that, the man just kept driving in and out of Ruth's back hole. Ruth could actually feel her asshole being pulled out every time Billy pulled his shaft out of her. Then she'd feel her entire abdomen full of meat as that pole was shoved all the way back into her rectal tract.

The pounding continued. Ruth's asshole absorbed stroke after stroke. At first Ruth wondered how she'd get through it. But after a few minutes, it didn't feel too bad. In fact, it didn't feel bad at all. As the cock kept shoving its way in and out of her butt, Ruth realized it was actually starting to feel pretty damned good. The general was getting really turned on, and a moment later she just couldn't help herself. While Billy continued to stroke her back channel, Ruth reached between her legs and found her clit. When she had it, the general began rubbing that little button like crazy.

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