It was a little after seven when my iPhone buzzed, letting me know I had a text message. I had it set on silent ring, since I was studying in the university library, which had been my practice for the past several weeks. Courses were getting much more difficult since I'd gotten into my major. The first two years were a breeze, but now I really had to study.

The text message was from my sister, Cassie. She's in her first year at the same university where I'm a third year student. We're only one year apart in age, but I skipped a level when I first entered high school. We were both home schooled until then, and when I tested for high school I went from eighth year to tenth. Our mother taught us at home, but she died of breast cancer that year, thus we both started attending public schools. I liked that, and I think Cassie did as well, but we did miss all the time we were able to spend together while mom was teaching us at home; but, I digress. The text message was from Cassie, and she was texting me later than normal. I usually hear from her right after she finishes dinner with her roommate, which is around five thirty or six. I'd almost given up on hearing from her tonight.

Her text asked if I was studying in the library again tonight, and if so, could she join me. She had a test coming up and could use some library time with her brother. I said sure, and she texted back that she'd be right over, which meant about fifteen minutes. The library is about that far from her apartment. I texted back to tell her which study room I was using so she could find me.

In all honesty, I looked forward to having Cassie study with me. I really missed her last year after I left for school, and was really pleased that she decided to come to the same university I'm attending. We've always been close, and became closer after the death of our mother. Our dad is a great guy, too. We have a younger brother at home, so at least he's not alone with both me and Cassie away at school.

It was about fifteen minutes exactly when Cassie showed up. She's so much fun to be around, always positive about everything, has high energy, is outgoing, and has a great personality. She has many friends at home and here at the university. I, on the other hand, am more of an introvert. I have fewer friends, but a couple close ones. I'm not as outgoing as Cassie, and she's good for me in that department. Even in high school she was always dragging me along to parties, school dances, football and basketball games, you name it. Several people at school thought we were dating, as have some here. Yeah, if Cassie wasn't my sister, I imagine I would try to date her. Not only is she fun to be with, she's also easy on the eyes. She's about five feet eight, has long black hair, which comes from our Native American blood, has a great figure, and a beautiful face.Yeah, she's everything anyone would want in a girlfriend. I don't understand why she isn't dating now that she's away from home, but as far as I know, she hasn't dated anyone at all this year. Like I said, if she weren't my sister.

"What have you been up to?" I asked as she walked into the study room and dropped her back pack on the table. "Your text was a little late tonight."

"Am I really that predictable?" She asked.

"Yeah, I usually hear from you before six, and tonight it was after seven. I'd almost given up on you."

Cassie walked over and gave me a quick sisterly kiss on the cheek, and said, "Don't ever give up on hearing from me, Tim! I've sent you a text every evening since you left home! That's what, going on two years now?"

"Yeah, you're right. I was only kidding. I do get worried when I don't hear from you, though."

"Well, I was a little late tonight due to the drama at the apartment."

"What happened now?" I knew she was referring to her hypochondriac roommate, Niki. There was always drama when Niki was around.

"Oh, Niki, as always. She's been feeling ill all day, and decided that she needed to go home for the weekend. She called her mother, and she got Niki an appointment with her "favorite" doctor in the morning, so she's heading home for a couple of days."

"I bet you're looking forward to a little peace and quite, then, with her gone."

"Yeah, I am, but she is good company, that is, when she isn't sick, which is most all the time. It gets a little quiet when she's gone, though, and I hear every freaking noise in the apartment."

"Well, at least she's good for something, then. You really do get along well with her though, don't you?" I asked.

"Yeah, we get along well, and she has eyes for my brother, too!"

"Oh god, don't encourage her!"

We both laughed at that comment. Cassie knew that Niki drives me crazy as much as she does her. She's nice, and hot, but she's always complaining about something.

Cassie sat down at the table and was directly across from me. She opened up a book, took out some paper, and started reading and taking notes. I'm not sure what she was studying, but she seemed engrossed in it. Cassie and I are both good students, and we both feel it's because of the years our mother worked with us. Cassie could have skipped a grade along the way, too, but she decided to stay back with her friends.

Every so often, I would just sit back and look at Cassie, admiring her beauty, and remembering how hard it was on her, especially, when our mother died. Cassie was only in the seventh grade. Way too young for a girl to lose her mother. She took it hard. Many nights back then she would come into my room after everyone had gone to bed. I can still hear her soft, sweet voice asking if she could sleep in my bed for just a while. I always let her, too. I enjoyed being around her, even back then. I never said no to Cassie. Not about sleeping in my bed, or anything else for that matter. I couldn't say no to her. If she's spoiled, it's because of me.

"What are you looking at?" Cassie asked, startling me a little.

"Just you," I replied as Cassie smiled at me.

"So, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Just thinking back to when we lost mom. You look a lot like her, especially in her younger pictures. You have her eyes, hair, and complexion. She was a beautiful woman."

Cassie's eyes were watery now. I shouldn't have brought mother up, that always gets Cassie upset.

"Thank you for saying that. Mom was beautiful, and I never thought I resembled her that much. That was a wonderful compliment, Tim," Cassie replied as she reached over and placed her hand on mine. "You miss her too, don't you?"

"Yeah, I miss her so much; but I really like having you so close, now that you're here and all."

"What else were you thinking about when you were staring at me?"

"You know me too well, don't you? I was thinking about all those nights after she died when you came into my bedroom and asked if you could sleep with me for a while. D'you remember that?"

"Yeah, I sure do. You never said no, either."

"I thought about that, too. I never could say no to you."

"I like it that way. I don't like men saying no to me," Cassie replied with a slight giggle.

Cassie held my hand for a few seconds before letting go. I liked her touch.

After another thirty minutes, Cassie kicked off her shoes. I always take mine off when I get into the study room. Not sure why, but it always feels better when I take them off. Maybe it gives me the "at home" feeling or something; and Cassie has the same habit. Her's come off about thirty minutes after she joins me.

We sat there studying in silence for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, when I felt her foot brush against mine. I looked up at her, but she gave no indication that she noticed it. I went back to my book, and she did it again, brushed her foot against mine. Maybe, I thought, it was just an accidental touch, but then it happened a third time, and when I looked at her, she had a mischievous grin on her face.

"You wanna play footsie or something?" I asked her.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't notice. Was I bothering you?"

"No, not at all," I said, returning to my book.

After another ten minutes or so, she did it again, this time, though, she ran her foot up my leg a little before returning it to the floor. I looked up at her, and she was smiling at me. I didn't say anything, and returned to my book.

I hate to admit it, but when Cassie ran her foot up my leg, although she didn't go far at all, it caused a bit of arousal in my groin. I felt a little guilty about that, getting aroused over my sister and all. Sure, I'd snuck a few peeks at her when we were in high school, you know, when she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel or something like that. As a kid, she turned me on. Hell, as a kid, anything turned me on; but Cassie did have an effect on me. When we'd go out to games or parties, I really felt close to her, and after we got home, I'd go to my room and, well, I guess I don't have to tell you what I did.

Then, she did it again, only this time she brought her foot up a little higher on my leg, which really caused my cock to stir.

Before I could even say anything, Cassie said, "Why don't you and I go out this evening? I hear there's a live band at The Top of The Stairs," which is a club that she and I have been to several times. I know the bar tender there and the bouncer, so they never give us any problem, and they always serve both of us.

Before I could respond, Cassie ran her foot up my leg again, and said, in a pitiful voice, "Please?" dragging out the word to emphasize the fact that she was begging.

I replied with a rhetorical question, "Have I ever said no to you?" Cassie knew we were going to hear the band.

We gathered our things and put them in our respective back packs and headed out. It wasn't far to the club. The library is only a block off the main street, and the club is just a few blocks away.

As we walked, Cassie put her arm around me, which was her custom. Although she'd done this many times before, for some reason it felt different tonight. Much different.

The spring is so beautiful in this small southern town. The days are hot, but the night air cools things off, and its usually quite pleasant in the evenings, as it was that night. Very pleasant, especially walking down the sidewalk with Cassie by my side.

We arrived at the club and went inside, not even having to pay a cover charge with my friend outside. He just waved us on in.

As usual, when we got inside, Cassie spotted a few of her friends.

"I'll be right back Tim, I just want to say hi," she said as she rushed over to the table. They all looked glad to see Cassie. As I said, she has a great personality and people enjoy being around her.

It wasn't long when she returned. "Do you want to sit with them?" I asked. "We can if you want."

"No, I think I'd rather have a table for just the two of us, sometimes I don't want to be with a crowd, and tonight's one of those times."

We walked through the mass of people and did manage to find a table in the back toward a corner. We could still see the band, and could certainly hear it, that's for sure.

After we sat down, I left Cassie and walked up to the bar and got us each a beer, and returned to the table.

"Do you want something to eat?" I asked my sister.

"Umm, yeah, I think I do,"she said, looking over the menu. "How about some wings to go with the beer?" she asked.

"Sounds good to me," I replied. I got the attention of the waitress and she came over and took our order.

Cassie and I sat there drinking our beer and watching the crowd, when she suddenly jumped up, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out onto the dance floor. Both of us loved to dance, so it was a natural move on her part.

We danced two or three songs, I don't remember how many, and then they played a slow number. I started to return to our table, but Cassie wouldn't let me.

"I want you to dance this one with me, too," she said, as she pulled me in close, placing her head on my shoulder and her hand on the base of my back. I put both arms around my sister, and held her close as we danced. I could see her friends looking at us, but knew they didn't think anything of it. They all knew we're brother and sister and that we're close. Many of them have stated that they wish they were this close to their siblings. It never seemed to bother them that Cassie always brought me along, and I think they all considered me a friend as well as Cassie.

Cassie and I had danced slow songs together in the past, but this time, for some reason it felt different. The entire evening felt different to me. I didn't know what it was, but things seemed different between us.

Cassie must have felt it too, as she pulled me even closer and brushed my neck with her lips, almost like she was kissing my neck. Then she did, she kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, "I really like dancing with you, Tim. I feel so safe in your arms. Don't ever leave me, brother."

"I'll never leave you, sis." I replied as we continued dancing slowly, very slowly, to the music.

Dancing with our bodies pressed so tight against each other, and feeling Cassie's breath on my neck, caused my cock to twitch. I was sure Cassie felt it, although she gave no indication that she did. I wanted to pull back from her some, but that would only draw attention to the fact that my sister was giving me a hard on. I swear that Cassie pressed herself tighter against my groin as we continued dancing, causing my cock to grow even harder. Now I knew she had to feel it, as she was pressing herself even harder against me in that area. I didn't know what to do, but it didn't seem to bother Cassie, so I didn't let it bother me, either.

When the song ended, Cassie whispered in my ear, "I really enjoyed that, Tim," and she kissed my neck gently before turning and leading us back to our table.

After we returned to our seats, a couple of her friends came over and sat with us. One was named Jill, and if I were to date one of Cassie's friends, it would be Jill. I didn't know if she would ever go out with me, but she was very nice, in every perspective. She was about Cassie's height, but had short blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, ample breasts, which were always on display, and a nice ass. A really nice ass.

"You're such a good dancer," Jill said to me, slowly moving her hand under the table to my thigh, unbeknown to Cassie, who was sitting across the table from me.

"Yeah, I'll have to get you out on that dance floor,"she continued as she slid her hand further up my leg, to my crotch. She let her hand rest on my erection, which I'm sure she thought she'd caused, when in reality she had nothing to do with it, although she may have had some influence on how long it lingered.

"Jill, quit hitting on my brother and let him eat," Cassie stated with a forced laugh.

Jill laughed a little at Cassie, and said I could eat, but when I finished, she got the next dance. I started eating a wing, and Jill never removed her hand from my crotch. I looked over at Cassie, and by the look on her face, she meant it when she told Jill to quit hitting on me. I'd never seen her look like that.

Things did calm down a little, and Jill finally removed her hand from my crotch. I was thankful for that because I was afraid that she was going to get me off the way she was rubbing me while I was trying to eat.

After Cassie and I finished eating, the waitress brought us another beer each, which, I think, was our third. I took one sip, and then Jill asked if I would dance with her. I looked over at Cassie, who said, "You go ahead and dance a couple with Jill. I think you'll both enjoy it." Cassie was smiling, and I think she really meant what she said.

Jill and I hit the dance floor and danced a couple fast ones together before returning to the table. Cassie was involved in conversation with a couple other friends who had also moved to our table. Cassie always attracts a crowd. Most of them were girls, but there were also a couple of guys there, and one of them, thankfully, pulled Jill back out on the dance floor, much to her dismay.

Cassie leaned over to me and whispered, "I asked him to dance with Jill so she'd leave you alone for a while." After she said that, she scooted her chair closer to mine, and then let her hand rest on my leg under the table. Yes, this night was definitely different.

We all talked and drank beer for a good two hours or more. Cassie danced with one of the guys a couple of times, and I danced with two of the girls, and then again with Jill, who was getting a little drunk as the night wore on. The guy Cassie asked to dance with Jill, Marc, I think, really had his eye on her, and a little later on, they left together, arms around each other. Truth be known, I think they were holding each other up. I knew that Marc was determined to get a piece of that ass tonight, and at the moment, I was a bit envious of him.

We left the club around midnight, making our way through the crowd and outside. Once outside we had to pass through a fairly large group of smokers, as it's no longer allowed inside. Cassie and I were both thankful that they passed that new law a couple years ago. Neither of us smoked. Our mother, although a good Christian woman, was also a chain smoker, and we all felt as though her smoking was responsible for her cancer. It was breast cancer, but when they discovered it, it had metastasized to other vital organs, including her liver and lungs. One of her oncologists was convinced that the cancer started in her lungs and spread from there, but we'll never know for sure. Either way, we were certain that the smoking killed her, and I don't think either of us ever will smoke after losing our mother.

As we walked down the sidewalk toward Cassie's apartment, Cassie took my hand in hers. This wasn't too unusual, as we used to hold hands sometimes when we were younger, but I hadn't felt her hand in mine since I left for college. It felt nice.

It didn't take long to reach Cassie's apartment, and it felt a bit awkward as we approached her door. If she were a date, I would have kissed her and asked if I could come inside for a while, but this wasn't a date, and the beautiful woman I was walking to her door was my sister. Cassie unlocked the door, and opening it, asked if I wanted to come in for a while, reminding me that Niki was gone for the weekend and wasn't there to bother me.

"Sure, I'd like that," I said, following my sister inside.

Cassie threw down her back pack, walked over to the refrigerator, and got out two more beers, twisted off the caps, and brought them with her to the couch. She sat down, and patted the seat beside her, indicating that she wanted me to sit down next to her. I did.

Looking around the room, I realized why Cassie was so late texting me and coming to the library. The apartment was as cleaner than I'd ever seen it. Neither she or Niki were master cleaners, and when I've been here before, there was always clothes and stuff all over the place; but tonight, it was clean and orderly, as if she was expecting company.

Cassie and I drank out beer, and then another, causing me to become just slightly inebriated.

"I may have to call a cab to get home," I said, only halfway joking.

"Why don't you just stay here? We can have a sleep over!" Cassie said excitedly.

"I could do that," I said as I took out my phone and sent a text to my roommate to let him know that I was staying the night at Cassie's place. He replied and said to say hello to my sexy sister, which I did.

"He really wrote that?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, he really did. He also thinks you're hot, Cassie." As I spoke, I realized what I said, and knew Cassie would pick up on it, and she did.

"He ALSO thinks I'm hot?" she asked, placing a well deserved accent on the word "also." "Who else thinks I'm hot?"

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