tagInterracial LoveCassie and Mark

Cassie and Mark


He blinked hard trying to clear his head and tear his gaze away from her full lips as she spoke.

"Mark? Are you even listening to me?" Dark eyes frowned at him behind black wire-rimmed glasses.

Mark's eyelid's lowered to half mast, his blue gaze darkening. "Every word, baby."

"Pardon?" She was giving his a perplexed look.

Mark blinked rapidly. Had he just said that out loud? He sat up straight abruptly in his seat and attempted to force his gaze back to the book in front of him. The margins inked with notes, words were circled, passages were highlighted. It hurt his head just to look at it. How the hell did she study like this?

Cassie Devin had been his English Lit. tutor for the past three weeks and he felt like he wasn't getting anywhere. He just couldn't get into this stuff. It didn't help that he couldn't help staring at Cassie's mouth whenever she launched into a speech. She sighed and slumped back in her chair, took off the glasses and ran a hand through her straight locks, mussing them slightly. She had jet black hair that hung straight past her shoulders and framed her caramel colored face. She had dark almond shaped eyes framed by thick lashes, and full gorgeous lips that had become the object of his constant fixation over the last week.

To say that Mark Christianson was oversexed was understatement. He definitely had the reputation on campus of being a pussy hound. And his Lit. tutor had just become the new object of his pursuit although she hadn't quite picked up on it yet. In truth, he didn't know how to approach her. She wasn't normally the type of girl he went for. She was undoubtedly gorgeous. It wasn't just her skin color. He found it enticing. But Cassie was bright. Brilliant. She was the kind of student which made teachers' faces light up when she raised her hand in anticipation of some truly insightful observation she was sure to make. In their Early British Literature class Mark preferred to sit in back and pray to God their professor didn't expect anything of him.

Mark leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms behind his head before offering Cassie a lazy smile. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest before narrowing her eyes at him. "You're not even trying are you?" she accused.

Mark sighed and dropped his arms to rest his hands on his thighs as he lowered the front legs of the chair back to the floor. He gestured to the book lying open in front of him. "I just don't see the point."

Cassie's brows rose, "Umm, maybe not flunking out of this course?" she ventured.

Mark shrugged and resumed his nonchalant posture. He was more worried than he let on. He wouldn't be able to keep playing sports if he didn't pick up his grades in this class. He played both soccer and lacrosse for the university; soccer in the fall and lacrosse in the spring. The anxiety of being booted off the team gnawed at him.

He glared at the book. "This stuff just doesn't interest me, Cass."

Cassie fought not to show surprise at the familiar use of a nickname. She leaned her elbows on the table and gazed at him intently. "Well what does interest you Mr. Christianson?" she queried. "I'd really like to know since you seem intent on not trying and taking up precious hours of my life."

A small smile played on his lips. He liked when she was sarcastic. She was kind of a smart ass. He liked that about her. What interested him? 'You', he thought about saying but he pushed the thought away. Instead he answered, "Econ, law...that kinda thing."

"So when you come a big time corporate lawyer you're not planning on reading anything?" She leaned her chin on one palm and looked squarely at him.

He grinned at her, "No I wasn't particularly planning on reading archaic pieces of literature during my free time."

She smirked. "Well at least do it so your coaches won't have to bench you. Pretend you like it for just a little bit." She sighed. "What's it gonna take?"

He leaned forward and placed his forearms on the table. His face was close to hers and he watched surprise and uncertainty flicked in her dark eyes. "A date with my gorgeous tutor." His voice was steady, his sky-colored eyes serious.

Cassie sat back in her chair and eyed him warily. "You're joking right?"

Mark shook his head slowly. "Not joking at all. I'm completely serious." She was looking at him as if he'd lost his mind.

Her dark brows drew together. "So let me get this straight. I go out with you and you're going to pay attention, concentrate, and quit making me like I'm a completely inept tutor?"

Mark nodded, a smiled stretching across his handsome face. "You got it darling," he said, the slight southern drawl entering his face

She stared at him. Goodness, why was he looking at her like that? He was looking at her like he wanted to pick her up and take her right here on the table of the library. She knew his reputation but he hadn't yet aimed his attentions at her. His tastes seemed to run more towards the giggly blonde type. So not her. She was not amused. She narrowed her gaze at him. "How about we get back to work, and I'll think about it."

He grinned broadly. "You got it babe."

She grimaced. "Don't call me babe."

"No problem darlin'" he drawled.

She groaned and rolled her eyes towards the ceiling. She leaned forward and tapped her fingertip on the book in front of him. "Read," she ordered. "Stop being cute."

"You think I'm cute?"

"MARK!" she nearly shouted in exasperation, drawing starlted looks from the other students who had been engrossed in their studies around them.

Mark smirked and turned his attentions back to the book, for once seeming to completely concentrate on what the pages held.


It had started the week before; his newfound infatuation with Cassie. It had been at his fraternity's party with her sorority, a sorority he didn't even know she belonged to.

He was by the makeshift bar in his fraternity's den as music pounded from the expensive stereo system and tall speakers in the corner. There was plenty of drinking going on and the girls were beginning to dance. They were known about campus as party girls who could fake it and make nice with parents. The whole, "lady in the street but a freak in the bed" thing. A bit of bump and grind was definitely going on in the space the brothers had cleared for a dance floor. Mark was casually sipping a rum and coke as he scanned the crowd for a potential good time. They were all pretty girls, nothing extraordinary though. They had wholesome good looks that they'd obscured by piling on make-up and wearing as little clothing as they could get away with.

His eyes swept the room disinterestedly when he saw her. Cassie Devin just walked into the room looking like he'd never seen her before. Her dark hair didn't hang straight down her back as it usually did but fell in tight ringlets around her shoulders. Her eyes were smoky and rimmed with kohl, her lips full and glossed. She wore a black tube dress that came to mid-calf and a pair of leopard print heels.

"Christ," came a low voice next to him. His fraternity brother and teammate, Cole, was next to him staring at her with a similarly dumbstruck expression on his face as they watched a couple of girls squeal in delight as they saw Cassie and pull her onto the dance floor. "Who the hell is that?" Cole breathed.

Mark frowned, looking perplexed. "Cassie Devin," he answered.

Cole didn't look at his friend as he watched Cassie begin to dance in sinuous movements to the beat of the music. He nudged Mark absently. "How do you know her, dude?"

Mark wasn't sure he liked the intensely interested tone of Cole's voice. He grimaced. "She's my English Lit. tutor," he nearly growled.

Cole burst out laughing and clapped his friend and teammate on the back. "Man, no wonder you've been such a fuck-up in that class. I wouldn't be paying attention either with her around." Cole threw back his drink. "See you around buddy." He picked up another two drinks and headed over to the group of dancing girls.

Cole was a good-looking guy, Mark acknowledged grudgingly. Girls fawned over him with his wavy dark hair, tanned skin and light eyes. He wondered if Cassie would do the same.

Mark watched as he made his way over to Cassie and pressed the cup into her hands. He said something funny and Mark watched as she tossed her head back and laughed. As he watched felt a tightening in his stomach that he didn't care to analyze.

Mark glared and took another full swig of his drink. It was going to be a long night.

It was later in the evening when Cassie made her way over to the bar for another drink. Mark watched her approach. He hadn't moved since she'd walked into the room really. He preferred to stay where he had the perfect vantage point to watch Cole dance with her and scam on her.

She smiled when she saw him. "Hey," she said softly.

He took another sip from his drink and eyed her casually. "Hey," he replied. He nodded towards the dance floor where Cole was now talking with a short blonde who was smiling broadly and looking slightly unsteady on her feet. "Having a good time?"

"Yeah, I am." She leaned on the bar as the brother behind the bar mixed the gin and tonic she asked for.

He leaned next to her and looked into her face. "I didn't know you were in a sorority."

She shrugged. "You didn't ask."

"I've never seen you out with them."

She didn't look at him. "Well I've seen you, Mark Christianson. You just never seemed interested in seeing me it seems." She looked at him pointedly.

He looked at her seriously. "Trust me, I'd be interested."

She smiled thinly. "You were usually otherwise occupied."

Mark winced inwardly. He didn't want to think about what or with who she meant by "occupied".

She smiled at the bartender as he handed her the drink she'd ordered and sipped it casually, seemingly unconcerned by the way he seemed to be scrutinizing her.

"Want to dance?" he asked suddenly.

Her eyes flicked to him as she took another gulp. "Sure."

Mark put his drink down on the bar and took her hand as he led her towards the dance floor. He didn't want his hands occupied with anything else when he had her against him. She quickly finished her drink and set it down upon an end table that had been pushed against the wall. But she kept her distance. Her arms twisted above her head in abandon as she sang along with the music. Every other beat or so, she would reach out to stroke his chest or take his hand and lace her fingers through his. Mark tried to touch her, to pull her close, but she would move seductively just out of his reach and shake a finger at him playfully.

The music slowed and the alcohol was definitely getting to her. She felt a little dizzy as the alcohol hit her but she ignored it. The music was slow and sensual. Feeling bold, she clasped her hands behind Mark's neck and pulled him closer. Mark sighed in relief as she finally let him pull her against him and he moved with Cassie to the music. She grinned as she brushed her hips against his in a provocative manner. She trailed a finger down his chest, toying with the buttons on his Lacoste polo.

He took her hand and spun her so she couldn't face him. Then he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tightly to his chest. Cassie nestled into his body. God, he felt good. Mark was nuzzling behind her ear inhaling her scent, and as he pressed her closer she could feel the hard length of his body pressed against her.

When the music picked back up she turned slowly in his arms to face him, no longer dancing despite the coupled dancing around them. Her eyes were slightly glazed and she looked slightly confused. "Cass?" he ventured as he raised a hand to her face and brushed his thumb over her full lips.

Her tongue darted out to lap at his fingertip. The move surprised him and made him smile. He pulled her against him with his free hand and lowered his lips to hers. She tasted sweet. He buried his hands in her thick locks and deepened the kiss, parting her lips with his tongue and delving into the depths of her mouth.

He was surprised when he felt her small hands on his chest pushing against him. He drew back to look into her wide dark eyes. Her cheeks were lightly flushed. She looked beautiful. He lowered his head to kiss her once more when she jerked her face away away and twisted out of his arms.

She backed away slowly, noting the confused look that slid over his handsome features. "I have to go," she said softly.

"Cass—" he started but she cut him off firmly.

"I'll see you in class, or tutoring or whatever." She turned on her heel and made towards the door.

Mark caught up with her and caught her hand, halting her abruptly. She turned warily to face him. "What?"

His blue gaze searched his face. "You don't have go. You can—"

"Hey, Cass, you alright?" Her sorority sister, Erin Lawrence came up beside her and looped an arm around her waist in a supportive manner.

Cassie turned her face towards her sister but kept her gaze on Mark who still held her hand. "I'm heading home."

"I'll make sure she home safe," Mark said gazing at Cassie.

"I don't think so," Erin glared at him and Mark could have kicked himself as he recognized her. He and Erin had hooked up once their freshman before he blew her off and ignored her phone calls. God knows what she was going to tell Cassie about him. He reluctantly released Cassie's hand. "I'll take her home," Erin said icily.

Mark nodded solemnly as the girls linked arms and left. Cassie glanced back at him over her shoulder once before they exited the house.


Cassie crawled into bed that night, her mind racing. What the hell had she been thinking? Letting him kiss her?

But Lord, he was gorgeous. Tall and muscular, blond hair that fell in his eyes, blue eyes...women watched him everywhere he went. And he was definitely not for her.

She buried her face in her pillow. She was not interested in becoming another notch on Mark Christianson's belt or giving a taste of what he most certainly found to be an exotic distraction.

She thought of the heat of his lips on hers and she felt the walls of her sheath contract and she moaned. She stopped her hand from wandering south to relieve the exquisite pressure. No, she was not going to even allow him entrance to her fantasies. Hugging her pillow to her, she fell into a restless sleep. And yes, Mark Christianson filled her dreams.

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