tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCassie Gets Arrested

Cassie Gets Arrested


Cassie climbed down from the rig and looked around. The driver, a man old enough to be her father, had stopped in Snyder, Texas for gas and to catch some sleep. He had picked her up in Albuquerque, and they had both enjoyed the company along the big expanse of desert highway. He had told Cassie she reminded him of his daughter, and he worried that she wouldn't be safe with another driver. Cassie had simply smiled at his comments and allowed him to feel as though he had somehow saved her from the clutches of some other truck driver.

Cassie blew the old man a kiss and gave him a wave before she hefted her canvas bag over her shoulder and made her way to the restaurant. The old man had plenty of snacks in the truck, but Cassie was starved for something hot and filling. They had driven straight through from Albuquerque, and her stomach was noisily telling her it was neglected.

Cassie walked into the restaurant and took a look around. As is typical of any small town truck stop, all eyes looked up at her when she walked in. The place wasn't crowded, though the crowd was mostly men. There were a couple of female waitresses, and in the back Cassie could see two women sharing a booth – one was obvious a trucker, the other probably had a more notorious profession. Cassie smiled to herself as she spotted a booth in the middle of the restaurant and headed towards it. She knew she was being sized up as she walked, and she put an extra wiggle into her walk.

It was hot in New Mexico and Texas this time of year, so Cassie had worn short denim skirt that clung to her hips and showed off her long legs to perfection. The white tank top fit like a second skin over her full breasts, and she was completely aware that the areola were faintly visible to anyone who cared to look closely. Her auburn curls hung down her back and framed her face, complimenting her big, blue eyes. The sandals that she wore showed off feet that were small and well pedicured – amazing for one who spent her entire time on the road.

When she got to the booth, Cassie slid in, leaving space for anyone who cared to join her. She smiled at several men, some of whom smiled back. When the waitress appeared, her glance at Cassie left no doubt that she believed Cassie was simply nothing more than a truck stop whore on the prowl. Cassie blushed slightly, and wanted to tell the waitress that she was not one of these women who bilked the truckers out of money for hand jobs. But she knew the waitress wouldn't care one way or the other, so Cassie shrugged her shoulders, and gave her order to the girl.

As she waited for her food, Cassie busied herself by looking out the window and wondering just what kind of place Snyder, Texas was. It was west Texas, yes. Lots of desert. Small, too, very small. She wondered if the only thing to the town was what they had passed on the interstate – a few gas stations, a couple of stores, and more bars than anything else. Or were they still called "honkytonks" here? Cassie shrugged her shoulders as her food arrived, and dug into it.

When she was finished, Cassie looked around and noticed that most of the restaurant had emptied out. There was still one old man sitting at the counter nursing a cup of coffee, and another, younger man, reading through a newspaper. The waitresses leaned behind the counter no doubt sharing whatever gossip this tiny burg could come up with. Cassie placed her money for the bill on the table and collected her bag.

She walked out and into the Texas twilight. Evening was coming on fast, and Cassie had no idea what she would do. There were only three rigs still in the truck stop, and no one around. She didn't remember seeing a motel on her way through town, and with the sun going down, her chances of finding a ride became slim.

A breeze picked up with the setting sun, and Cassie shivered slightly. Rummaging through her bag, she found a sweater and quickly pulled it over her head. Although it was bulky and a couple sizes too big for her, it somehow made her look like a cute little waif. Well, as little as 5'6" could look. Cassie slung her bag over her shoulder, and walked to the main road. There wasn't much traffic, and what little there was slowed to look at her in such a way that she knew they were locals trying to figure out who she was and what she was doing there. No, she would have to walk towards the highway, and get away from the locals, maybe hitch a ride with some one passing through or another trucker who didn't make the stop into Snyder.

The area she walked to was rather remote. There were a few industrial buildings, but Cassie didn't see any activity. The thought crossed her mind that she might be out there quite a while, maybe all night, and fear began to creep into her mind. What if there was some one in those buildings? Some one who wasn't at all friendly? As the sun set below the horizon and the sky turned darker blue, Cassie began to wonder if she considered her predicament as fully as she should. She knew she was still naïve, but she had always been okay before. Now she wasn't so sure.

She waited for hours, looking up at the black sky sprinkled with stars, and feeling the cool breeze blow across the desert. Her legs were cold, but she huddled into the sweater, and tried to take her mind off of the coolness by trying to find constellations. Her mind suddenly became aware of sound of a motor in the distance, and her heart leaped. Yes! Maybe this was her ticket to somewhere! She could see the headlights in the distance, and she quickly stood up. She smoothed her skirt and hitched it higher over her waist, allowing more of her legs to show. She quickly fluffed the curls of her hair, and took up a stance that enabled her to show off her legs. Extending her arm, she lifted her thumb, indicating she wanted a ride.

The car neared and Cassie felt her eyes blinded as she fell into the glare of the headlights. The car slowed and moved towards the shoulder. Cassie gave a huge sigh of relief, and quickly picked up her bag, brushing off the dust. When she turned around, she not only noticed the car was just a few feet from her, she also saw that it was a Texas State Trooper. She put on a smile, but she worried that the Trooper would simply ask what she was doing and then leave. Well, maybe he could at least take her to the nearest motel.

She saw the door open, and a man get out and stand behind it She was about to say something, when she heard him speak.

"Put down the bag, and move to the front of the vehicle."

Cassie's heart started to pound with fear. What could he possibly want?

"But, officer, please, let me ex – "

"Drop the bag, and move to the front of the vehicle, NOW!"

Shaking, Cassie dropped the canvas bag, and walked to the front of the car. She felt her body was slowly turning to liquid fear. She heard the gravel crunch, and saw that the officer had moved from behind the car door and was making his way towards her bag. He picked it up and opened. As he rummaged through it, Cassie blushed.

"Officer, there's only personal stuff in there. I swear, I don't have any drugs or anything. You'll just find clothes and stuff"

He gave her a brief glance as he continued to run his hands through the bag. She saw him stop, look down, and pull out a black lacey thong. He held it up to the headlights, turning it slightly, as Cassie burned with embarrassment. She watched as he brought the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply, pausing for just a moment, before stuffing them into the pocket of his pants.

"HEY! You can't do that! That's personal property!"

The Trooper merely glanced at her as he took her bag to the front door of the patrol car and flung it on the passenger seat. She watched as he walked to her. He wore the uniform of a Texas State Trooper, yet it could not hide the athletic build of his body. His face was angular, yet handsome. His hair looked dark in gathering gloom, and it was impossible to see the color of his eyes.

When he reached the front of the car, Cassie could see he was sizing her up. She blushed under his gaze, but there was still more fear than anything else. She felt her body shaking and she was suddenly afraid to look him in the eye.

"Face the car, put your hands on the hood, and spread your legs." The Trooper commanded.

"What? Why? What have I done?"

"Do it, NOW!"

Trembling, Cassie turned towards the car, and bent over to place her hands on the hood. She spread her feet apart, but wasn't sure how far apart they needed to be.

"Hitchhiking is illegal in Texas, you should have known that. You homeless people are always creating problems here, so I guess I'll have to give you a home for the time being – in a cell, that is."

"But, officer, really. I'm not from here, and I didn't know. Really! Look, check my bag. You'll see that I have money. If you could just take me to the nearest motel, I can get a room. See? No hassle for you, no hassle for me. Can't we work something out?"

"Oh, we can work something out, yes. But in the meantime, you've broken the law, and that will have to be dealt with."

"Look, you haven't done any paperwork yet. You could still let me go. I won't cause any problems, I swear. And by tomorrow morning, I'll be long gone from here, I swear!"

Cassie gasped as she felt his hands on her waist. He smoothed his hands down over her hips, and then worked down her legs, one at a time.

"What are you doing? You can't frisk me! I know that you have to have a female here to do that!"

"Yeah? Well, we don't have any female Troopers around at the moment, as you can see. And I need to search you for weapons or contraband. Take off the sweater."

"What? Why? What difference does it make?"

"Because I don't know what you might have under that. Off – now!"

Cassie turned and looked at him and knew that any further argument would be dismissed. She slid the sweater over her head, exposing the form of her body to the officer. He grabbed the sweater from her hands and turned her back towards the hood of the car, forcing her to bend over once more. Cassie held her breath, wondering what he had in store for her.

His hands roughly swept up her legs and under her skirt, until he reached soft cotton of her panties. She gasped and was about to complain, when his fingers pinched her hard on the soft skin of her inner thigh. Bringing his hands out from under her skirt, he ran his hands up her body, slowing as he ran over the swell of her breasts. He lingered just long enough to find her nipples and give them each a hard tweak that caused Cassie to cry out.

"How dare you! I know my rights, and I know that you can't do what you just did!"

"Tell it to the judge – if you get that far. Meanwhile, I'll have to bring you in, find out what you are doing here."

"Bring me in? Officer, look, please! I lost my job and apartment 6 months ago. I didn't have anywhere to go, so I just hit the road. I don't want to cause any problems. I'm not a thief. I don't want any trouble."

The Trooper grabbed first one of Cassie's wrists and then the other, pulling them behind her back. She felt the cold metal of the handcuffs cruelly encircling her wrists, and her heart almost stopped.

"I know your type. You hitchhikers are all the same. Maybe you don't rob convenience stores, but you sure don't think twice about bilking a man out of his money to give him a lousy blowjob. You're all whores and that, for your information, is also illegal in Texas."

"No, I'm not! I'm not a whore!"

"Shut up! Now, I'm going to put you in the care, and take you into the station."

Cassie was going to speak, but decided against it. If he was taking her to a police station then there was bound to be some one else there, some one who had reason and would help her. She didn't resist as the Trooper grabbed her arm and led her to the back of the patrol car. She discovered getting in was a little tricky, with her hands bound behind her back, but the Trooper pushed her head down, and kept it from striking the frame of the car.

As she tried to settle into a comfortable position, she couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the smell in the back seat. A mixture of vomit and sweat assaulted her senses. She was also aware of a few other bad smells, but didn't want to think of where they might have come from. The door slammed shut before she could ask if she might have a window rolled down partway to get some fresh air. As the Trooper settled into the front seat, she could only hope the ride would not be long.

As the patrol car headed towards the town, the Trooper suddenly veered off to the right and Cassie noticed they were now outside of the town limits. She searched the blackness, trying to make out some sort of landmark, but the moonlight afforded little to view. The Trooper slowed the car suddenly and turned into a driveway. Cassie stared at the building, but it was dark. It certainly didn't look like a police station. Her heart thudded in her chest and her breathing became shallow and quick.

The Trooper drove around to the back of the building, and stopped the car in a cloud of dust. She heard him chuckle as he got out of the car and walked up to a door. Cassie watched as he fumbled with a set of keys and then saw him open the door. Soon lights blazed from the back of the building, and then she saw the Trooper appear once more. He ambled over to the car and opened the back door. Roughly he pulled her from the car and shoved her along the gravel towards the open door. Cassie felt her feet slip and slide along the gravel stones, and she fought to maintain her balance and to keep from falling.

As they entered the building, the musty scent of an old building filled her senses. Cassie stared around her in disbelief. The place looked like a jail from the 1800s! She glanced up at the Trooper, a question forming on her lips. He smiled down at her, and the smile was not friendly.

"This is what folks around here call a 'National Landmark'. This was the old jail, now a museum of sorts. I only bring special cases here. There seems to be something about it that makes people more, uh, cooperative shall we say?"

Cassie looked about her, thinking she must be in a dream of some sort, when suddenly she felt the cold metal of the handcuffs cut into her wrists painfully. She cried out at the pain as she realized the Trooper had grabbed the chain between the cuffs and was dragging her to an ancient cell. Cassie scrambled to keep up and suddenly felt the cold, hard, steel bars against her body as the Trooper slammed her body into the side of the cell. Cassie felt the wind leave her body and as she gasped air back into her lungs, she felt the Trooper raise her hands above her head and heard metal upon metal. Cassie looked up to find the Trooper had secured the chain between the cuffs on her wrists to one of the steel bars above her head. Her wrists were secured just high enough so that Cassie had to stand on her balls of her feet or find herself hanging by her wrists.

The Trooper grabbed her hips and swung her around so her back was against the cell. Breathing fast, terror gripping her mind, Cassie tried to think of a way out.

"What are you going to do with me? Please, officer. Please. I didn't hurt anyone. Please let me go. Please!"

The Trooper ran his hands over her breasts, his thumbs teasing her nipples and causing them to harden against his touch. Cassie felt the pleasure from her nipples coursing through her body. Flushing with shame, tears began to course down her cheeks as she averted her eyes from him.

"Yes, look at those perfect nipples come to life! You're just a little tease, I'll bet. Driving all those truckers crazy and loving it!"

Cassie raised her eyes to him. She pleaded with him with her eyes, begging him silently to stop, knowing he wouldn't. Raising his knife to her face, he lowered it slowly, as Cassie cried out in fear. Grabbing the bottom of her tank top, he quickly slicing up the front, allowing her breasts to bounce before him. Running his hand over her left breast, he squeezed hard and fast, causing Cassie to cry out in pain. The coolness of the room had caused her nipples to perk up, and his fingers soon found them. He pinched and twisted her nipples until Cassie was screaming and crying at the same time.

Never before had she experienced such pain. Her nipples felt like they were on fire, the pulsing pain flushing out from her body. She tried to move away from his fingers, but he followed her movements, his laughter ringing in her ears. He released her nipples and lightly slapped her breast – just enough to cause it to bounce and to make her wince slightly.

She felt the hem of her skirt being pulled, and then heard the ripping sound of the knife through the material of her skirt. Once he had sliced through the denim, he whipped it away from her body and Cassie felt the cold metal bars against her back. Sliding the knife between her panties and her right hip, Cassie trembled as she held her breath. With a quick flick of his wrist, the Trooper sliced through the cotton, and then laughed. Quickly repeating the action on the other hip, Cassie soon found herself exposed to the man who now held her prisoner. She hung her head down and let the tears flow, feeling the hot drops drip across her breasts.

The Trooper pulled up on her chin and looked into her eyes. She watched as he put the knife into a holder on his belt, and breathed easier after he had done so.

"Now, there isn't any need for tears. You broke the law, and you have to pay the consequences. Who knows? You might even enjoy this."

He laughed as disgust flashed from Cassie's eyes, and he patted her cheek. He ran his hands down her body, across her chest and over her breasts. Holding them in his hands, he flicked the nipples with his thumbs, and Cassie began to moan with the pleasure she suddenly felt. Her cheeks flaming, she felt humiliated that this man could so easily elicit pleasure from her. Yet through her rising disgust, the pleasure seeping through her body from her nipples was more than she could deny. She began to arch her back towards him, her body crying for more. Just then, his fingers closed around each nipple and pinched tightly – the pleasure was replaced by the pain, and Cassie cried out in pain.

"Strange, isn't it? How close pain and pleasure can be? Just a fine line separating the two."

Cassie glared at him and pulled against her restraints. The Trooper smiled as his hands continued to roam over her body, over her hips and down her thighs. As his hands found her inner thighs, Cassie gave a reluctant sigh of pleasure and then felt his fingers begin to probe her sex. Groaning, not wanting to admit the pleasure building inside of her, Cassie tried to move away. Suddenly the Trooper was very close to her, his lips on her ears.

"That feels good, doesn't it, slut? You are trying to pretend you don't like what I'm doing, but you can't deny it, can you?"

"No, you bastard! Stop!" Even to Cassie her cry seemed weak and hollow.

He grabbed her clit, and pinched before he released it, causing Cassie to gasp. But Cassie was surprised to learn her gasp was more from pleasure than from pain. Her cheeks turned scarlet, her humiliation could be no worse.

"You know, I think I would rather take a fine look at that ass of yours. I'll bet many a trucker has wanted a piece of that, haven't they?"

She felt the Trooper undo the restraint that kept her hands above her head, but he was not going to free her. Rather, he simply lowered her wrists slightly, and refastened the cuffs to the cell. But at least Cassie was able to stand on her feet, and the ache in her arms started to ease up. She felt the Trooper grab her hips and spin her around so she was now facing the bars.

"Move your feet back while you bend at the hips. More! More, you slut!"

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