tagInterracial LoveCassie the Slave Girl

Cassie the Slave Girl


Cassie was born on an Alabama plantation to third generation slave parents. While they had never known any other way of life the white plantation owners had only recently become wealthy enough to own slaves. Not really knowing what to do with them the Jackson's kept the Black family in the guest house and had them wait on them for dinners and such. So it was no big surprise that when Mrs. Jackson had her twin boys they were raised together with Cassie.

As they grew the distinction was profound. Two identical twins with blonde hair blue eyes and the most pale of skin color. And one milk chocolate colored slave girl with curly black hair and the biggest brown eyes. Up until the time they were twelve years old it didn't seem strange for them to still be so close that they still took their baths together. But about that time their bodies started to change as well as their maturity. The two boys, Billy Bob and Little Johnny, developed deep voices and their pubic areas were growing hair. Cassie noticed with interest that their cocks seemed to be getting larger with every passing month. The boys noticed the change in Cassie also. The skinny girl was filling out, butt becoming more perfectly round and her large brown nipples now stood out on top of breasts that seemed bigger everyday.

By the time they were eighteen years old, all three of them realized it was unusual for them to take baths together. At first they didn't talk about it but at last while taking a bath together Cassie accidentally bumped Billy's cock with her ass and it instantly leaped up into a ragging erection. She said, "what are you thinking of doing with that thing?" And Billy asked her "would you like to watch?" as he began stroking the shaft of his long pink cock. Her eyes went wide with amazement upon seeing something she had only head rumor of before. 'A boy's cock could get really big and hard' she thought, as it grew to maybe 6 inches long. Now Johnny joined in and said "I've got one that is pretty similar" and Cassie looked back to see what had to be an identical match for the one pointed at her big round ass.

Cassie felt a strange tingling in the soft area between her legs as her two white brothers stroked their swollen cocks, each of them almost touching one her dark and shiny ass cheeks. She felt her breath suddenly heavy and her face warm as she slipped a hand down to her pussy to scratch at the tingling sensation that just kept growing and growing. A low groan came up from her stomach as shock waves of pleasure rolled over her with the first caressing of her hardened clit. She unconsciously arched her back in ecstasy and inadvertently bumped her ass against both the cocks madly jerking off behind her.

Now it just seemed natural to the boys to rub their cock heads against Cassie's soft ass while they pumped wildly on their shafts. Cassie slid her fingers between her pussy lips, for a moment wondering at how thick they had gotten and at the juice that was pouring out of her pussy. Then she became aware of the juice leaking from both the cocks making her ass wet with their stickiness. She looked back at them just as Billy grunted and a long thick stream of milky white fluid jetted out of his cock and onto her ass. A moment later Johnny grunted too and an equally hot sticky wad of cum hit her other ass cheek.

As they both sprayed pulse after pulse of cum out of their teenage balls Cassie felt a throbbing deep in her belly. It washed over her, rolling down to her pussy and caused her lips to extend out like a blooming flower. The intense pleasure swept to her toes and they curled up into balls. Her skin tingled all the way up her body, hardening and distending her nipples until they hurt. Cassie's nostrils flared, her eyes bugged out wide and her mouth opened to let out a long low howl of orgasmic pleasure. Above all she felt the hot rivers of cum splashing against her big black ass and running down her ebony thighs.

They all three sat down next to the tub in exhaustion, looked at each other and began laughing. "That was fun" Cassie said, "we better do it again soon". "Tomorrow night sounds good to me" Johnny smiled and Billy nodded in agreement. "But maybe we can find something more we can do together" she breathed and saw both their spent cocks twitch at the thought. With no education to speak of, let alone sexual education, Cassie only knew where she was aching and figured these two boys would be the right solution to what was ailing her.

The next morning they were greeted with the shocking news that Billy and Johnny were being sent away to Military school. The parents and felt that their sons spent far too much time with their slave girl and the best solution was to send them off to learn discipline with men. They wanted to cry but held back to avoid giving away their secret relationship with Cassie. Cassie couldn't hold back the tears of frustration as she looked to one then to the other and then down to their crotches in longing. They said their good-byes after lunch and the boys' road away with their baggage while Cassie went about her household chores dejectedly.

Three years went by and Cassie spent long lonely evenings dreaming about her two white brothers and their big pink cocks. She would gently stroke her pussy lips until her lips blossomed out and the juices flowed freely. Then she would rub her clitoris until it was throbbing madly like a miniature cock about to explode. Sometimes before she came she would even let a finger slide down to her puckered anus. Not knowing what other girls felt, Cassie discovered that when she was excited her ass was just as sensitive as her pussy. She began inserting a finger in her pussy and one in her ass each time she came and orgasms became more and more profound.

During these years her body continued to mature and her breasts became as large as the watermelons her master grew in the fields. Her ass also continued to grown until it was two perfectly round globes separated by a heavy dark slit that lead to her secret desires. Cassie eventually broke own hymen thrusting 2 fingers into her hungry pussy in the midst of a mind shattering orgasm. Her ass had taken 2 fingers many times but now that her pussy could take them too Cassie thought even more longingly about her missing brothers.

During these same years Billy and Johnny led dual lives. Marching and drilling to strict the strict military standards of the south, they spent their free time dreaming about Cassie and her beautiful black ass covered with their thick white cock juice. As they nights passed, jerking off to her distant memory, they noticed that their cocks were growing in size. By the time they were eighteen years old they had doubled in length and tripled in thickness. Still pink in color, their twelve-inch fuck tools now had large purple mushroom like heads that could spurt a pint of hot salty spunk each. Their balls were now covered in hair and hung low with the weight on semen they carried. So, when they received the news they were graduating and being sent back home, they had only one thing on their minds.

Cassie was overjoyed when she heard Billy and Johnny would returning that night. She took a long bath, making sure to clean her pussy and ass especially well, and put on her best dress. The boys came in, were greeted my their parents and ushered in to dinner. Cassie had to wait on the family while they but just couldn't keep her eyes off of them. "They have grown so tall and strong' she thought, while the twins thought "my god, she's filled out" and "she looks to be all that I could eat". It wasn't long before dinner was finished and they were explaining how tired they were and needed to get to sleep.

Cassie went back to her lonely room in the guesthouse and waited in anticipation. After what seemed like unbearable hours had passed there was a gentle knock on her door. The twins came in with hungry eyes and bulges in the front of their pants. Cassie could feel the wetness running from her pussy and making her inner thighs sticky with desire. "Oh how I've waited for this moment" she moaned to them.

"We've dreamed of nothing else," they said in a strange unison. With that Cassie pulled her dress over her head to expose her naked body. Her huge breasts, big round ass and the tiny waist between them awed them. Cassie was equally awed by what was revealed when they removed their pants. She had thought their cocks were huge three years back and had spent many nights finger fucking her self while imagining her fingers were those hard pink cocks. Nothing had prepared her for this though. Two huge poles pointed towards her upturned face. They throbbed and pulsed to the men's heartbeats almost in perfect unison. There were small drops of clear liquid oozes from the tips and running down the long shafts.

"Oh please come here and kiss me" Cassie groaned. Billy and Johnny were instantly kissing her thick lips, running their tongues down her throat and sucking on her breasts. Cassie grabbed a hold of both hard cocks and began smearing the precum around the big purple cock heads. Then she brought her hands to her mouth and licked the clear fluid off her hands. This led them to move their mouths down her stomach, across the hairy mound and each man took one inner thigh between his lips. "Uuuggghhhh" she groaned as her legs swung out wide allowing the two heads access to her sex.

They could smell the hot muskiness of her pussy juices and of one mind they each went to one thick and swollen pussy lips and began to lick suck and bite on it. Cassie arched her hips for more and reached her fingers into the hair of each of her twin lovers, pulling them deeper into her pussy. Billy pulled her pussy lips apart exposing the bright pink meat inside and his tongue found its way deep into her tunnel. Johnny's tongue roamed further up until it was flicking across the tip of her throbbing clit. "Oh my fucking god" she screamed as the biggest orgasm she had ever imagined swept over her.

Now Johnny took one leg and lifted it over his head so that he could lick both her clit and her pussy while Billy slid his tongue down to Cassie's sweet second hole. Her pulse quickened again as first one tongue sank into her pussy and then another one just as deep into her ass. She thought she was loosing her mind with pleasure as another orgasm started to pulse deep in her pussy. As she started to yield to another somewhat smaller orgasm she was shocked by waves of spasms in her ass. The two joined to send her in an orgasm of even greater intensity, leaving her moaning "ohhhhhhh yesssssss" to the two ravaging tongues.

The two men stood up and their stiff cocks pulsed right before her eyes. Cassie had never thought of doing such a thing before but it just seemed to come natural. She first licked the precum off one cock and then the other. Her mouth opened and Billy's cock was suddenly deep in her mouth, sawing in and out excitedly. Then it popped out and Johnny's cock replaced it before she could catch her breath. She did this several more times and then felt their cocks becoming harder and even more swollen. Just as Johnny withdrew his cock and she got Billy's cock into her mouth again Cassie felt the shaft get suddenly hot and pulsing against her bottom lip.

A moment later her mouth was filled with a flood of salty tasting cream that flowed down her throat in great gobs. Even though her thick lips were tightly clamped around his cock some of Billy's hot white cum leaked out of the corner of her mouth, dripped down her chin and onto her breasts. Johnny cried out "Me too!" and thrust his cock into Cassie's mouth just as Billy withdrew. Again she found herself swallowing thick salty spunk as fast as she could but still some leaked out and dribbled onto her other breast. With both breasts now glistening with the men's' cum Cassie began rubbing it into her hard and aching nipples.

Billy's cock came all the way back up ate the sight of how Cassie enjoyed his cum. With him lying flat on his back Cassie crawled on top of him and straddled his long cock. She sat up on her heels and holding it in one hand she spread her pussy lips with the other. Johnny stood wide eyed behind them as he watched her black pedaled flower open up to reveal the pink glistening meat inside. And then his brother's big purple cock head was penetrating into her, stretching her lips around the broad rim until they closed with a loud plop onto the shaft below the head.

Cassie wriggled her ass around in circles a few times and then tightening her thigh muscles lunged down with all her might. Billy's cock was swallowed all the way to the hilt and Johnny could see her pussy lips sucking hungrily at his brother's balls. He watched as she raised her ass in the air, her pink pussy meat clinging to the pussy juice slickened cock, and then slammed her self down onto it with a loud groan. The room was filled with the slurping sounds of their mixed union, Billy's grunts of pleasure, and Cassie's loud moans of wanton abandon.

Cassie could hardly believe what was happening. After all these long years of dreaming about being fucked by her white brother's it was finally happening. Each time she raised her ass in the air Bill's huge cock head would press against her clit making her want to scream. But then she would be over come with craving for more cock and would thrust her hips ass down until she felt his balls slap against her ass. The feeling of her pussy muscles being stretched all the way to her womb and beyond was overwhelming her. The next orgasm took her by surprise and she screamed "oh shit, oh yes, ooohhhhhhh" as the waves of pleasure swept over her yet again.

"What about me" she heard Johnny asking somewhere in the fog of her orgasms. Billy's cock was still buried deep in her pussy and she didn't want to take it out even if he would let her. But Johnny was holding his hard throbbing cock in his hand with a look of desperation on his face. "I do have another hole for you dear, it's just as tight and I'm sure you'll like it" she said and was amazed at the same time. Never had Cassie heard or dreamed of such a thing but it seemed the perfect solution for her two men. Arching her back, she reached back and pulled her big ass apart revealing her pucker anus.

It had gotten soaked with pussy juice and its own natural lubrication and as Johnny probed it with the tip of his cock he felt her suck it right inside. "Ssssssssssssss" he heard Cassie suck in her breath as his cock stretched her ass wide. Then losing all control in his lust Johnny shoved his stiff cock all the way in her ass until his pelvis bone slammed against her.

Cassie felt a moment of intense pain and thought she was going to faint. Then the pressure forced Bill's cock against her clit and she started to cum. As her clit twitched in excitement the spasms started deep in her pussy clenching on the thick cock head she had buried there. As she opened her mouth to scream, Cassie felt the spasms of pleasure spread to the depths of her ass hole and her anus began fluttering on the hard shaft penetrating it. The scream never made it from her lips as only guttural animal noises gurgled in her throat. Now she was about to faint but from pleasure not pain. Cassie's mouth hung open and her tongue lolled out with a long string of saliva dripping don to Billy's chest. Her eyes were bugged out wide but unseeing as her two lovers began to thrust in unison.

They fucked her at a matched cadence first Billy slamming his cock into her hungry pussy with a wet slap, driving her upwards and pulling Johnny's cock part way out of her ass. The Johnny would plow his cock all the way into her equally tight ass pushing her forward until Billy's cock was almost squeezed out of her pussy. Each time Johnny slammed his cock into her ass Cassie's giant breasts would sway forward into Billy's face and he would grab at them and suck and bite on her painfully hard nipples. Every time Billy plunged his cock into her pussy Johnny's cock would pull back sending her into an even more intense anal orgasm. Then Johnny's cock would fill her deflowered ass again forcing Billy's cock head to press against her clit and drive her clitoral orgasm even higher.

The pleasure had driven her to the point of being an animal, madly thrusting her two cumming holes onto her two incessantly pounding cocks. Her throat was now making a high pitched squeal that was mounting with every minute the dual orgasms lasted. 'I think I'm going to die this way' she thought to herself and yet was content as long as she could feel those two great cocks another moment. Then with her head deep in the clouds and the squealing screams seeming to come from far away the two cocks swelled up and became incredibly hot.

The next moment she felt the twitching, vibrating spasms of cocks cumming deep in both of her holes. Cum was splashing against the back walls of her pussy and deep up the long tubes of her ass at the same time. "Oh my god I love you Cassie" they both screamed in unison and Cassie gripped them both as tightly as she could squeeze her pussy and ass together. "Uuugghhhhhhhhhh" she groaned as the last of her orgasms rippled through her body and the two brothers collapsed on her and under her. Cassie fell asleep, finally feeling completely fulfilled, with the two big pink cocks still buried in her and hot sticky cum oozing down her thighs to puddle on the bed beneath them.

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