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Cassiel's Secret


"Sound the alarms, sound the alarms!" an angel yelled aggressively. The sound of his voice could barely be heard over his frantically pumping wings and the chatter around him. His gold laced robes flew about him as he tried to land on the precipice where the elders were holding their talks. He was at the edge of a large outcropping in the mountain. A stream fell as a waterfall at an alcove in the rock which had naturally hollowed out an area over time. It was now filled with rich green grass and small, well manicured shrubs and trees.

"What is it Jegudiel?!" Netzach went to him immediately, assisting him to find footing on the edge of the precipice. All the elders had gathered for this very important meeting so there was nary a spot to invite a fly to join. Everyone made room as best they could. Jegudiel whispered strongly into her ears so only she could hear. "No! Another?" The implications of her comment wasn't lost on those around her. Rumors spread to the great stone before they even reached it to share the message. She was able to pull Jegudiel up to it with some effort. He was more than twice her size.

"Brothers! Sisters! Hear me!" Netzach roared to both get their attention and exert dominance over the crowd of angels. There were at least 30 of them in a space meant for only the 7. Space was tight. On the stone, there was room for two. They both made it clear they should be upon the stone presently. The situation had become dire. Jegudiel's face was grim. Netzach kept her concerned look while still showing control.

Waiting for the group to quiet, Netzach changed genders and began. "There has been another!" His voice now captured their attention better. Changing genders strategically had its advantages. A wave of murmuring and gasps was heard from all. None stood calmly. There had never been a time where their future had ever been so insecure. "Tzaphgiel has fallen. Her arrows will nevermore whip through the air to give our human wards joy, happiness and arousal. Say a word for dear, sweet Tzaphgiel now for we have much work to do." More murmuring and buzz soon followed by a long silence.

It was Cupid who broke the quiet. "Who is it that brings this news?" He stood from his seat reaching his full frame of 4'03". He was a giant among the others. Most didn't stand over 3'06". Some of them in female form were closer to 3'01". He was a physical abnormality. He was highly respected by all. Everyone wanted to bed him. None more so than himself.

"It is I, Jegudiel!" he spoke, firmly. Internally, Jay really wanted to get this over with but he knew the elders had their way of doing things. He and the other, younger angels made fun of their ways but they all wanted to make the big dance. Being an angel of love in the world of humans was a fantastic experience. Humans went at love and sex without all the formality of the angels. Angels had sex too but there were so many rules like the ones Jay was experiencing right now.

For instance, wasn't he literally standing on the stone in front of everyone? Didn't ALL angels know all other angels implicitly? There wasn't any angel that didn't know another. There was no logical reason for this question. It was a part of a long series of rules meant to keep the elders in power. Cupid asking, "Who be this?" was only him showing some swagger - fluffing out his wings to look like a big deal.

"Fair Jegudiel! Verily, what does thou mean in this, 'There has been another'?"

Really? Fucking, come on! The way angels had been turning into imps all around the mountaintop was not a secret. What the fuck else could, 'There has been another' mean? "You ever heard of context, you little bitch?" he thought. He choked down what he wanted to say and remembering the rules said, "The Great and Knowledgeable Tzaphgiel is no more. In his place is an imp. A dark and brooding creature that knows not the light of love nor sweetness of sex. This imp now attempts to rape and fuck each and every angel it its midst...among other things. It was captured by Michael in quick order after it had mistaken a rot in a tree to be a maiden angel's hind quarters! Fair Michael dispatched him quickly with his sword." Not all angels had only arrows. Michael was a real bad ass. Couldn't wrestle like Gabriel, but one helluva fighter.

A gasp went about the crowd of 30. Not since Pahliah's dark virtuosity had been outed by the very same act of "knot knocking" almost 1100 years ago was a tree even looked at with lustful intentions. Looking around, Jay saw the angels consoling the trees in the immediate vicinity. "Oh my God!" he thought. "Kill me and get this over with!" He just wanted to go back to his work. One day he hoped his work as messenger among the clouds would be received well and he'd get the nod to blow this mountain. He had heard rumors and now the emergence of these imps proved the rumors were true. Angels could leave this existence and find another through the act of sex.

Angels have lots of sex, but only with other angels. That is just the way things were. It was always looked at as unnatural to have sex with anything else. Imps on the other hand had sex with everything. Shoes weren't safe around an imp. They didn't care if there was no friction. They didn't care it it was alive. They just fucked things. Imps were magical creatures just like the angels. Like all magical creatures, they followed simple rules.

Angels tended to human experiences. Some saved lives, some brought death and some, like those in Jay's presence, helped propagate the species. Through careful administration of very powerful potions, aphrodisiacs and, yes, even laxatives, angels helped dictate and drive the advancement of the human species. Jay wasn't too sure how the different potions and elixirs worked but he knew they existed. He also heard rumors that should an angel have sex with something other than an angel, their wings would molt and fall off in a very painful process and they would become that with which they mated.

In a poorly documented case, Cassiel had laid down her wings to become a human female, finding the love of the human man she was sworn to oversee more powerful than that of her sisters and brothers in the sky. Either that or this was another one of those ricochet accidents Jay had heard about and she shot herself right up the cootch. A straight-on arrow to the pussy could cause shit tons of horn dogging under the right circumstances. Jay winced. The lower, hanging part of what would have been his pussy if he was in female form pulled up and into his body. They very well may have bedded down for the night right then.

Imps on the other hand only really had one rule they had to follow. Cause mayhem and fuck. Usually this was achieved by lots and lots of fucking THEN dipping a toe in the mayhem pool. Imps were small creatures much like the elders. They didn't even stand two feet in most cases. Pound for pound they were the filthiest, nastiest creatures in the lands. How angels were overpowered by an imp was the alarming part. No known imp could restrain an angel long enough to cause an orgasm. Part of the rumor regarding changing from an angel to another species was that an angel's orgasm must be caused by another species for the change to occur. If angels were turning to imps then an imp must be walking or flying among them. It was true that imps often had to wear their cocks as a belt or suspenders, what with the grossly disproportionate ratio of cock to imp, but that led to their inability to really rape something. Think of holding your shorter little brother back with your long arm on his forehead. He can't reach you. He can't hold you down. Now make your arm an imp dick and make his forehead an angel pussy.

Jay snapped out of his thought. Cupid was looking at him expectantly. "Oh shit!" he thought. "I forgot the next statement is due!" He pulled himself up to his full 6'03" frame. Not being an elder, he didn't have the esteem of being as short as they were.

"Oh wise and precocious Cupid!" he began. Cupid knowing what was to come, looked to his sides and popped his eyebrows at his peers. Here comes a trainload of ass kissing. Cupid lived for the ass kissing. Not too many mortals knew this about him. He still graced Valentine's cards as some little innocent cherubim. He was a conceited little self cock sucker as far as Jay was concerned.

"What would thy gracious, gallant and gleaming wit say to this scene? Should we idly and surreptitiously flutter to and fro? If not, what does thy almost 1800 years of experience and wisdom say we do? We hold thy ever beating wings as the whispered winds of wisdom!" Jay quickly counted his alliteration. He made sure he used the proper double triple form, throwing a quadruple at the end there for good measure.

Cupid's head, which was swinging about sucking up the praise stopped and centered on Jay as he hit the quadruple. A small and mischievous smile shone through, quickly to be covered up with the proper pomp and circumstance of a pep rally. He leaned towards the stone. Netzach got the picture and fluttered down. Cupid replaced her on the stone. "Oh good and fair Jegudiel!" Jay stood taller. He had just received TWO adjectives from Cupid! From CUPID!!! And he was sharing the stone with him!!! He could barely contain his excitement. He felt this horrible impish tragedy could be a turning point for him.

"We shall do as we have done! We shall not let the tyranny of this impish traitor in our midst - this, this Imp-oster..." Cupid waited for the train to keep on coming. Those immediately around him congratulated him on the well crafted pun he had just shared. One or two angels laughed and made gestures to write that down to be used at the next party. Cupid knew full well that angels didn't write things down. He didn't care though. He proceeded. "...will NOT stop us from delivering daily destiny dutifully!" He winked at Jay after landing his own quadruple. Jay beamed. His hell may be worth it today.

"Now all of you! Be off! See to your quarters! Tend to your neighbors! Turn every stone until..." Three angels, wanting to get a jump on things attempted to lift the stone Jay and Cupid stood on. Cupid pulled out an arrow and, holding it by the end, beat them repeatedly with the feathered side until they stopped. Looking angrily at them while speaking to the crowd he said, "...until we find this fiend!"

The angels all left in a flurry of wings and feathers except Cupid and Jay. Per the custom, Jay did not dare exit the stone until Cupid did. He had the feeling that Cupid was testing him to see if he'd leave with the rest of the angels. Cupid stepped down and only then did Jay leap off the stone to follow his orders.

"Wait!" Cupid yelled. Jay returned to the ground, folding his wings respectfully behind him. "You are an excellent messenger. Your grasp of our traditions has not gone unnoticed! I feel you would eventually make a great elder." Jay thought he'd rather take on an imp dick before that happened. "But there is need of you in the field. Perhaps you can take your strong work ethic below." His eyes purposefully wandered down repeatedly as if Jay didn't know where below was.

Many, many expletives went through his head as his mouth uttered, "Below the realm? I would be honored, oh Great Cupid!"

"It may be ill advised for me to send one of my best messengers" (ass kissers, thought Jay) "to the miserable mortal maze - er." Cupid realized that triple he just tried to land smelled of week old imp briefs. Who describes the world as a maze here? Jay kept still. "Yes, maze," he said hoping repeating it made the landing score higher. It didn't. "I am sending you. That is that!"

Jay bowed gracefully accepting the assignment with suppressed glee. Anywhere but here was his mantra for almost 100 years now. He was so happy he could dive for the Earth right now. He knew better.

"Go see Barachiel and tell her of my wishes!"

"At your insistence!" Jay added in his last performance of the mundane act of verbal jousting with these pray-holes.

"I insist!"

That was all he needed. His large wings expanded and tucked as he leapt, turned and plummeted down the side of the mountain in a manic free fall. He had made it! He was to watch over humans!

Chapter 02 Barachiel was in charge of managing the angels in their duties. Jay came sweeping from the mountaintop to a spot right above the cloud cover where she set up shop. Her "office" so to speak was nothing but a few lounge chairs next to an infinity pool overlooking the Earth. Her dwelling doubled as her "office". Next to the pool stood a podium made of marble and gold. On it sat a large hand crafted book with artisan pages. A quill tipped pen sat in the reservoir. Jay eyed it as he landed in a flurry of wind. His name would be written in it today.

"Bare! Great news!" he said walking swiftly to her along the side of the pool. She was in it.

"I know already. You don't need to tell me."

"I WANT to tell you."

"So, tell me then Jay," she said turning to face him. She had been looking over the edge of the pool. This was how she kept tabs on the angels on Earth. As she turned, her large and golden breasts floated in the water. As with most other parts of an angel's anatomy, they defied gravity. Unlike the elders, everyone else used common names. Only in the presence of elders did they use their proper names.

"Cupid promoted me to cherubim!"

"Cherubim Lover in Training, sweetie. Let's be accurate. You're a CLIT, not a full on cherubim."

"Yes, yes, a CLIT! Isn't that wonderful? You KNOW how long I've been wanting this!"

"Yes, and you deserve it. You're one of my most reliable angels, if not the most reliable. Knowing you like I do, I don't know how that is. You, more than anyone, don't want to be here." She rose out of the water completely naked. The water found the vertical furrows of her abdominal muscles and trickled down over her pussy. She had the ability to fly without fluttering her wings. Her wings were really only for show. Work enough "on the ground" and you get that ability.

She walked over to the book. "Let's get you processed," she said, pulling the quill from the holder. Jay, following the rules, got behind her and pulled his robe aside. His cock quickly rose to attention. Bare put her two hands on the side of the podium with the quill slipped between two fingers and bent her torso down. Her wings spread out wide so he could see her ass and back. He ran his fingers where the wings inserted into her back and tickled her at both junctures. This was a bold move, but allowable under these circumstances. Jay fished his member up and down her slit. She still had water on her from the pool but he was looking for a different kind of moisture.

All creatures had the just about the same mechanics for sex. There was a penis. There was a vagina. Of course some creatures had teeth on one or both of those which made eating out take on a whole different meaning, but angels and humans were almost identical. As one can imagine, though, they had a different name for their version of the clitoris, otherwise their trainees would carry the label of the female pleasure center around. Who would want that? Jay thought he might. He liked her flate. That's what they called the angelic clitoris - the flate. It protruded from its hood slightly. He reached around and expertly massaged it as he found his entrance. Without doing so, she wouldn't let him in any further. Tradition made sense sometimes.

Jay wasn't a big fan of tradition for tradition's sake, but again, he was all for this one. Bare in particular was an incredible lover if approached right. He flicked her flate then slid his finger between his cock and her vaginal wall, flicking it again from the inside.

She moaned and rocked her hips in a circle ending with a thrust back onto his cock, taking him about 3/4 of the way in. This was a good sign. He had done everything perfectly. He inched his 10" cock into her pussy until it was fully sheathed and pulled her arms behind her, pinning them up just a little bit. It looked like he was taking control, but in fact, he was giving it to her. This was the point where the script was generally thrown out and they could do what they wanted, at least, to a degree.

Bare broke his grip, pulled off of him completely and turned around. She pushed him in his hairless, strong chest and he fell back onto one of the lounge chairs. His wings reflexively managed his descent and avoided being crushed or broken. His cock snapped to and fro, slapping both the chair and his belly. She straddled him and grabbed it on the bounce and in one motion sat expertly on it. Her selecting to be on top was another good sign. It indicated that she was feeling frisky. She set her feet and grabbed the arms of the chairs for leverage and pounded her pussy onto his cock over and over and over. His eyes rolled as he approached a tipping point. She stopped pounding and pulled in close, grinding him. They kissed.

An angels tongue is slightly barbed. The barbs don't hurt. They act as a rough tongue like a cat. However, an angel can change the texture. She licked the side of his face while grinding and the little hooks picked up and pulled his skin a little. He loved this and returned the favor. Her pussy squeezed his cock as she sat down again. It felt really good. Jay was getting really aroused and feeling adventurous. Without following the proper protocol, he popped her up than bent her over the chair.

"Jay, what are you doing?" she asked, not expecting this, nor entirely welcoming it. She usually followed the rules to a tee.

"Something new."

"But Jay, we" she stopped short as his cock found her butt hole. He spit down on his cock and pressed forward. She was too turned on by everything before this to stop him although, with any other angel she would have. She closed her eyes and waited for the pop. She had done this enough times to know the initial pop was the worst part. After that it got easy. However, with Jay, the pop took a little longer. He was bigger than most. She reached back and pulled her cheeks open more. Jay admired the perfectly golden skin. If she were a human she would have had to sunbathe naked for this tan. She never let him bugger her before because of the size. She grunted as he pushed.

Jay pulled back and pushed again. She pulled her ass even wider. He encouraged her to let him do it. Pulling too much made it worse, not better. He spit down again and pushed again. She yelped right before they got their pop. He was leaning kind of hard to get past her sphincter and once he was in he slid balls deep with the momentum. She grunted again then sighed. The worst was over.

"Oh Jay, fuck my ass. Fuck my angel ass!" she said. Jay held a special place in her heart. She was more verbal and open with him than anyone else. Jay's strokes picked up speed as he felt his cock regain some size it lost trying to get inside. Her firm hips were perfect handles for him. "You like fucking my ass, Jay?"

"Oh yeah! It's the best! I should have" (grunt) "done this before!"

"I never would have let you," she said thrusting back. She liked him in her ass but liked the rules more. Angels were generally like that. His fingers dug into her hips as he pounded her tight butt hole. Another angel flitted down over by the other chair. Jay didn't recognize him. He slowed down a bit. He thought he knew all angels. He pulled out with a pop and made a step to go see this angel.

"You get back in my ass RIGHT NOW!" Bare yelled. Standing up only to grab him. Shocked, he turned back to her, sliding back in. She whimpered and starting thrusting back on him. Her gyrating picked up too. He knew she was going to come soon. He lifted one leg onto the chair and pounded her little hole with everything he had. She flitted her flate with everything she had. She screamed at him as she came.

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