tagGroup SexCassie's College Years Ch. 04

Cassie's College Years Ch. 04


I staggered back from Trent's room several hours later. My skin was glistening as though I had just run a few miles. I even felt like I had run a few miles, but the truth was that I just spent the last 4 hours getting high and getting fucked by the biggest dick I had ever seen. My shorts and tank top were also soaked in a mixture of sweat and other juices. I was looking forward to getting a shower and into some clean clothes.

As I turned the knob to my room, I could hear Julie talking to someone inside. I assumed it was just someone on the phone, so when the door swung open, I was literally stunned by what I saw. Julie was standing by the closet, clad in pastel blue boyshort panties and matching bra, with a number of outfits around her, and my boyfriend from home, Charlie, was sitting on our futon, ogling her body. As I walked in, Julie looked up at me and smiled.

"Well, look who's finally back," Julie announced. Charlie turned and jumped when he saw me. He tried to hide the fact that he was staring at Julie just a moment ago. It didn't phase me.

Frankly, I started to feel ashamed. I had just come from a seriously long fuck session, still halfway baked, and now I felt like a whore.

"Where ya been, Cass?" Julie asked, but the glint in her eye told me that she could venture a pretty accurate guess if she had to.

"Oh, I was at the gym," I lied. My gaze fell on Charlie, and I mustered every ounce of will I had to not give away my guilt.

"Charlie! What are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" I was hesitant to give him a hug and kiss, since I'm sure I smelled like sex. Regardless, Charlie got up and came over to me, so I gave him a hug and kiss.

"I wanted to suprise you Cass! I knew you had spring break this week, so I thought I would come up for a few days." Charlie was beaming at me, and although I was happy he had come up, part of me was disappointed too. That realization made me panic.

"I need to get a quick shower. I stink," I blurted out, as I grabbed the closest towel. I shot a disguised plea to Julie for help.

"Jules, can you keep Charlie entertained until I'm done?" I asked, as I disappeared into the bathroom. I knew without looking that Julie would take full advantage of my request.


I stepped back into the room with my towel wrapped around me. The air in the room was cool, and I felt my nipples get hard. Julie was now wearing a sports bra and sexy little running shorts that made her ass look great.

"I'm goin' for a jog. You two kids don't have too much fun while I'm gone," Julie said with a wink. While to Charlie, I'm sure that wink meant he was going to get laid when she left, to me it told a completely different story. A quick glance to the floor confirmed my hunch. Julie's previous attire was lying on the floor, so she had been teasing Charlie by changing in front of him. I knew right then that we'd be sharing my boyfriend.

As the door shut, I went and sat next to Charlie. He was sporting an obvious hard on.

"So what did you think of my roommate?" I prodded, curiously waiting to hear how he'd respond.

"She's, uh, very...friendly," he responded, obviously feeling a little guilty about seeing Julie's goodies.

"Yeah, that's Julie." I laughed. Springing off the couch. I stood in front of Charlie. Teasingly, I began undoing my towel and letting it slide down my body.

"So," I asked seductively, "Did you miss me?" Charlie's cock was now pitching a circus tent in his pants, and his eyes grew wide with anticipation.

"Uh huh," he managed to say. Romantic, he was not. At the first sign of action, Charlie flew out of his clothes. He kicked off his shoue, flung his shirt across the room, and dropped his pants to around his ankles, letting his erection stand proud.

"Oh, so you think I should just give myself to you just like that?" I coyly asked while covering myself a bit. I tried to hide my suprise at Charile's newfound physique. He wasn't fat or anything, but he just lacked definition. Now he had an athlete's body. Chiseled abs, nice calves, and a very defined chest.

"Well, I was hoping," Charlie blushed, "I mean, I really missed you." He paused briefly. "And you're the best sex I've ever had!"

"I'm also the only sex you've ever had," I added, laughing. Charlie and I were both virgins when we met, and we had only done it three times before I left for college. Charlie started looking distressed.

"But I suppose you did come all this way to suprise me," Charlie perked up at this, "I guess I shouldn't leave you empty handed." With that, I let my towel fall and I knelt before Charlie.

I took his cock in my hand, and rubbed along his length. Charlie had a very slender cock, only as wide as two of my fingers. His cock was only slightly above average in length at 7 inches. I squeezed the base of his cock, making the tip swell.

I looked up at Charlie with my best pair of innocent eyes while I slowly worked his member. Charlie moaned and placed his hand around the back of my neck.

Without prompting, I started licking slowly up his cock, kissing the tip all over. I savored the taste of the precum leaking from his dick. Inch by inch, I began taking his cock into my mouth, and each inch exacted a moan of pleasure from Charlie. My lips wrapped tight around his shaft and my tongue pressed at the underside of his cock, giving the feel of a nice tight pussy.

Obviously, Charlie enjoyed this, so he started thrust into my mouth. Soon, his cock was pressing at the back of my throat, causing me to gag temporarily. I quickly became accustomed however, as his cock thrust its way down my throat.

Taking in all of Charlie's cock made me so horny that I had to rub myself with my free hand, while Charlie fucked my mouth with increasing fervor.

Charlie grunted loudly as he slammed his cock down my throat and kept it there as he shot wad after wad of cum directly into my stomach. With his cock lodged in my throat, I began gasping for air. Charlie didn't budge, enjoying the feeling of my throat spasming around his cock.

I was still rubbing myself, close to orgasm, when I started to lose conciousness. The assault on my clit, combined with my lack of oxygen brought me to the most mind numbing orgasm I've ever had. The last thing I remember before everything went black was squirting what must have been a gallon of cum from my pussy.


I awoke to Charlie over me, his cock thrusting into my pussy. His mouth was clamped to my right nipple, while my left was being pinched and squeezed by his fingers.

The feeling of his cock probing my vagina overtook any resentment I might have felt for his apparent lack of interest in my well being. I was still so sensetive from my previous orgasm that my mind was on fire with every thrust.

"Oh, god, Charlie! Fuck me harder," I screamed, "It feels so good!"

Charlie responded with a lustful moan, then increased his pace. I could smell the intoxicating aroma of sex all around us, and I lost myself in the ecstasy.

"I'm cumming! Oh, god, I'm cumming!" I clawed into Charlie's back as I spasmed under him.

"Uhn, oh, Cass, I'm gonna cum too," Charlie sputtered. Charlie always came in huge amounts for as long as I've known him. He had almost burst a condom the last time we had sex.

"Oh yeah, baby, cum. Give it to me. Fill me up," Charlie and I always used condoms in the past, so I liked to pretend he was cumming in my pussy instead of the condom.

A loud grunt from Charlie and a hard thrust told me that he was cumming. As his cock twitched over and over, releasing wads of come into the condom, I felt something leaking out of my pussy and over my ass. And then it hit me. Charlie wasn't wearing a condom! He had just cum in my pussy!

"Shit! Charlie! You aren't wearing a condom!" I was furious and trying to push him off me. I knew I had to get in the shower and try to wash his cum out of me.

"No, I wasn't. I didn't have one," Charlie retorted, "but you told me to cum in you. I assumed you had started taking the pill."

It's true, I had told him to cum in me. And thinking about it now, the thought of him acctually doing it was really hot. And the feel of his cum slowly leaking from my cunt felt really good.

"No, I'm not. I just assumed you had a condom on like we used to do," I said calmer, my face softening, "I just hafta rinse myself out so hopefully I won't get pregnant."

The startled look that crossed Charlie's face made me giggle to myself, as if he never considered the consequences. I told him to get dressed for when Julie came back. I disappeared into the bathroom again.


Julie, me and Charlie were all sitting on our futon, surrounded by half empty bottles of whisky and vodka. We were all sloppy drunk at this point and were engaged in a game of strip poker.

The game was about to end, since I was wearing only a thong. Julie had her bra and panties on and Charlie was wearing only his boxers. It was apparent that Charlie was enjoying our scantily clad bodies from the tent pitched in his boxers.

"Oh, shoot, I lost," cooed Julie, having just been beated by a flush. She rose from the couch and unclasped her bra, letting her veluptuous tits spill out. She shook them a bit in Charlie's direction before sitting back down.

Charlie was fixated on our chests, glancing at one, then the other, as if trying to decide which he liked more.

"Okay. One more hand," I announced, shuffling the deck as I did so, "Everyone plays, winner gets to strip the undies off the loser."

Julie giggled and gave me a knowing look. In any result, someone was getting naked.

The cards fell and I lost to Julie's straight. I sighed a fake sight of disappointment.

"Okay, Cass. Let Julie take your thong off," Charlie piped up. He had perked up at the thought of Julie stripping me, and he didn't want me to back out. Little did he know he was about to get a great show.

"Come and get me, Jules." I teasingly sprung up and threw myself onto our bed. Julie was right behind me, and no sooner had I hit the bed, than she straddled me.

Starting at my neck, she slowly glided her hands down the length of my torso, brushing her fingers over my nipples, and iliciting a slight moan from me. When her hands got to my thong straps, she hooked her thumbs inside and pulled them off of me.

I looked over at Charlie for what I knew was coming next. Julie lowered her face between my legs and expertly licked my pussy like so many times before. Charlie's shocked expression was priceless. He hadn't expected his girlfriend and her roommate to be lesbians together.

"Oh, god. Charlie, her tongue feels so good. Ahhhh!" I encouraged. Charlie became aware of the raging hard on in his boxers, and promply took to jerking off.

Having my boyfriend watch me with a girl between my legs was too much and I felt an orgasm rip through my body. Julie, as usual, didn't stop assaulting my clit as I came, causing my orgasm to linger and reverberate through me.

"Are you gonna sit all the way over here or are you gonna come join us Charlie?" I heard Julie say as I came down from my euphoria. Charlie wasted no time in losing his underwear and clamoring up onto the bed.

I was ready to take Charlie's cock in my mouth, but Julie beat me to it. She repositioned herself atop of me so her pussy was over my face. She grabbed Charlie's cock and leaned down until her lips were wrapped around the head.

Excited groans from Charlie told me he was enjoying Julie's mouth, so I turned my attention to the dripping pussy in front of me. I pulled apart Julie's pussy lips and launched my tongue deep into her snatch. A stifled moan from Julie told me that she approved. I kissed her clit, lightly sucking on her swollen nub.

As the sucking continued, I felt a pair of fingers probing my pussy. I wasn't sure to whom they belonged, but I didn't really care at that point. I was just happy to have something in my pussy. When the fingers hooked around and made contact with my g-spot I knew they were Julie's fingers. I also knew the ecstasy that was now pulsing through my body.

I came hard, maoning loudly into Julie's pussy. Julie, incorrigable as she is, kept assaulting my pussy, her fingers making slopping sounds as they were coated by my gushing juices.

By the time, she extracted her fingers, I was delirious from the pleasure. I was about to drift off into a blissful sleep when I felt Charlie's cock slide into my pussy. It's length penentrated me deep, and I squealed my approval. Charlie fucked me in earnest, and it wasn't long before I was cumming again, each thrust giving me more pleasure.

"Okay, champ. I think Cassie needs a break, before you break her," Julie chimed in. It was only after Charlie pulled out that I noticed that Julie had turned around, offering her pussy to my boyfriend. I watched silently as Charlie slid his cock into Julie.

"Oh, god, Cass," Julie whispered into my ear, "his cock is so good."Over her shoulder, I could see Charlie's face contorted in throes of pleasure. His eyes were closed, and he was thrusting for all he was worth. It was so erotic watching him rail my roommate while she nibbled on my neck.

Suddenly, Julie started moaning loudly and writhing above me. I loved watching Julie cum.

"Fuck her harder, baby, she's cumming," I encouraged. Charlie's eyes shot open and looked right at me, as if he had just now realized that he was nailing some girl on top of his girlfriend. That didn't slow his assault on her pussy at all though.

"Yeah, do it. Fuck her nice and good," I said, looking him dead in the eye. "Give it to her, she wants it, don't you Jules."

"Uh...huh," Julie replied between gasped breaths. "Fill me, please...."

"Mmmm, hear that Charlie?" I cooed, "the slut wants your cum. Give her your cum, baby."

The dirty talk pushed Charlie over the edge, and he thrust hard into Julie and I knew he was dumping his load into her cunt like he did to me earlier. They both collapsed on the bed next to me and were fast falling into a blissful sleep.

I knew in that moment that Charlie and I weren't going to be together much longer. I've had way too many crazy sexual experiences since college to be tied down. Still, I wouldn't waste a perfectly good cock while Charlie was here.

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