tagLoving WivesCassie's Life: The Babysitter

Cassie's Life: The Babysitter


"Oh yes, oh, it feels so good!" screamed Cassandra Adams as her husband Henry was pumping her pussy with his large cock.

"Hmmm, Henry, faster, faster, I'm about to cum!"

Henry's cock was going in and out of his wife's lovely cunt while his fingers were fucking her asshole. He loved to fuck his wife doggie style. Cassie loved it too. She was a freak. She loved sex and needed it almost as much as Henry wanted it.

Their marriage was different then most couples. For one thing, it was open. This meant that Henry could have sex with other women while his wife Cassie could fuck all the men and women she wanted. Yes, Cassie's bisexual. She has been this way since her mid teens. She is a big flirt and loves to try new and adventurous things sexually. For instance, they both often have threesomes. Either himself or Cassie will bring home a hot horny woman for them both to enjoy. Henry absolutely loves to watch his sexy wife eat out a wet pussy while he gets his cock sucked by another woman.

"Oh, honey, I'm going to cum, oh you are so fucking hot! Your pussy is so tight!"

"Fill my cunt with your cock juice, I need it now!"

Just as she said those words, Henry's 8 inch cock exploded. He was in extasy. Cassie was moaning and reeling in pleasure.

"Finger fuck my ass, Henry, I'm about to cum"

Henry did as he was told and sure enough Cassie began to orgasm. The spasms of her pussy against his penis caused Henry to cum once again. Once her orgasm was over, she took her husbands cock out of her dripping wet pussy and began to suck it. Cassie was an experienced cock sucker. She especially loved to give head when it was previously in her pussy. She marveled about how great she tasted. Finally their fuck fest was over as each of them lay together naked in each others arms.

"Oh honey, that was fantastic," Cassie whispered in his hear. She was still horny. Her tongue was tracing the outline of her husbands ear.

Henry was spent. His wife had so much sexual energy it was amazing. Being 41, he couldn't keep up with her desires as he used to. Cassie was in her prime. She was 31 and in great condition. She was a lean brunette with the most beautiful eyes imaginable. She had a nice 32c rack that was the envy of all Henry's buddies.

Henry was happy with his life. He had a sexy wife who loved sex and encouraged him to experience other women. He had a good job at a marketing firm and a very pretty 12 year old daughter named Tiffany. His life was perfect as far as he could see.

Cassie looked straight into her husbands eyes and said, "Honey, I have a wild idea." Henry loved the way his wife thought. She was so kinky and loved to try new things.

"You know how we always go out together on Friday nights?"

Henry nodded.

"Well, I was thinking we could try something really fun. Chrissy, our babysitter has a major crush on you Henry."

"Yeah, I've suspected as much."

"Well, I have been thinking a lot about Chrissy myself."

Henry's prick livened up once again. Was she saying what he thought she was?

"I was thinking maybe we could give Chrissy a different kind of tip on Friday."

Henry asked his wife while caressing her thighs, "So, you think Chrissy is hot?"

"Oh, yes! She has a great body and I've been dreaming about licking her cunt for some time now. Plus I've seen her check you out. She wants your big cock. I can't blame her."

Cassie then rolled on top of Henry and guided his cock inside her again. The horny couple exchanged tongues and made love. No doubt they both were thinking about Chrissy and her tight teenage ass.

* * * * *

It was Friday night and Cassie and her husband were getting ready to go out. They had their plan in place. Chrissy was about to arrive. Henry was all dressed up in a very expensive suit. He was 6'1 tall. He had a full head of hair and a nicely trimmed beard. His body was trim and fit as Cassie and him try to keep themselves in shape. Henry was very attractive. He was a gentleman and very personable. It wasn't difficult to find a young women to agree to sleep with him. Cassie has even noticed that men have checked Henry out.

Cassie wore a low cut dress that showed off her nice sized tits. Her dress was tight which made her ass look magnificent. She was ready for tonight.

Suddenly the door bell rang and in walked Chrissy. She was wearing a baby t-shirt that showed off her flat stomach. Her jean shorts were very short. They allowed everyone to see her long luscious legs. Cassie held her breath as Chrissy walked in. What a night this will be, she thought. Chrissy walked over to Henry and was checking him out. She was complimenting him on how good he looked.

"How do you like my dress Chrissy? Is it too revealing?" Cassie asked the young teen.

Chrissy turned around and blushed. "No, Mrs. Adams, it looks beautiful. You definitely have the body for it."

Henry then put his hand on Chrissy's shoulder and looked straight into her green eyes. He explained how long they would be and what time Tiffany should be put to bed. Instead of quickly taking his hand off her, he slid is hand down her arm and gently squeezed her hand. Chrissy was loving it. Cassie was near the door watching the horny eighteen-year-old lustily look into her husbands eyes. She loved it. Later tonight it would be her eyes.

Henry and Cassie left. Both were hot and horny. Instead of going to a nice restaurant, they parked their Mercedes on a cliff overlooking the city.

"Henry, did you see the way Chrissy was looking at you?"

"I sure did, she was checking you out as well. Maybe this won't be that hard after all. "

"Especially if she finds our little surprise."

The couple had some time to kill before making an early return to the house. Their daughter would hopefully be asleep and their little fun would begin.

* * * * *

Chrissy couldn't believe what had just happened. She had such a crush on Henry for the longest time. She would often masturbate while thinking of him. Some nights when she was really horny, she'd go up to his bedroom and smell his dirty boxers. They would always make her wet. The smell of his cock was so sexy.

Chrissy couldn't wait for Tiffany's bedtime. The time was moving slow tonight. Tiffany wanted to play a board game, while Chrissy wanted to dream about sucking on a mature man's cock.

"Chrissy, do you have a boyfriend?" asked the 12 year old.

She didn't. She hadn't had one for 3 months. Perhaps that was why she was so horny.

"I do," the proud Tiffany exclaimed.

"Tell me about it"

"His name is Tommy and he is an 8th grader. He is so cute."

"Has he kissed you yet Tiff?"

"Yes, last week I went over to his house and we kissed. It was so much fun!"

"I remember my first kiss. It was great too. He was a little older like your boyfriend. He was a great kisser. Be careful though. Don't do anything that you don't want to."

"I won't. I promise."

Chrissy tucked Tiffany in and went out to the living room and turned on the TV. Nothing on at all.

The telephone suddenly rang and Chrissy reached over and answered it.


"Cassie? Is that you sexy?" the voice answered.

"No, Cassie is out for the evening, may I take a message?"

"Who's this?" the female voice questioned.

"I'm their babysitter."

"I'm Jane. Can you reach Cassie and Henry on their cell phone, I really need to talk to them?"

Chrissy could tell that Jane was a little drunk. She was a strange girl all right.

"Is there an emergency?"

"I'm horny and need Henry's cock and Cassie's expert tongue teasing my clit!"

Chrissy was silent.

"What's wrong? You think your better than me? Are you some kind of prude? You don't ever get horny? Give me a fucking break.," screamed Jane.

"No, I'm sorry, I just...uh, I don't know."

"You'd be horny too if you experienced Henry's fat cock deep inside your pussy. Man, that guy knows how to fuck a lady!"

"Look I'm going to hang up now," Chrissy sheepishly stated. This conversation went beyond the line of decency. This drunk girl was crazy.

"Maybe you can help me!" Jane began slurring her words.

"No, I don't think so," Chrissy was shaking.

"Have you ever been with a girl before honey?"

Chrissy should have hung up. Instead she answered, "No."

"There is nothing like licking a hot woman's pussy. The taste is fantastic. Think you'd like to eat me sweetheart?"

"I'm not a lesbian!" screamed Chrissy.

"Neither am I. I know what you want. You want Mr. Adams to fuck you with that thick hard cock of his. Don't you little girl?"

Chrissy quickly hung up the phone. She was trembling. Her face was red and it suddenly got real hot in the house. She opened some windows while still thinking about Jane and her drunken call.

She kept imagining Henry's large cock that Jane talked about. Her pussy began to moisten. Chrissy was shocked to learn that Cassie was bisexual and having sex with women. She had to calm down. She sat back on the couch and turned back on the TV.

While watching TV, she spotted an envelop on the end table. Chrissy opened it up and inside were pictures. Pictures of Henry and Cassie. These weren't ordinary family pictures. They were risqué and naughty. She was mesmerized by the huge rod that Mr. Adams had. He had a very nice body and a slightly hairy chest. More pictures gave the teen a good view of Henry's ass. Chrissy was breathing heavy. Some how her fingers found there way into her shorts. She was finger fucking herself while looking at Henry and surprisingly, his wife as well.

All of a sudden she heard a car door slam outside. Her hands flew out of her shorts and she ran to the window. It was Henry and Cassie. She quickly ran to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face. Shit, she thought, why are they home so early?

Henry and Cassie walked into the living room. They both peered at the pictures laying on the sofa.

"She found are little gift, honey."

"I know, you go upstairs and get into something more comfortable, while I have a little fun with are little horny guest."

Chrissy slowly walked out of the bathroom and looked down the hall and saw Henry looking at the pictures laying on the sofa. She knew she was in trouble now.

She finally walked out like nothing was wrong.

"Mr. Adams, your home. You weren't suppose to be home until later. Well, I probably should be going then. Tiff is upstairs sleeping so there really isn't anything for me to do."

"Nonsense Chrissy. Come sit next to me. We'll talk. After all, we are paying you to stay till midnight."

Chrissy looked at the clock on the wall and it was only 11 pm. She nervously walked over and sat next to her dream lover.

"So, your a senior in high school, right?"

The young girl nodded yes.

Henry was caressing Chrissy's shoulder and back. "You are a very beautiful girl. I bet you drive the boys crazy."

"I guess so."

Chrissy couldn't believe what was happening. Henry was touching her. Her pussy was hot and she wanted Henry in the worst way.

"I want to apologize for leaving these pictures of Cassie and I. I noticed you looked at them. Did you like what you saw?"

"Yes," Chrissy whispered. She couldn't believe she had said that.

Henry moved his hand down her thighs and replied, "I have to admit, I like what I'm seeing right now."

Henry then leaned over and began to kiss on Chrissy's neck. Chrissy let out a moan as he unbuttoned the top of her jean shorts. The pair began to kiss. Henry's tongue deep down Chrissy's mouth. Henry began to fondle her breasts through her tight T-shirt. Suddenly Chrissy broke the kiss.

"What about your wife? She might catch us."

Right on cue, Cassie entered the living room. She had a big silly grin on her face. Chrissy jumped off Henry and tried to apologize.

"What's going on in here? Chrissy, why are you kissing my husband?"

Chrissy had no answer. All she could do is watch Cassie walk closer to her. Cassie was wearing a very revealing black teddy. Chrissy was mesmerized by the body of this woman.

"Do you want to fuck my husband?"

"No, please, Mrs. Adams, I'm so sorry."

"Do you want to feel his large cock deep inside you?"

Cassie was loving this. She eyed every inch of Chrissy's tight teenage body and seductively licked her lips. She then took Chrissy's hand and gently ran her finger up her arm.

"You have a very sexy body Chrissy. Such a beautiful face. Nice full lips. A sexy pair of tits and a nice tight ass. I bet all the boys want to get in your pants. Am I correct Chrissy?"


Cassie then brought her hand up to her face and began brushing the young girls hair. She looked deep into Chrissy's eyes and ran her other hand across her belly.

Chrissy was going wild inside. She couldn't believe that this gorgeous woman was hitting on her. She had always thought of boys, but ever girls. Tonight, she was feeling this new attraction towards Mrs. Adams.

"I'm going to ask you one more time. Do you want to fuck my husband?"

Chrissy looked over to Henry and saw that he had his pants off and was stroking his monstrous cock. She looked straight into Mrs. Adams eyes and said,

"Yes, I want to fuck him."

Cassie began to grab Chrissy's ass and gently kiss the girls neck.

"I'll allow you to get your pussy pounded by his hard cock on one condition."

"Anything, what is it?"

"You have to fuck me too."

Before giving the girl time to respond, Cassie passionately kissed her. Their hands were all over each other. Chrissy began to kiss Cassie's neck. Licking and kissing her way down to her tits. The two girls laid down on the carpet. Chrissy began to take off the teddy. Once free, Chrissy threw her head between Cassie's breasts. The teen lick and sucked on Cassie's nipples.

As the the two horny sluts were going at it, Henry sat naked on the sofa stroking his prick. He watched as his wife took control. The two girls sat up and Cassie pulled the baby T-shirt over Chrissy's head. Her tits were fabulous. He watched as his wife bit and circled her tongue around the highly aroused nipples.

"Oh, Mrs. Adams, yessssss, it feels so good!"

Cassie laid the sexy teen on her back and proceeded to run her tongue across her tight smooth stomach. She stopped at her navel, tasting her sweat. Then as slowly and seductively as she could, Cassie removed the shorts from the 18 year old girl. Cassie's eyes admired Chrissy's pink panties which were soaken wet. She smelled the aroma of a horny young girl. Cassie kissed and tongued her creamy thighs.

"Yesss, ohhh, Mrs. Adams, I need your tongue, my pussy is so wet, yessss."

Just as requested, the wet pink panties were off and Cassie's two fingers were inside. Chrissy was going crazy. She was caressing her tits and moaning loudly.

Henry picked up the panties and was smelling and sucking on them. He couldn't wait to eat this teen slut. Just as Cassie began to suck and tongue Chrissy's wet pussy, Henry got up and guided his cock into Chrissy's mouth.

Chrissy was in heaven. She was being eaten magnificently by a sexy older woman while sucking the dick of the man she always fantasized about. Oh, how she loved to suck cock. Her tongue gliding quickly around the base of the long tool. She tongued his slit while her face was being pounded by Henry's hairy balls.

Cassie was flicking her tongue around the girls clit. The taste of a young cunt, brought her back to when she was a teen girl. All of a sudden Chrissy began to shiver and quake. Cassie smiled as she knew that her expert tongue brought her teen lover to orgasm.

Chrissy's orgasm caused Henry to shoot his load deep inside her mouth. Cassie was swallowing all that she could of Henry's man juice. He slowly pulled out his cock and Cassie sat on the sofa and watched as Henry laid on top and kissed Chrissy with tongue and all. He could taste his own cum in her mouth. He kissed his way down her neck. Stopping at her tits. He got hard thinking that his wife was sucking these tits moments earlier. He eventual got to Chrissy's snatch. His wife and other lovers always told him that his beard helped them cum faster while he was eating a their cunt. This time was no difference. His tongue movements were making Chrissy crazy.

"Oh Henry, yessss, ohhhhh, yesss, I'm going to cum, ohhh, stick your cock in my pussy and fuck me, ohhhh yesss, hurry, ohhhh."

Henry looked up from the teen's cunt and saw his wife french kissing Chrissy. Henry's cock was hard once again. He teased the tips of Chrissy's pussy with his cock. He then slowly entered. Her pussy was so tight. It hugged his cock.

"Henry, fuck her pussy, Chrissy needs you in here, fuck her, now."

Henry began thrusting his pelvis back and forth. His cock was moving in and out of this girls cunt. He was loving this.

"Oh, yessss, your cock is so big, faster, I'm going to cum, ohhhh, yesssss."

And boy did he cum. His cock exploded deep inside her. This coupled with the contractions of Chrissy's pussy made Henry spill all his load.

"Henry, I'm going to let Chrissy eat my pussy. Get you cock over here and let me taste her cum all over your penis."

Chrissy was loving this. A shaved pussy was in her face and she began to explore another woman for the first time. Her fingers and tongue were teasing Cassie. She tasted great. Much better then her boyfriends cocks. Her face was getting drowned by the wetness as she gently licked and bit her lovers clit.

Henry was getting a hot blow job from his wife. She licked his cock clean. She then took one of his balls and gently began sucking on it. Henry was hard again. There was no way he could possible cum 3 times this fast.

He was going to come though. Instead of cumming in his wife's mouth, he decided to shoot what was left of his wad right on his wives pussy while Chrissy was eating. Chrissy loved it. Cum from a cock and cum from another woman. It only made her eat pussy faster and deeper. After a few minutes, Cassie came. She violently shook her body as she moaned in extasy.

"Ohhhhh, yesssss, your so fucking good, ohhhh, yesssssss, oh my god yesssss."

It was finally over. They remained on the floor and gently kissed and touched each other.

"So, Chrissy, how did you like your first taste of pussy?"

Chrissy looked up from Cassie's tits and smiled, "I loved it. Mr. Adams, that was the best fuck I ever had. Your cock is so big, I love it."

It dawned on Henry that it was past midnight. Chrissy had to be home. Cassie and Chrissy helped each other get dressed and went straight towards the car.

Henry was beat. That was one night he will never forget. Before heading for the shower, he stopped by his daughters room to kiss her good night.

The two girls held hands as they drove towards Chrissy's home. Cassie dropped off her babysitter and before leaving the car, she kissed Chrissy and said, "I hope you liked you tip tonight?"

"Oh, Mrs. Adams. You got a call while you were gone. Some lady named Jane. She told me your tongue was to die for. I'd have to agree," Chrissy smiled, turned and walked toward her front door.

Cassie laughed. Jane? It was her, not the pictures that got her all worked up. Henry and I are going to have to thank her personally.

Cassie turned and watched the young teen's ass sway back and forth as she walked up to her door. She thought to herself, one fantasy down, next one on the list.

* * * * *

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