tagGay MaleCassie's Life: The Plumber

Cassie's Life: The Plumber


"Oh, Cassie, yes, hmmmm, suck it, ohhh, I think I'm cumming, oh baby, ahhhh, yesss."

Cassie felt the jizm flow into her mouth. She loved to suck her husbands hard cock. She tried to swallow all that she could as cum overflowed from the tips of her mouth. Her husband Henry was spent. Just another night with his horny, bisexual wife.

Henry cuddled up to his naked wife and asked, "So Cassie, what are the plans for this weekend? Another night with Chrissy?"

"Hmmm, that girl reminds me of myself when I was that young. So full of life and sexuality."

"So, should I make the arrangements?"

"Henry, I was thinking maybe we could try something a little different this Friday."

"I like the sound of this."

"Henry, be honest. Have you ever thought of, you know, being with another guy?"


"Come on Henry, have you."

"Cassie, we've talked about this. I've told you again and again, no!"

"Never even thought about it?"


"Henry, this is one of my biggest fantasies. To watch you and another man fuck each other."

Henry couldn't believe his wife kept bringing this up. He didn't want to fuck a man. Sure, he's thought about it, but never really wanted to do it.

"Chrissy has a boyfriend and she tells me that he's bi. I was just thinking the four of us could have some fun."

"I wish I could fulfill this fantasy of your dear, but I just can't. I hope you


"Ok, I'll see if Chrissy is free Friday."


The rest of the day at work, Henry felt horrible. He knew he was an asshole. Taking and taking, but never giving back. Cassie indulged in every

fantasy that he ever had and time after time he would say no to her fantasy of him and another man. He knew that this was one of her hottest fantasies. She would often read to him gay erotic stories and ask him if he liked them. Henry always said no. Although sometimes he would have to jack off in the bathroom to

the thoughts of a man sucking his prick. He just couldn't bring himself to do it.


The 31 year old Cassie and the 18 year-old Chrissy lay on the coach kissing and groping each others bodies. This had become a regular occurrence as of late.

"So, did you talk to Mr. Adams about my boyfriend, Tim?"

"He wouldn't go for it. I've been trying to get him to open up to men for the longest time. I guess he's 100% straight."

"Well, have you ever tested him?"

"Tested him."

"Yeah, Pretty much what you and Mr. Adams did with me. Just leave him alone with a hot gay guy and see what happens. "

"How would we know if he failed the test?"

"You could ask the gay guy if it worked, or you could videotape it!"

Cassie smiled and licked and kissed the teen's long neck. "I know just the guy to seduce him."

Chrissy squealed as Cassie went to work on her tits.

"This will work, Cassie, I can feel it."

The women pleased each other, each bringing the other to orgasm.

"A foursome, my hubby with a man." Cassie was so excited.


Cassie had it all planned out. One of her good friends at work, Steven, was gay. He was one the best looking guys Cassie ever laid eyes on. All the women at work wanted him. Unfortunately for them, he only dated guys. Cassie had told Steven about her husbands unwillingness to try man to man sex. Steven having only seen Henry in photographs, always offered his help. This time, Cassie was going to take him up on his offer.


Cassie and Henry had been having problems with their plumbing in the bathroom for some time now. Cassie took the opportunity to have Steven become the "plumber."

Thursday morning, the married couple was lying in bed making love as they always do. Cassie was pantyless and was teasing Henry's cock. Moving it close to her pussy and then pulling away. She wanted him hot and horny for Steven.

Suddenly Cassie's pager went off and it was "work" calling her in early. She tells Henry that it is probably a good thing anyway, the "plumber" is coming at 9am he needs to look at the "pipes." Cassie quickly gets dressed and turns on the video camera that is in their bedroom. She then runs outside and signals to Steven that the plan is going smoothly.

Henry was unbelievably horny. His cock-teasing wife left him unfulfilled. He decides to jack off. As he begins to stroke his long hard cock, the doorbell rings. Henry swears and puts on some boxers and T-shirt and answers the door.

There stands Steven in his plumbers outfit. He was a very handsome man. Even Henry could see that. He had the face of a model and a body to match.

"Hi there, I'm Steven, I heard your pipes are clogged and you need some help. I'm your man."

Henry leads the plumber inside and into the bathroom. As he explains to Steven what is wrong with the sink, he notices that Steven's eyes are staring at his crotch.

"I hope I didn't interrupt anything, Mr. Adams," joked Steven.

"No, no, call me Henry, my wife and I were getting a little frisky and she had to leave for work. I just haven't calmed down yet."

"Hey, I know how it is, my boyfriend is always getting paged for work. It really is irritating."

"Your boyfriend?" asked Henry.

"Well my ex-boyfriend. We broke up a month ago. It's been a long time since I've gotten laid...hand me the wrench, will ya."

Henry was in shock. Just his luck. He had to baby-sit some horny gay guy in his house. His cock was still hard and needed attention. He swore to himself.

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you kinda look like him."

"Like who?"

"My ex, he had a similar build as you. And he had your eyes too."

Could the plumber have just made a pass at him? Henry watch intently as Steven bent down to do his job. His eyes were glued to his ass. He noticed it was nice, round and very tight.

Steven turned around and caught Henry looking at him and said, "Like the view?"

"Uh, no, uh, I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm flattered. To be honest, I was checking out your ass too."

Henry couldn't believe what was happening. Ordinarily he would have punched this guy, but now his cock was getting turned on by this man.

Steven moved closer to Henry and put his hand on his shoulder and looked down at his noticeable erection. "Are you sure you don't need any help with that?"

"No, of course not!" Henry said quickly.

Henry quickly left the bathroom and went into his room. He was still hot. He convinced himself it was because of his wife, not because of the plumber.

Henry pulled his boxers to his ankles and began to stroke his cock.

He began to think about his wife, but that soon changed as Steven and his beautiful black hair and dark eyes penetrated his mind. He tried to stop these thoughts, but they kept coming back.

Steven, hearing some soft moans, crept over Mr. Adams door. It was cracked and he could see him jacking off. He smiled to himself proudly. He knew he was hot and loved it when men lusted after him.

Next thing Henry knew, the door swung open and in came a naked Steven. He pulled his boxers up quickly, but his bulge was tremendous.

"Were you thinking of me?" asked Steven.

Henry couldn't answer. He was breathing hard and checking out Steven's magnificent body. He was about 6 feet, 160 pounds, muscular and had a face that belongs in the movies. Most of all, Henry was looking at his 7 inch cock.

"Well, I've been thinking of you." Steven said with his sexiest voice.

Steven moved toward Henry and looked him in the eyes.

"You are so beautiful, Henry."

Steven then began kissing Henry's neck. His tongue and his soft lips sending shivers down Henry's spine. He put his hands around Steven and they looked into each others eyes and kissed. Their tongues flying together as their hands slowly moved across each others bodies.

Henry and Steven kissed and touch each other as they moved to the bed. Steven laid his nervous lover down on the bed and slowly pulled off his boxers. Henry's cock was free. Steven licked and kisses his thighs and sucks on his balls. Steven then begins to lick the sides of Henry's large cock. His tongue tasting his salty skin. Henry lying on his back is in pure pleasure. His cock is as hard as it ever has been and it is because of a man. Steven's tongue touches the tip of Henry's penis. It then outlines the head and slowly moves into his mouth. Henry is moaning as this stranger is giving him this fantastic blowjob. He can feel every flick of Steven's tongue. Henry's hands glide through Steven's dark black hair as he pushes his head down on his cock. Amazingly, Steven takes it all in his mouth. Henry knows he can't hold back much longer. He feels his cock quiver as it spurts out cum down this stranger's throat.

Henry screams, "I'm cummmmming, ohhhhh, yessss, ohhhh, ahhhhh, yessssss."

Steven's head moves up from Henry's crotch, as cum is dripping from the corners of his mouth. He moves like a cat over Henry's body kissing his belly and chest. The two men's lips are inches apart as they stare into each others eyes.

"He has the most beautiful brown eyes," Henry thinks to himself about Steven.

They kiss. Their tongues collide together in hot lust. Henry can taste his cum on this mans tongue. It is salty, but very tasty.

While they kiss, Henry's hands feel Steven's body. His strong muscular back is much like his own. His hands cup Steven's nice firm butt. His fingers need into his ass as Steven whispers into Henry's ears,

"I want your mouth on my cock."

Henry didn't need to be asked again. With the enthusiasm of a kid, he flipped Steven over and was now on top. His mouth found Stevens nipples. They were different then those of his wife. He had hair surrounding them. Henry sucked on them, nibbling them softly. His hands found their way to Steven's cock. He was stroking him and massaging his balls.

Steven's eyes were closed. He was enjoying Henry's touch. He always loved to fuck straight men.

Henry's face moved down the chiseled chest of this stranger. His tongue followed the trail of hair from his belly button down to his pubic area. There he inhaled the smell of a hot horny man.

Henry looked at Steven's cock, admired its length and size. He kissed and licked around it, teasing Steven. Henry's mouth engulfed the cock. The taste was not like anything he had every experienced.

It was wonderful. He mouth watered while Steven's hard cock slid in and out. Henry sucked and tongued this cock, as he always liked his wife to do to him.

"Henry, I'm going to cum! Oh god, yessss! Faster, ahhh!

Steven unloaded his cock juice into Henry's mouth. Henry, surprised took his mouth off of it and watched as streams of cum flew on his face. Henry's face was covered. He licked up as much as he could, but there was just too much.

Steven lay on his back exhausted. Henry lay next to him. There faces to each other, Steven cleaned Henry's face. This kissed a loving kiss as the held each other and talked about what they had done.


Cassie was a nervous wreck. Sitting at a local bar, she downed a couple beers and pretty much kept to herself. Guys would come up to her, but she had no time for that. Her husband was at home making love to another man! She hoped this worked. She looked at her watch. 10:30am. Steven should be coming in anytime now.


The two lovers are now in the shower together. Their hot, wet, muscular bodies together are such a hot sight.

Steven's is pumping faster and faster. Henry's ass was very tight when they began; now it is working perfectly.

"Oh, yesss! Fuck my ass! Ahhhhh, fuuuuccckkk! Faster, fuck me faster!

Henry was a little nervous about agreeing to be fucked. Boy, was he glad he did. The feeling of a long hard cock in his ass was incredible. He never experienced a pleasure like this before.

Steven, turned on my Henry's moans, felt he was about to come once again. He warned Henry and shot his load deep inside Henry's ass.

Henry could feel the warm jizm flow into him. He could feel the contractions of Stevens cock inside him. This only aroused him further as he came once again.

The both had orgasms together. Henry was convinced. This was the best sex he has ever had. He could of kicked himself that he had not tried this when he was younger. He had many chances.

Steven gently pulled his dick out of Henry's ass and they finished soaping and washing each other.

Both men got dressed and said their good-byes. At the door, Steven turned around, kissed Henry and handed him his phone number. Henry watched Steven's ass as he walked to his Honda Accord and left.

A thought occurred to him. Since when do "plumbers" drive to houses in Hondas?


Cassie waiting at the bar saw Steven walk in smiling. He pulled a seat next to Cassie.

"Boy, that husband of yours is one piece of ass."

"Really!, Cassie was so excited. Her husband finally experienced sex with a man.

"He was nervous at first, but boy...he was horny. Once he got started, he never

looked back. I hope you don't mind, but I gave him my number and might want to see him again."

"Mind? Heck no! Thank you so much Steven," Cassie hugged him tightly.

"You should have some nice video of it too. Although we kinda fucked in the shower too. Sorry about that."


Cassie was beside herself. She quickly went home and Henry was gone. He left a

note that he went golfing.

Perfect, she thought. She popped in the video and thought of Chrissy and Tim.


Later that night, Cassie and Henry lay in bed. Cassie having heard the whole story and having seen the video was waiting to see if Henry would tell her of his interesting morning.

"I called Chrissy. She's free tomorrow night."

"You know what, I've been thinking. You've been so good to me, I think I owe you the chance to see me with another man."

"You mean it?"

"Yeah, why not."

"You won't regret it, Tim is a hunk. I've seen him myself."

Cassie kissed her husband and melted in his arms. Soon another fantasy will be fulfilled. How many do I have left, she thought?


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