tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCassie's Lustful Life Ch. 01

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 01


Cassie is a legal assistant at a law firm on the west coast, she is married and has a family, but sex has become an obsession with her and these stories detail her escapades. She is a fictitious person, modeled after someone I have met.

* * * * *

She had just parked her car and was rushing to the elevator, because she was running late. She wiped off her blouse, trying to get the cookie crumbs off of it from her snack on the way to work, and her nipples blossomed out at her touch. 'Damn, not now,' she thought as she pushed the button for her floor.

The elevator went right past her floor and she frantically pushed the button again, but decided she would just have to catch her floor on the way back down as the elevator headed for the top floor. 'Someone must have finally rented this floor,' she thought, and the doors opened and she saw no one and then she dropped her purse. As she bent over to pick it up, someone grabbed her and pulled her out of the elevator and the doors shut as he dragged her to an empty office and threw her on the floor and shut the door.

"Who are you? What do you want? I'll have your ass arrested!" she screeched and he ripped open her blouse as buttons flew and she got just a little scared as his hands also tore at the cups of her bra covering her tits, recalling her hard nipples on the elevator. He grabbed them, kneading and squeezing them and then he fought to get her jeans open. Her mind was racing, she had fantasies about rape, but in her fantasies it was play rape and she sought to make this as it was in her fantasies. His hands were rough as they jerked her jeans off and tore her white panties from her crotch, the elastic biting into her waist as he forced it to rip.

He stopped briefly and pulled his clothes off and she saw his cock for the first time, it was large and beautiful and her pussy began to moisten at the thoughts of accepting this tool. "Don't resist and you won't get hurt," he said and she had no intention of resisting, wanting him to bury that large cock deep inside of her. She didn't have long to wait as he moved her to her hands and knees and kicked her legs apart as he moved between them from behind. She jumped as his cock contacted her ass cheeks and then she felt it move lower, to her moist pussy, and he slammed it all in at once, causing her to shriek at it's size as it filled her.

He grabbed her hips as he fucked her and she could feel her juices intensify, making his cock feel good as it pistoned in and out of her and a small moan escaped her lips. He pushed on her shoulders, forcing her head to the floor and giving himself a better angle, but also causing her nipples to drag the carpeted floor as he hammered her tight pussy, stretching it to conform to his size. She really began to get into this "rape" now as she began to thrust back to meet his thrusts, taking his cock deeper than she had ever had one before and she could feel her orgasm building.

She had always been somewhat submissive, but that coupled with a rape, was taking over and she loved being made to do this, and the thoughts of it caused her to explode in an earth shattering orgasm as she screamed out. Her juices made his cock even slicker and he drove it even deeper, prolonging her orgasm. Her orgasms became too much for him and he joined her, spitting his hot cum into her very womb, it felt like as he grabbed her hips and held her and her head dropped onto her forearms as she reveled in the excitement of it all.

When he finally pulled his cock out of her, it sounded like a cork coming out of a bottle with the pop it made and she felt so empty now. She felt their juices running out of her now as they dripped to the floor beneath her, and he moved in front of her and pulled her head up and stuck his cock between her lips. Even semi hard it was huge and she felt her mouth stretch to accommodate it as their juices coated her tongue.

Her mouth somewhat adjusted to it's size and she sucked him greedily, feeling him grow inside of her warm mouth as he hit the back of her throat. He grabbed her head and fucked her face now, as he pummeled her mouth with his hard cock. She looked up to see him watching his cock disappear into her mouth, stretching her lips as it did.

She thought she couldn't take anymore of his cock, when he jammed it into her throat and held it there, and she felt his thick jism slide down her throat and he screamed out at his release. She could feel her eyes bulging out at the monster in her mouth and she struggled to breath through her nose, and then as he softened, she could easily manage his softer cock now as she sucked his remaining jism from him. He withdrew from her mouth and jerked her to her feet, his big hands working on her tit flesh now, kneading and massaging it and her nipples.

She could feel his cock getting hard again as it brushed her stomach and she wanted it again so bad, but he had already taken two of her three openings and she was afraid that he would tear her apart if he took her ass, "Want me to blow you again?" she offered, wanting to experience his hard cock again. He was puzzled by her willingness, but he pushed her on her back and spat between her tits and lay his cock there as he sat down on her, no one had ever done this to her before and it excited her.

He took her hands and had her hold her tits around his huge cock as he moved back and forth and his cock bumped her chin. She pushed her head against her chin and opened her lips and as he pushed his cock between her tits, she could just capture the head of it. He began thrusting harder and more and more of his cock began to enter her mouth and it was really turning him on. She held her tits tight and sucked him as he fucked her tits and her mouth, she lost her grip on her tits and his thrust forced all of his cock into her mouth at once, causing her to gag, but she kept on sucking and he blew into her mouth, his hot cum coating it.

She swallowed his cum, drinking in the salty fluid as he drained it into her mouth. She gathered what was left of her clothes, and had to hold her torn blouse closed as she made her way to her car. She dug out her cell phone and called in sick and headed home, still in the tub as her husband got home from work.

To Be Continued...

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