tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCassie's Lustful Life Ch. 02

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 02


She raced to get to work, oblivious to the traffic around her as she zipped through it and horns blew at her. She got to her desk and went right to work, shuffling through the mound of paperwork waiting for her. At about 10, she was called to the senior partner's office and she sat outside waiting to go in.

"You may go in now Cassie," the secretary told her and she got up and went in.

"Close the door behind you," the man said as she obeyed and strode up to his desk, "Have a seat," he offered and she sat down, nervously wondering what this was all about. They stared at each other for a long time and finally he spoke, "I've called you in today to discuss an important matter with you Mrs. Court," and she looked at him nervously. He walked over and locked the office door and walked back standing behind her, "Remove your clothes Mrs. Court," he said as his hand reached out and stroked her hair.

She sat perfectly still, unsure of what to do and he spoke again, "Your job depends on this Mrs. Court," and she couldn't afford to lose her job so she nervously took off her blouse and pants and stood before him in only her underwear, embarrassed, "All of it Mrs. Court," he said and she unclasped her bra and slowly exposed her creamy tits as she tried to shyly cover them with her hands and then used one hand as she removed her panties with the other, shielding her crotch with that hand as her panties fell to her ankles.

He surveyed her lovely body, drinking in her creamy white skin and her full chest, partially covered by her arm and his gaze went down to her crotch and then her beautiful legs, she could tell he was excited by the bulge in his pants. "Please move your hands Mrs. Court, " and she did so reluctantly and she saw his bulge get larger. He sat in the chair she had been sitting in and instructed her to lay across his lap and she did so, feeling totally under his control, knowing she needed her job, but never thinking of him in this way.

He massaged her ass cheeks, feeling their smoothness, their roundness as his hand occasionally dipped between her legs to feel her tight pussy and she felt herself getting wet, knowing he had a power over her, knowing she was powerless and loving it. She had always liked to be controlled, it turned her on, she had become quite the submissive. "Sshhh," he said and then she felt his hand smack her tight ass cheek and she struggled to be quiet, knowing that no one could know what was going on and his hand spanked her other cheek and she could feel the heat building in her tight ass as he spanked her over and over again.

"You cut me off this morning Mrs. Court, and you deserve to be punished, " he said as his spanking continued and she was getting into his rhythm of spanks and rubbings, feeling her sweet juices ooze from her aching pussy, knowing she would need more than a spanking to finish her orgasm that was building. She loved to be spanked, to be a naughty girl, to be punished and he was doing a wonderful job as she kept feeling him smack down on her hot ass. She could feel herself becoming drenched and knew she was soaking his pantleg as her juices flowed freely now.

She could feel his hard cock pressing against her and she fumbled to release it, wanting to feel this protrusion that had been stabbing her abdomen as he spanked her. She felt it's hot head and released it and it sprang up, making her almost melt as it contacted with her stomach and she jacked it, hearing him moan as she did. His spanking stopped now and his hand rubbed her hot, wet pussy as she jacked his hard cock, wanting it inside her but also wanting some more spanking.

She got on her hands and knees and he knelt between her legs as his hard cock made it's way to her sopping hole and glided inside. "Please spank me. I've been so bad, you should punish me," she said as his cock glided in and out and he resumed his punishment, making her shake as her first orgasm ran through her and she shook, releasing her fluids over his pounding cock.

"Oh yes, spank me, fuck me, I deserve it," she moaned out as he used his little fuck toy and pounded her tight pussy. She came again, this time more violent than the last as his punishment got the better of her and this made him cum too, filling her tight pussy with his hot seed.

He draped himself across her back and she took over the fucking as she pumped his cock in and out of herself and his hands drifted to her tits, milking and stroking them and she came once more, electrified at all her body was feeling. She stayed there, until his cock pulled from her and she cleaned him up, delighting in the pleasure of their combined taste and his slick cock and then she dressed and left, thinking she would have to cut him off again tomorrow, she could get into this.

To Be Continued...

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