tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCassie's Lustful Life Ch. 03

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 03


Cassie was lost in her work, the whole office didn't seem to exist as she worked on her spreadsheets and she didn't even see him walk up to her desk. "Cassie," it took a minute to soak in that anyone was even speaking to her, and then she looked up to see her boss standing there.

She felt like a real fool, not even having noticed her own boss, "I'm sorry, what did you want?" she said as he stared at her, "Cassie, you need to take a break, you're working way too hard," and she had to agree with him, the work load lately had been enormous. "I need you to go to a client's office and pick up some paperwork. 912 N. Poindexter, they'll be expecting you. And Cassie, take your time, you really do need the break, and if you want, take the rest of the day off after you pick up the paperwork," and he smiled, he hardly ever smiled. She shut down her computer and grabbed her purse and left, thinking that taking the rest of the day off would be nice.

She left the garage and headed downtown to Poindexter and she stopped, 'Did he say North or South,' she thought and she couldn't remember, although she remembered the number perfectly, as she headed south on Poindexter and she soon found 912 and parked. She decided to leave her purse in the car and locked it as she started up the walk and knocked on the door. A man answered the door and without saying a word grabbed her and jerked her inside and locked his lips to hers, spearing his tongue between her lips as she went to protest and feeling his hands roam her ass at the same time. She didn't know what to do, but liked the sensations she was getting from the encounter as she felt her pussy begin to moisten, and her nipples begin to harden.

As their kiss broke, she started to speak and he shushed her and led her inside to a room where four other men were all sitting, drinking beer and he pointed to her, "Look what we have here gentlemen," and they all whooped and hollered and whistled and began to chant, "Take it off, take it all off," and their chants got louder until one of them stood and came to her and started unbuttoning her blouse. She thought about resisting, but liked the male attention she was getting, especially when her bra covered tits were exposed and a cheer went up, they seemed to love her white cotton brassiere and her 38c tits, heaving at her short breaths.

Her blouse was thrown on a chair and her pants came off next, and again they cheered as her white cotton panties came into view and she felt like a celebrity. Another guy got up and she felt him unclasping her bra and pulling it off to let her ripe tits meet their freedom, and the other guy pulled her panties down and the room went wild, making her pussy start to ooze. She felt a hand move over her auburn triangle just above her pussy and it sent chills through her and made her even wetter as it traced the swollen lips of her pussy, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations. She felt a mouth on her nipple, sucking it inside and she let out a soft moan as it did and a finger entered her wet pussy.

"Damn, she is fucking tight!!" the man yelled out as his finger probed deeper, causing her moans to deepen and her face to turn crimson. When she opened her eyes again, the other three men were nude, their erections pointing out from below their bellies and they came over and ran their hands over her as the previous two guys shucked their clothes. She felt herself forced to her knees and a cock was shoved at her face and she took it in her mouth, tasting the salty precum that had gathered on the tip. Her legs were spread and she felt a man on his back sliding between them and he began licking her wet pussy, which caused her to suck even harder.

She looked around and the other three were all jacking off as they watched her being eaten and sucking their friend's cock. She felt a thumb inserted in her ass and she jumped, which drove the man's cock into her throat and almost made her gag. One of the three guys jacking off stopped and moved beside her and dropped to his knees and started sucking on her tit, making her feel warm all over and another guy took the other tit and did the same. Then the last guy came over and started spanking her creamy ass cheeks and she tried to cry out, but the cock in her mouth wouldn't let her as it just kept fucking her. The combination of what these five guys were doing to her made her cum so hard and so long, she thought she might pass out, oh how she loved it!!!

The guy in her mouth grabbed her head and buried his cock deep in her mouth and shot his hot cum inside and she struggled to swallow it all, but some still escaped from the corners of her mouth and she felt them on her chin. He was replaced by one of the tit suckers and she took this guys cock in her mouth and sucked it. The guy eating her pussy and thumb fucking her ass stopped and pushed her head down forcing his buddy to go to his knees to keep getting his cock sucked as the guy behind her entered her swollen, wet pussy and she climaxed again, being filled from both ends at once. The spanking continued and her tits were being pulled, pinched and twisted as she worked on these two cocks.

"She is soooo fucking tight man, I can't hold it, AARRGGGHHHH!!!" he screamed and she felt his hot jism explode into her pussy and this caused her to suck harder and the guy came in her mouth too and again she tried to swallow it all. As soon as they began to soften, they were replaced by the remaining two guys only the guy behind her took her ass this time and her screams were muffled by the cock in her mouth, as he reamed her tight ass with his cock. She was overwhelmed by the events as her body was wracked by several orgasms in a row , and it was still assaulted at either end, filling her ass and her mouth at once.

Cassie was beside herself, she had never been with so many guys at one time and her body loved all the sensations it was receiving, as the ass whipping started again. Her ass felt all the sensations as it was spanked and fucked at the same time and she rode out another orgasm that turned into two and then she felt hot cum spurt into her mouth as she once again struggled to gulp it all down.

Then she felt her ass filled with hot cum, and her spanking got even more intense as he came in her, making her go absolutely wild as she felt her pussy squirting out onto her thigh. They withdrew and she fell down on her stomach, her face flushed and cum oozing from her as she tried to regain her strength. This had been so fucking incredible and just what her overworked body needed, as she looked around to see all five guys sipping their beer, totally spent.

"There's a shower in there, if you want it," one of them pointed to an adjacent room and she pulled herself up and walked into it, turning on the water and letting it run over her emotionally charged body. The water felt good and she soon bathed herself and wrapped in a towel when she was done and walked back into the room and began to dress. "You were fucking fantastic baby," a man said and she looked to see him handing her $750 and he said that the agency had outdone itself with her.

They all laughed when she said that she was there to pick up papers for her law firm and they told her she must have wanted North Poindexter and said that she was well worth the money, so she shoved it in her pocket, having had the time of her life and gotten paid for it to boot. She thought the man at 912 North Poindexter looked at her strangely and she figured her flushed face had given her away, but she took the papers, thanked him and went to the mall to buy her a treat.

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