tagErotic CouplingsCassie's Lustful Life Ch. 06

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 06


She couldn't wait for lunch, she was going out with a couple of the girls to her favorite restaurant and she would get to have a drink or two. They all sat down and orderd and she took the first sip of her drink, it tasted sooooo good. She saw this guy checking them out from the bar, and she couldn't help but think that he looked pretty good and when he smiled at her, she blushed, having been caught. She had been so horny lately, she just couldn't seem to get enough and their conversation turned to sex and it just made it worse, as she squirmed in her seat, feeling her pussy getting so wet.

She excused herself to go to the ladie's room, so she could masturbate and get this out of her system. She got inside and went into the stall and closed the door. She peeled her jeans and panties down, and she could feel her heat as she neared her clit with her fingers, and she sat down and fingered her clit and felt warm all over. She got so lost in her masturbating, she never even heard the door open or hear it locked, all she could focus on was the feelings her fingers were giving her and she began to maon out loud as she got close to her orgasm.

She didn't see the lock on the stall being opened and she had her eyes closed as it swung open. He loved the sight before him, a young woman furiously masturbating in front of him, eyes shut tight, and finger going so fast on her adorable pussy. He pulled his hard cock out and inched it towards her lips and her eyes flew open wide when it brushed against them. She saw it was the man from the bar and she opened her mouth, taking him in her mouth and resuming the work on her aching little clit and sucking this beautiful cock at the same time.

His cock hit the back of her mouth and she shook as her orgasm overtook her, causing a moan deep in her cock filled throat as she came so hard and she could feel herself squirting on her hand as it rubbed her clit. His cock felt so wonderful as she sucked it, taking it all in her talented mouth and swirling her tongue over it. Having had one orgasm, she concentrated on him now, as her hands stroked her balls and jacked him between sucks.

She looked up at him, seeing his pleasure on his face, and she crammed it as far down her throat as she could, anxious to make him cum, to spill his seed into her mouth, oh she could almost taste it. He grabbed her head and pumped her face so hard and she felt his cock swell and his hot jism erupt in her mouth and she struggled to swallow it down as it just kept cumming. 'Ummmm, just what I needed,' she thought to herself, as his cum kept spurting, coating her mouth and sliding down her throat. He had incredible stamina, as she thought his orgasm would never end, and hoped it wouldn't. She was no stranger to sucking cock, nor to swallowing it, she loved it!

She felt his jerks stop and then him pull out and she sucked his cock as it withdrew, wanting to get every drop. He smiled down at her, obviously having enjoyed this woman's mouth immensely, and she stood up and they kissed and he tasted his own cum on her tongue as they kissed and she felt his cock harden against her stomach, and she reached down and began to stroke it, feeling it's length and hardness.

He led her out into the bathroom and made her grab her ankles and he buried his head in her crotch and she jerked at the new found pleasure her pussy had found as he ate her. She flet his hands reach between her legs and knead her tits and felt how hard her nipples were and how much they tingled at their manipulations. She turned her head slightly to the side and could see them in the mirror, oh what a beautiful sight! She grasping her ankles as he ate her and played with her tits and the sight caused her to cum and he moaned as she squirted into his mouth uncontrollably. He was so good at this, her pussy was on fire!

She had another orgasm as she shook and struggled to hold her position and then he got up and she felt his hard cock at the entrance to her overly wet pussy. It slid inside without the least bit of resistance, no doubt due to his mouth's handiwork, and he fucked her hard as she turned again to the mirror to watch herself being speared, what a wonderful sight!!!!

His cock felt just as good as it had in her mouth and watching him fuck her, caused her to cum again as she shook and jerked and grabbed his cock with her vagina. She didn't think it could get any better when she felt him slap her ass and wave after wave of pleasure shot through her with each spank and jab of his wonderful cock.She was babbling uncontrollably now, caught up in her ecstasy, and then she felt him grab her waist and bury himself sooooo deep and shoot his hot cum inside of her and she joined his orgasm with another of her own and the bathroom was filled with moans and squeals as they rocked together.

He let his cock stay in her until it exited on it's own and then he pulled her upright and kissed her and thanked her for getting him so excited, he pulled up his pants, unlocked the door and peeked outside and then left. She had to sit back down, feeling how weak her legs were and then she pulled up her panties and jeans and finally struggled back to the table. "Hey Cassie, where you been so long?" and they all laughed telling her that they had seen him follow her, "You'll have to tell us all the nasty details," they smirked and she began her story as lunch arrived. She felt wonderful the rest of the day, but then, she loved being a little slut.

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