tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCassie's Lustful Life Ch. 08

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 08


"This is Tiffany," her boss told her as she looked at the cute blonde in the mini skirt and stuck out her hand. "Cassie, I want you to show Tiffany the ropes around here, get her acquainted with how we do things," her boss said, "No problem," Cassie said with a smile and took Tiffany over and showed her the office and began to explain policies and practices to her. Cassie noticed all the guys checking Tiffany out, and she got a little jealous, but, Tiffany looked like a fox.

She began to compare herself to her, Tiffany had smaller tits, she would guess about 34c and a real nice ass, and she helped her around the office for the first week. "Cassie, could you come in here please," it was her boss, and she went in and sat down, "I need you to go to Seattle to catch up on some work and I want you to take Tiffany with you and show her what we do. You two can share a room, will cut our expenses somewhat, just get double beds," and he smiled and she nodded and told him that she would take care of Tiffany.

They met at the gate and Cassie got wet when she saw how Tiffany was dressed, Red satin blouse and short red mini skirt, it made her soooo wet, she couldn't wait until that night to see what Tiffany looked like out of her clothes if she looked this good in them. They got to Seattle and set about their tasks and when 6 o'clock came, Cassie told them that it was their time until morning and she suggested a nice restaurant, "Company's paying for it," she smiled.

They had a nice dinner and Cassie noticed all the guys checking them out, then they headed to the hotel and checked in and then to their room. Tiffany sat her bag on the luggage stand and flopped on the small sofa in the room and Cassie noticed that her skirt had ridden up, showing her creamy thighs and Cassie felt her moisture renewed and she noticed that Tiffany wasn't the least bit shy about it as her legs gaped open.

"I am feeling sooooo good," Tiffany said and the nice dinner and drinks had felt good and Cassie sat on the sofa next to her, her gaze fixed on Tiffany's bare thighs and smooth legs. "Your legs are so creamy," Cassie said and stroked Tiffany's bare leg as she said it, seeing how uptight she would get, "Thank you," Tiffany said and she opened her legs a little more as Cassie stroked her thighs now.

Tiffany took Cassie's hand and moved it to her chest as she leaned forward and kissed cassie, snaking her tongue into Cassie's mouth and Cassie moaned at the sensations. She stroked Tiffany's tits through the satin blouse and then she felt Tiffany unbuttoning it for her and her hands contacted the flesh of Tiffany's ripe tits covered in their bra, as their kiss got even hotter.

Tiffany broke their kiss and pulled her blouse off and then unhooked her bra and Cassie stared at her perfect tits a moment before resuming her caress, "What about you?" Tiffany said and Cassie quickly stripped off her blouse and bra and Tiffany bent forward and took Cassie's nipple in her mouth and sucked it as it hardened in her mouth. Cassie tweaked Tiffany's nipples as she sucked on Cassie's and the feelings were great, 'Not a man, but next best thing,' Cassie thought.

Tiffany raised her head, "You are soooo fucking hot. I wanted to fuck you since I was introduced to you. I had them send me with you so I could see if you would let me and it worked," Tiffany told her. "I'm not a lesbo or anything Tiffany, don't want you to get the wrong idea about me," Cassie said, "Don't worry honey, I'm not what you think either," and Tiffany smiled and kissed Cassie again, working on the zipper of her pants and moving her hand inside to make Cassie groan as she stroked her panty cover pussy.

Cassie was going crazy with desire, feeling her juices flow and even a squirt as Tiffany stroked her pussy. Tiffany told Cassie to stand up and she pulled Cassie's pants and panties down and Cassie stepped out of them and Tiffany buried her face in Cassie's crotch as her tongue flicked the length of Cassie's slit and then concentrated on her hard clit, sucking it in and out of her mouth. Cassie was going wild as she stood there naked and her coworker ate her, and she held Tiffany's head into her pussy as she sucked her clit and she came again.

She stood and Cassie locked lips with her and they kissed and shared Cassie's orgasm, swirling their tongues around each other's mouths. Cassie unzipped Tiffany's mini skirt and it dropped to the floor, and as she pulled Tiffany's panties down, a cock sprung out to meet her and Cassie was shocked, no way was this a transvestite. Tiffany looked down into Cassie's questioning face, "I'm a Hermaphrodite Cassie, I have both sex organs. Lift my cock, you'll see I have a pussy also," and Cassie did and she was amazed, there beneath Tiffany's small cock was a vagina.

"Most guys get really turned off, so I mainly hit on women," and Cassie inserted her finger into Tiffany's pussy as her other hand held up her cock and balls, it felt like her own, and she felt her getting wet as she fingered her. Cassie felt Tiffany's cock begin to get hard also and she took it between her lips as she fingered Tiffany's pussy and she heard her moan loud at the dual sensations she was receiving. This was kind of freaking Cassie out, a cock and a pussy, it was so unreal, but she kept sucking and fingering Tiffany as she felt Tiffany's hands close around her head, forcing her to take all of her cock. She felt Tiffany tense up and then she tasted her hot cum as it exploded into her mouth and she swallowed it all as her mouth continued to work Tiffany's cock and her finger worked in and out of her pussy.

Tiffany pulled her to her feet and they kissed and shared her jism as they did and then moved to the bed, where Tiffany laid Cassie on her back and moved her head between Cassies legs, engulfing her wet pussy with her mouth as Cassie writhed and squirmed on the bed. Cassie had the best of both worlds, although it was odd to her, but she just enjoyed the sensations as Tiffany ate her.

Cassie felt her orgasm build and she shook as Tiffany brought it out of her, squirting into Tiffany's mouth as she came. When she relaxed a bit, Tiffany moved up and Cassie felt her cock slide inside as Tiffany locked lips with her. The fact that Tiffany had both sex organs had to affect her because she had a relatively small cock, but it felt good and Cassie grasped it as it pushed in and pulled out of her and she shook as the feeling of Tiffany's nipples rubbing hers as they fucked caused her to cum long and hard.

Tiffany kissed her hard and she soon felt her cum as it erupted inside of her, causing her to feel hot as it filled her pussy. They fell asleep like that, Tiffany on top of Cassie and when they woke, they showered together and this time Cassie ate Tiffany's pussy as she jacked her off, catching her load in her mouth as she came. This would be an interesting business trip indeed.

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