tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCassie's Lustful Life Ch. 09

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 09


It was late and she was tired, having worked all day and then flown to Boise on business, she ordered a pizza and sat back waiting for it to arrive. She dozed off and the knock at the door startled her as she struggled to figure out where she was, taking her bearings, she knew that she was in her hotel room and she got up and answered the door. "Hi, that will be $10.57," the man said and she asked him in while she got the money from her purse,

"You can just set it on the dresser," she told him as she bent over and fished for her wallet in her purse. She kept searching her purse for her wallet, trying to think, and she remembered she had taken it out to make a call and it was on the nightstand. Just as she started to move to get it, she felt his hands encircle her waist and draw her body back against his hard cock, which sandwiched itself between her ass globes, and his hands grabbed her braless tits and squeezed. "You really shouldn't tease men with that beautiful ass of yours, you know," he said as he ground his hard cock into her tight ass, and his hands pulled her tshirt up over her tits and they massaged her warm mounds mercilessly.

She began to moan and could feel her juices begin to flow as this pizza man used her body, making it his as he caused her desires to flare up. She had brought some of her toys, but they were no substitute for thew real thing, and she felt his hands working at getting her jeans down and then her panties and she stepped out of them as his hands pulled her tshirt over her head and her lover turned her around to face him and covered her mouth with his, his tongue darting into her mouth, exploring it. His hands covered her firm tits, massaging them as he played with her hard nipples, and she felt like she would melt right there and then, knowing how wet she was. The kiss lasted a long time and then he moved to her neck, kissing and sucking on it as she moaned even louder. His mouth stopped at her firm tits, sucking the nipples one at a time, causing them to distend even further as he sucked them between his lips.

He pushed her back on the bed and his mouth moved to her calves, licking and sucking his way up to her thighs, which instinctively spread as he neared her hot pussy. He sucked on her thighs, causing her moans to get even louder as she could feel his face brush her wet pussy as he got closer, and then he locked his mouth on her wet pussy and his tongue snaked in just as it had done with her mouth and she began to squirm on the bed. She began to jerk as his tongue speared her hot pussy over and over again, oh how she needed this so bad, and his nose began to rub her hard clit as he buried his tongue deep inside of her and she grabbed his head and held it to her hot pussy as she shook with an orgasm, screaming out and thrashing wildly against his face.

After her orgasm, he stood and pulled his clothes off and she was transfixed at his cock as it came into view, she needed it soooooo bad, he crawled onto the bed and over her chest as he offered this piece of meat to her lips and she greedily took it, sucking it into the depths of her mouth until she felt his balls against her chin, and he began to fuck her willing mouth. His hands went behind him and he began to toy with her nipples, gently tugging and pulling them as he rammed his cock into her mouth and she felt herself building again.

She began to raise her head to meet his thrusts, feeling his hard cock enter her throat and she could tell that this excited him by the look on his face and how much rougher he had become with her nipples. This added roughness caused a burning in her loins as she violently shook and came again, sucking his cock even harder and deeper, causing him to cum also, his hot jism squirting into her mouth and she greedily sucked it all down, relishing it's hot, salty taste. She sucked his cock like a fat straw, trying to suck the last of her hot milk shake out of him as he rested back on his haunches and his cock slipped out.

"Damn, Beautiful, that was fucking fantastic!" he exclaimed as he looked down at her pretty face and watched her lick her lips and smile and she reached up and began to stroke his cock again, feeling it harden at her manipulations and seeing his smile come across his face. She jacked his cock while she held the head between her lips and sucked it lightly, feeling it twitch as she did. He pulled it from her and stood up, "Get on all fours Baby, I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours," he said and she immediately complied, sticking her ass up in the air. She was a little surprised when his cock entered her pussy, she had so wanted him to take her ass, but then she realized he was just lubricating his cock as it slid out of her pussy and rested against the tight rosebud that wanted it so bad. It slid inside and she felt herself get so hot all over as it buried it's length deep in her tight ass.

Slowly he began to pump her ass and she soon felt his balls slapping her hard clit as his pace increased and she loved the sound of his collision with her ass, making a loud slap. She reached back and began to play with her own nipples, twisting and pinching them as he fucked her tight ass, causing the feelings of yet another orgasm to approach, and she moaned very loud at the approaching orgasm. His cock was magnificent as it filled her tight hole, and a couple of times his ferocity had caused her tits to jump free of her hands as he fucked her so hard. His balls felt like a tender hammer, pummeling her hard clit and she lost it, her screams filling the room as she came. He grabbed her hips and buried himself into her and she felt his hot jism squirt into her warm ass, coating her insides as he came. She could feel her juices flowing from her pussy as his flowed into her ass and she loved it.

He climbed off of her and his cock popped out of her ass with a loud sound as he did and she spun around and took it into her mouth, cleaning him all up with her mouth. They sat there on the bed and had some pizza and beer and then he had her pussy before he left, and she remembered she did not pay for the pizza and beer, 'Oh well, tomorrow night,' she thought to herself.

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