tagErotic CouplingsCassie's Lustful Life Ch. 10

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 10


She read the note again, it said to go to the Days Inn, room 214. She couldn't believe it, he had come to visit on Easter, as she hurried down to the Days Inn and found a parking place and nervously made her way to room 214 and knocked. He opened the door and jerked her inside and slammed the door, he was naked! He pulled her to him and kissed her passionately, his tongue exploring her willing mouth as his hands danced over her firm ass cheeks. She could feel his hard, bare cock protruding into her stomach and she reached down and took it in her hand, stroking it and letting out with a soft moan as she did.

"Now that the Easter bunny is here, we can begin," he said and she giggled as he pushed her to her knees, "Eat your carrot, Miss Bunny," he said and she took his firm cock in between her lips, gently pulling it's entire length into her mouth as she cupped his balls, "Mmmm, yes Miss Bunny, play with the carrot's roots too," he sighed as she began to suck his hard cock deep into her mouth. His cock felt so good as it glided in and out of her mouth, his balls soon connecting with her chin as she sucked him and she felt her moans deep in her throat and she could feel herself getting wet at the thoughts of what was going to happen, her juices coating her panties as they clung to her hot pussy.

She looked up at him and saw him putting some fake ears on her head and she giggled to herself at how she must look, like a bunny with her carrot. His strokes in and out of her mouth began to hasten and she relished the feel of his smooth cock as it glided in and out, filling her mouth and causing her cheeks to puff slightly, "Oh, bunny likes her carrot," he smiled down at her and she did like her firm carrot as she felt his hands begin to guide her mouth over it and his balls made a slapping noise on her chin.

She stared at him the whole time, the look of want in her eyes and he could sense it as his movements got even swifter and she saw him throw his head back and felt his hot jism as it erupted in her mouth and she moaned loud, swallowing his hot jism as it pumped into her mouth and then sucking the remaining jism from his cock as his pace slowed. "Let's get your clothes off Miss Bunny," he said and helped her to her feet as his hands worked to get her clothes off and she helped him. Her clothes now in a pile on the floor, he led her to the bed and lay her on her back, gently kissing her lips as his hands roamed her firm body and settled between her legs as they spread her tender pussy lips and moved along her slit, rubbing and massaging, making her go wild as she felt her first squirts erupt. She bucked on the bed as her first orgasm overtook her and she moaned uncontrollably at his manipulations of her hot pussy.

As her orgasm ebbed, he stopped and got a small bag from the nightstand and pulled out some paints and she giggled, "What are those for?" and he let her read the package, edible body paint, and she giggled again, he was so silly. He opened the paints and began to paint her firm tit like an Easter egg, the brush and the paint tickled as they were applied. As one tit dried, he worked on the other and then had her sit up so she could admire his handiwork in the mirror. Her tits looked like two big Easter eggs as she admired his work and then when the remaining tit had dried, he had her turn over and started on her ass cheeks.

She began to giggle uncontrollably as he painted her firm ass globes and she felt some of the paint run between her legs and the coolness made her shiver. She felt him open her legs and then she felt his hot breath as he put his head between them and his hot tongue began to lap up the spilled paint, making her spread her legs even wider so that his tongue could attend to her wet pussy and even jacking her ass up in the air too. His mouth felt wonderful as it covered her hot pussy and his tongue darted in and out, making her squirm on the bed and push herself against his mouth. He began to move his chin against her hard clit, as his mouth worked wonders on her sweet pussy, making her squirt again as the feelings took over.

Her body and especially her pussy were ablaze as his tongue devoured her and she became lost in her building orgasm, screaming out as he brought her to her big moment, her squirts now out of control as she bathed his mouth with her juices. When she calmed, he moved to her rosebud, licking the paint from it as she felt it twitch against his tongue and her heat built again. He moved up and she could feel him nibbling and licking the paint off of her ass, tickling and tingling at the same time. His mouth removed all of the paint from her firm ass cheeks and she thrust them at him, as he finished the last bits, and then she felt his hands rubbing her cheeks, softly and caressingly.

"My little Easter bunny has been bad, I will have to punish her," and she felt a huge smile come over her as she knew what was coming next, SWACK. His hand met her firm ass cheek and his recent manipulations from his mouth had left her ass wet and it stung slightly. She jumped slightly at the small pain she suffered, but that soon gave way to the pleasures she was now receiving as his spanking continued. Her ass felt so warm now as his spanking slowed and his kisses made her get goosebumps on her ass and she knew her pussy was so wet, and he soon stopped and she felt his finger enter her and she jumped back to grab more of it, she needed to be filled up.

She felt his finger deep inside of her and she grabbed it with her vaginal muscles, holding onto it, and milking it as he slowly fucked her. He inserted a second finger, doubling her pleasure and then she felt his mouth on her hot rosebud, sucking and licking her as she squirmed. His mouth was soon replaced by his finger as it speared her rosebud and she tightened around it. Both of his hands worked on her as his mouth gingerly kissed her firm ass cheeks, making her moan even louder at her sensations and another orgasm approached.

She bucked against his hands as she came, her rosebud grasping his finger as her pussy sprayed his other hand and she moaned out her orgasm. After he lapped up her sweet nectar, he rolled her over and kissed her again as she lost herself in his kiss, her mind wandering from her delights. He then kissed her neck as his hands worked her Easter egg tits, their stripes jiggling as he worked them and then he took a nipple in his mouth and she watched as he sucked the paint off of it and swallowed it down and moved to take more of her tit in his mouth, removing more paint as he went.

He totally cleaned off her tit and then repeated the process on the other one, causing her pussy to heat up again as he did. She reached out and took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it as he finished up on her tits, wanting to feel it inside of her. His cleanup of her painted tits complete, he moved between her legs and she felt his hard cock scraping her thighs as he moved between them and she guided him to her hot, wet pussy as he stuffed it inside and she groaned out her pleasure, as she spread her legs wide to take all of him. She could feel his balls on her ass as he slammed his cock into her and she could feel her tits jump as his pelvis connected with hers and she couldn't hold back and she squirted all over him as she came again, screaming this time.

His head flew back and she felt his cock unload it's hot jism deep inside of her as it bounced off the walls of her cervix. His fucking never let up as his cock emptied itself in her and she felt herself begin to build towards yet another orgasm, which he sensed and he withdrew and plunged into her ass, his slick cock skewering her tight rosebud with very little effort and that was all it took to push her over the edge as she writhed again and screamed out her orgasm. She could feel his cock hardening again as she milked it with her rosebud and it filled her tight cavity with it's hard length, making her feel slightly delirious.

His cock probed the depths of her ass as it moved in and out and she rocked to help him fill her up, her lust consumed by the fire within. He fucked her tight ass for such a long time, making her whimper and beg and cry as the feelings overtook her at his wonderful spearing, until she felt his cock swell so large that she thought it would rip her tight ass open and she felt another load of his hot cum erupt into her tight ass. He let out a scream as his cock drained, oh so much jism into her and she too moaned at his release, feeling it's warmth coating her insides as she felt a large smile come across her face.

Oh what an Easter!!

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