tagMatureCassie's Neighbor Teaches a Lesson

Cassie's Neighbor Teaches a Lesson


Cassie was frustrated and horny as she as she walked home from school. Her brother had an out-of-town rugby game and her uncle was away on business. The active eighteen-year-old girl now needed sex every day to stay sane. She felt her bare breasts bounce and rub against her Catholic uniform blouse as she walked, her nipples hardening from the friction and cold air. The day had grown colder than she'd expected and she was not dressed warmly enough in her skirt and no jacket. She walked quickly, glad she was almost home. She would soon be warm and then only have to worry about taking care of her growing sexual distress.

"Hello Cassie!" The gruff voice startled her out of her daydreaming. She looked up to see her older next-door neighbor, Mr. Brooks, standing on his front porch.

"Hi Mr. Brooks!" Cassie felt her cheeks grow warm despite the cold weather. She thought about how she'd performed for him in front of her bedroom window the first time she'd let her Uncle Jack fuck her. She'd stripped in front of the window and she'd leaned on the sill as her uncle took her from behind, imagining that her neighbor was watching her slutty behavior. She couldn't be sure that he'd actually been watching, but the dirty possibility made her blush.

Mr. Brooks smiled and shivered. "Brrr, it's really starting to get chilly out here. Would you like to come inside for some hot chocolate?" Was it her imagination or did he check out her tits? She felt her nipples grow harder. His icy blue eyes met hers and she shivered, too.

"Sure, Mr. Brooks! That would be nice. Thanks!" She subtly swayed her hips as she walked up to his house, her blue plaid pleated skirt swishing around her thighs. He held open the front door for her. As she passed by, his hand pressed against the small of her back.

"Kitchen is upstairs." His house was a raised ranch. She walked up the short flight of stairs, hoping Mr. Brooks could see her black lace panties as he followed closely behind her. "Have a seat at the bar."

Cassie lifted herself up onto one of the tall seats as Mr. Brooks walked to the stove. "You have great timing," he said. "I'd just heated up the water for myself." Of course, he'd done this intentionally, waiting for her to walk by his house. He prepared two mugs of hot chocolate. "I'm just going to put a little Bailey's in mine."

She answered the way he expected, "Oh, can I have some too?"

He smiled at her, his light eyes crinkling in the corners, "Sure. Just don't tell your parents." He poured a little extra into her mug. He walked over to the bar and sat next to her.

"Thank you. And don't worry," she accepted the mug he was offering, "I am great at keeping secrets." As soon as she wrapped her hands around the warm ceramic mug, she shivered violently. "Ooh, I didn't realize how chilled I am!"

"It got cold quickly. You poor thing, no coat and this short skirt." He put his mug on the bar and put his hot hands on her thighs. He rubbed them vigorously. "Does this help?" He was rubbing his hands higher, pushing her skirt higher on her soft thighs.

"Uhh, yes it does. Thank you Mr. Brooks." She drank quickly, nervous from the touch of his hands. She felt the warmth flow into her. "Mmm, this is yummy. Can I please have some more?"

He withdrew his hands to fetch more cocoa, heavy on the Bailey's. Perhaps he needed to slow down his approach, he pondered. He walked back over to her, pleased to see she hadn't adjusted her skirt. He could clearly see her black lace panties.

Cassie could feel his eyes on her exposed panties. She was getting hot from teasing this old man. He probably wanted to fuck her as much as her uncle had. She felt soft and warm all over from the alcohol. His eyes moved up her body to her nipples poking through her blouse. Was he thinking about sucking them? She noticed the bulge in his pants and she wondered what it looked like. She licked her lips, wondering what it would taste like.

Mr. Brooks saw the young girl glance at his hardening cock before she licked her lips. It was time to move things along. "Hot cocoa and a movie are perfect on chilly days. Would you like to watch a movie?"

Cassie was disappointed he wasn't making a move, but decided to see where this was going. "Sure!" She chugged down the rest of her strong cocoa and followed him into the living room. He turned on the tv and dvd player. The movie must have already been in the player because he brought the remote and sat next to her on the couch.

He patted her knee and left his hand there. "I think you'll like this movie."

He pressed play and the video started. It took Cassie a moment to understand what she was seeing. She saw the body of a naked girl, her tits swaying in some kind of rhythm. But then the video zoomed out and she realized that she was seeing herself, through her bedroom window, getting fucked hard by her uncle. Her face was drawn in pain and she remembered that he had been fucking her ass.

Cassie gasped in recognition and only then noticed that Mr. Brooks hand had slid up her thigh and his fingers were teasing the crotch of her panties.

"What do you think, Cassie?" He whispered as his fingers pressed against her lace-covered mound. "She's a sexy slut isn't she?"

Cassie felt her heart race and it her chest rose and fell with her heavy breathing. "Yes, Mr. Brooks."

His fingers slipped under her panties, sliding over the soft bare flesh of her pussy towards her wet center. "What would your parents say if they saw this?" He pushed a finger inside her.

Cassie gasped and looked at him, "Please, Mr. Brooks! You can't show them this." She unconsciously spread her thighs wider and pressed herself against his hand.

"Oh?" Mr. Brooks asked. "You don't want them to know what a little whore you are?" He pushed another finger inside her, his thumb brushing over her clit.

Cassie moaned and closed her eyes, "Oh god." She reopened her eyes and looked at Mr. Brooks. She moved her hand to his lap and rubbed the bulge in his pants. "Please Mr. Brooks. They don't need to know."

Mr. Brooks growled and withdrew his hand. He grabbed her by the shoulders and moved her roughly to the floor, on her knees in front of him. "You little cock tease. You loved showing yourself to me didn't you?" He unbuckled his pants and unzipped his fly. "Letting your uncle fuck you while your neighbor watched." He pulled out his growing cock. It was thicker and veinier than any cock she'd seen before. It was hardening more slowly than her brother's did, but it looked like it would be an impressive size once it was done growing. "Did you think about me watching you, stroking my cock?"

Cassie wrapped her warm hand around his shaft. "Yes, Mr. Brooks." She slowly stroked her hand up and down.

Mr. Brooks groaned. "Suck it, you little slut. Show me how much you like cock."

She opened her mouth and kissed the head wetly before sucking it between her soft lips. She felt Mr. Brooks' hand grab a fistful of her hair as she took him deeper into her mouth. She sucked hard as she withdrew and began pumping his shaft with her hand. She tasted his pre-cum on her tongue as she swirled it around the head. She looked up at him from the floor, "Like this, Mr. Brooks?"

"You are a little cock whore, aren't you girl?" He grabbed her hair to pull her mouth off of him. He lifted his cock away from her face. "Suck my balls little girl."

Cassie leaned in and sucked one ball between her pink lips, trying to fit it inside her hot mouth. She sucked and licked and tasted his balls, fondling them with her hand.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Good girl, suck them into your mouth." She could feel them growing larger and filling with cum.

Mr. Brooks pulled her off of him. "I gotta fuck you, my little slut. Stand up."

She stood in front of him, still fully dressed.

"Take off your blouse."

She looked him in the eyes as she unbuttoned her blouse, quickly revealing that she wore no bra. She slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her nipples were hard little pebbles.

"Now your skirt."

She reached behind her back and unzipped her skirt, letting it slide down her hips to puddle at her feet. She felt her pussy grow wetter, standing in front of this old man wearing only her panties.

"Panties," he ordered.

She slipped her fingers down her hips, under the black material, and wriggled them down her legs. The damp material clung briefly to her wet lips before falling away from her bare skin.

Startling her, Mr. Brooks reached forward and grabbed her hips, pulling her onto his lap. As Cassie straddled him he cupped her full tits and pinched her nipples hard enough to make her gasp. "Every time you undressed in front of your window I thought about sucking these titties." He licked one nipple and lightly bit it. "But first, tell me what you want."

Cassie wriggled in his lap, feeling his cock slide against her wet pussy lips. "I want you to fuck me, Mr. Brooks."

He bit her other nipple and sucked it into his mouth. The pink nub was swollen and glistening with from his mouth. "You want my old cock inside your tight little pussy?"

Cassie moaned and pushed her tits into his face. "Yes, please fuck me."

"You asked for it, whore." And he bucked his hips, thrusting all the way up inside her, stretching her tight pussy with his thick cock.

"Oh God." Cassie started to cum instantly, her stomach quivering like jelly and her pussy clenching the invading member. Mr. Brooks pinched one of her nipples while biting and sucking the other as she bounced in his lap. The wet sound of their bodies meeting blended with his hungry growling and her kittenish mewling. He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her mouth to his. His tongue entered her like his cock did, deeply and forcefully. She eagerly sucked his tongue and kissed him back, his scratchy beard on his weathered face scraping her soft skin.

Suddenly, without warning, he pushed a finger into her ass. Cassie cried out into his mouth as she came again. He pulled away from her lips, "Next time I'm fucking you here." He fucked her ass with his finger in rhythm to her riding his cock. She pushed her hips down harder, trying to get him deeper inside her. "You like that, don't you slut?"

Sweat was dripping down her neck as she lifted herself up and down. "Yes."

He twisted a nipple with his free hand. "Tell me what you are."

Cassie gasped at the pain. His hands and cock were eliciting sensations all over her body. "I'm a cock-teasing, cum-loving slut."

Mr. Brooks smiled deviously, "Yes, you are. And I'm going to give you the cum you love so much. I'm going to cum inside your hot little pussy. Would you like that?"

"Yes, cum inside me," Cassie begged, panting. "Fill me up with your cum."

"Here it comes!" He pulled her down hard, his cock pushing up all the way to her cervix. His hot seed spilled inside her, warming her insides. Cassie orgasmed again as she felt him cumming inside her, her spasming pussy walls massaging more sperm out of his cock.

"Yes, take it all you whore." He shot the last of his seed into her. He suckled her tits as she vibrated on his lap with her latest orgasm.

When she finally calmed down and her breathing started to return to normal, he said, "Kiss me." She eagerly covered his mouth with hers, stroking his tongue with her tongue, pressing her bare tits against his chest. His cock was softening inside her.

He pushed her away. "Now clean up the mess you just made." He looked down at his flaccid cock still inside her, covered in their juices.

Cassie rose up on her knees, feeling his cock fall from her, disappointed by its absence. She sank down to the floor in front of him and gently wrapped her hand around his slick, sticky member. She stroked her tongue up the underside of his shaft before opening her mouth to suck him between her lips. She licked, sucked, and savored the taste of his cock and their cum. She even cleaned his balls, giving them a nice tongue bath. She looked up at Mr. Brooks for approval.

He looked down at the girl on the floor - her nipples hard on her glistening tits, her face flushed from her exertions, her lips puffy and swollen from servicing him. He reached down and stroked her hair. "That's my good girl."

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