tagGroup SexCassie's Surprise

Cassie's Surprise


Cassie opened the door to her apartment very slowly. She was exhausted. Her work day had just ended, eleven hours after it had begun. Her boss had dumped on her for something that wasn't her fault, but she had to stay after hours to rectify the matter. The one thing that had made her day the worst of her life was that it was her twenty-eighth birthday and her lover, Mark, was out of town on business. It would be her first birthday alone.

As she entered the door she sensed some movement within her apartment. She suddenly threw the door open and simultaneously flicked on the lights hoping to surprise her intruder. Standing at the door, looking into her apartment, everything seemed to be in place with the exception of a large present sitting on the coffee table. She cautiously entered her apartment and started towards the present. She looked around the apartment one more time before she started to unwrap her present.

She removed the ribbon, while looking for a card but found none. As her hands reached the bottom of the box she realized that it was only a cover. She slowly lifted the lid to reveal three separate boxes; the first was a 26 inch television, the second a new DVD player and the final box contained a video camera. Cassie was astounded. She just sat back and stared at her new acquisitions.

Suddenly she was aware of a light in the corner of her eye coming from the direction of the kitchen. She turned to see Mark in the doorway holding a birthday cake with twenty-eight candles burning on top, and her best friend, Shawna, just behind him holding a bottle of champagne and three glasses.

"Surprise!", they both yelled in unison and broke out into a chorus of "Happy Birthday To You" as they walked toward Cassie. Cassie was overcome with joy and she began to cry a little. She jumped off of the couch and gave Mark and Shawna a kiss.

"If you hurry up and blow out your candles, you can give me a hug to go along with that kiss", Mark ventured with a slight smile.

"But don't forget to make a wish before you blow them out", Shawna said in a hurry before Cassie began to blow.

"My wish has already come true, just having you two here with me tonight". Cassie then blew out her candles in a single breath.

Cassie quickly took the cake from Mark and placed it on the table beside her new toys and ran into Mark's arms. Shawna had by this time prepared to pop the cork from the champagne bottle. She let the cork out with an explosion of champagne. Shawna tipped the bottle to her mouth to catch the overflow of the bubbly nectar as some of the excess dribbled down her chin and neck.

Mark took the glasses and passed them to Shawna. "Remind me not to let you open a bottle of champagne again. I've developed an erection just watching you."

"Mark, that's awful!" Cassie injected with a slight tap on Mark's arm. "Mind you it was somewhat erotic."

Shawna, blushing slightly, handed the glasses to Mark and Cassie. "May I propose a toast? To Cassie, may all your birthday wishes come true."

They all clinked glasses and drank down their champagne, immediately pouring more. They retired to the dinning area where they consumed the Chinese food that Mark and ordered prior to Cassie's arrival, the cake and two more bottles of champagne. During dinner they talked about old times, present insecurities and future dreams.

Mark had just prepared some B-52 coffees for everyone and suggested that they try out the new camera. Cassie and Shawna sat on the couch as Mark read the instructions. After awhile he had the camera all hooked up and ready to shoot. He pointed the lens at the girls and told them to improvise. They talked, hugged and sang "My Bonnie".

Shawna got up off the couch, asked Mark for instructions and told him to take his place on the couch. "Okay you two, let's see something sexy." Mark and Cassie kissed quickly and then stared back into the camera. "No. I said sexy, not Walt Disney. Come on, let's make some steam." Mark and Cassie looked at each other and then became engaged in a deep kiss. Mark, for awhile, forgot that the camera was on him and began to fondle Cassie's breast. Cassie quickly straightened up and grabbed Mark's hand. "Mark, Shawna, the camera." She managed to get these words out in a breathless effort, as she was also getting caught up in the moment.

Shawna spoke to Cassie in a soft soothing voice. "It's okay Cassie, let it go. Make it burn."

Cassie took her hand away from Mark's and let him go. Mark began to fondle for a bit then raised his had to unbutton her blouse. As Mark released the last button from it's hold, Cassie arched her back forward so that Mark could remove her blouse completely. Mark tossed the blouse aside and Cassie settled deeper into the couch.

Mark started to trail his kisses down Cassie's neck as his hands unfastened the clasp of her black lace bra. Her pushed the left cup aside exposing her breast for the camera and then began to lick the erect nipple with the tip of his tongue. Cassie's breath became deeper.

As Cassie arched her back to bring her breast closer to Mark's hot breath, he slipped his hands beneath her buttocks and unzipped her skirt. He then grabbed her with both hands and started to draw it down as his kisses trailed down her stomach to come to a rest at the top of the her black lace panties. Mark traced the top of her panties with his tongue lightly touching the skin. He then began to trace the legs of her panties. Cassie sighed in anticipation as he reached her vagina. Cassie began to moan, as he began to breathe hotly through her panties. His tongue remained over her clitoris as he began to pull her panties down. Without letting his flickering tongue leave her clit, he managed to remove her panties completely leaving her totally naked on the couch. Cassie spread her legs apart and rested them on Mark's shoulders. Mark moved his tongue along the lips of her vagina and finally penetrating her as deep as his tongue would allow.

Shawna zoomed in to get a close up of Mark's licking Cassie's cunt with a voracious appetite. Without realizing what she was doing her hand gravitated to her own love hole. She was surprised to find out how wet her jeans had become. A little breathlessly she ventured, "How about you two take this action into the bedroom."

Without a word, Mark moved to the front of the couch and picked up Cassie and began to walk down the hall to the bedroom. They were locked in a deep kiss. Shawna followed them still filming.

Once inside the bedroom, Mark placed Cassie on the bed. Standing before her, he started to remove his shirt. Cassie stood up just a bit and licked his nipples. She then traced her tongue his body until she reached his naval. She quickly darted her tongue in and out and in circular motions as she undid his pants. She pulled them down to the floor and Mark stepped out of them. She then trailed her tongue down to his underwear and engulfed his penis through the cloth. Cassie then pulled his underwear free as she took his cock in one hand and ran her tongue down the length of his shaft, from the head all the way down to his balls. She gently took one in her mouth and ran her tongue around it. As she released the soft sack she ran her free hand along his muscular cheeks. She kept stroking his cheeks until she found the entrance to his ass. She placed the head of his penis in her mouth and simultaneously swallowed his whole cock and plunged her finger deep in his ass. Mark let out a cry of ecstasy. She continued to repeat this motion for several minutes until she abruptly stopped. She moved herself back onto the bed, lied down, spread her legs and said, "Now fuck me!"

Mark immediately jumped on top of Cassie and plunged his cock deep into her wet and quivering hole.

Shawna couldn't stand being a camera person any longer. The sight of Mark's bottom tightening and relaxing with each stride into Cassie made her too hot. She placed the camera on the dresser, making sure that the whole bed could be seen through the lens. She stripped off her jeans and t-shirt, she never wore underwear, and immediately walked over to the bed. Shawna took hold of Mark's legs and separated them. She placed her head in between and started to lick his balls. The combination of his sex sweat and Cassie's love juices were the sweetest things that Shawna had ever tasted. She continued to lick for awhile then she separated his cheeks and inserted her tongue deep into his ass.

Mark stopped his movement to enjoy the sensation of Shawna's probing tongue. Cassie hand managed to move herself from beneath Mark and Shawna stopped at this movement. Shawna had thought to herself that she had ruined everything until Cassie had rolled Mark over onto his back and placed herself on Mark's penis. Shawna remained still until Cassie indicated for her to her place on Mark's face.

The combination of the anticipation that was building up inside of her and Mark's deep probing tongue caused Shawna to have an almost instantaneous orgasm. She felt wave after wave explode from within her. She opened her dreamy eyes as Mark continued to lap up her milky fluid. Shawna looked deep into Cassie's eyes as she was also coming to the finale of an orgasm. They looked at each other for only a moment until they leaned forward to engage in a deep lusty kiss.

Cassie and Shawna both rolled off of Mark still in an embrace. They realized that Mark had been somewhat neglected and both reached out for his cock. Cassie went between his legs to lick and suck his balls and finger his ass. Shawna began to alternate between stroking and sucking his shaft. The taste of Cassie's juices made her want to eat a woman for the first time in her life. The thought of licking Cassie made her hotter and increased the speed with which she was sucking Mark. Within seconds Mark began to shoot his load down Shawna's throat. She loved the taste but managed to save some to give to Cassie in a deep kiss.

Mark fell back to relax and lie beside Cassie. He realized that Shawna was now making her way down Cassie's stomach until she began to lick her pussy. Mark leaned over to kiss Cassie. "Happy Birthday Cassie", he whispered in her ear and she replied with a moan. Mark just moved back to enjoy the sight and prepare himself for the very long and exciting night that lay ahead.

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