tagNonHumanCassy Ch. 01

Cassy Ch. 01


Hey everybody. I've been reading these stories for a while and I decided I should submit one of my own. Now I'm new at this so bear with me.

oh yeah. p.s. all people in this story are over the age of 18. :-P


"Oh my god! You're seniors for god sakes! Come on. I know you know this. Think!"

April was dying. Could this be anymore torture? She had gotten the answer about ten minutes ago while everyone was still stumped. She didn't raise her hand though, because truthfully, she liked watching the vein pop and pulse on Mr. Clark's forehead.

April was getting tired of the screaming so she was going to raise her hand when there was a knocking on the door.

"Yes? Come in."

A tall brunette walked into the room. She was wearing loose low rise jeans and a black band t-shirt that revealed a couple of inches of bare skin on her stomach.

April found herself staring at that smooth line of pale flesh. Her mouth starting to water, she quickly shook her head to bring herself back to reality.

She looked up and was greeted with a knowing smile of perfect teeth. April swallowed hard. Did she know what she had been thinking? Shit! Was she that readable?

"Well Miss Reeds, you can sit next to Miss Mckensi."

She walked down the aisle towards April with a huge smile on her face. April looked into her goldedn eyes and realized that they weren't breaking eye contact.

She could just feel the sexual tension filling the room from every male body in the room. While hate and loathing was pulsing from every girl, except herself.


She knew she had walked into the right room when she felt the pull on her soul. She didn't know what to expect of her destined mate until she scanned the room and locked gazes with the small raven haired girl in the back row.

She wore no makeup, her hair was cut short to her head, and her large clothes covered up where Cassy believed she would find a great body.

Her stare made her shiver and tingle all over. Yes. She was her mate, the one who would make her whole.

When Mr. Clark told her to sit next to her, she became extatic. She could smell the lust and hate emmenating from the bodies in the room but it didn't even make her react. All that mattered were the pine green eyes holding hers as she took her seat.


"Hi. I'm Cassy."

April just stared at the hand extended in front of her.

"Are you alright?" Concerned eyes searched and seared her.

April blinked. "Oh. I'm sorry. Hi Cassy. I'm April."

She took her hand and almost jumped at the warm tingling that went up her arm and rested in the area between her legs.

Cassy's eyes got bigger and her smile wider as if she had felt it too. At that a strange thought passed through her head. 'Mate'.


Class went on and on and on. This was going to be tricky. How was she going to get April to open up and accept her as her mate? She didn't know anything about her, but she wasn't ready to give up. She just got started. She had to convince her they were supposed to be together.


"Would you like to eat lunch with me?"

"Excuse me?" Did she just ask me to eat lunch with her?

"Ummmm..." April blushed. "Would you like to eat lunch with me?"

Cassy's mouth fell open. She blinked. "Yes! I'll have lunch with you."

April bit her lip. "Okay." Then she turned back to face the front of the classroom.

She asked me? to lunch? Okay, so maybe this wasn't going to be as hard as she thought. She didn't even have to make the first move. Maybe this would work.

She couldn't help grinning to herself.


Did she really just ask her to have lunch with her? Where had that courage come from? But she knew. It was because of the tingle. She hadn't recognized it at first but she did now. She had to think back to the things her mother had talked about when she was younger. When her mother was still alive.

Her mother had spoken of finding your second half, your soul mate, your mate. Most people couldn't recognize the signs when they found their mate. But April wasn't most people. She was something more. Her mother had been a 'were'. She could shift into a wolf. She had believed that one day April would be able to as well even though her father had been human. Her mother had said that when she first saw her father she had felt an overpowering urge to strip him down naked (her mother had been very open). And when they touched, it was like there was electricity running all throughout her body.

This is how April was so sure Cassy was her mate. Even though April hadn't been able to shift, yet, she could still smell and hear, see and feel better than any human.

Her problem was now to try to convince Cassy they were destined to be together. Like that was going to be soooo easy. Yeah right.


"So where do you want to go for lunch?"

"Ummm... I dont care. Anywhere that serves good burgers is fine with me." Cassy grinned.

"Well then. I know the perfect place. I'll drive." April got into the drivers seat while Cassy got into the passengers and they pulled away.


They pulled into an elegant 2 story tudor home.

"Where are we?"

"My house. My parents left it to me after they died."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I've been on my own for a while. No big deal."

"So why are we here?"

April grinned. "I make the best hamburgers in town."


She was in her house!

Cassy wasn't quite sure how that happened. If she didn't know any better she might think that April did it on purpose. Was trying to seduce her.

She laughed at that thought. April wouldn't try to seduce her. She doubted she even knew what Cassy had planned for her 'mate'.

"So Cassy. Tell me about yourself." April said while opening the hamburger.

"Well let's see. I moved here from Canada with my family. They'd love to learn I met..." my mate "...a friend already." She smiled at April. "Ya see, I'm not a very social person. I tend to be more of a loner."

"Yeah me too. I must say that if you wish to be popular, being my frind is going to make that a little dificult. People tend to stay away from me. I guess it must be the animal in my blood."

Cassy stiffened. Had she just said she had animal in her blood? "Animal in your blood?"

April looked like she had been caught stealing money from her mom's purse. She gave her a sheepish smile.

"It's nothing. Just something my mom used to say was why people didn't really like us. I think it meant we were wild so polite society frowned on us."

"I see." She was lying. Cassy could smell it. Though why, she didn't know. What wasn't she saying?

"Here." April handed her a hamburger. Cassy bit into it and pleasure assulted her mouth. She moaned and April smiled. "Told yah."

They sat there in silence eating. Just staring at eachother.

'You are my mate' rang in Cassy's mind. She just had to get April to agree.


"So this is my room." Why had she brought her in here? What was she going to do? Jump her or something?

"It's beautiful." Cassy's voice brought April out of her thoughts.

"Yeah?" And the bed's just as nice as it looks. Oh god. What was wrong with her?

"You like wolves?" Cassy asked looking over the multitude of wolf figurines April kept to remind her of her mother.

"Yeah. Aren't they beautiful?" April sounded full of grief and longing and she knew it, but there was nothing she could do about it.

There was no turning back now.


At the sound of April's voice Cassy felt the overpowering urge to comfort her. But why April needed comfort she didn't know.

"April." Cassy whispered next to her right ear. Deligted when she shivered in the most delectable way and shuttered her eyes.

"Yes?" It was but a faint whisper on her lips that only Cassy could hear being only mear inches from her lips.

Cassy couldn't answer. Her brain muddled by the rush of want and need that consumed her from April's breath on her cheek. She closed her eyes trying to slow her rapidly beating heart.


When Cassy didn't respond April turned slowly, not sure what to expect. At Cassy's closed eyes and lust upon her lips April felt an unyeilding urge to kiss her.

Her lust rising and spilling over, April grabbed Cassy's face between her palms and placed her lips upon Cassy's.

Cassy's eyes flew open with recognition. April was kissing her! Not just a kiss but one filled with passion. Well, she wasn't going to leave her hanging. She thrust herself into the kiss heart and soul. Let April know that she had every intent of loving her until her eyes crossed and her toes curled.

April moaned softly. Her mouth pure bliss. Like nothing she had ever tasted before. It was honey and chocolate and something distinctly April.

Hands roamed, grabbing at clothing, trying to make the two bodies one.

Cassy was pushed down and onto the bed, April stradling her hips. Pure unadulterated want splayed across her face and need in her eyes.

How had April become the agressor? As a werewolf she didn't like anyone dominating her. Not even an Alpha but strangely she wanted April to dominate her. To own her, body, heart, mind, and soul.

"Cassy?" Her voice a little breathless.

"Yes?" Hers just as full of need.

April bent down and took the flesh of Cassy's neck in her mouth and sucked causing Cassy to gasp.


She had to ask her. Needed to know how hard her task was going to be in convincing Cassy. But it was so hard to focus with her scent of the earth and honeysuckle and something almost magical filling all her senses.

"Do you believe in the loup-garou?"

Cassy tensed beneath her, not a good sign. She had to think quicly. She needed the answer to the question.

She moved one hand up under Cassy's shirt and found a straining nub and pinched it, extracting a delicious hiss of pleasure from Cassy. She smiled while another hand went to the fly of Cassy's jeans.



"Yes. I believe."

"Mate." April growled. Something deep and profound churning in her body and soul.


Mate? She can feel it too? And the question about werewolves? She couldn't be full 'were' because if she had she would have felt it but perhaps she has it in her blood. And she knew it?

Her mother! She had said they were dead and the way she looked at the wolf figurines... It all made sense. No wonder April had taken to her quicker than expected. Her loup-garou genes amplifying the urge greater than in a human.

"You are - Oh my god!" Cassy clutched to April as she thrust a finger into her sex. Her thumb teasing the sensitive knob at the beginning of her folds.

April laughed into the tender flesh of her collar bone. She never knew skin there could be so sensitive and connected to her sex.

April began to speed up her thrusting as the spring in Cassy grew tighter. Her fingers pinching and caressing her nipple to far beyond taut.

She inserted a second finger making Cassy believe the spring in her would make her explode, was the pleasure so intense.

When April moved her mouth to Cassy's other breast Cassy came with April's name on her lips. Her caresses never seasing until her body was a pile of useless mush. Unmoving, except for her rapid breathing.

April have moving off her to lay next to her on the bed watching Cassy intently.


She believed! She was her mate. April watched Cassy come down from her orgasm. Her own need roaring to life as she watched her.

Finally Cassy turned to her. A glitter to her eyes that made April squirm in anticipation.

"You are loup-garou." A statement, not a question.

"Only half." There was no need to lie to her mate. She would either accept her or she wouldn't. "My mother. My father was human."

Cassy nodded.

"I cannot shift though. I guess I'm too much like my father."

Again she nodded. "You are my mate. It does not matter."

April's mouth fell open.

Cassy slowly slid off the bed and stood. She removed her clothing and stood naked before April. All creamiy pale skin and long flowing brown hair that sported golden highlights April hadn't noticed before.

Cassy closed her eyes. Her body beginning to glow and grow.

In a flash of powerful light and magic a brown timber wolf stood in front of April.

"You are loup-garou?!?"

Golden eyes glowed back at her from the great wolf. 'Yes'. The word in her head but that of Cassy's voice.

"Did you just speak into my head?"

'Yes. You are my mate. You are loup-garou. You can hear me like this while I am in wolf form.'

"Oh." 'And can you hear my thoughts as well in that form?'

'Yes'. Cassy smiled a toothy grin.

"What?" April was confused. Why did she look like she wanted to eat her up?

'Ah. Because I do sweet April. Remove those unwanted clothing so I can feast upon you.'

Words that would have frightened her had it been from any other wolf in her head, had her quivering with awareness. Did she mean to taste her in wolf form?

'Yes. You are little red riding hood and I am the big bad wolf. All the better to taste you my dear.'

April stood and slowly peeled the clothing from her body. Entirely too aware of the wolf eying her hungrily.

When she was divest of all clothing Cassy spoke to her.

'Lay back on the bed.' Her voice smooth and suggestive rather than demanding.

She layed back unable to stop the shaking of anticipation. She felt the bed dip with the new weight of Cassy. She closed her eyes.

A muzzle nuzzled the crook of her neck. Soft fur brushed a nipple making it taut and wanting attention. April gasped. Her hands twitching to feel the fur of her mate.

Her breath coming out harshly. Her words husky, "May I touch you?"

A soft chuckle in her head.

'Yes, my love, you may touch me.'

April slid trembling hands into the fur at Cassy's neck. April was surprised to find the hairs as soft as silk.

She gasped at the low erotic growl that came from Cassy at her touch.

"Cassy." She whispered. Need lining her voice.

Cassy nipped at her throat making her gasp, realizing that at any moment Cassy could crush her throat in her jaws if she wished.

'Do not worry, my mate, I would not harm you.'

April relaxed back into her bed.

Cassy slowly, torturously, nibbled her way down to April's breasts. She snaked out a long tongue and flicked the tip of one small peak.

April gasped and tightened her grip in Cassy's fur.

Cassy continued her torture on her nipple until April moaned in sexual frustration. She thought she was going to die. The extreme tingling and pooling of heat that ran from her breast to her lower regions.

Cassy then moved to the other breast causing April to spiral higher and writh underneath her.

"Cassy... I want to kiss you." April breathed.

Before she could even blink there was a bright flash and a tingling. Then Cassy's mouth descended upon hers.

April burried her fingers in her hair and held her close. Wrapping her legs around her waist.

Cassy moved her hands to April's waist, her mouth to her neck.

"April, I need to taste you. Will you let me?"

"Yes! Oh god yes!"

April unwrapped her legs from around Cassy's waist.

Cassy claimed April's lips once more.

"Mate!" She snarled before pulling away and lowering herself between April's legs.

April caught her breath at the hungry look on Cassy's face as she stared at her moist sex.

She extended one long finger and slid it down her opening.

"Beautiful, my mate..." She looked up and locked gazes "...You're beautiful."

April groaned at the thrill and pleasure her words envoked.


April closed her eyes and Cassy grinned. Her attention refocusing on the soft flesh in front of her.

Shen inhailed, a scent that made her moan aloud. 'Mate'. God. She could never tire of that scent. It was distinctly April.

She couldn't wait any longer. She moved her mouth over April's sex and pushed her tongue into her soft folds.

April moaned and squirmed above her.

Cassy continued to lick at the soft flesh until April was screaming out in ecstasy.

She moved her administrations to the hard nub at April's entrance. April writhing even harder. Getting louder.

Cassy inserted one long finger and April Came screaming her name.

Cassy giggled. And moved up April's body. Leaving lazy kissed all along her flesh until she reached her lips and gently kissed April's still panting mouth.

Cassy layed her head on April's breast and closed her eyes. Listening to April's shallow breathing and strong heart beat.

Yes. She had found a good mate. A strong mate. An adorable woman and unselfish lover.

April stirred beneath her and wrapped her arms around her head and began stroking her hair.

"I love you."

"And I you my precious April."

April stilled. "But what of your family? Will they be okay that I'm not able to shift? Will they like me?"

Cassy smiled. Will they like her? "Of course they'll like you. I love you. You are my mate. We do not choose our mates. We are meant for eachother. They will not be a problem."

"Well then. I can't wait to meet them." And she smiled.


to be continued...


maybe. I don't know if I should continue on with this story or not. Maybe have them meet the family? Write back with any responses :-D

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