tagNonHumanCassy Ch. 02

Cassy Ch. 02


For anyone whose read my other story 'Cassy' this is her brother's story. I hope you all enjoy his encounter.


The Universe, Earth, Europe, New England... A large gothic home lays waiting in the middle of nowhere... waiting...waiting...for something exciting to happen...


"Annabelle! I'm going now. Remember. I'm not coming back till after the weekend. You didn't need anything did you?"

"No." Yes. I need to feel again. Please Gloria. Can you make me feel again?

"Alright honey. Don't worry and get some color back in those cheeks. Some sun would do you good. Love you and I'll see you soon."

"Bye." That's what they said. They lied. They never saw me again. But I saw them. Cold and lifeless. Mom...Dad...Sarah...Why?

I miss you.

It's one a.m. I'm up. I'm always up.


A wolf. It brings me comfort. Knowing I'm not the only one out there. I wonder if they're as lonely as me.


Again. Closer. Is he calling for a mate? Someone to love...?

I feel unexplainably drawn to the window. Knowing somehow what I'll see when I draw back the curtain.

There he is. Large. A good 200 pounds. Black as the night itself except for one white toe that shines as brightly in the dark as if it was one of the stars in the sky.

Yet what I am drawn to the most is his eyes. Golden brown in their depths. Swirling and filled with a knowledge and intellect far beyond that of any wild creature. Almost... human.

I stand there for what seems an eternity unblinking, staring at those golden eyes. Something seems to pass between us as an electrical current passes through my body. My soul seems to cry out to this creature. Needing to be with it. We are one.

I blink and he is gone. I feel empty inside. The need still throbbing through my veins.

What was that about? Feeling so electrified by a dog? No. Not a dog, never a dog, a wolf. Sigh. What has gotten into me? Am I so lonely as to make up things in my head? Yes. I am.

I open the window. The air smells of summer. A cold breeze brushes my hair from my face. I love the summer, especially at night, when you can hear all the wildlife out and about.

A rain drop hits me on the cheek. I close my eyes and let the rain come spilling through the window and onto my body.

I shiver, my nipples becoming hard in the cold. I reach a hand up and pinch one single nipple. A moan escaping my lips.

My other hand travels to the juncture between my thighs. I'm wet there as well. I begin to rub myself. Seeing those eyes, those all knowing eyes.

-Crash- -glass shattering-

My eyes flash open and I quickly swing around to face my door.

What the hell was that? It sounded as if it came from downstairs.

Slightly soggy, I move out of my room and down the stairs. I round the corner and am greeted with a large branch sticking through the living room window. Glass was everywhere, leaves and twigs littering the carpet.

I walked over to the branch, careful to avoid the glass. I tried pushing on it and when that didn't work I tried pulling. Still it didn't move. Looked like I was going to have to go outside.

I was already wet so I didn't see the point of donning a jacket. I grabbed a flashlight and threw open the front door, only to run face first into a large unyielding force.

"Ow." I exclaimed and steadied myself.

I looked down to see large bare feet.


I looked up, and up, and up. He had to be a good 6 ½ feet tall, at least. With my 5'3" frame I felt like a dwarf.

He was soaked in loose sweat pants and a button down. His shoulder length black hair falling in his eyes which were half closed.

He was gorgeous. Or what I could see of him was.

He swayed. Throwing one muscular arm out to stop his fall against the door frame.

I looked closer. He seemed ready to pass out any second.

"Oh my god. Are you all right?"

He blinked, eyes trying to focus.

"No." His voice was hoarse and deep. It made my legs weak.

His eyes focused on me. Deep golden brown. I sucked in a breath. I knew those eyes. I couldn't breath.

Everything went dark.


She was beautiful, but I had already known that.

"Oh my god. Are you alright?"

Musical, her voice was musical. The worry on her face was adorable.

I blinked, my eyes going in and out of focus.

Was I alright? "No." The truth.

Our eyes met. Electricity buzzed throughout my whole body.

She gasped. Her eyes rolled into her head and she started to fall to the ground.

I caught her before she landed. It took all my remaining strength no to go down with her.

She wasn't heavy, quite the contrary, she was as light as a feather. I just didn't have any strength left from... the fight.

Oh god. I barely made it this time. I won, but not for long. They'll send more. They always send more. I needed to get help. Needed to get home.

We were in danger. I couldn't stay long. We couldn't stay long. I would have to take her with me. Now that I was holding her I wouldn't be able to let her go.

She was mine.

She shifted in my arms to curl up against my chest. Reminding me of both our vulnerability.

I closed the door and focused on her scent. It was overwhelming. I had to find her room. Need to put her down. I found the trail easy enough.

I walked up the stairs and almost collapsed when I reached her room.

I almost laid her down when I realized we were both soaked.

I had to get her dry.

I looked around for a towel and couldn't find one.

My head started spinning and I almost fell, taking the girl down with me.

I quickly laid her down on the bed and removed her night gown.

I sucked in a breath and became light headed again. She was perfect. Long jet black hair framed her face and body which was a fragile porcelain color that seemed to glow in the dark.

She wasn't thin but curvy in all the right places. Her breasts just the right size to fill my hands and hips meant for bearing children.

Someday...my children... I grinned to myself at that thought.

She moaned and it brought me to my senses. She may be mine but this wasn't how I wanted it to happen. Didn't want to push myself on her. She needed to come to me.

Staring at her and having her wake up on me like this was not the way for that to happen.

I noticed the blue tinge to her lips and goose bumps on her flesh, and quickly covered her with the sheets.

Now that I noticed it... I was shaking from the cold myself.

I staggered over to the open window and closed it. Shaking I saw the arm chair next to the bed and decided that was where I was going to sleep. She probably wouldn't appreciate me getting in bed with her.

I undressed and threw my wet clothes to the ground to dry. Flopping in the chair I sat there exposed to the world.

She probably wouldn't like that either. I grabbed a blanket from the floor and threw it over myself.

I sat there listening to her breath, wondering what she would do when she saw us like this in the morning when sleep consumed me.


My head hurt. I opened my eyes and sun light blinded me. I must have forgotten to close the curtains before getting in bed.

Wait. How did I get in bed?

I blinked against the sunlight and my eyes focused on a large half naked man in my arm chair.

What the hell? I sat up quickly in bed. My sheets falling to rest at my waist. Cold air greeted my flesh and my nipples hardened.

I looked down. I was naked! Oh my god!

I grabbed my sheets and drew them up to my chin.

I was naked! Had he raped me last night? I did a self check and I didn't feel sore anywhere. No blood coated my thighs. No bruises anywhere.

I blew out a breath relieved. He hadn't raped me after all.

He moaned and shifted in his sleep. His shoulder length black hair falling away from his face revealing handsome features. He had a strong jaw, high cheek bones, long eye lashes and sensuous lips.

They were made for kissing. My insides tightened.

Last night came rushing back to me. The storm. The window. Him. The wolf. His eyes...

Those eyes. They were the wolf's eyes. Those too smart eyes.

He was the wolf. He is the wolf.

It didn't matter that he wasn't supposed to be real. He was.

And he was in my room.

I shivered. Not from fright but from the memory of the way those eyes made me feel.

I clenched my legs together.

My eyes continued downward to his strong chest and arms. He had a broad chest and tapered waist.

He shifted again and the blanket that was barely covering him fell even more to the ground. It exposed one strong thigh and left little to the imagination as it hugged his sex and other leg.

It was long and seemed to be getting longer and harder the more I stared. As if my staring alone was willing it into attention.

I sucked in a breath. I knew I shouldn't but I had to get a closer look.

I gathered one of my sheets around me and left the bed.


She was staring. I could feel it. I decided to put on a little show for her.

I shifted in my seat and the thin blanked fell exposing my thigh and outlining my cock.

Her breathing quickened and I was right. She was staring.

I started getting hard at that point. I tried to calm it down but her sharp intake of breath broke all power I had over it.

I heard the sheets move and her small weight hit the ground. I tensed.

Should I 'wake up' or just stay still and let her leave?

Her steps came closer. She wasn't leaving? I was the opposite direction of the door.

She came over and stood mere inches away. My heart rate picked up. She leaned over me and drew in a deep breath. Then sighed.

Did she just smell me? I had to repress a smile. She was bold and used her senses. Good.

I felt gentle hands push my hair away from my face and slowly move down my jaw. Her touch left a tingle sensation in its wake.

Her hands moved to my neck then shoulders. She gently massaged my pectorals and when her nails grazed my nipples I had to suppress a groan as they stood to attention wanting her to examine them more thoroughly.

Her hands continued on their path downwards to where the blanket met my stomach.

She tentatively grabbed the blanket and dragged it off my body. My cock now released from its confines sprang to full attention just for her.

She sucked in a sharp breath.

I couldn't take it anymore. I had to end this little game before I did something rash and ravished her right there.


When I removed the blanket I almost passed out. He was huge! How would he ever fit inside me?

Wait a minute! What was I talking about? I was NOT going to have sex with this man! Was I?

My body tightened in the thought. I started to become extremely wet.

Oh god. That's not good.

"Enjoying the view?" A deep husky voice made me jump.

I looked up and met golden knowing eyes filled with laughter... and... lust??

He stretched and his member caught my attention again. And he knew it.


He grinned up at me. Silently laughing.

Fine. "Well I figured I should be able to see you naked. I mean. It's only fair. You saw ME naked!"

He flat out started laughing at me. A rich laugh that made me want to grin too.

"What?" Trying to hide my smile.

"Nothing. It's just. I never would have expected a small thing like yourself to be so...bold." He had a genuine smile on his sensuous lips. It made my knees weak.

I grinned. I couldn't help it. "Well I tend to blurt things out when I'm in an awkward situation. And I must say. You catching me gawking at your nudity was defiantly awkward for me."

He stood and I was frozen in place, unable to move as he approached me.

His eyes filled with lust he leaned into me. Breathing into my ear. "You didn't answer my question."

I trembled at his touch. "What question?"

"Were you enjoying the view?" he asked throatily.

Of this hot supernatural being? Naked before me? Who made me tingle with even the slightest glance? I wonder... "Yes." I replied breathlessly.

"Well so had I." My legs finally gave out at that.

He caught me and I felt the hard plains of his body. The opposite of my own. His large member pressing into my hip.

Heat shot through my body and rested at my core.

I lost my grip on the sheet covering my body and it slid down my body. Exposing me to him.

When our flesh connected we both moaned at the sudden contact.

Oh god it felt so right. His body pressed against mine. I wanted to be closer. One with him. I wanted him inside me.

God he was so hard.

I opened my eyes. Hadn't even realized I had closed them.

His were shuttered. Staring at me. Glazed over with... lust? Yes. Lust. Gold eyes staring at me intently. Watching me. Waiting.

My heart rate sped up and I thought I would pass out again.

Reality snapped back into place. I was crushed up against a...man? Was he a man? He was also wolf, was he not?

He shifted. Barely. But enough to probe that he was indeed a man. No way to forget that. He may be wolf but he was all man.

And what a man! He was gorgeous and rugged and delicious.

But who was he?

A thought hit me. "I don't even know your name." It came out a bit more breathless than I had intended.

I licked my lips. His eyes followed the movement.

"Nor I yours." He smiled and rocked against my center.

We groaned in unison. It felt so good.

"Annabelle." I hissed out.

"Annabelle." My name on his lips made me shiver. He seemed to be savoring it on his tongue, the way his eyes closed then opened again, slightly glazed over.

"Rogue. Call me Rogue."

His mouth came crashing down on mine.

I should have fought him. This...being. This man...I didn't even know anything about.

I should have done ANYTHING but reach up and wrap my arms around his neck. Run my fingers through his hair and throw myself into the kiss. Rub myself up and down his body. Smash my breasts into his chest. But I didn't.

He growled. Growled! And wrapped his arms around me. Pulling me even closer.

One hand moving up to cradle the back of my head. The other trailing down my spine to cup my ass. Lifting me so my clit rubbed against his erection.

I gasped. Opening my mouth wider he thrust his tongue inside.

I had never been kissed before and this was all almost too much for me to handle.

My eyes threatened to roll back into my head from it all.

His grip tightened and I was lifted from the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist. Trapping his erection between our bodies.

His hand on my ass creeped lower and found my soaking lips.

I gasped and broke the kiss. My back arched and my breasts thrust into his face.

His mouth quickly moved to a very tight, very erect nipple, and enveloped it.

I almost came right there.


Annabelle! Annabelle! ANNABELLE!

Delicious, beautiful, wet, and oh so responsive.

She felt so good. Her slim legs wrapped around my waist bringing her soaking core into contact with my erection. So wet. So hot.

I'm in tortured heaven. Her hard little nipple engulfed by my mouth. Her taste... We both moan.

She's so small, I feel like I'm holding a pillow. Not a full grown woman.

She's just as soft.

My fingers find her entrance. I slide one long calloused finger into her heat from behind.

She sucks in a breath forcing her breasts more into my awaiting mouth.

I pump my finger in and out slowly. Drawing out her pleasure. Slowly bringing her pleasure.

I lift her higher so my fingers have greater access.

She's rubbing herself against me. Both giving me pleasure and extracting her own.

I insert a second finger. Stretching her wider. Intensifying the pressure. Deeper they go. Stroking faster.

Deeper, deeper, deeper.

I hit resistance, a barrier. Her hymen.

My fingers still inside her. She barely notices, her hips rising and falling on my fingers.

She's still a virgin. I hadn't thought of that. The fact that she had never been touched. That I was the first. Made me growl, something low in my throat and animalistic. My beast close to the surface.

"Mine." I growl. Can't hold it back. God I hope I didn't frighten her.

"Yes." She breathes. "Yours."

I groan. Oh god. I think my erection got even harder.

My fingers begin their work again. This time my thumb circling and finding her little erect nub.

She moans excitedly. She's close. So close.

"Oh god Rogue... It feels so g-g-good..."

I smile around her breast. She was so responsive, so honest, so beautiful... I didn't even care anymore about my own release. There was only Annabelle's pleasure, her own release.

"Yes Annabelle, cum for me."

I inserted a finger and she screamed with the force of her orgasm.

She held on so tight. So tight. Then the spasms stopped and her body went lip in my arms. Her breathing hard.

I kept one hand planted firmly on her ass and moved the other one up to cradle the back of her head holding her close to me.

I whispered little soothing words in her ear. Totally forgotten was my own release. My member throbbing between us.

Annabelle slowly wrapped her arms around my neck. Tangling her fingers in my hair.

She lifted her head from my neck and stared into my eyes. Gold meeting a stormy grey. Beautiful eyes.

God she took my breath away. Her body called to me. Her personality called to my intellect. The woman was quickly stealing my heart.

She was destined to be my mate but mortals didn't always take well to my kind. And not many of us would accept a mating between species.

Some could be loveless matings.

Not this one. She would love me as I was coming to love her.

She smiled. A shy smile. Now that the quick passion had passed she was feeling self-conscious.

I would have none of that. If she was to be my mate she would need to shed her fear. Her fear of me.


Oh god. What had I just done? I had practically thrown myself at him. This man that wasn't really a man.

I finally got the courage to lift my head from his shoulder. He was staring at me. Those gold eyes piercing into my soul.

I blushed. A small smile forming on my lips.

He looked at me. He looked sad. Disappointed?

I looked away. I couldn't handle that stare. That look of disappointment.

His hand left my neck and I felt it on my cheek. "Annabelle."

That pleading demanding tone made me turn and look at him.

His eyes were full of an emotion I couldn't place. Or didn't want to recognize...

"Don't ever be afraid of me. Everyone fears me. I won't have you be one too."

Afraid? Of him? I was terrified! Not though of what or who he was but of the feelings he caused in me.

He slowly lowered his lips to mine. Giving me plenty of opportunity to turn away.

I didn't.

Our kiss started soft and slow. Soon turning deep and passionate.

He broke the kiss and slowly lowered me to the ground.

I hadn't even noticed it in my shyness. He was rock hard. Never gotten his release. I had selfishly sought mine while he was left behind.

"I'm sorry." I said.

He looked at me confused. "Why?"

"You. Ummm... Never got your release."

He smiled. A smile that made my insides tighten and burn up.

"I hardly even noticed." It just rolled off his tongue and made me think of dark stormy nights. I blushed.

My stomach growled. He laughed.


"Apparently." I laughed.

He turned around and walked to his clothing on the floor. Presenting me with a very nice view of his ass. I practically purred.

He had such a great body. Such a nice muscular back and shoulders.

I drooled.

He grabbed his pants and pulled them on. Covering his tight ass, muscular thighs, and large member from my view.

I frowned. I had liked the view.

He turned and smiled at me. Eyes laughing, he had known exactly what I was thinking. His gaze turned heated.

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