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Cast of Characters


The following persons are the main characters in most of my stories. I decided to post them here for quick reference, not only for the readers, but so I can refer to it to have a consistent and accurate list.

Some details may be accurate; others may vary, depending on the story and its theme. Hope you will enjoy their descriptions and get a better feel for the characters.

Dean: (Gem’s present lover)
He is a single white male in his early thirties. Dean is roughly five feet, eight inches and weighs around 145 pounds. He has brown short hair, which he wears with gel it in slicked back and spiked lightly. He is well toned, his upper body defined by the many hours he spends lifting and carrying heavy boxes and display items at the warehouse in which he works.

Sexual Orientation:
Dean is a straight male and he loves women. He prefers to give than to receive. He loves to perform oral sex, spending as much time as possible licking pussy. The feel of wet lips against his tongue is highly erotic to him, so he attempts to go down on his partner as often as he can.

His favorite position is doggy style, slapping his balls against the inner thighs of his partner. The deepness of penetration is intense and he can hardly resist cumming every time he performs. He loves the freedom of being able to reach around under his partner and finger her clit or grab her swaying breasts as he rocks back and forth inside her.

His secret fetishes are feet and stockings. He loves to play and kiss his partners feet as part of foreplay, and if she ever wore stockings, he would be lost for hours, adoring her legs, licking the silky material.

Gem: (Roommate to Anita, sister to Carol and Dean’s present lover)
She is a single white female in her middle thirties. Gem is five feet, five inches in height and prefers not to say how much she weighs. She is adamant about her weight, although she is very gorgeous; she carries a few extra pounds. She has beautiful hair of blond, and eyes of blue. She is top heavy, her ample bosom receiving many stares from the men, and occasionally from some of the women.

Sexual Orientation:
Gem considers herself bi-sexual, enjoying the loving from both men and women. She has had serious relationships with men, and an occasional relationship with a few women. She enjoys oral sex, both giving and receiving. She loves the feel of hot body parts against her tongue and inside her mouth.

Her favorite position is also doggy style, her lover taking her from behind. The feel of his cock deep inside her, his stomach pressed tightly against her butt. She reaches for his balls from between her legs and holds them as he fucks her hard.

Anita: (Roommate to Gem and Carol)
Anita is a single white female in her late twenties. She has always been vague about her weight also, but she is fairly toned. She has little of body fat to speak of and she knows it. Her blond hair is accuented by her blue eyes. She is tiny tittied, as her and Gem are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Her curvaceous figure attracts the lust of many men, and Gem in particular.

Sexual Orientation:
She is a straight woman with lesbian tendencies. She is an exhibitionist and not afraid to walk around naked in the presence of members of the opposite sex in the room. She rarely wears bras and panties, preferring the natural feel of her naked body resting against her clothes.

Her favorite sexual position is on top of her lover. She loves the control and how she can manipulate her lover’s level of excitement. Anita loves the power she commands as she rides her lover to orgasm, reaching at least two of them before allowing him to cum himself.

She loves to suck cock, and does so with vigor. Her lips sensitively wrap around his tip for several minutes before taking all of him deep into her mouth. By then, he is usually ready to explode, but she somehow manages to make him wait until she is on top.

Rico: (See Dean above)
Rico is Dean’s stage name when he works at Gem’s nightclub. He is the Saturday night disc jockey.

Ike: (Anita’s present lover)
He is a single white male in his late twenties. He stands at around six feet and weighs around the hundred and eighty pound point, give or take ten pounds. His hair is very dark, almost completely black, matching his eyes perfectly. His tall frame carries his muscular body, well defined from his hard labored work.

Sexual Orientation:
He is a simple man, enjoying mostly straight sex. His enjoys receiving blowjobs, almost as much as licking pussy. He is a breast man, loving every shape and form of them.

His favorite position is the missionary position. He prefers to face his lover as he makes love to her, able to reach her breasts with his lips and to kiss her deeply. He can look into her eyes and convey his excitement through them.

Carol: (Roommate to Anita, sister to Gem and Mitch’s present lover)
Carol is a single white female in her early thirties. She is about five feet, five inches and falls somewhere between Anita and Gem when it comes to her weight. (Notice how the women here tend to not divulge their weight information, weird eh?) She has man made blond hair, and her brown eyes appear sleepy most of the time, due to the lack of sleep she suffers from on most days.

Sexual Orientation:
She is a straight female, with no thoughts of other women in her mind. She is not a homophobe, but the thought of another woman touching her makes her skin crawl.

Her favorite position consists of anything sexual. May it be missionary, doggy style or her riding on top. She could be pleased to be lying on her side as her lover fucks her from behind. She loves to receive oral pleasure, her pussy moist at the thought of it.

Mitch: (Present lover to Carol)
Mitch is a single white male in his mid thirties. He stands at five feet, eight inches. His weight can sometimes be problematic, but he has been stuck at a hundred and eighty for the last year. He has dark eyes and salt & pepper hair. He appears older than he actually is, and he also suffers from the same problem Carol has, his eyes looking tired most days.

Sexual Orientation:
He is a straight male, with homosexual thoughts creeping into his head every now and then. He has mentioned this to Carol, and she is okay with it. (Two men, one woman, she loves the thought of it)

He is open to most positions, not favoring one more than another. He pleasures his lover as often and in as many ways as he is capable of. He loves oral sex, but when he gets his lover in the nude, his fingers take control of the situation, and soon oral sex is soon forgotten as he is deep inside her.

A final thought:
All the men in my stories are normally endowed. There will never be any enormous cocks, stretching from here to eternity. I don’t find this attractive, nor do I find it sexually stimulating. If you do, I apologize.

Well, I hope this helps those out there in getting a better feel for my characters, I know that it will save me a headache searching for accurate details everytime.

Of course there are more people involved in my stories, referring to the Farmer’s Daughter story. These will be described in the stories themselves, and they will probably be used only once or twice.

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