tagRomanceCastaways Ch. 06

Castaways Ch. 06


This is a fictional account.


"These are the culprits!" Em exclaimed teasingly and gave John's testicles a firm but gentle squeeze as he lay on the frond mat by the fire pit.

They had just finished another glorious bout of lovemaking and both their tanned bodies glistened with perspiration in the late morning sun. John lay back with his arms under his head. His flaccid cock draped across his left leg, wetter than the rest of him with their combined cum. Em squatted beside him, letting his newly deposited seed drip from her to the sand below.

"What?" John claimed innocently, but also with a smile for her.

"You know what I'm talking about, daddy," Em declared.

"You're sure then," John said and made certain he was upbeat sounding.

"John, it's been a week now and still nothing. I can't imagine any other answer, can you?" Em asked.

"I guess not," John said, smiling and rising up to kiss her. "Congratulations, mommy!"

"Thanks, daddy," Em said, kissing him back ardently.

"I love you," John said.

"I love you too," Em replied.

"I guess our ideas for contraception didn't work so well?" John mused.

"Yeah, I guess letting this thing," and she wiggled his flaccid cock, "make deposits way up inside me and then hoping to rinse them out in the sea wasn't the brightest of our ideas for contraception," Em agreed giggling.

"I believe you're right about that," John stated and laughed with her.

"Even so, I'm going to do it again," Em said and took off in a hurry for the water.

John scrambled to his feet quickly and chased after her. She had too much of a head start plus she was fast anyway. She reached the water and dove right in. He followed seconds later. They surfaced practically together and John wrapped his strong arms around her from behind. The water felt delightful.

"Didn't we just say this wasn't going to help?" John expressed. "Now that you're past worrying anyway."

"I didn't come in here for that," Em professed with a laugh. "I just wanted to get cool and clean."

"Good idea," John agreed.

He hugged her tightly as they floated in the gentle surf. He kissed her neck and his one hand teased a distended nipple.

"Don't you ever get enough," Em complained but with a snicker.

"Not of you, babe," John proclaimed.

"You know, they're feeling different I think," Em said.


"My nipples, they seemed to be more sensitive," Em claimed, gently pushing his hand away.

"You think that's a sign?" John asked.

"Maybe," Em replied.

"Well, good," John stated and dunked her and him under the surf.

They playfully wrestled in the water for a while until both were cooled off and bored. They exited the water together like two bronzed beach bodies from Baywatch. Accept both of these bodies were completely nude as they walked back to camp hand in hand.

John set about catching gulls again as Em cleaned up the morning meal. They had a list of four or five different things they could eat each day between crabs, fish, gulls, remaining smoked turtle, and clams. But the routine was becoming increasingly boring and they both hungered for something different in their diet. The bananas helped but even they were becoming less exciting to their palates.

John caught two gulls, cleaned them for supper, and brought them back to camp. Em wasn't there, so he started the smoker and hung both of them in there. He would fully smoke one and the other they would roast and eat later. After he was done, he walked down to the beach looking for Em. He spotted her down the beach, way past the nose section of the plane, which was still visible in the surf. He could see she was looking for clams and contemplated walking down to help but instead just sat down to watch her.

He felt he had a lot to think about as he watched the white bikini clad beauty bend to dig for a clam. Her long blonde, sun bleached locks flowed exotically in the breeze. The last few weeks had been incredible with Em but now they had some serious decisions to make. Since it looked like she was indeed pregnant, would they be able to stay on this island or be forced to venture off?

With the routine of catching the gulls requiring him to sit for long hours waiting patiently for the birds to appear, land, and take the bait inside the trap, he had plenty of time to observe things. He had noticed that more often than not, the birds flew in from the northwest. He was starting to take that as a good sign that the closest land must be in that direction, if they could just make it there.

John thought the idea of giving birth on the island was risky for Em and the baby. Certainly, it wouldn't be the first time a woman was forced to give birth without the aid of doctors and in a hospital but the thought of putting Em through the dangers associated with that didn't appeal to him. 'She must be thinking that herself,' he imagined, 'but her youthful exuberance for everything working out fine might also be coming into play.' He had to think about this and talk with her about what was best for the baby.

His thoughts turned to how they could ever get off this island anyway. For over a week now, he had mulling around in his head an idea. It would take a lot of the bamboo available to them but they could try to construct a raft. The idea he had was to make the raft out of bamboo but then utilize the plastic rafts from the plane on top of the bamboo as further support. He could build a seaworthy raft from just the bamboo but the added benefit of the rafts lashed together on top would give them added safety. If the bamboo raft were to ever break up in heavy seas, they could always continue on in one of the plastic rafts. Even lash them together and use one for supplies.

The risks and pitfalls were enormous and he tried to tell himself not to minimize them. But he also knew that staying here and doing nothing might be equally as dangerous. The longer they waited too, the more pregnant Em would become. If they were going to attempt this, he wanted to do it while she was still strong and agile just in case things got rough. He also knew that the summer was rapidly approaching. The summer and especially the fall in the lower Caribbean meant hurricanes. They had survived one good storm already but nothing like a full blown hurricane.

He was so deep in thought, Em had to yell three times as she approached to get his attention. He looked up to see her within fifty yards and struggling to carry the heavy turtle shell full of clams. He got up quickly and ran to her to relieve her of her burden.

"Oh, thank god, my arms were about to break," Em exclaimed as John took the turtle shell filled with clams.

"Wow, someone had a good clamming run," John effused.

"Yeah, there seems to be a lot of them down that way," Em stated.

"Good ... these will make great soup," John claimed.

"What were you thinking about when you were sitting here?" Em asked as they passed the spot where he sat going back to camp.

"About how beautiful you are and how lucky I am," John mused.

"That's nice but why the worried look then. I would think you'd be smiling about that," Em said jokingly.

"Okay, you got me there. Actually, Em, I was thinking about if we should stay on this island or not?"

"I thought we'd been over this and decided to wait for rescue, at least until we're forced to leave for water or something?" Em questioned.

John set the turtle shell down near the fire pit, "Your pregnancy changes that."

"Why? I'm not afraid to have the baby here with your help," Em proclaimed.

"Em, it's not safe for you or the baby. What if there is some complication? This is your first child. The first is usually the most difficult for a woman."

"I can do it with your help. Besides, I thought you said we had no clue which direction was right to reach land."

"I've been working on that and I think northwest is the best option. The gulls I observe flying in most often come from that direction. I believe that is telling us that land is closest in that direction."

"What if you're wrong? It would be more dangerous having the baby at sea," Em stated.

"From the chart in the plane and what I remember about Caribbean geography, most of the islands should lie in that direction. That is why I'm more confident now that I see where the birds are coming from. With the compass, we should be able to maintain a true northwestern course. If we do that, even if we miss the first island or two, eventually we should sight land," John declared.

"Okay, say you're right about the direction. What about storms? You said the plane's rafts weren't that great for open seas travel?" Em queried.

"They're not, but if we utilize the bamboo to construct a strong raft beneath them, then I think we might have a good chance. Bamboo is rough and floats well. The key will be securing them together tight enough with just vines."

"How do you plan to do that then?" Em asked.

"Well, I was thinking we could notch out the bamboo almost like Lincoln logs. You know what those are?"


"Ahh, youth," John quipped. "It's like making a log cabin. You notch the ends so they fit snugly together."

"Okay, but do we have enough bamboo?" Em asked.

"Probably," John replied.

"John, isn't this more dangerous than just staying here?" Em questioned.

"It was before you became pregnant and before we needed to worry about hurricane season," John informed.

"Oh, so my pregnancy is forcing us off the island," Em said, acting a little miffed like it was her fault.

"Our pregnancy and wanting to keep you and the baby safe is what makes this more urgent," John claimed.

"Why so urgent? I'm probably not due until December," Em observed.

"It's going to take us a while to build the raft. We're into April now. Hurricane season will start up soon and we can't risk that," John explained, but didn't go into her advancing immobility as she got bigger too.

"That still gives us several months," Em claimed.

"Yes, but I even worry about our survival here if a hurricane were to hit the island. You saw the destruction we had with just that storm," John advanced.

"True ... geez, you're a real pessimist today. What brought this on?"

"Well, like I said, I was watching the birds plus I've been thinking of this for a while now."

"You have, and decided to spring this on me just today?"

"It was watching your gorgeous ass bend to dig for clams that sparked it," John kidded.

"Wiseass," Em yelled and playfully jumped on him and pushed him to the ground with her on top.

They wrestled briefly and playfully until the kissing started. Then somehow Em's clothes were next and John's shorts. Naked now, she lay on top of him, feeling his erection coming back. John felt her erect nipples poking his chest as his hands held each of the firm smooth cheeks of her ass.

"You want to go again, sailor," Em playfully said.

"You're too good to me, nurse," John replied jokingly.

"You know it," Em said, rising up on her one arm and using the other to align his cock with her pussy.

"Oh, fuck," John groaned as she settled slowly down. "You're going to wear me out."

"I'll make you die smiling, old man," Em proclaimed laughing.

"I believe you will," John agreed with a laugh too.

John lasted a good long time since it had just been six hours since their last marathon fuck session. Em worked her pussy on him like a maestro and managed several of her own orgasms before finally getting him to cum inside her. They lay panting together at the conclusion. Both were completely sated and lovingly kissed.

"Wow, you sure know how to make a girl happy," Em joked when his flaccid cock finally slipped out of her pussy with the aid of his slippery cum.

"I'm the happy one," John observed.

"Yeah, he looks kinda happy," Em mused as she lifted off his body and looked at his cum drenched cock.

"He's tired but happy," John allowed.

"Can't go any more," Em said jokingly as she flipped his soft dick back and forth with her hand.

"Oh, Em, please. Let me recover," John begged.

She kissed the velvety soft cockhead getting a taste of his cum on her lips. Her tongue snaked out to lick her lips and tease the head playfully.

"You're a wicked woman," John growled feeling the light touches.

"You love it," Em fired back between licks.

"Oh, god. I have to confess I do," John groaned as she sucked tenderly on just the head.

Em continued to suck and lick John's cock until she felt it start to stir with life. Confident she could get him up again if she wanted, she sat back to give him a break unless he chose to go on.

John was up on his elbows watching her tease him. "Shouldn't we be thinking about dinner," John said, observing the sun getting low.

"I guess, slacker," Em said, pouting slightly at his begging off further sex.

"I promise once more before bed," John affirmed.

"Good," Em said, smiling at him as she got up.

They lit the fire and cooked the clams in the turtle shell with seawater. Em's success at gathering the clams meant they could just eat those for dinner and save the smoked birds for later. They added some roots to the soup also.

After eating and cleaning up, they went for a swim before dark. The swim was refreshing and allow them to clean the sweat and cum after the day's activities from their bodies. Em hadn't put her bikini back on after John removed it, so he was treated to the constant sight of her nude body as they swam. He loved to watch the water drip off her tanned form as the setting sun made her skin glow and shimmer.

"God, you're beautiful," John told her at one point.

"You're not so bad yourself," Em said smiling back.

"Besides, you won't think so when my tummy's out to here," Em mentioned and gestured how big it would get.

"You'll be even prettier to me then," John claimed.

"Good," Em said smiling and kissed him in the calm waves.

They had brought towels to the beach. Most days they were there all the time anyway, except on wash day. There weren't many of those though as they either wore nothing or next to nothing all the time. Mostly, it was just towels which they laid on now. The warm trade winds dried their bodies as the sun dropped behind the other side of the island. They lay side by side holding hands in the increasing starlight.

"John," Em said.


"You really think we need to go?"

"I do, Em," John declared.

"I love it here with you," Em said.

"Me too, Em. I wish we could stay like this forever, without a worry in the world," John agreed.

"It's so beautiful here. You really don't think we'll be safe?"

"I worry too much for yours and the baby's safety," John claimed.

"It could work, having the baby on the island, you know," Em allowed.

"Yes, it very well could but it's not worth the risk. Besides, I worry equally about the coming hurricane season."

"Yeah, I suppose that's a real threat," Em agreed.

"It is, Em."

"When do we start building the raft then?"

"Tomorrow," John stated.

"Well, we have tonight before we have to think about leaving this beautiful island home of ours," Em effused and rolled against him.

John felt her distended nipples, probably from drying with the breeze, push against his arm. "We have that, babe," John proclaimed.

Em kissed him passionately. They spent a long time kissing and holding each other before Em started working down his body. Her feather light kisses ran from his neck to his nipples, down his belly, and to each thigh. His cock began to react to her presence even before she ever touched it. It was partially standing when she took him in her soft little hand.

John felt her blowing hot air onto his cock and got up on his elbows. He watched her as she continued to do so and look at him. The moon and a billion stars gave them enough light to see all they needed to. He could see the corners of her mouth curl into a smile as she licked gently at the rising, expanding head.

"What's so funny?" John questioned.

"I was just thinking how I'm going to get this guy hard and then torture him until he can't take anymore," Em mused.

"Yeah, you're like the female black widow luring in the poor unsuspecting male," John observed with a chuckle.

"Yeah, good thing for you I don't eat my lover," Em pronounced with a giggle.

"Not even a little?" John joked.

"Maybe some," Em stated, then swallowed half his cock in one swift motion.

"Oh, fuck," John howled. "You are a black widow."

"Prepare to be eaten," Em giggled around his cock in her mouth.

John fell back against the towel and let her work on him. Her mouth was incredibly skilled and she sucked him deliciously. She played with the head first and then moved on to suck his balls. John liked that and moaned as she took each one of his nuts into her mouth and sucked on them.

"God, Em," John groaned. "You do that so well."

She finished with his balls and kissed and licked up the shaft. Her hands were seldom idle as her mouth worked him like an artist of fellatio. She looked up to his face as her tongue tortured the sensitive nerves on the underside of the head.

"Oh, fuck, girl. You keep that up, I'm going to cum," John warned.

"I'm not going to let you do that until you've fucked me silly," Em announced.

"Then swing around up here with that ass of yours. I want some too," John pleaded.

Em swung around to let him get at her pussy. She loved to sixty-nine and they spent nearly hours sometimes sucking each other until John finally had to cum. Em was particularly good at bringing him close, knowing when to back him down, and then revving him up again just short of cumming. It was maddening but delicious at the same time for both of them. John could usually make her cum two or three times while she tortured him.

John kissed around her beautiful bald sex. She kept it completely shaved since they arrived on the island. He liked it that way and she did too. He could smell her sweet aroma as he parted her lips and drove his tongue home in her pussy. Em groaned and then as repayment took his cock to the root with her mouth and into her throat. John howled his approval into her pussy.

Their oral pleasures went on until John had sucked her clit and fingered her cunt to two orgasms and had her little button too super sensitive to continue. She rolled off him after the second climax and swung around. Her lips were flush and pouty from sucking his cock for nearly an hour. His dick was in a state of need so bad pre-cum seemed to ooze in a nonstop stream. Em figured he could go right away and she wanted a break too, so she just eased herself down onto him. She took him deep and then just rested there.

"Mmmm ... that feels so good inside me," Em groaned aloud.

"I'll say," John growled.

"I'm just going to sit here a second," Em said, but John felt her pussy muscles flex and grip his cock.

"Not fair," John gasped. "If you want me to last you won't do that again."

Em kissed him and smiled down at his strained face, "What's the matter, big boy? You can't handle it," Em chided.

"Not and fuck you silly," John freely admitted.

"Okay, I want that," Em conceded.

They kissed and pushed tongues into each other's mouth until both were ready to continue. Em started moving slowly on him and John let her do most of the work. He hoped to make Em cum at least once more before he had to himself. At this pace, he felt he could hold out as Em slowly worked his cock inside her.

Em continued to move slowly, grinding her cunt down on him, which meant she could get the stimulation she wanted to her clit but only tease him. They had worked this routine many times before and John was satisfied to let her get herself off on his cock before really fucking her hard. When Em got close, he would fuck up into her and push her over the edge. He worked it again this way tonight and watched her shudder to a nice orgasm on top of him. He loved to play with her tits as she came. He also loved to watch them quiver as her orgasm racked her incredible body.

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