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Casting Call


When my Dom told me that he was starting a new company and that he wanted me to assist in its development, I naturally assumed that he wanted to take advantage of my multiple degrees and many years spent in higher education. Jackson has been my Dom for a little less than a year and one of the reasons he decided to pursue me as his sub was his desire to have a submissive who was intelligent as well as devoted to her pleasing her Dom. Retired from the Navy, he spent several years working for an international security corporation before finally deciding to quit the corporate merry go round and go out on his own. So I was eager to use my education and intelligence on his behalf in a business venture. However, I quickly learned that it was my other skills that he had in mind.

Our relationship as a Dom and sub had been quite interesting in its development. We had both been without a D/s partner for quite some time and were looking for someone to build a lasting bond with. He had much more experience as a Dom than I had as a sub and showed tremendous patience as he introduced me to the various ways in which a sub can serve her Dom. It was a learning experience for both of us but one that proved very enjoyable for all involved. In particular, having a Dom who enjoyed watching me serve other men was fairly new for me and I found that it gave me a tremendous sense of pride to know that my service to other men pleased him. As it turned out, that particular skill was to come in very handy.

Jackson and I are both in our middle years – I'm in my late 40s, he in his early 50s – but we both consider ourselves to be very sexually attractive. He is 6'4", about 200 pounds, and has a beautiful, muscular body. His salt and pepper hair contradicts his youthful brown eyes and trouble making smile. I am what is commonly referred to as a "plus size." Five foot ten inches tall with reddish brown hair and expressive brown eyes, and a set of 40DDs that I am very proud of. As I've gotten older, I've found that my curves attract quite a bit of attention that wouldn't have occurred when I was younger. We both take a lot of pleasure in each other's bodies and hold nothing back in the way we enjoy each other physically.

When Jackson finally told me over lunch what his new company was going to be, I was at first shocked but then burst out laughing when I realized how perfect it was. He was going to start a talent agency for the adult movie business – and WE were going to do the auditions ourselves! The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea, and I could feel my pussy getting warm and wet just considering the possibilities. The idea of sucking on a stranger's cock while he was fucking some young starlet made me want to submit to my Sir right there in the restaurant!

The criteria for our new talent was going to go beyond the traditional bleached blonde with fake boobs and even more fake orgasms. We wanted attractive, highly sexual men and women who were also fresh and appealing. People in a variety of ages groups who LOVE sex in all its variations and varieties. Nothing fake. And their enthusiasm would be measured by how they performed in the final auditions.

As Jackson was describing the set up, he suddenly paused and got a devilish grin on his face as he said, "I haven't told you the best part yet." I was, of course, now even more intrigued about what could possibly be even better than watching hot young cocks and pussies audition for the X-rated market.

"When we do the auditions," he said, "they'll sign a waiver acknowledging that this audition may or may not result in being cast in any adult film, video or any other adult media product. What they won't know is that this audition is for our pleasure alone because we will be participating in the auditions. Our own personal casting couch."

I nearly came in my seat right then and there. A virtual parade of cocks and pussies trying their hardest to impress us with their sexual prowess – and all for our pleasure! After we paid the check, we went back to his car and I could feel how slick and swollen my pussy was as we were walking. Once we were in the car, Jackson pushed my skirt up to expose my shaved pussy and I spread my legs wide open for him to examine. He stroked my soaked cunt lips slowly, circling my swollen clit, tasting the juices that covered his fingers, then he suddenly began rubbing my clit as quickly as he could. I was already so close to orgasm that I begged to cum almost immediately. The second he gave permission, I bucked and moaned, waves of orgasms washing over me. I was oblivious to the other cars in the parking lot and the people who were attracted by the noise and view as my body gave in to my Sir's attentions.

After a few minutes to catch my breath, I knew that, more than anything, I wanted to taste my Dom's cock in my mouth. His beautiful hard cock was already out and glistening with the pre-cum that I loved so much. His cock is large but not too large so it's the perfect size for me especially when giving him a blow job. I bent over his lap and took his entire shaft into my mouth, savoring his salty sweet cream, licking and stroking and sucking. His cock was very hard and the smooth skin at the tip kept oozing pre-cum into my mouth. Jackson's hand stroked my hair as I serviced him, and his moans advertised how much he needed to cum. After all the talk over lunch of doing X-rated auditions, it only took a few minutes of sucking on his cock for him to explode into my mouth. It was hot and delicious and reminded me that I was soon going to be able to provide that service to other hard dicks all for my Dom's enjoyment.

Within a couple of weeks, we got our business plans in place and ran online internet ads looking for "hot, fresh talent" for a new adult video company. In the first 24 hours we were slammed with over 300 applications. Although we had kept the physical requirements to a minimum as a way to bring in a variety of types, some people were clearly not what we were looking for. One guy was, according to his application, 76 years old and had hair that was dyed jet black and styled in a very bad disco combover. One 32-year old woman applied who couldn't have weighed 100 pounds soaking wet and looked more like a chicken than the next new porn star! But we saw a lot of pictures and applications that looked good enough to bring in for an initial interview.

The first man we auditioned, Mike, was just over 40 years old. A couple of inches over six feet with broad shoulders, he had that "been around the block" look that women love. Light brown, wavy hair just a little bit too long with a few sprinkles of gray woven through. His eyes were a startling blue-green and had very sexy crinkles in the corners. He came in wearing perfectly fitting jeans and a faded gray t-shirt that showed off his well-maintained body. After asking him a few preliminary questions about why he was interested in becoming a porn actor, Jackson leaned close to me and instructed me to have Mike undress so we could see if he had all the goods.

Very professionally, I said, "Mike, we need you to disrobe so that we can see how you will look when you are naked on camera." He looked directly at me then flashed a killer smile as he pulled off his shirt and threw it on the chair next to him. Then he took a step forward, unbuttoned his jeans, and casually pulled them off his long lean legs. It was no surprise to discover that he wasn't wearing underwear but it was a bit of a surprise to see how hard his cock was. It was about seven inches long, and of average thickness, and stood straight up above a pair of heavy balls about the size of lemons. The tip was shiny with pre-cum and, as he held his cock in his hand, he casually rubbed the gleaming liquid over the head of his shaft.

I glanced at my Dom and saw him watching my reaction with a gleam in his eye. He knew my weakness for pre-cum and how much I enjoyed sucking cocks, and I could tell he wanted to see how hard it would be for me to maintain my composure. He instructed me to go over to Mike, and feel his cock. I was also to test the weight of his balls, and with the tip of my tongue, take one single "taste test" of his pre-cum. As I walked over to him, Mike began actively stroking his cock, nice and easy, encouraging even more cream to dribble from his cock slit. I placed my hand on the one he had wrapped around his cock and said, "I believe your hand is preventing me from doing my job."

Mike answered quietly, "My apologies. I didn't mean to interfere with your duties," in a tone that left no doubt as to what he hoped that duty would be.

I held his stiff, hard cock in my hand, testing the weight and feel of it as it lay across my palm. While looking him in the eye, I leaned down with my other hand, and took hold of one of his balls. It was heavy and full, and shaved very smooth. A gentle squeeze produced a quiet moan and I could feel his cock twitch in response. I glanced at the table where Jackson sat watching and I could see that he was very pleased with how I was maintaining my composure. I then leaned over and, with very deliberate care, slowly gave the underside of Mike's now throbbing cock a long, warm stroke with my tongue and ended by lapping up all of the rather large amount of pre-cum that was dripping from his shaft. It was warm and sweet and sticky and tasted wonderful. I savored the flavor of Mike's cream for a moment, then stood up and calmly walked back to the audition table and sat next to my Dom.

Jackson was beaming with pleasure at my obedience and when I sat down, he ordered me to spread my legs so Mike could see my pussy underneath the table. Naturally, I did as I was told and the cool air of the room brushed against my very hot and wet pussy.

"You obviously have the kind of look we've been seeking," Jackson said as he reached over and began lightly rubbing my clit. "Just the right blend of model good looks and guy next door roughness. But do you think you could perform with people watching you?"

It became harder and harder to focus as Jackson's attention to my clit became more intense. "I'd be more than happy to demonstrate if that would help seal the deal," Mike said as he watched what was happening between my legs. By that time, I was barely aware of what was being said, and Jackson reached over, stood me up, and had me bend over the table. He spread my legs as wide as they could go, and motioned for Mike to come over. Mike's cock barely moved as he walked in front of me, then behind me to see what Jackson wished to show him.

"Do you see that pussy?" Jackson asked. "It belongs to me. But it is also the finest pussy I've ever owned. It is always ready to be fucked and never disappoints me. She won't cum until I tell her no matter how badly she needs to. And when she does, you can feel it all the way down to your balls."

Mike listened intently as Jackson spoke. I could feel how close he was standing next to my body and shivered every time my Sir gently stroked my ass like his most precious possession.

"What I really enjoy is watching her being brought to the edge of orgasm by another man and instructing her to wait for my command before cumming. But in order for that to happen, the other man has to be able to stay nice and hard while he's fucking her for as long as I say. Do you think you can do that, Mike?"

"I have no doubt."

"Then I suggest you prove it."

Jackson brought his chair around so he could sit quite close. Mike stood behind me and just placed his hands on my ass, squeezing and gently spanking my white ass cheeks. He moved a bit closer and I could feel the tip of his cock pressed lightly against my very swollen and sensitive pussy lips. I involuntarily pushed back, wanting to fill my aching pussy with his cock.

"That will cost you, my dear," Jackson said as he chuckled at my discomfort. "Yes, sir," I replied and focused on keeping still. Mike slowly pushed the head of his cock into my pussy and stopped as I waited for more. Then he pulled out and pushed back in again, slowly and deliberately, going no further that the big fat tip of his shaft. I kept hoping that each push into my pussy would be a complete one but instead he merely increased my need to be fucked even more. After a couple of minutes of this incredible torture, Jackson said, "Why don't you try going all the way in and see what happens."

On the next stroke, Mike pushed his prick completely inside me, hard and fast, taking my breath away and pushing me very close to cummimg. I moaned with pleasure at finally having my pussy filled with a nice, hard cock, and waited for him to begin fucking me in earnest. I was so close to orgasm that I knew it would take all my efforts to make sure I only came when told to do so.

As I was trying very hard to keep from fucking Mike's cock on my own, Jackson came around in front of me and unzipped his trousers. I smiled as I saw his beautiful hard cock come out, dripping with pre-cum, and ready to be sucked. I happily opened my lips and he pushed the entire length of his cock into my mouth. I was filled with cock at both ends.

As he began fucking my face, Jackson said to Mike, "Go ahead and fuck her as hard as you want keeping in mind that you can't cum until she does. And she can't cum until I say so."

"Not a problem," said Mike, and his cock began pumping my pussy with the same rhythm that Jackson was fucking my mouth. My whole body gave into the feeling of being fucked and used for my Dom's pleasure as both cocks moved in and out of my body in tandem. Mike's long, hard dick filling my pussy, Jackson's perfectly sized cock filling my mouth. My head went completely into subspace and all I could hear was the voice of my Dom as he encouraged me to be his sexy slut and to suck even harder on his nice, big cock as Mike's prick pounded in and out of my hot, wet slit. Twice I came very close to cumming and after denying my request to cum, Jackson instructed Mike to slow down and pull back, only to have him increase his speed and intensity a few minutes later.

I don't know how much longer Mike and Jackson fucked my body but I didn't think I could hold off cumming again. I was too horny and aching to cum for me to control it for much longer. Fortunately, Jackson was ready to bring the audition to an end, and he said, "Get ready to fill her pussy full of jizz, Mike, because I'm about ready to fill her mouth with one big load." Mike's pace increased and I could tell that he was definitely ready to cum inside me. Jackson pushed his cock as far into my mouth as it would go and called out, "Cum now, my little slut! Cum all over Mike's big cock for your Dom!" My body let go as Mike emptied his balls into my body and Jackson began squirting a huge load into my mouth. Both my pussy and my mouth were being blessed with nice big loads of cum cream.

A few minutes later, Jackson bent over and kissed me, stroking my hair as I lay exhausted on the table, while Mike was putting his clothes back on. "How do you think the audition went?" I asked.

Jackson laughed and said, "I think it was great but you better go get something to drink and fix your make-up. Our next audition is in 20 minutes and she claims she loves to eat pussy......"

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Please publish a sequel

I love the style of writing and the story line . Please publish anothe one

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