I slip into the castle walking through the great hall, the firelight dances across my skin. Dark, rich red curls cascade down my back, caressing me with the slow seductive sway of my hips. My emerald eyes kissed with the ocean’s mist, dance with mischief. My red silks transparent in the firelight show every line of my graceful curves, my flawless skin shimmers with the dance of the flames. My full breasts with their swollen nipples betray my pleasure at your taking of my gift of sweet surrender. My short silks ride gently up my thighs showing the glistening wet treasure that is for you and you alone. As I begin to climb the stairs, I moan as the desire to please my Knight, burns like an inferno in my slave’s belly. I make my way to the great wooden door of our bed chambers and silently push it open slipping inside. As my eyes adjust to the moonlight filled room, I see the huge wooden bed. My breath catches in my throat as I find you my Knight, lying on your back the covers pulled to your chin.

I walk first to the window slipping my silks over my shoulders gasping as the silk catches on my swollen nipples that speak of my need. Only catching briefly the silk continues its path over my skin, leaving chills of pleasure in its wake. Stopping the journey over my body as it reaches the swell of my hips. I slip my thumbs between the fabric and my soft skin and slide the silks over my hips and down my legs. Stepping carefully out of them and laying them aside. I move to stand at the window letting the night air cool my fevered flesh, then make my way to the bed. I pull the covers back and slip in beside you. As I move close to you, you turn in your sleep. Your back is exposed to me; I rise to my knees and kiss your cheek softly. I begin to lick my way down your spine slowly, my wet tongue sliding slowly over your skin. I rub my soft hands over your ass moaning softly. You stir and roll towards me still half asleep. my hungry wet tongue beginning with your neck licks my way down, with my soft lips, my wet tongue and little nibbles of my teeth, I make my way to Your chest. After what seems like an eternity I move to your strong flat belly and lick your belly button.

I open my eyes and gasp with the sight of the hard length of your manhood I place my lips on the head pausing briefly. Then I part my lips taking the hard throbbing length of you past my teeth over my tongue. Swallowing I take your cock into my throat. I swallow again allowing you to feel the contractions of my throat closing around you pulling you into my throat deeper and deeper until the shaft is buried in my throat to the hilt. I hold you there for an agonizing period of time my muscles in my throat tightening on you squeezing tighter and tighter until your hands grasp my hair.

Finally I move slowly back releasing you from my throat ever so slowly. Inch by inch until the head slides over my tongue past my teeth and rest on my lips. as your hands try to pull me forward I resist taking pleasure in the feel of you in my mouth and in my throat slowly I move forward swallowing your cock taking you all the way into my throat. You moan with the feel of my throat muscles gripping your cock. I pause for a brief time and begin to move back until the head passes my tongue and my teeth and rests on my lips once again. I take my hand and grip the base of the shaft lightly moving my hand to the head. A glistening drop of precum escapes and my tongue quickly laps it up and I moan at the hot sweet taste of what is to come.

Your hands now guiding my head I open my throat to you and quickly take you back into my throat. Your cock slides deeper and deeper into my throat, the muscles in my throat gripping you. You grip my hair and pull me back and then forward deep into my throat. You hold my head in place by my hair and begin to thrust the entire hard throbbing length of You in and out deeper and deeper faster and faster, in and out faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Time ceases as we lose ourselves in our passion. You bury your cock deep in my throat and you moan for me as you feel the hot cum pump into my throat. I moan and swallow and greedily swallow again and again drinking every last drop of Your cum savoring the taste of you. You lay spent beside me and I kiss your cheek softly as I lay in your arms listening to the beat of your heart. I lay there matching the beat of my heart with yours until they beat as one. I whisper to you as my eyes close and I drift off to sleep. This one is for You and You alone Master.

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