Castle Busenstien Ch. 02


He gulped dragging his pants to his knees embarrassed his cock now red with the hard jerking. Her other hand reached down to cup and squeeze his nuts. "Ughawwww!" He groaned his head swimming. "Be still!" She snapped as she increased her pace.

"Oh, oh, oh ooh, yes, yes, ooohhhhh!"

Becky gave a school girl yelp of delight as his prick shot, the spunk flying straight up like a stuttering fountain.

"Awww ugghhhh!" Two, three last tugs then with the slime across her hand she finally slowed and stopped. She climbed out wiping the come from her hand with a hanky chief not speaking a word.

And it was another 10 miles further on before Kevin stopped panting and pulled up his stained pants.

Janelle had managed to get a few awkward dream filled hours sleep. Her arms had gone completely numb and she had to be help to stand. Her tits were also sore beyond belief the ends now weeping white liquid the jar ahead of her now a quarter of a pint full. She gave the first of what she knew would be many groans that day. "Aaahhhhhh mussst stop pleaseeeeeeee!"

Hans examined the bottle.

"Very good such a great amount from such a lovely cow."

She sensed someone else in the room. It was the two teenagers that she had seen last night on patrol. Both were naked their bodies firm, smooth, hairless. Hans undid her hands from the bounds and she fell to the floor mat. Her first instinct was to pull the tit suckers but the seals were too tight she just spasmed with pain, "oooohhhhh!"

Hans crouched down, "these young men are going to fuck you hard. Their seed is important to us; your tits are ready for pregnancy, be assured your womb is too."

The two boys were erect, their cocks hard, lightly haired and pink. They descended on her while Hans watched. Janelle could only groan her mind accepting the inevitable.

"Oh god this is it!"

Janelle had never been with two men before. She felt hands all over her, on her hips, under her neck inside her thighs. The young mens cocks were slapping her leg and waist the owners frenzied with teenage lust.

"Look at her tits, ahh ooh fucking slut!" Slap!

"Bend her over hmm hmmm how do you like that bitch?"

She howled as one fingered her anus two digits in. The other stroked her tits getting the same response.

"Good there soo hard and fucking sore."


She bucked as the other also groped in delight.

"Open that mouth, come on swallow some cock."

Janelle dry mouth filled with hot young flesh. These boys were young enough to be her kids and she slurped in disgust on his young tender head. "Mmmgghhh!"

The other was pulling her up onto her knees her lacerated arse stinging to his touch.

"Uggh yeah uggh fucking knell you bitch oh ooohhh yeahhhh!" She coughed on the mouth cock the other young blood easing up her pussy.

"Oh god ohhh please!" She wailed in her head.

The boy was thrusting hard making her gag on his friend's tool.

"Ugh, ugh, oh you 're tight and hot, uggh!"

He reached round gripping, her tits tubes clattering on the floor. "Mmmhhhhhh!" She shook in discomfort her breasts still squirting over and over filling the jar. He lent back to begin his serious penetration, "ah ah, ah, ah."

His friend slapped her face away from his cock.

"Too much whore I nearly filled your mouth!"

Hans was supervising making sure the boys would empty up her with their loads. "Now harder yes, yes do it." The young mans first spirt was weak, his second a torrent.

"Ugggghhhh oh, oh!" Janelle gasped feeling her walls splattered with Aryan seed. His cock quickly subsided and in disappointment he withdrew.

The other boy was more patient, he caressed her butt.

"Stay on all fours you horny cow."

The room was silent just the sucking of the machines and Janelle now constant low moan of discomfort. The boy pressed onto her.

"Hold still uggh yes ugggh that's deep uggh ah ah ah!" She rocked obediently his hands on her shoulders and back thankfully letting her abused tits hang loose. His cock was long and firm and she gulped as he fucked hard nudging her deep inners, "Oh, oh, oh!"

She grunted to his enormous delight. "Yes you like it, come on work that fat ass uggh it's coming its coming uggh ooohhhhhh!"

Her throat swallowed as she felt him fire a wad inside her pussy. "Ugggghhhh no more please ugghhh!"

Suddenly the sucking machine fell silent and Hans caressed her sore tits. He smiled, slightly twisting the tubes and she gave a screech as each nipple was plucked from its glass vacuum.


One of the teenage boys was near her again this time with a strange mask, wires hanging from it. The woman screamed as he fastened it over her sweaty face pulling it tight. Voices started in her ears, then lights then she yelped as Hans began to cane her ass, last nights punishment not deemed enough.

Kevin had only just recovered from the temptresses attentions when his transport spun into the courtyard. The blonde beauty he had seen last night was waiting there looking even more stunning in the day. He climbed out sheepish wondering what his driver would say. But Becky just smiled and walked into the main hall.

"My wife, is she here?" He asked feeling relieved.

"Of course but she's showering I believe." Kristen explained smiling warmly. "She's a very fine woman." Kevin nodded proudly in agreement He was then escorted inside to the drawing room.

He sat on a long luxurious sofa; Kristen sitting across from him long legs crossed her appearance immaculate. She began to explain all.

"I'm afraid Janelle is going to be staying with us from now on."

As she spoke at length he frowned confused. The woman was mad, what the hell was she talking about. Stay here, new husband, master race?

He got up face turning red with anger. In the door way he saw his wife, dressed only in a towel her hair wet, legs still damp.

"Janelle what's going on what are you doing for Christ sake?"

Escorting her in was Hans also in a towel. Kevin's anger grew and he stammered unsure of himself.

"Li li listen, I want some explanations."

"Be quiet!" Demanded Kristen,"and sit down!"

Kevin tense his arms, his hands as fists.

"Don't be a fool you are no match for Hans, accept it." Kristen said her voice now belowing.

Kevin saw the man's six pack figure, a body engineered to perfection and he reluctantly relaxed.

"Sit now!" The bitch demanded.

Hans also sat down Janelle kneeling at his side. Her face was tired her eyes blank. At the door now stood one of the young men in full black kit swastika on his arm. In is hand an old ww2 machine pistol. The gun was well oiled and obviously in full working order. He approached leveling the barrel towards Kevin. Kristen introduced the young buck.

"This is Janelle new husband; she'll soon be bearing his child, if he's not impregnated her already."

Kevin shook with rage the boy's eyes delighted, showing he'd already sampled his new busty wife.

Hans unfastened his towel exposing his long limp cock, totally bald.

"A demonstration I think!" And Janelle nodded placing her head in his lap her mouth swallowing the floppy monster.

"Ooh god nooooo," Kevin choked not knowing what to do.

She began to take long slurping sucks the head expanding the shaft quickly hardening. Hans leaned back caressing her head.

"Lick under the head, ahhh yes swallow deeper ugghh! Suck harder good!"

Janelle obeyed her cheeks bulging in her mouth full of saliva," slurp, suck mgghhhhhh!"

Kevin shook his head over and over as the man's cock became enviously hard. Janelle carefully savored his pink fat head her lips wet with her own juices. "Mmmmmm."

Kristen smiled enjoying the view. "Your wife has such a lovely ass. A little sore at present; but still full and womanly."

Kevin could see her butt pressed out, the towel only just reaching below her waist. Her cheeks were bruised; long straight welts where she had taken the cane punishment.

Kristen continued with her teasing. "Have you ever fucked her rear hole? Hmm no? Do you think she could take his cock up there?"

Kevin was shaking, his wife been so obedient not even flinching when Kristen had said what she had in store for her.

Hans ordered his wife to stand up, and then tugged the towel away so she was fully exposed. Janelle just groaned a little as he pulled her down onto his lap facing away from him. Kevin began to shout. "No Janelle for god's sake."

Hans put his arm under her closed knees and raised both legs tight together. Her ass stretched and Kevin could see the hard cock sliding against her butt crack. Her hands were down spreading her cheeks the pink anus winking at him as Hans pointed his cock towards the tight entrance. His wife gave a long moan the cock forced against her hole. Hans was lifting his waist pushing slowly but firmly.

"Ugghh oooooohhh agggggghhh!"

Janelle gasped then gave an anguished groan as her ass was slowly busted open.

"Oooooohhh uggghhh!"

The cock was disappearing between her stretched rectal mouth. Her swollen breasts were pointing to the roof as her back arched her teeth gritted the cock now 4 inches and more inside.

"Ooohh god ugghh mmmmmggggg!"

Kristen laughed. "The bitch likes it.! Look at how her ass hole is stretched round my brother's cock!"

Kevin couldn't take his eyes of the seated couple. The man's fat balls almost the only visible part of his cock the shaft sucked inside her. Then he slowly pulled out making Kevin wince with the length of shaft he had eased up her. Janelle gave a satisfied yet painful moan.

"Ohh yesss master ugghh!"

He jerked back up gripping her waist holding her knees high.

"Ugghh master! Ohh ohhh!"

He began to pump her ass red with the friction her face tensed but aroused, "uggh uggh oh fuck, uggh yeah, yeah arrgggg shit, shit ugghhh!"

He gave a grunt as his cock came too far out springing from her hole, the black void visible as her muscles tensed back close. She shrieked as he hungrily forced it back in.

"Ugghh ja, ja ugghgh ugghh!"She gasped her accent now with a taint of German. Her nails clawed the back of the seat as she struggled to hold herself steady his bucking becoming rampant.

"Oh, oh, oh, oooh uggh more, more fuck me ugghhhhhhhhhh!"

Janelle was shaking in sensation the fucking going on and on her husband drawn and despairing. Hans was an insatiable stud, would his cock ever tire? The man's bull size ball flapping in his hairless scrotum as the stud controlled his entry fast then slow holding the woman up and exposed using her like his own personal wanking device.

"Ah, ahh ahhh, ugh take it you bitch ugghh."

He fixed a satisfied glare at Kevin. "Uggh your wife she's soo hot, ugh ohh I'm coming I'm filling her ugghhhhh!"

Janelle's mouth pouted like a fish gasping out of water as her lover gave a thunder of thrusts ejecting inside her busted canal. He hosed inside her before allowing her legs to fall pushing her from his lap. Janelle fell to her knees, hair matted, shoulder aching moaning over and over.

Kristen stood up snapping her fingers to the teen standing with the gun.

"Take her old husband away, he's seen enough."

Kevin hardly resisted, standing sobbing his hands shaking, his wife still sprawled on the floor in a world of her own.

Hans shouted back to the young man, "and then take your broodmare home."

The boy nodded, making a mental note to fuck her in the ass once her pregnant belly had grown too large.

Castle Busenstien had so many rooms and corridors; even Becky after many months could still not always remember which way was quickest. She had just shown her latest guest to their impressive quarters and as she returned she passed a locked door she now rarely visited. She paused, searched for the key and then entered the dim windowless space.

The room was meager more like a cell, a bed and a few items the only comforts. In the middle of the room was a long teak chest, holes punched in its top.

This was where the cells occupant spent most of his daylight hours.

She kicked the side then knelt down unlatching a small hand size hatch three quarters of the way down. She reached in feeling her way. Kevin wriggled laying on his back facing up his black mask and gag stopping him from producing more than feint grunts. She found her target and began to tug at the small stubby cock, its shaft now pointing eagerly out of the hole.

"Good boy," she purred, as she gave the gimp the same loving hand job she had done many times before.

Inside the box he saw nothing, only heard her soft voice and felt the little human contact he now had these days. He wondered if his wife even remembered him, her life now so different from his. Becky's hand was beginning to blur, the jerking so fast; and in a few wonderful moments he would erupt in frustration and delight.

He knew her red lips were only inches away yet never once had her wide mouth tasted him. In his head he pleaded knowing in torment that his desire would never be fulfilled.

"Oh please... Suck, suck in the name of the fatherland suck!"

Thank you for your request. Feel free for anyone to mail me their ideal babe for the Busenstien treatment. Finc

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