tagErotic HorrorCastle La’Cudra

Castle La’Cudra


His heart pounded heavily as he saw the incoming black clouds. He was stranded in the middle of an unfamiliar wilderness without a single thing to guide him out of there. The compass he held in his hand was rotating insanely around and around without pointing in a precise direction.

His friend had told him that this mountain expedition was going to be a trip to remember. Well, he sure wasn't going to forget this too soon. The wind was beginning to blow harder and harder and big fat raindrops fell on his bare head. He couldn't blame his friend for his misfortune because it had been entirely his fault. If he hadn't stopped to take a look at a passing deer he wouldn't have been separated from his group.

Of course, that unusual fog had also been partly, if not mostly, responsible for getting him lost. He'd never seen fog come down so quickly. It chilled his bones when he walked through it. He would have to get to shelter if he wanted to keep dry and wait for a rescue attempt. It had suddenly become so dark, darker than any night he'd seen. It seemed late but it didn't feel like it.

What time was it? His watch has stopped at precisely three thirty but he could've sworn it wasn't as that late as it seemed. It was way too dark and he hadn't been lost that long.

In the pitch black night two strange eyrie lights that caught his line of sight. It was a shady green colour that made him feel strangely aroused. The wilderness, the night and fear play tricks on one's mind, for they looked like two large cat eyes. Whatever they might be they were acting like a beacon and guiding him to what might be shelter or ... uncertain death.

In the fear that the lights might go out he stumbled and tripped over some soft object. He grunted with pain as he slashed his wrist on a wild bush.

What was it that he tripped on, he thought with gruff anger. The god of thunder answered that question with a fierce lighting bolt. The object he saw was the deer that had gotten him lost. Its throat was ripped out but the rest of the body remained intact. His eyes protruded out with justifiable fear.

What kind of an animal would do a thing like that? But the question that was really making tremble was that animal still lurking about? He didn't want to hang around to find out. The rain poured harder, chilling his bones with its ice cold temperature. He continued to run towards the light in a desperate hope of salvation. His clothes ripped in several places until he came upon a majestic mansion.

It was dark and sombre. The sinister building did not seem normal. But, ah, this was not a normal day and nor would he be too choosy about where he'd be spending his lodgings on this particular night.

The lights he'd seen were two blazing torches that were being held by two baleful stone gargoyles. They looked down on him on either side on the entrance with an almost lifelike expression. The mansion was a seventeen century structure. There were big windows and the building seemed to be built from a sort of granite stone, but he couldn't be sure. It was too dark and the rain was beating down on him too hard for a closer examination. Each little raindrop felt like a bee's sting.

He didn't even have time to bang on the huge oak doors for they opened as if luring him to enter as a guest and not an intruder. His instincts were telling him to leave and back away. They were alerting him that even death would be a better option than the one that was waiting for him on the other side.

Against his better judgment he entered. The doors shut and he heard a metal bolt shut the lock behind him. A chill ran through him as he realised it was too late to leave. It was unnerving to be here. The entrance led to a long hallway that was poorly lit by those same green flamed torches as those that were being held by the gargoyles.

There seemed to be an invisible force that was leading him to a flight of stairs with red carpeting. At last he was greeted by a fair blond female. She was slender beauty with pert nipples that provocatively protruded though her thin see-through toga. It was so short that he could see the mound of her pussy lips. A rush of blood overcame him and felt a sudden desire to ravish and make love to her in every conceivable position he could imagine.

It was only with an enormous effort that he managed to control his lustful desires. She waved for him to follow her but he couldn't shake of that desire to squeeze those milky white ass cheeks. A sexual excitement and nervousness was clouding his prudence.

She led him with a black candle in her hand to a chamber where there were fresh clean pressed clothes waiting for him. He hesitated for a minute before undressing. A massive monumental erection sprang to life between his legs. If she had been embarrassed in any way she didn't show it. Her expression remained as impassive and emotionless as those gargoyles in the entrance. This only infuriated him because he knew that he wasn't an ugly man but she didn't seem the least bit interested.

The cut in his wrist had stopped bleeding but in spite of everything it continued to throb with pain. He had so many questions on his mind that needed answering but he couldn't for the life of him ask her. It was as if someone had robbed him of the power of speech.

Finally, after he dressed, she led him to a dinning room where there was a meal waiting for him on the long well worked table.

A stunning brunette, with piercing green eyes and smirk cocky smile waited for him. Her sweet black hair fell way past her shoulders, and a fine delicate suilluette carved the outline of her tight velvet black dress. She didn't walk across the room, she glided through.

Her eyes shined brilliantly like two green hypnotic emeralds, and her mouth was... sinfully red. She had a beauty that didn't belong in this time let alone this world. The sparkling diamonds that hung from her neck looked like tiny pieces of ice as it produced an amazing contrast of her pale milky skin.

Her attitude was that of arrogance and self-importance. And yet at the same time she managed to express an emotion that was both inviting and intimidating.

He began to imagine his tongue licking her slender legs from her toes all the way to her pussy and to her breasts. The treasures that waited to be discovered between those legs seemed as inexhaustible as the skies themselves.

But he felt that that adored wealth was beyond him as it was the blissful nirvana. The orbs of her breast were ridged and firmly poked out through a reviling cleavage. His erection raged so violently that it pained him.

"Welcome to Castle La'Cudra." She murmured seductively. "I am Madam La'Cudra."

"I ..." He babbled like a love sick moron.

"Sit." It wasn't a request. It was an order as if showing her authority.

He sat down without even thinking. It was like he was inebriated and enchanted by her lustful beauty. Everything about her was sexy. It was as if she had invented the very fragrance of sex.

"You didn't come here by sheer coincidence." She smiled sultrily. "Just like you didn't join that mountain trip by coincidence either. You came here because I willed it!"

"How?" His mouth watered with sexual anticipation.

"For centuries vampires have existed." She walked towards him and rubbed her sensual hips against his face.

He wanted to grab them but he couldn't.

"Vampires?" His whined with sheer desperation. "They exist?"

"Oh yes!" She rubbed the outsides of her lips very slowly against his face only making him ever more licentious. "We were hunted down like animals because we chose to express our true natures. We are predators of the night and lovers of forbidden desires."

She rubbed her hand on his erection and he began to weep with unfulfilled desires. He wanted her and he was at her mercy.

"We were given immortality and eternal youth but there was a catch." She continued. "We were not allowed to walk by day nor would we be allowed to wander to far away from our burial chambers without the penalty of death. We were limited to the places where we were transformed."

The hem of her dress slid down and it revealed a glorious breast. Her nipple was hardened and she allowed him to suckle on her precious pink gemstone. Suddenly she removed it quickly and covered her breast only to leave him whimpering helplessly. The smile she had was of teasing superiority.

She lifted him up by him chin with only the tip of her finger and led him to a black mirror. It didn't reveal any reflections. She passed her hand over it and it showed the image of a couple having sex. The female didn't seem to be enjoying herself.

"Through this I can see and control anybody I want anywhere in the world." She waved her hand on the woman and abruptly she began to moan with pleasure wrapping her legs eagerly around her lover. "From now on she'll have orgasms with this man and she'll want him more than anything else in the world."

"Let me at least stroke your hair." He sobbed.

"You're mine now and you are going to be my new pet. I'll use you and keep you to serve my whims."

She was right. He would do anything she wanted.

"Men are insolent dogs that need to be broken and you need guidance, the kind a woman brings. You need to hand over your will to a woman smarter than you." She hissed. "I chose you from the day that you were born to be my slave."

"Slave?" He asked uncertainly.

"Surrender yourself to me." His body jerked and he took a step, then another, and another. He was sopping with passion for her. Caught helplessly in her hypnotic gaze he broke without so much as an effort.

She closed her arms around him and embraced his limp arms. Pressing her lips to his ear she breathed softly, enjoying the small quivering motions his body made. Her dress magically fell down and revealed her goddess like body. Guiding his head she forced him to kneel in order to properly worship her dripping pussy. Her cunt lips split apart and exposed a soft juicy flower to him. His desire to lick it was immense but he couldn't move. Finally she said the words "eat me you bitch!"

When the tip of his tongue touched her clit it felt like nothing he'd ever experienced before. It tasted deliciously celestial and he slid his tongue right inside her. He began to wiggle his tongue around those pussy folds and he flicked his tongue over her hardened clit. She came hard as he lapped her cunt juices. This was an unholy pleasure but he didn't care. All that mattered was her and her pleasures.

He slid his fingers into her moist hole gently pumped it while listening to the sweet mucus sticky sound. He had to hold her down as he sucked her clit. She began to quiver and squirm while she pushed his face deeper inside. He tongue fucked her for whatever it was worth.

She throbbed for a long time but she never once allowed him to lift his face up. He felt warm liquid oozing out of her, down his chin and neck. She was letting him know that she hadn't finished with him yet. She wanted more ... Oh yes! She wanted lots, lots more and she was going to get it.

He lay down as she ripped his clothes out of sheer violent lust. He risked clasping her but she wouldn't allow it. She pushed his hand down and slapped him hard against his face. It was going to be the way she wanted it to be. With one mighty thrust she rammed his cock into her burning willing cunt. Her love juices sopped his masculine member easily. Wriggling around and around she wedged his cock between her pussy lips refusing to let it go.

His feeling was of pure and sheer ecstasy. He would do anything she wanted him to do and more.

"Get on to your feet." She snapped.

He did as she commanded. Grabbing her by her ass cheeks she slid up and down his male shaft with her legs firmly wrapped around his body. She had him in her web like a fly and she was going to feast off him.

"What I offer you is a life of eternal obedience." She groaned with pleasure.

"Yes." He didn't want this to end.

"Female vampires are a hundred times more powerful than male vampires." She rammed his cock all the way in side her love cavern. "From now on you'll become addicted to my love juices like a junkie is to heroine. I'll make you my slave for all eternity!"

"My will is your will. My soul is your soul!"

She licked his hand and tasted his blood. Her tongue trailed its way up to his soft warm neck. Blood is life and through it was immortality and eternal youth. No longer would she alone in this crypt. Her sharp fangs descended and he stiffened in her grasp, as she sank her twin ivory stakes into his neck, softly she pierced his flesh.

Slowly she suckled his blood tasting the last remnants of his former mortality. He orgasmed inside of her in a never-ending flow of cum. She withdrew her fangs from his neck and kissed his mouth. They savoured his blood in another intensifying orgasm. "Mmmmm." She removed his still hardened cock from her pussy as he struggled to stay inside of her. This one would be hers for life or ... for eternity.

She wriggled her finger and he followed her to a coffin. It was huge and big enough for the both of them. They entered her coffin naked and she commanded her fair maid to join them inside. It was going to be a long night of fucking and a long fucking eternity. But what is eternity for those who have all the time in the world.


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