tagSci-Fi & FantasyCastle Slave Ep. 04: A Long Tail

Castle Slave Ep. 04: A Long Tail



I turned to see a familiar face framed by long golden hair. For ten years she had been my most regular and affectionate lover, and my heart sang at the sight of her. "Lady Elizabeth! How wonderful to see you again."

My confidence waned, however, as her surprise turned to anger. "You abandoned me!"

"For none less than the Queen, my Lady."

"I hope she uses you the way you deserve, you unfeeling wretch!"

Lady Elizabeth's passion always excited me. Nearly twenty years my elder, yet she was lithe and beautiful, and I had loved her too long to feel nothing. "I've missed you too, my Lady."

She scowled at me. "I didn't say that."

"No? I must have dreamed it." I moved closer and dared to kiss her, which she allowed briefly before turning her face away. "I dream of you every night, Lady Elizabeth." I kissed her cheek tenderly. "How cruel the Queen is to keep me from you." I kissed her neck, and felt her tremble. "I would get down on my knees and devour your sweet treasure," I whispered, my hands pulling her waist against mine, "but the alcoves here offer little seclusion."

She whimpered in my arms. "Did you truly miss me," she whispered back, "or are these the contemptible words of a vile seductress?"

"I would never lie to you, my Lady, though I wish I could lie with you..." Another kiss. "And on you..." And another. "And under you..."

She pushed me away with a laugh. "I have," she said. "Missed you, that is."

"If you want me, my Lady," I said, "all you have to do is ask."

"I want you."

"The Queen, my Lady. You must ask the Queen."

"No!" she hissed, her eyes flashing with a sudden fury that passed swiftly. "No." She glanced around fearfully. "Please, Belinda. Come to my room tonight. At midnight."

"If it is at all possible, my Lady," I said, "I will."


For a year I had worked as a Servant of the Court, making beds, sweeping floors, washing windows and polishing the silverware, as well as fixing the electrics from time to time. After that first wonderful day, I hadn't seen much of the Queen, and had been confined to the Royal Court. I would have liked to continue seeing Lady Elizabeth and my other regulars, but couldn't.

Free of the chastity belt I had worn for a decade, I was still frustrated. Though the Queen's cunt had permission to use any of the Queen's cocks, I was not permitted to touch it myself. And my ass had to be content with the tail that plugged it. My corset was sensitive enough to allow my breasts to be kissed and my nipples teased, but I missed having them sucked by hungry lips and bitten by possessive teeth.

I missed the evenings I spent with Lady Elizabeth, licking cum from her breasts and thighs, gorging on her well used aristocratic pussy. Meeting her again fuelled the fire within me.

Spotting Simon nearby, carrying a tray of dirty teacups back towards the kitchen, I hurried to intercept. "I need the Queen's cock," I growled in his ear, catching him in my arms from behind. "Now." I let my hands drift up across his silk shirt, guessing at where his nipples must be. I loved how the corsets made men's nipples so incredibly sensitive. It made them so easy to seduce. I didn't need to feel below to know he was hard. I kissed his neck. "Please..."

"Fine," he said, clearly irritated, and placed the tray on a table. I backed up against the wall, lifting my skirt up in preparation, showing him just how wet the Queen's cunt was. Simon tugged his skirt up, showing me his stocking-clad legs and high-heeled leather boots, the black horse's tail that drooped and twitched between them, and a wonderfully long, thick cock that was every bit as hard and eager as I wanted.

"Yes," I said. "Fuck me with that royal sceptre."

"Please don't do that," he said, biting back a laugh. "It's a cock, not a ceremonial stick."

"As long as it doesn't stand on ceremony," I said. "Now stop talking and fuck me with it."

I wrapped my legs about his waist as Queen's cock and Queen's cunt engaged in their ancient battle. "Not even the Castle would survive such a battering from your mighty ram, sir," I said, loving the pounding of his hips against my thighs, painful though it was. The Queen's cock was stretching me wonderfully with each invasive thrust.

"Stop trying to make me laugh," he said. Adjusting his grip on me, he thrust deeper than before, so that he nudged against my cervix.

"Careful, sir, or you will breach my inner walls!"

With a cry of frustration, he forced one hand over my mouth to keep me quiet, and hammered the Queen's cock into me with determination. I loved the casual brutality of it. Perhaps I had grown too accustomed to being used this way as a Rose Girl. I caught sight of Mariella watching us from a short distance away, but she seemed content to watch.

Simon groaned as he stiffened within me, and his pulsing cock filled me with his cum.

"Alas, sir," I said when he released my mouth, "you came but did not conquer."

I may not have climaxed, but I was not unsatisfied. I let my skirt fall, and as I walked over to speak with Mariella, I could feel the cum escaping to coat my thighs with slippery, sticky wetness. "How do I escape this place?" I asked her.


At midnight exactly, I slipped in through the not-so-secret door to find Lady Elizabeth waiting for me. "You came!" she cried softly, her hand reaching out to me.

"Sadly, no," I said, "but someone surely has." I scooped up some of the evidence and sucked it from my fingers. "My Lady has excellent taste in lovers. How many tonight?"

"Three, and they took me all together. How any woman could satisfy herself with a single, solitary cock, I'll never know."

"To have cocks at either end is a rare pleasure, my Lady." I bent to kiss her. "I'm quite envious."

"I thought of you the whole time," she whispered, "your sweet lips kissing every inch of me, your tongue licking me clean, inside and out."

"I would they were still here, to shower you again with their affection. This paltry measure will scarce whet my appetite."

She frowned at me. "Why are you talking like that?"

"A little too much Shakespeare, my Lady. My hands have been idle without you, and my tongue has grown wicked too. Let me show you what the bard has taught me about cunt-ry matters."

I lay down between her parted thighs and teased her with loving kisses, circling in towards her ravished cum-wet pussy for a taste before trailing away again. "Ah, you have grown cruel, Belinda," she whined.

Her fingers reached down impatiently, but I captured her hands and held them to the bed as I continued her torment. My tongue swept through the folds of her labia and swirled around her clit, and though her hips writhed in a frantic effort to connect with me, I denied her.

"Please," she begged. "I need it."

I paused briefly and looked up at her. "Imagine needing it every day of your life," I said, "but having a steel barrier between your fingers and this." I kissed her clit. "I'd love for you to do this to me." Another kiss, longer this time, sucking gently and licking flirtatiously while Lady Elizabeth tried desperately to fuck my face. "But if you did, and the Queen ever found out, she'd have us both belted and dressed in scarlet."

I gave her clit the attention it had been demanding. Lady Elizabeth's thighs locked my head in place as I swept her clit with long, soft, regular licks, feeling her tension mount with each breath until she cried out loudly. Fluid gushed into my mouth as she convulsed beneath my tongue, during a long orgasm that left her breathing heavily.

She laughed suddenly. "A wicked tongue indeed," she said.

I crawled up over her and kissed her. "I love having the taste of you in my mouth," I said.

She looked at me with an uncharacteristically keen intensity. "Let me return the pleasure."

I tried not to let my panic show. "I can refuse you nothing, my Lady, my love, but I beg you not to. The dungeons are a place of horror."

"For you, Belinda, I will brave even the Queen. I finally have you in my bed without a belt between us, and I would regret forever not taking advantage of you. If you love me, then let me love you too, as an equal."

I sighed unhappily. "It is out of love that I would dissuade you."

She pulled my head down and kissed me. "I cannot be dissuaded."

"Very well," I said, and rolled off her and onto my feet. I let my skirt fall to the floor. "Not even the Queen has touched me the way you wish to." No, the Queen had licked me clean of cum while a string of men had fucked me, but she hadn't made love to me with her mouth. No one had ever done that.

"I'm honoured," Lady Elizabeth said as I lay down on my back beside her. She tugged playfully at my tail, sending jolts of pleasure through me. "I'm not going to tease you - I'm too hungry for that."

"My whole life has been a tease, my Lady. Deny me no longer."

She grinned victoriously, and dived down between my legs, and such was the intimate perfection of the moment that I burst into tears...

... and screamed as the door to her chambers opened. Two men, apparently deep in conversation, fell silent and stared at us in shock as I scrambled off the bed and snatched my skirt from the floor.

Lady Elizabeth wrapped herself hurriedly in a sheet while I fastened my skirt into place. The two men carefully closed the door and watched us with amusement. I knew them, of course. Both had had the pleasure of my mouth and ass on numerous occasions, but I had once seen them together in the dungeon, taking knives to a Scarlet Woman and laughing as they spurted their cum over the unfortunate man's bloody thighs.

"Well, well, well," Sir Heddon said, his eyes bright with cruel delight. "Whatever will the Queen say?"

"I have often wished to take the whip to Lady Elizabeth," Sir Stefan murmured. "How beautiful her breasts will look when marked by the lash."

Sir Heddon chuckled. "I'm sure the slut will love it. But this one..." He grabbed me by the chin. "I will take her apart, limb by limb, till she's nothing but a belted cunt."

"No!" Lady Elizabeth cried. "I beg you. Don't tell the Queen! We'll do anything for you - won't we, Belinda?"

I nodded as well as I could within Sir Heddon's fierce grip.

His eyes narrowed with vile cunning. "Anything?"

"Anything," she repeated. "Just don't tell the Queen."

"What say you, Stefan?"

Sir Stefan shrugged. "I'd rather have Elizabeth to myself than shared with all in the dungeon."

Sir Heddon's eyes had not left mine for an instant. Never had I sensed such icy hatred in my life. "Maybe I have a use for you," he said. "If I can be sure of your loyalty. Well, can I?"

"My loyalty is to Lady Elizabeth, sir."

"But you are a Servant of the Court. What of the Queen?"

"What of the Queen, sir?" I let every honest drop of bitterness I felt show. "She has mutated me and kept me a prisoner for a year, separated from the woman I love. I had more pleasure as a Rose Girl than ever I've had in the Royal Court."

"Hmm," he said. "Then begone, and return tomorrow. Your Lady Elizabeth will tell you what we want from you."

"Yes, sir," I said. With one last despairing glance towards Lady Elizabeth, I slipped out of her chambers and into the Castle's labyrinth.

Mariella awaited me in my bed. "You were right," I said as I undressed and slipped under the covers with her.

"I'm sorry," she said after a moment, wrapping an arm about me and hugging tight.

"How could sh-she betray me like that?" As much as I had ever loved anyone, I had loved Lady Elizabeth, and this was how she repaid me. I was only beginning to understand how deeply she had wounded me.

"Shh... It's okay."

"I hate her," I whispered through my tears. "I hate them all."

"I know, sweetheart. We all do."


"How are you?" she asked, affecting concern with skill. Lady Elizabeth had the look of someone who hadn't slept at all. "I haven't slept at all!" she cried. "I was so worried for you! For us! I would sooner die than be condemned to the dungeon." She gave a very convincing shudder.

"All is well, my Lady," I said soothingly, and kissed her hungrily. "I have a plan." I unbuttoned her shirt. "To rid us of those villains." I freed her breasts from her bra and captured a nipple with my mouth and sucked on that hardening point.

She pulled away from me, excitement warring with confusion in her eyes. "What are you saying?"

I pushed her backwards, onto the bed, and bent to whisper in her ear. "Murder, my Lady. Murder most foul."

"No!" It was almost a shout. Her alarm was quite genuine. "No," she hissed quietly, and with building anger, "don't be absurd! I forbid it!" She glared at me, breathing heavily. "Why would you even suggest it?"

"My Lady," I said, ignoring her rage and undressing in front of her, "I cannot endure the thought of those blackmailing bastards putting their hands on you and threatening you." I kissed her again as I forced her onto her back beneath me. "As long as they live, you will be in danger."

"But what you suggest is far more dangerous - you are sure to be discovered, even if you succeed."

"Trust me, my Lady. No one will suspect a thing." I brought her hand between my legs to feel how wet I was. (Mariella and I had just been scissoring to get me in the mood.)

"I forbid it," she said, more frustrated now than angry. "I couldn't bear it if something happened to you. No, you must do what Sir Heddon demands."

"I will do as you command, my Lady. But first I need you to finish what was so rudely interrupted." I shuffled around until I straddled her head, my tail draping across her eyes, the Queen's cunt pressed against her mouth, muffling her complaint. It was a good position for me, allowing me to hold her breasts and pinch her nipples.

Always before, I was the one sat on. I loved the feeling of being on top, and as Lady Elizabeth surrendered to my need and licked with enthusiasm at my clit and labia, I was glad at least one good thing had come of this mess. "You're very good at this, my Lady. You would have made an excellent Rose Girl."

She mumbled something angrily, then flinched as I smacked the sides of her breasts gently. "Quiet, slave," I said, laughing, "or I'll spank you so hard you really will be a rose girl." I slid my hand down across her belly and into her underwear, soaked from her very aroused pussy. I dipped a finger between her soft folds, searching for the spot. "It would be such a tragedy to never again see these lips that I love."

Her mouth was working wonders. Her tongue was heavenly. "Why did I have to wait ten years for this?" I cried. "I'm close, my Lady. I'm close." Moments later I was there, my whole body shaking with ecstatic pleasure, Lady Elizabeth captive beneath me.

She gasped for breath as I relented at last and climbed off her. "I love you, my Lady," I said, kissing her glistening lips, tasting myself in her mouth. "Shall I tell you why?"


"Because here in this room we are equals. Beyond these walls I may be a slave and you may be aristocracy, but in here we can be true to each other. Equals in love."

Though she fought to suppress it, I could see the tightening of displeasure in her expression. "Yes," she said, attempting a smile. "Equals."

"I am yours to command, my Lady, but if those accursed men hurt you in any way, I promise you they will not live to regret it."

She smiled again, more warmly this time. "This is why I love you," she said.


"Five centuries ago," Lady Elizabeth told me as I thrust the thick, strap-on cock into her with a gentle rhythm, "human civilisation was all but wiped out. All that was left were pockets of humanity, islands of life and relative prosperity amidst a vast desert. As the Earth was reclaimed, these islands became fiefdoms, ruled over by lords and ladies who salvaged weaponry from the ruins and protected the farmers and the labourers. The mightiest of these lords was the Queen's father, who gathered and kept for himself all the ancient arts and sciences. Any that refused to submit to his tyrannical rule, he crushed ruthlessly."

I paused for a moment to lift her ankles to my shoulders. Lady Elizabeth waited and watched while I settled into the new position. "He built this Castle as neutral territory," she continued, "a place where humanity's future could be decided. Can you go faster, please? Mmm... Yes... As a constant reminder of who truly ruled, he built the Royal Court in its heart, and concealed there all the lost wisdom of man. Harder... Just imagine what we could have achieved over the centuries! Instead we struggle to recreate what was once commonplace."

I had heard this story before, though with a very different perspective. "And now the Queen keeps that knowledge for herself? That is terrible. It should be given to all of us!"

"Exactly!" Lady Elizabeth enthused. The fingers that had been teasing her clit picked up speed, and her other hand pinched and pulled at her swollen nipples. "Although not all of it, and not all at once. It would upset the balance of things. But certainly parts of it could be shared out. What's most important is that the wrong people don't get hold of it. That's why we need to get it first."


"Lord Heddon has demanded that we - or you, rather - help him to get it. Stop a minute..." She rolled over onto her hands and knees, presenting her rear to me. I thrust back into her easily and resumed fucking.

"Isn't he 'the wrong people'?" I asked.

"No, there are far worse people, trust me. Lord Heddon..." From her voice I could tell she was getting increasingly distracted. Her fingers were working her clit with determination. "Lord Heddon has promised to share the knowledge with all of us. Fuck!"

This last was a loud cry of triumphant pleasure, and for the next minute or two she was too busy fucking herself against the dildo to pay any attention to me.

"Even me?" I asked as she eased herself off the well used dildo.

She laughed. "No, dear. The aristocracy, of course, but I promise to share everything with you."


I had lived in the Royal Court for a year. I knew the more public spaces well, and the servants' quarters of course, but knew little of the Queen's chambers. And there were hidden spaces also, narrow corridors and tight stairwells that led below ground, into the rock that the Castle was founded on. The entrances were concealed as usual behind bookshelves and panels and mirrors, much like the Inner Castle's interconnected wall-spaces, but the locks were more intricate and their secrets more stubborn. I had chanced on a few while hunting down electrical faults, but had never braved the shadowy depths. More than anything, I feared they led to the dungeons, and I had no wish to see them again.

I had no intention of handing over the Queen's secrets to Lady Elizabeth, but I was increasingly curious to discover what they were. Where they were I could only guess, but under the Castle seemed a fair bet. And I had never been told that I could not go down there - for what that was worth.

Thus it was that, torch in hand, I took my first step on a brave adventure into the unknown. The passage I chose, a narrow staircase descending steeply into impenetrable blackness, wound this way and that and was often so tight against my shoulders that I feared getting wedged permanently in place, never to be found. My torch's batteries would fail and my screams for help would be mocked by silent, pitiless rock.

It was both terrifying and exhilarating. I pushed on, and down, until the path levelled out and the passage widened. The atmosphere was humid, and instead of the echoes of stone walls my footsteps were swallowed up. Sinuous shadows played tricks on my senses, as if the vines (or roots or whatever they were) were alive and watching me with malevolent intelligence.

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