tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCastle with Two Owners

Castle with Two Owners


Author's note: this sequel to Another Castle, but a prequel to Hard Drive.


Alexis Castle was excited. She always was when her Mistress summoned her, but this time the text from her owner had promised a special surprise and Alexis had spent all day thinking about what kind of kinky treat she would receive later.

A new outfit for her, perhaps? A new cane for her ass? Or maybe even an extra big dildo for her pussy, or better yet her slutty little ass hole. So many wonderful possibilities, each one making Alexis tingle with delight. Which had been awkward when she had been trying to get her college work done, but now she was in her proper place she welcomed those thoughts.

That proper place was of course kneeling naked except for her collar and patiently waiting for her Mistress to return to her home. Alexis had a key of her own for times like this, and she was happy to wait as long as it took for Mistress Beckett to get back from work.

Which could be quite some time if the Detective got held up, but Alexis didn't mind. In fact, she liked waiting there on her knees.

It made her feel so submissive, especially in her current state of undress and the fact that her head was lowered submissively just like she was trained.

Sadly she wasn't waiting that long until the door opened. That was when she panicked, rebelliously lifting her head as she noticed two sets of feet instead of one.

"Head down slave!" Beckett scolded angrily.

"S, sorry." Alexis squeaked, lowering her head and then cringing as she added too late, "Mistress! I'm sorry Mistress."

With the doors closed safely behind them Beckett apologise to her friend, "Sorry Lanie, she's normally better behaved than this."

"It's ok." Lanie said dismissively, leaning down and stroking Alexis's long red hair before gently tilting her chin upwards so the younger girl was forced to look up at the older woman, "I imagine it would be quite a shock to see me. After all, this wasn't what you had in mind when your Mistress told you she had a surprise for you, was it Alexis?"

"No." Alexis admitted softly, slowly shaking her head to emphasise the point.

"Exactly." Lanie smiled, before looking over her shoulder at her friend, "You know Kate, if you're going to be a Dom, you really neat to be nicer to your slaves."

Beckett smirked, "Actually, I've offered. Seems this dirty little whore gets off on being abused."

"Really?" Lanie beamed, her eyes twinkling as she turned back to the young redhead, "Is that true?"

"Ye, yes." Alexis blushed, before boldly admitting, "I'm a slut for a spanking."

"She really is." Beckett grinned, and after allowing a second for her friend to laugh added, "Alexis, I recently learned I have more in common with Lanie than I thought, and after a little heart-to-heart I mentioned that I had the most wonderful little sub slut who does everything I want. Nothing is too depraved for her. She eats my pussy, licks my ass, wears a collar for me and even takes it up the ass. I make her wear a butt-plug because her teen ass is so tight that I can barely get my strap-on in her 19-year-old butt. Naturally Lanie wouldn't stop pestering me until I admitted that little submissive slut was my own stepdaughter, so she had to come see for herself. Now she has she'll leave if you really want-"

"But I'd really like to stay and watch if you'll let me." Lanie interrupted, grinning it Alexis, "Or better yet, I could stay, and me and your Mistress Beckett could share you."

There was a brief pause and then Alexis admitted, "Please... please stay. I, I want you to share me. If that's ok with you Mistress Beckett."

"It was my idea." Beckett snorted, "Now are you going to spank her for her earlier subordination, or am I?"

Turning back to the 19-year-old Lanie asked, "What would you prefer Alexis?"

"Oh, I'm just a worthless little fuck toy. I don't get a vote." Alexis said submissively, before admitting, "But I would dearly like both of you to beat my butt... Mistress Lanie."

"Ah, Mistress Lanie. I do love hearing those words come out of your pretty little mouth." Lanie grinned, "You should have been calling me that before, but I'm going to let that slide. I'm not going to reward you for it by letting you have two spankings, though."

Alexis pouted, causing Lanie to laugh.

"Cheer up girl, I promise to give these pale little cheeks of yours some colour." Lanie promised with a chuckle as she sat down on the couch in the centre of the apartment and patted her lap, "Now crawl over here and bend over my knee. Let's see that pretty little ass."

Alexis eagerly did as she was told. She remembered not to go to fast so that her Mistress... Mistresses, could get a good look at her crawling on all fours, but she couldn't help move a little faster than normal as she was incredibly excited by the thought of being spanked by a different woman than usual, while her usual Dom watched.

Ever since she had met her Alexis had a crush on Lanie, so it felt like an honour to bend over her knee and present her ass to the dominant black woman.

To Alexis's delight this seemed to please the Dom, Lanie staring at her ass for several long minutes before reaching around and beginning to slide her hand over the cheeks.

"Wow." Lanie murmured as she spent a few minutes shamelessly groping Alexis's butt before turning her attention to her friend, "You're right Kate, she really does have the most fuck-able little ass."

"She does, and I fuck it a lot." Beckett grinned, "And she loves it, don't you Alexis?"

"Yes Mistress Beckett, I love it." Alexis quickly replied, eager to make up for her earlier mistakes, which in this case was easy as she was speaking from the heart, "I love it up the ass. I love it when you fuck me in my fuck-able little ass Mistress Beckett. Oh, I love it when you ass fuck me and make me your anal whore!"

"You are my anal whore!" Beckett reminded her sternly, then grinned, "And if you're good, I'll let you be Mistress Lanie's anal whore too."

"Oh yes Mistress Beckett, please let me be Mistress Lanie's anal whore!" Alexis pleaded, "I want both of you to butt fuck me. Treat my butt hole like the cheap fuck hole it is in use it however you want."

"Like your Mistress Beckett said, later. But only if you're good. For now, shut your mouth, because this might be an incredibly fuck-able ass, but do you know what else it is?" Lanie asked, giving Alexis's ass a semi hard strike before she could answer, "Extremely spank-able."

With that Lanie began raining blows down on Alexis's vulnerable little bottom, causing the redhead to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Of course the pain was all physical while the pleasure was all psychological. It was fascinating really.

Oh yes, even after years of being enslaved Alexis was fascinated by her own body's reactions to this kind of abuse.

She had spent hours trying to analyse why she loved the feeling of naughtiness it gave her, and even love the pain itself, but mostly in that moment she was fighting to stay quiet when she had been ordered too.

Not because she wanted to beg for mercy like other girls in her position probably would, but to stop herself from begging for more.

Normally Lanie liked to tease her slaves. Deliver a few playful blows in between her strikes, but Kate had told her that Alexis liked it rough, and while she enjoyed issuing out a little spanking from time to time heavy BDSM wasn't her thing.

More importantly while she was eager to give Alexis's cute little butt at least a mildly rough spanking what she wanted even more was to feed the cute little white girl her chocolate pussy. And maybe kiss her black ass.

Most of all, Lanie wanted to take this little white booty and fuck it like it had never been fucked before and officially turn Alexis Castle into her white bitch. Just like she had done to her dear friend Kate Beckett.

Looking up Lanie smiled at her best friend, who blushed adorably. Not that long ago Kate had been so confident that she could make Lanie her bitch, only for Lanie to easily put her friend in her place and show the supposedly dominant top how much fun it was being a bottom.

And it was incredibly fun for Lanie to see how Kate switched back into her Mistress Beckett role, and to see how that mask slipped every so often when she gave her a look, but what was even more fun was to see just how much of a bottom Alexis was.

Cause Lanie had met some submissive sluts before, but wow, Alexis got wet just from being ordered around, and now she was practically soaking her thigh. Not to mention that she had cried out in what sounded like mostly pleasure from the first strike and just kept going.

Taking it as a personal challenge Lanie slowly picked up the pace until she was spanking Alexis harder than she'd ever spanked anyone before, the sounds of flesh meeting flesh and the younger girl's cries echoing throughout the room.

And yet those cries were still mostly of pleasure, Lanie having to admit it was an incredible turn on to beat the 19-year-old girl's butt this hard.

Especially as that pale skin changed so quickly, transforming from the cute dark pink Lanie was used to seeing after a spanking to a dark angry red, and then even kind of bruised, and yet still she continued the spanking until her arm felt like it was going to fall off.

There was then a brief pause as Lanie stared at what she had done to the younger girl, guilt almost overwhelming her as she cautiously reached out to soothe those cheeks, then Alexis whimpered, "Thank you Mistress Lanie."

Lanie frowned, "You enjoyed that?"

"Yes Mistress Lanie." Alexis admitted, before quickly adding, "I'm a filthy little pain slut who deserves everything dominant women give me."

Looking to her best friend Lanie raised an eyebrow and Kate just shrugged, then with a grin explained, "It's partly my training, but mostly Alexis is just a natural sub. Isn't that right slut?"

"Yes Mistress Beckett." Alexis quickly agreed, "I'm a natural sub who was born to be Dommed by real women like you and Mistress Lanie."

"Wow, I like that." Lanie grinned, taking a few long seconds to massage Alexis's dark red ass before ordering the teen, "I think we should go to the bedroom and find out just how submissive you are. Your other Mistress has filled me in on some of the things you like, so I expect you to follow behind us on your hands and knees, understood?"

"Yes Mistress Lanie." Alexis said before sliding off Lanie's lap.

Lanie then stood up and slowly walked into the bedroom, Kate following her a few paces behind in a subtle sign she remembered her place while obediently Alexis crawled after them on all fours. Glancing over her shoulder at the pair Lanie smirked and put a little more wiggle in her step, allowing both her subs to admire her ass.

Then when they reached the bedroom she sat down on the bed and curled her finger to encourage Alexis to approach, then when the younger girl was kneeling before her she examined Alexis's pretty little collar. Specifically the tag attached to it.

"Property of Kate Beckett." Lanie read out loud, before smirking, letting go of the tag and leaning back, "Cute. Maybe I should get one for my other sub. What do you think Kate?"

Beckett blushed and stammered, "That's, that's up to you."

"Yeah it is." Lanie grinned, before turning her attention back to Alexis, "For now, I'm very much concentrating on you sweetie, and I want you to kiss my feet and beg me for the privilege of eating my chocolate pussy like a good little white bitch should."

Without a moments hesitation Alexis leaned forward and pressed one long lingering kiss to the top of Mistress Lanie's right high heel. She then began peppering both heels in quick little kisses in between her begging, "Oh please... Please Mistress Lanie... allow me the privilege of eating your pussy. Please? I've never eaten black pussy before... but I bet it's just as sweet as Mistress Beckett's cunt... and I love going down on her. I'm a total slut for her pussy... and I bet I'll be a total slut for yours. Please Mistress Lanie... please allow me the chance to prove to you, Mistress Beckett and myself that I'm nothing but a cunt craving submissive dyke... who needs dominant women like you and Mistress Beckett to fuck me and feed me their pussies."

Lanie hummed in approval, "Not bad, but I think you could do better. Take off my shoes and massage my feet. First with your hands, then with your lips. Then once you've given me a proper foot worship you can try begging again, and this time make me believe it."

Again Alexis was quick to obey, Mistress Lanie lifting the appropriate leg up slightly so it was easier for the submissive redhead to remove her high heels, revealing flesh that Alexis longed to worship.

She didn't particularly have a foot fetish, but the idea of grovelling in front of other women and kissing their feet felt incredibly submissive, and Alexis adored anything which made her feel submissive.

Also she just adored pleasing older women, the groan Mistress Lanie let out when Alexis wrapped her hands around her right foot and gently began massaging it giving her incredible thrill.

It was even more thrilling to look up and see Mistress Lanie's eyes were now closed and her head was tilted back slightly, the dominant woman clearly savouring how good Alexis was making her feel.

Which in turn only pushed Alexis to try harder to please her new Dom, gently but firmly pressing her thumbs into each foot in turn and thoroughly massaging them just like Mistress Beckett had taught her.

As she did so, and as Mistress Lanie's eyes were closed, Alexis risked a glance at her original Mistress, wondering if Mistress Beckett had told Mistress Lanie about this part of their routine too. Probably given what Mistress Lanie had just said, and Alexis loved that fact.

"Concentrate girly." Lanie barked, making Alexis jump slightly, "Mmmmmm, you're doing a great job, but I don't want you slacking off because you're making googly eyes at your other Mistress."

"Sorry Mistress." Alexis quickly apologised.

"Don't worry about it sugar." Lanie smiled, "Just concentrate on doing what you're doing. Mmmmmm, and pucker up and start kissing those sore feet of mine. Oh yeah, that's it, good girl."

Alexis was quick to press her lips to the foot she was currently massaging as soon as Mistress Lanie told her too. She took great pride in the praise the dominant woman gave her as she began peppering that foot with kisses.

Sadly the praise didn't last for long, Mistress Lanie just closing her eyes and just enjoying the moment again, which wasn't quite as good but it wasn't Alexis's place to complain.

So she just concentrated on going back and forth in between those feet, rubbing them with her hands and covering them in kisses. At one point she even started taking each toe into her mouth in turn for a brief sucking, which to her delight made Mistress Lanie moan softly.

"Mmmmmm, good girl. Now stand up." Lanie ordered softly shortly after Alexis finished sucking her toes and went back to kissing her feet. She then stood shortly after Alexis and told her, "Now take off my clothes."

Even though they were about the same height Alexis felt like Mistress Lanie towered over her. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she couldn't look the real woman in the eye right now, her training telling Alexis that she wasn't worthy of such a thing, so she continued avoiding it as she brought her trembling hands to remove Mistress Lanie's jacket.

She quickly followed suit with her shirt and then her bra, Alexis's mouth-watering as she found herself staring at a pair of tits much bigger than what she was used too, the 19-year-old lesbian aching to wrap her mouth around those nipples.

Smiling at the look on Alexis's face Lanie cup the back of the redhead's head, pulled her into her cleavage and cooed, "It's okay sweetie, I know what you want. Go ahead, suck those big titties of mine. Oooooooooh yesssssssss, mmmmmmmm, good girl, suck them just like that, ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah, you're such a good little dyke slut."

Lanie closed her eyes again to savour the feeling of Alexis's mouth around her nipple, still unable to believe that she was doing something so naughty with this girl she had known for a long time now.

They hadn't seen each other that often, but every office party or event featuring or organised by Richard Castle featured a cameo from his beloved daughter.

If only Lanie had known the past few years Alexis had been Detected Beckett's eager little lesbian slut she could have arranged something like this much sooner. Instead she had missed out on so much fun with this girl, a mistake she was determined to rectify.

As she gently guided Alexis to her other nipple, the redhead obediently letting go of one nipple and then wrapping her mouth around the other, Lanie opened her eyes and smiled at the woman responsible for turning little Alexis Castle into a little dyke, her dear friend Kate Beckett.

The woman she had recently put in her place, the former pure top obviously torn between jealousy for Alexis and Lanie. Oh yes, Kate was unsure whether she wanted to be sucking Lanie's tits or getting her own tits by the redhead bottom, and thrown by her indecision. Luckily for her Lanie was about to make the decision for her.

But first Lanie pushed Alexis down to her knees and told, "Alright, that's enough foreplay, eat me bitch! Oh yeah, get those jeans off of me and start eating my pussy like the little dyke bitch you are!"

Eager as ever to obey Alexis quickly undid her jeans and started pulling them down her thighs, making sure she hooked the panties so they came down as well.

Then Lanie lifted up one leg, then the other to step out of her remaining clothing before kicking it away and then standing there proudly in front of her new sub.

Alexis paused for a moment, obviously seeing if she would sit down or something, before leaning forward and beginning to gently lick Lanie's pussy.

Immediately the Dom cried out and then moaned in pleasure, cupping the red hair of her sub as she eagerly lapped away at the tasty treat Lanie had for her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss, that's it girl, lick me." Lanie moaned happily while pressing Alexis deeper into her cunt, "Lick it just like that, mmmmmmmmm, good girl. You're really good at that. Your Mistress Beckett promised that you would be, and I didn't doubt her for a second. After all, you learned from the best. Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, that's right, lick that pussy you nasty little dyke. Mmmmmmmm, you're almost as big a cunt slut as your precious Mistress. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, you're almost as good at eating my pussy as that cunt craving whore you call a Mistress, because she taught you everything she knows about pleasing a woman."

Lanie smirked at the look of panic on Kate's face. She half expected her to complain, but Kate's training held firm and she kept her mouth shut. At least for now.

She fully expected to get an ear full later as she had promised not to reveal that Kate had become her submissive slut, at least not right away, and to be fair she hadn't. She was just pointing out what a great rug muncher Alexis was, a talent she shared with Kate, and that was the truth.

Just because she was making it clear Kate had gobbled her cunt didn't mean she had been submissive to her at the time, and she doubted Alexis was paying much attention to what she was saying right now. On some level Kate had to know that, but Lanie wasn't about to reassure her. Not when she looked so cute when she was worried.

Beckett was aware that Lanie hadn't really given the truth about their relationship away, and reminding herself of that even though Alexis gave no indication she had even registered what Lanie had said, but Beckett still felt she had the right to be worried.

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