tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 11

Castleton Ch. 11


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Gordon was seated at his desk deeply involved in the analysis of several stocks displayed on his computer screen. His pager beeped and he glanced at the number showing on the display. It was Mistress Florence. He returned her call immediately with his cell phone. Florence answered using a scrambler device to prevent anyone from listening in to her telephone calls. Her caller ID told her it was Gordon returning her page. "Speak Slave," she said.

"You paged me Mistress. What may I do for you?" Gordon responded.

"I'm having some friends for cocktails and dinner this evening. They will arrive promptly at six thirty p.m., so you must be ready. To save time, I'm sending you, by courier, some things to wear. I want you to put everything on, under your suit, just as soon as you receive them. I will expect you to be home no later then six o'clock.

"Alteisha is preparing dinner and you must be there in time to greet our guests, serve the cocktails and serve dinner to our guests. The courier should arrive within minutes. Even though you still have several hours to work, I want you to put on the things I'm sending you, just as soon as the courier leaves," Florence hung up without waiting for an acknowledgment, or a goodbye.

Gordon was uneasy, but returned to his analysis, even as he heard someone talking to his secretary, Maureen. "Mr. Phillips, there is a courier here with a package for you. He says that he must get your personal signature on the receipt," Maureen said on the intercom.

"Send him in, Maureen," Gordon told her. A tall black man, in a courier's uniform, entered Gordon's office carrying a package. Gordon recognized him immediately. It was Robert. "Hello," said Gordon, without using any name recognition. Robert smiled and nodded hello as he gave the package to Gordon and offered the receipt pad for signature. Gordon quickly signed the receipt, and returned to his computer.

Robert left right away. Maureen asked Gordon if she should open the package for him, but he declined, asking her to shut the door behind her as she left. When he was alone Gordon quickly locked his office door and opened the package. It contained his net cock and ball restraint, the butt plug, a thin leather collar with a chain, a pair of crotchless frilly panties, net stockings, a garter belt, brassiere with openings for his nipples and his maids uniform.

Gordon undressed and swiftly put on the clothes Mistress Florence had sent him. The butt plug was difficult to insert without lubricant, but he improvised by using his saliva to provide some lubrication. Even with the saliva, the plug felt as though it was dry and Gordon suffered to fully insert it into his ass, but at last it was done. Gordon attached the chain to the ring on the net cock and balls restraint, through the butt plug ring and then to the leather collar about his neck. He put on his shirt, tie, and suit over his maid's uniform. Fully dressed, Gordon placed his male underwear in his briefcase, unlocked his door and returned to his work.

The butt plug was even more uncomfortable in his office environment, than when wearing it at home. Sitting directly on it drove it deep into his ass, causing discomfort during the course of his work. More vexing than the butt plug was the cock and ball restraint, which kept pulling at his genitals with every movement he made. The chain pulled harshly at his cock and balls and the butt plug, each time he moved.

Mistress Florence had deliberately made the chain shorter than usual to add to his discomfort, thus reminding him of who was in control. No matter, he relished his role. It was not a 'predicament', as some might think. For Gordon it was total liberation from the concerns and misgivings of daily life. His existence was now the concern of his Mistress, who knew far better than he, what he needed to be happy. What she required of him was love, devotion, obedience and worship of his Mistress. She would provide everything else necessary. He was totally content.

Exactly at five forty five p.m., Gordon shut down his computer, grabbed his briefcase and left his office for the weekend. He told Maureen to have a nice weekend and hurried to the elevator. Maureen followed closely behind him as he left and joined him in the elevator. She smiled at him as they descended the twelve stories to the garage below.

"Mr. Phillips," she began, "What are your plans for this weekend? I hear the weather will be gorgeous, will you be going to the beach?" He became surprised and slightly uncomfortable at her asking into his activities. Usually, she was pretty closed mouthed and private, but he shrugged it off with his answer.

"No. I will stay home," he replied curtly, but courteously.

"I'm going to the beach with some girl friends," said Maureen, in a tone that he sensed she was not too thrilled about her weekend plans.

"Sounds like a fun weekend," Gordon said, just to make some small talk until they reached the garage level.

"I guess," she sighed. "Nothing exciting, but something to do at least. I guess it's better than nothing."

"Oh," replied Gordon, "there are an infinite variety of things that are better than nothing, Maureen."

"Well I wish some of them would happen to me," she said as the elevator halted. They entered the garage and walked to their cars. Gordon pondered Maureen's comment. He wondered if she might somehow need a change in her life, similar to the change he had undergone. He smiled at her as he stopped at his car, which was parked near hers.

"Have a great weekend, Maureen. See you Monday," he started the car, waved goodbye, pulled out of the parking space and drove away. As he left the city and drove towards the house of his Mistress he wondered about the evening and the humiliation he would happily suffer at the hands of the guests. He was excited about providing every service that could be asked of him. Hopefully they might even allow him to cum tonight. He hadn't had an orgasm for nearly two weeks. Mistress Florence did not think he deserved to cum, judging from the marginal performances he had provided his Mistress. He still bore the welts across his ass from the whippings they had administered each night, but orgasm had always been denied him. Perhaps tonight he thought.

Gordon turned into the driveway and pulled into the garage. He entered the house and went up the back staircase to his room. There he removed his outer clothing to reveal the maids uniform he wore underneath. He placed a pair of four-inch pumps on his feet and sat at the mirror to put on his lipstick. The door opened and Alteisha entered his room. "Hurry, Gordeeva, Mistress is waiting. It's nearly six o'clock."

She took the lipstick from him and clasped his chin in her hand. "Here, let me do that." And she finished painting his lips bright red. Her robe parted slightly and Gordon could tell that she was naked except for her collar, nipple and cunt rings and the little bells attached to them. He could hear the bell's muffled ringing under her robe, as she finished putting lipstick on him.

Gordon followed Alteisha to the kitchen to layout the wine and spirits that would be needed for cocktails. He placed various cheeses, finger sandwiches and fruits on silver trays and arranged other snacks in bowls and on decorative plates. He checked everything again to be sure everything was ready. He did not want to cause his Mistress any embarrassment in front of her guests. As he worked, he heard the kitchen door open behind him. It was Mistress Florence. She looked at him haughtily, then at his refreshment preparation. "Everything seems to be in order, 'Gordeeva'." She said curtly. "They should be here any minute. You will answer the door, place their wraps in the front closet and show them in." She turned and left.

The doorbell rang and it concerned Gordon. He had never been a 'maid' to anyone other than his Mistress, Alteisha and Robert. He was uncomfortable and wondered if he would be ridiculed by the guests. Perhaps he would not be able to go through with this tonight. After all, he had been required to do, he was puzzled why his Mistress would want to hold him up to such ridicule in front of her friends. Quickly, dismissing any second thoughts about his situation, he knew that if he balked at anything Mistress asked of him, she would dismiss him permanently. He couldn't bear the thought of not being submissive to her every whim.

'Gordeeva' opened the door and greeted the three women who stood on the porch. "Welcome, please follow me," he told them as they entered and followed him into the living room. He collected their wraps as they watched him intently. The ladies had smirks on their faces and Gordon knew immediately, that they were aware that he was a male.

He placed their wraps in the closet. Mistress Florence entered wearing a studded black soft leather strap suit. It looked like a large net with crisscrossed straps around and between her bare breasts, crossed again at her navel, parting at her crotch on either side of her exposed cunt, and continuing across her back above her bare asscheeks, to a small collar at her neck. She wore silver bells in both her cunt and nipple rings with thigh high soft shinny black leather boots, with five-inch heels. For all practical purposes Florence was naked except for the boots and the leather straps.

"Hello, how nice to see you again," Florence greeted her guests. "How wonderful of you to come visit. It's been such a long time," she turned to Gordon and introduced her guests. "Gordeeva, these three ladies are dear friends of mine. This is Mistress Lira, who taught both Alteisha and me at Castleton, Mistress Lynette who gave us our wonderful rings and silver bells and Mistress Darla, who owned Alteisha, before she gave her to me. Ladies, this is my maid, Gordeeva."

"How nice, Mistress Florence," said Lynette, "your maid seems very intriguing. I'm sure we will find 'her' interesting this weekend," Gordon felt warm and worried that he was blushing, which in fact he was. The ladies enjoyed Gordon's discomfort and smiled with glee at his blushing.

Each of the ladies wore soft leather teddies and boots similar to Florence's. Mistress Darla's breasts, protruded through holes in her red teddy, which was also open at her crotch. Lynntte's teddy was of white leather that ended in half cups just beneath her exposed breasts. Lira's pink teddy exposed a single breast and had an opening to expose only the nipple of the other breast. The Mistresses cunts and asscheeks were fully exposed. Each wore a leather collar, whose color matched their teddies. All had cunt and nipple rings with tiny silver bells hanging from each ring.

"Gordeeva, serve the cocktails now, please," Florence ordered 'her' as the Mistresses sat down to continue their conversations. Florence had purposely not asked Alteisha to join them until she could gauge how Mistress Darla still felt about her former Slave. Darla sensed that Florence had the first move and decided to wait until later to ask about Alteisha. Although both Florence and Darla were mentally fencing, over Alteisha, both decided to put aside any potential disagreement over the Slave, for now. "Darla, Alteisha will join us later," Florence told her sincerely. Darla smiled and nodded as she sipped her drink.

"Gordeeva?" asked Lynette, "didn't we have a little Russian girl Novice named Gordeeva?"

"Yes," replied Florence, "I named 'her' after the Novice we met at Castleton."

"How nice," said Darla, "come here darling," she said to Gordon, "and let me see you up close." Gordon, still holding his tray and drinks, moved close to Darla and stood beside her chair. Mistress Darla lifted his skirt revealing his restrained cock and balls for all to see. "Oh, my!" exclaimed Darla, "such a huge clitoris on this 'girl'. Let's let it out of its netting, shall we?"

"Of course," agreed Florence. Darla released the nylon net that held Gordon's cock and balls. With the obvious skill of having removed such restraints before, Darla, with one hand, expertly untied the leather cord, unsnapped the chain and pulled the nylon restraint free of Gordon's genitals. His balls dropped down and slowly swung from side to side, while his cock immediately grew engorged and stood erect.

Darla lightly fondled the huge cock and stroked his balls, as she continued conversing and sipping her drink. She pulled the foreskin down revealing a large bulbous purple cockhead. She lightly rubbed the smooth silken head with her thumb, then grasped the huge cock and began to pump the skin back and forth. Gordon's sexual arousal was obvious, as he vainly tried not to squirm even slightly, as Darla continued to masturbate him.

"Oh, how I would love to put a ring through that foreskin, - -I mean clitoris," said Lynette laughing at her deliberately calling Gordon's cock a clit.

"Yes, Lynette, we know your passion for piercing, but it would be more fitting if Mistress Endora pierced 'her' clit would it not?" said Mistress Lira.

"Oh, I suppose so, that's her area of expertise, but wouldn't it be fun to do it here tonight," replied Lynette, causing all, except, Gordon to laugh heartily. He grew even more uncomfortable at the thought of getting his cock or foreskin pierced. Darla continued to masturbate him and he could feel the semen boiling in his balls, as he fought to prevent himself from cumming. Lynette knelt down in front of him and licked at the pre cum that seeped from his cock hole. Lira moved to the 'maid' and began to suck one of his nipples, while rolling the other one between her thumb and forefinger.

Gordon's juices boiled within him. He wanted to stop the three Mistresses, but was afraid to ask for permission to speak. He looked with pity in his eyes at his Mistress, but Florence ignored him, as she toyed with Lynette's nipple. Gordon trembled. He knew that he could not resist the sexual onslaught of the three Mistresses for much longer, without exploding in orgasm. He had not cum in nearly two weeks and he could not hold out much longer. Sensing his impending orgasm, Lynette withdrew his cockhead from her mouth and stood up. She enjoyed his discomfort for a moment then, slapped his cockhead as hard as she could. Next, she squeezed his cockhead to force the blood out of it and squelch his orgasm.

The four Mistresses enjoyed a laugh at Gordon's discomfort, as they returned to their drinks and snacks. "Shall we go into the dining room, ladies?" asked Florence, as they rose and followed her in to dinner. "Gordeeva, please start with the appetizer," Florence sat at the head of the table with Lynette and Lira seated side by side to her left. Darla sat to Florence's right with an open place setting between her and her hostess.

Before Darla could ask who would be joining them, Alteisha entered the room wearing only her Slave collar, her cunt and nipple rings and silver bells. "Ah, there you are, Alteisha," said Florence. "You remember this slut, Alteisha, I'm sure," she continued to the guests. They all acknowledged Alteisha, especially Mistress Darla, who smiled slightly as she saw her previous Slave. "Alteisha will also join us for dinner as well as provide some entertainment," announced Florence. "Alteisha, stand on this chair between Mistress Darla and I and masturbate for us."

Alteisha, looking absolutely delicious, responded "Yes, Mistress," and stood on the chair and began to rub her finger over her clit, while the others watched. The Slave was fully aroused and breathed heavily as she continued rubbing herself. Mistress Darla was also getting aroused as she watched her former slave masturbate. She saw the moisture form at Alteisha's cuntlips and she could feel her own juices beginning to boil within her cunt.

'Gordeeva' came in carrying a tray of shrimp cocktail appetizers, for the ladies. 'She' placed an appetizer before each of the place settings and stood back to watch Alteisha. Florence picked a large shrimp from her bowl and thrust it into Alteisha's cunt as she continued to masturbate. Her Mistress rolled the shrimp about her slave's cunt and took a bite of the shrimp. Florence continued to dip her shrimp into Alteisha's cunt, then into her cocktail sauce before eating the shrimp. The others began to eat their appetizers and watch Alteisha, as she closed her eyes, moaning softly from the pleasure of rubbing her clit.

"Alteisha, you may cum when we have all finished our shrimp cocktails, then sit here next to me and Mistress Darla," her Mistress told her. The Mistresses ate in silence and, concurrent with last protracted bite of shrimp by Darla, Alteisha erupted in a mind numbing orgasm. She swayed uneasily and Florence reached out to steady her, to prevent her from falling. The other Mistresses applauded Alteisha's masturbation until she sat down between her Mistress and Mistress Darla. Florence gave her permission to eat her appetizer and to join in the dinner conversation, until the dessert. Gordon served dinner, stood nearby as they ate, attending to their every need.

He watched Alteisha as she sat between her current and former Mistress. It was obvious to him, and Mistress Florence, that Darla hoped her former slave would have expressed greater enthusiasm over her visit. After all, not too long ago they had been close, like lovers rather than slave and Mistress. During the meal, Darla would find every opportunity to touch Alteisha's naked thigh or rub against her breasts. Florence too, had noticed Darla's behavior, but ignored it. As a Mistress, Darla had the privilege to take such liberties with any slave of the Order. Alteisha was increasingly uncomfortable with Mistress Darla's attentions, but controlled herself and did not outwardly display any displeasure.

Inwardly, Alteisha felt that Mistress Darla had abandoned her at Castleton, in favor of a younger and fresher slave. Only her fellow Novice, now Mistress Florence, came to her aid that day. She rescued her by taking her into her service, with Darla's eager concurrence. Now, apparently, Darla was having second thoughts and was making a play for Alteisha's affection again. Darla sensed that her advances to Alteisha were being rejected.

Darla changed her strategy and starting to pinch Alteisha teasingly, but with increasing force. Finally, without any pretense towards teasing, Darla pulled hard on Alteisha's nipple ring, causing a burning pain to erupt in the slave's breast. Alteisha jumped ever so slightly, but quickly regained her composure. She hoped that no one had sensed that Mistress Darla was angered and deliberately disciplining her. The little side play was not lost on Florence, who made a mental note to be alert to Darla's vicious dark side.

The meal continued, with some additional oral and physical barbs directed toward Alteisha by her former Mistress. When they finished the dinner course, Florence asked Gordon to clear away everything from the table, before serving the dessert of sugared strawberries and whipped cream. Gordon cleared the table and went to the kitchen get the dessert. When he returned he found Alteisha, lying on the table, with her legs spread wide.

Florence asked Gordon to place some strawberries on Alteisha's cunt and cover them with whipped cream. When Gordon completed his task, Florence invited Mistress Lynette to sit in front of the slave and eat her dessert. "How innovative!" exclaimed Lynette, greedily devouring the strawberries and whipped cream, while simultaneously licking at Alteishas' clit. The Slave was obviously aroused and began to squirm each time Mistress Lynette's tongue caressed her clit.

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