tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 14

Castleton Ch. 14


(Fdom/oral/bi/hetero sex,)

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* * * * *

Maureen opened her eyes and looked about the room. For a moment she did not know where she was, until the painful welts reminded her acutely of her whereabouts. Gordon stood at the doorway dressed in a business suit, holding the package she had given to Florence. "How do you feel, Maureen?" asked Gordon.

"I'm…I'm O.K.…I think. I hurt, but I think I'm O.K," she replied, smiling at him.

"Good. You were magnificent last night. I was so proud of you," he said. She nodded and gently rubbed her aching nipples. Without embarrassment, she dropped the sheet she was holding across her chest and exposed her whipped tits. A cruel black and blue welt cut across both nipples and breasts. A similar welt adorned the bottom side of both her breasts. She swallowed hard and smiled at Gordon, making no effort to cover her exposed breasts.

"I have to run some errands for Mistress Florence," Gordon told her, "you should try to shower, if you want, and join Mistress and Alteisha downstairs. I will be back in a few hours. I hope you're still here when I get back. If not I'll call you," he smiled, closed the door and left. Slowly Maureen dragged herself out of Florence's huge bed and into the bathroom.

Her first action was to look at herself in the full-length mirror. She had multiple welts and strap marks across her tits and ass. She was sore and swollen in her crotch and her inner thighs. Her pubic area was turning black and blue. Maureen gingerly sat down on the toilet seat and immediately felt the pain and soreness in her asscheeks. It hurt to pee, but she did it successfully, but passed on wiping her pussy dry.

Maureen found towels, a washcloth, ran the water in the shower and entered the glass enclosure. The hot water stung her sore body at first then soothed her all over. She declined to use the washcloth, but instead soaped her aching body with the bar of soap and rinsed the lather down the drain. After exiting the shower, she gingerly patted herself dry and plugged in the hair blower to dry her hair. Naked, she walked back into the bedroom to find Florence, wearing her red satin robe, sitting in an upholstered chair.

"Good morning, Maureen," Florence said sweetly, "you look ravishing. The lovely marks on your body are so beautiful, and you wear them so gracefully."

"Thank you, Miss Florence," Maureen replied standing totally naked and unashamed in front of Florence.

"I've laid out some clothes for you, if you don't mind. Please dress and come join Alteisha and me for a late brunch in the dining room, Maureen," Florence said as she rose, smiled and left the room closing the door behind her. Maureen put on a tight form fitting white sheath mini dress that zipped up the back. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. She looked terrific. None of the welts, that still burned, could be detected under the dress.

She slipped into her black pumps and walked out of the bedroom to descend the stairs to the dining room. "Ah, there you are," Florence greeted her, "Alteisha, please get our guest a plate and silverware." Alteisha, dressed in her Slaves robe, rose and complied with her Mistress's direction. "Please sit here next to me, across from Alteisha, Maureen." She sat down smiling and placed some bacon and scrambled eggs on her plate.

"How do you feel?" asked Alteisha, as the women ate.

"Pretty good, considering" replied Maureen, "last night I thought I would be hurting a lot more, but I guess I'll be all right."

"Alteisha, her marks are absolutely splendid," Florence told her, "would you like to see them?"

"Yes, Mistress, I would like that," her Slave replied. Florence nodded and told Maureen to finish eating at her leisure, then show Alteisha the marks on her body. The three women finished their breakfast and sat sipping coffee. Maureen put down her cup, stood up, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood naked displaying her bruised welts and strap marks to Alteisha and Florence.

Alteisha arose and walked to Maureen. She took a seat next to the naked woman and tenderly ran her fingertips along the length of the welts and marks. Maureen winced, as the welts were tender and painful. Alteisha pulled Maureen toward her and had her bend over slightly so that her tits were close to Alteisha's face. The Slave cupped Maureen's breasts and licked the full length of the welts caused by the whip. She paused and slowly licked the areolas and sucked tenderly on each at each nipple, attempting to soothe and ease the hurt from each breast with her tongue.

Maureen closed her eyes as the Slave gently licked her nipples. She could feel the dampness in her cunt, as she became aroused from the wonderful tongue that caressed her breasts and nipples. Alteisha turned Maureen around to lick the welts across her ass with the same tenderness she showed to Maureen's tits. She reached around to lightly rub Maureen's nipples, as she continued to lick the welts across her bruised, but well shaped ass.

Maureen's cunt was now wet and she could feel her juices flowing onto her inner thighs. Her clit began to peek out between her cuntlips. Alteisha reached down to lightly stroke the engorged clitoris. Maureen was breathing heavily and sighing, her arousal was complete. Alteisha gently helped Maureen sit in a chair. She pushed her legs up exposing Maureen's cunt and asshole.

The Slave lovingly kissed and licked the bruises on Maureen's inner thighs and lower asscheeks to soothe them and ease the pain. Her tongue tarried on the little pinkish asshole and she thoroughly reamed it out. Maureen moaned from the pleasure being visited on her asshole. Her body eased into a gentle, but satisfying orgasm, and she smiled through her pleasure at Florence, who had come over to continue the gentle tonguing of Maureen's nipples.

Alteisha eased her finger into Maureen's asshole and began to draw it back and forth to heighten her pleasure. She moved to tenderly draw her tongue the length of Maureen's cuntlips, running it across her aroused clit protruding slightly above the cuntlips. Alteisha used her tongue to part the swollen cuntlips and to lick and suck Maureen's cunt. She lapped up the flowing juices and pressed her tongue hard against Maureen's clit until she shuddered with a deeply satisfying orgasm. She continued to cum again and again as the two women suckled at her cunt and nipples.

Finally, as if on cue, both Florence and Alteisha released their mouths from Maureen's tits and cunt and let her catch her breath. Maureen kept breathing heavily for several moments before she could speak. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "I don't know what to say. I'm overwhelmed." Both Florence and Alteisha helped Maureen to her feet and hugged and kissed her. Alteisha took a napkin from the table and wiped and dabbed Maureen's cunt and inner thighs dry. She also helped Maureen dress and the three of them sat down again.

"Maureen, Gordon has gone to run some business errands, so I'm going to call a taxi to take you home," Florence told her. Maureen agreed and Florence asked Alteisha to call the cab. "The taxicab company will bill me, Maureen, so don't concern yourself with the fare, nor the tip. Alteisha has put your clothes in a bag and she'll give it to you when you leave. Also, please keep the dress you're wearing. It looks ten times better on you than it ever did on me," Florence grinned. The women talked until the taxi arrived. Florence and Alteisha walked Maureen to the door.

"Remember our discussion in my office. You may visit me again from time to time, but you may be a resident only if you wish to join 'our little family'. Call me if you decide to enter my service and I will prepare the contract we discussed. Then you may pack your things and come here to live. Arrangements can also be made to store your furnishings, somewhere, while you live with me," Florence told her. Maureen nodded hugged Florence once again, and went to the waiting taxicab.

Life at Florence's home returned to normal, considering it was a Dominatrix's home, with Alteisha, Gordon, and occasionally Robert, engaging in their domination/submission activities. No one had heard from Maureen since her last visit. Florence still held out hope that Maureen would eventually join them, but both Alteisha and Gordon were not as sure, and thought she probably would decline.

Florence, with Gordon's guidance, had parlayed her security software copyright to extensive wealth, through licensing arrangements with several software distributors and computer manufacturers. The prognosis was for great future wealth for Florence, ranging into the multi-millions of dollars. Florence instructed her attorney to establish a fund so Alteisha and Gordon would each receive fifteen percent of Florence's total earnings, as their share of her good fortune. As a result, both of her Slaves would be very wealthy people and never want for money for the rest of their lives. Florence decided to keep this gift a secret until an appropriate future time. Additionally, Florence had her attorney prepare the contract for Maureen, in case she might decide to sign it.

It had been a week since the Discipline Room session with Maureen, Robert and her Slaves. Florence resisted an urge to call Maureen, but she secretly wished that Maureen would call or visit. It was late afternoon on a Friday again, and Florence was cleaning out her personal items from her current office, in preparation to move to her new office in the 'Executive Row' of her firm.

She had retained her current phone number so that anyone wanting to call her could do so, without having problems reaching her. As she finished her task and prepared to leave, her secretary told her that she had a call, from a woman named Maureen on her private cell phone. Florence took the cell phone into her office, closed the door and answered the phone. "Hello, Maureen?"

"Yes, Mistress," answered Maureen.

"Maureen, do you recall that I asked you not to use the title, Mistress, when talking with me because you were not in my service?" Florence reminded her.

"Yes, but I've decided to submit to you and serve you, Mistress," Maureen replied.

Trying not to sound too anxious, Florence paused for effect then spoke graciously with her future Slave. "That's good news, Maureen. I'm really pleased with your decision. I'll expect you at my house by seven o'clock with your things. Please be on time. I'll see you then. Goodbye."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you and goodbye."

Florence and immediately called Alteisha and Gordon to inform them that Maureen was indeed coming to live with them, in her service. Alteisha told her Mistress that she would see that all necessary arrangements would be made before the appointed time. Florence hung up and prepared to leave for home. She smiled as she walked to the elevator, wishing her coworkers and subordinates happy weekend activities. Florence was happier than she cared to show to the others around her, as she got into her car and drove away.

Her personal vassals had grown to three, and she knew that the Grand Master at Castleton would be very proud of her. Soon, the call for Novitiates would be forthcoming from Castleton. Both Gordon and Maureen could be included if their training with her was completed and they desired to participate in the Castleton initiations and ordeals. According to Castleton practice, Novices must agree to go to Castleton. No Master or Mistress could force them. Time would tell.

At home Florence showered and ordered Alteisha to shave her cunt of any slight growth of hair. She donned her white leather net Dominatrix attire; white thigh high boots and went downstairs to the living room to await the arrival of her newest Slave. She called Gordon and advised him to wear his white robe and underneath wear his collar, nylon net cock and balls restraint, butt plug and open crotch lace panties. He was to bring his leather cock and balls harness to her, so that it would be nearby when needed. "May I speak, Mistress?" Gordon asked. Florence nodded that he could. "Shall I not wear my maids uniform, Mistress?" he asked.

"No, Gordon, not tonight. Perhaps 'Gordeeva' will disappear since Maureen is joining us. We shall see," she told him. Gordon bowed to leave and went to get ready. Alteisha had arranged the furniture so that her Mistress would be seated in a large chair, with her red satin robe draped behind her, accentuating her near naked appearance. A low, ring studded table, which could also be used as a bench, was placed in front of Florence to hold the contract.

The lighting was dimmed on the periphery of the room, to highlight a single spotlight, shining from the ceiling to illuminate Mistress Florence, the table-bench and her new Slave. Alteisha and Gordon would be kneeling next to their Mistress, with Alteisha on the right and Gordon to her left. Satisfied with the setting Florence sat down to watch some TV until Maureen arrived. Alteisha and Gordon hurried about their tasks to prepare for the evening's activities.

The doorbell rang and Gordon hurried to answer it. He greeted Maureen and bid her enter. Maureen returned the greeting and waited for him to close and lock the front door. He took her suitcases, placed them in the entryway closet and asked Maureen to wait until Alteisha came to get her. Maureen put her purse on a side table and waited. Alteisha, under instruction from her Mistress, allowed Maureen to wait for nearly ten minutes before she opened the living room door to greet Maureen.

"Hello, Maureen. Mistress Florence wants you to strip naked here in the entry room, then crawl into the living room." When Maureen was naked, Alteisha opened the living room door and asked her to enter. The primary Slave closed the door and followed Maureen as she crawled into the living room. Inside Alteisha led Maureen to stand in front of the table and hastened to kneel at her Mistress's side. Maureen saw Florence, illuminated by the spotlight. She was sitting regally in the huge leather chair, which looked more like a throne. Maureen felt a deep apprehension that disquieted her, since calling Mistress Florence earlier in the day.

"You may stand, Maureen," Florence began, "Here are the papers that detail the conditions of your service to me. Before you sign the 'Contract', I insist that you carefully read every word aloud, so that I am positive that you comprehend everything it states. If, after you've read the papers, you agree to the terms and conditions you will sign each page separately at the space provided. Following that, you will receive your first official commands as my slave."

"Yes Mistress," Maureen reached out to take the 'Contract' from Florence, and began reading the papers aloud. As she finished each page, she would pick up the pen and sign the paper, then went on to the next. Finally, she read and signed the last page. Florence gathered the papers, folded them, placed them in an envelope and told Alteisha to place them in the safe.

Florence stood up and walked to the naked Maureen. She inspected her as though she was chattel, then she handed her a leather collar covered with studs and steel rings. Maureen placed the collar around her neck and buckled it securely. Florence clasped a light chain to a ring on the collar and had Maureen step up onto the low table, as Alteisha came to her side. "Alteisha, shave her cunt, but shape her thick red bush into a little heart above her bald cunt, then ring for me," said Florence, as she turned and left the room.

Maureen felt ashamed at suddenly being treated as property, and wished she could cover her nakedness with her hands. Alteisha smiled at Maureen's struggling to adapt to her new status as a Slave. Expertly and swiftly Alteisha completed her task, dried the new Slave's pussy and stepped back to admire her work. Satisfied she rang for their Mistress. Mistress Florence entered the room and took her seat on her 'throne'. She looked over the heart shaped red hair that Alteisha had created and smiled approvingly.

"Good job, Alteisha. I like it." she said cupping her primary Slave's chin in her hand. "Now, let's prepare our new Slave for her first discipline session as a Slave in my service." Florence stood next to her new Slave and looked deeply into her face. "Maureen, normally you would have no choice on any matter regarding your discipline training. However, this time it would amuse us if you decide whether to be led to the Discipline Room by the tits or the clit. Which do you choose?" her Mistress asked. Maureen briefly mulled the choice over in her mind then replied.

"My breasts, Mistress." Florence smiled sweetly and produced two alligator clips joined together by a fine silver chain. She clasped an alligator clip to each nipple. The teeth on the alligator clips bit cruelly into the tender flesh of Maureen's nipples, causing her sharp stinging pain. Florence attached a leash to the chain and pulled it taut, enhancing the pain. She pulled on the leash until Maureen, groaning, stepped off the table onto the floor and dropped to her hands and knees.

"Alteisha take the leash and lead her to the Discipline Room." The three Slaves followed their Mistress down the basement stairs to the Discipline Room. Maureen, aching from the pain at her nipples, painfully descended the stairs on her hands and knees, and was led onto a raised platform in the center of the room. The lighting was similar to the living room with a central spotlight illuminating a throne for Mistress Florence. Florence opened her red satin robe and draped it over the throne as she sat down to view the discipline session. "Gordon, restrain her from the ceiling chains."

Gordon moved swiftly to place wrist and ankle restraints on Maureen. Next, he brought her wrists together and fastened them to the chain dangling from the ceiling. Gordon spread her legs apart and fastened them to rings in the platform floor. He activated the chains motor to lift Maureen to her feet, her arms over her head. Assured that she was securely restrained, he returned to kneel next to his Mistress. Alteisha had a leather strap and a braided leather whip. She laid them on a low bench in front of Maureen, so that she could easily see them. Maureen quietly gasped and shuddered as she viewed the implements.

"Now, Slave number three, you will receive your welcoming session in celebration of joining my service," Florence told her, as she stepped onto the platform, blindfolded her new Slave and removed the alligator clips from her nipples. Mistress Florence selected the strap first and slapped it into her palm to increase the terror in her new Slave. Maureen braced herself, but no stroke came as anticipated. She relaxed, and Florence struck her first blow across both asscheeks, leaving a bright red mark. Maureen screamed at the burning pain, but before she could recover, Mistress Florence laid several more blows on her asscheeks.

Maureen was sobbing and writhing from the searing pain. Some of the marks had turned a deep red as new strokes were laid upon the old. Florence tired and paused to refresh herself with a glass of Blush wine. Maureen's sobbing belied her obvious arousal, as evidenced by the wetness of her cunt. She had been near orgasm several times, but her Mistress's trained eye recognized she was about to cum, and had changed the rhythm, or destination, of the blows to preclude orgasm.

Refreshed, Mistress Florence renewed her assault on her new Slave. Maureen's ass was fiery red from the blows and her flesh glowed red with pain. Strangely, the strap was welcomed, as much as feared, by Maureen. Although she ached from the severity of the strokes, she also felt a familiar throbbing in her cunt, and she ached to cum. Florence sensed the increasing tempo of her Slave's arousal and decided to nip the sensation in the bud, thus prolong her desire to climax.

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