tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 3

Castleton Ch. 3


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A Slave gently shook Jon's shoulder to awaken him. He felt his wrists and ankles being released from their constraints. Jon rose to a sitting position on the edge of the bed and rubbed his sore wrists. His fellow Slave, taking pity, rubbed Jon's ankles to restore the circulation. "Is it night?" Jon asked.

"Nearly dusk." The Slave responded. "You should hurry, for the ceremonies will start soon after dark."

"Yes," replied Jon. "I mustn't be late for the ceremonies!" He pulled his robe about him and accepted help from his companion Slave to rise and leave the room to prepare himself for the evenings activities.

Mistress Lea guided her pupils into the antechamber of the Great Hall. They had just come from their baths and had donned clean white robes. As Novices, they were to wait until all the Masters and Mistresses had entered the Great Hall and had taken their places. Lea had told them that the ceremonies could only start when the Grand Master arrived and took his place on the throne. The Masters and Mistresses ignored the Novices, as they began arriving. Even their original sponsors ignored them. Lea smiled a reassurance to them, as if to say that everything was all right, and not to be concerned. The Masters and Mistresses were dressed in red satin robes that fell to the floor. They talked softly with one another as they entered the Great Hall or mingled about in the antechamber.

Three bells, similar to dinner chimes, rang out announcing the arrival of the Grand Master in the Great Hall. The Novices looked about to catch a glimpse of the Grand Master, but Lea whispered that he had entered through a private entrance reserved for the Grand Master and his entourage. All of the Masters and Mistresses entered, save Lea, who stood at the antechamber with the Novices. "Wait here until I come for you. Stand still and do not speak, or even whisper." Said Lea, as she too entered the Great Hall closing the huge oak door behind her.

Inside, the Members, as the assembled Masters and Mistresses were collectively known, sat on a three-tiered semicircle with the Grand Master at the center, seated on the large 'Phallic Throne'. The throne was shaped in the form of an enormous upright phallus with huge testicles on either side that served as both seat and arm rests. There were no seats behind him or in front, thereby acknowledging his superior position. The Grand Master wore a black leather hood, which covered his face, except for the tip of his nose and his mouth. A black and red satin cape was draped over his shoulders, partially covering his nearly complete nakedness, save for a black leather G-string that covered his genitals. At either side of the Grand Master were two Mistresses sitting or lying at his feet. They were naked under their robes, which were partially draped over them, yet open enough to see their naked bodies.

The lighting in the Great Hall obscured the Grand Master's upper body from a clear view, presenting a mystical aura over his presence. In the center of the Hall was a raised circular stage. It was a rotating stage, which could also be raised higher if necessary. The stage was flood lighted so that the spectators could see the performers on the stage very well, but the persons on stage could only see shadowy figures seated about them. It heightened the anxieties of anyone who might be on stage. The Grand Master motioned to Mistress Lea and she stepped onto the stage. Her robe was open revealing her splendid uplifted tits, a golden ring through each nipple and her shaven cunt, with a tiny silver bell suspended from a ring in her cuntlips.

"Grand Master, Masters and Mistresses," She began, "Tonight I am presenting eight female Novices to be initiated into our Order. They have been sponsored by Members true, and in good standing. I have overseen their initial orientation training, including a initial Slave session, which was concluded this afternoon. Each of the Novices appears, to this point, to have the necessary traits and characteristics to eventually become a quality Slave, or a thriving Mistress, to bolster and ingratiate our Order. "They appear to be mature Novitiates. This was done, Sir, at your direction, to find Novitiates who would bring not only lust to our order, but wisdom as well. I think that these women well fill your specifications and will become quality Slaves and perhaps Mistresses." She paused and hearing no contradiction continued. "I shall now, with your permission Grand Master, escort the Novices into your magnificent presence." The Grand Master nodded his approval and Lea moved quickly to the door to retrieve her charges.

Mistress Lea moved behind each Novice and one by one, she pushed the white hood off their heads, and blindfolded each of them. In single file Lea led the Novitiates into the Great Hall. She had them mount the stage and stand facing the assembled Members. Lea took her seat near the Grand Master, at his feet. The Novices were all nervous. They wondered what was in store for them, in the presence of the assembled Members and the Grand Master. They could feel their hearts beating rapidly and their palms were clammy. They could hear and sense someone on the stage with them. A male Helper moved a post onto the stage and locked it in place at the edge facing the Grand Master. The post had multiple steel rings attached to it at various levels and was topped by a set of leather wrist restraints. The stage contained many steel rings that folded into the floor.

A deep voice boomed and reverberated throughout the Great Hall with a medieval flavor to its sound. "This day, you Novitiates will be initiated into 'The Order of the Marquis'. No request of the Order will be denied, no command or desire demanded of you, will go unfulfilled, and the only privilege permitted you, is obedience without question! None of you will be permitted to withdraw from this initiation. You have gone beyond the point of no return. You will endure all that is planned for you this day. You may cry out, but the planned activity will not cease because of your cries or screams. Your blindfolds will be kept in place until the initial individual ceremony is completed. You may not speak unless given permission to do so." The voice paused for effect then declared, "Let the ceremonies begin!"

From a sequence predetermined by Lea, the timid Florence was selected and brought to the post. She was shuddering from apprehension, mixed with fear, of what might happen. She felt ashamed when her robe was removed and she stood naked before all the Members. She had never been naked in front of men, other than her previous boyfriend and the Slave Jon, this afternoon. Now she could not even see the many people who were viewing her nakedness. She blushed behind her blindfold and her blush brought a murmur of admiration from the Members. The Helpers quickly bound her wrists to the restraints overhead. Other restraints were placed about her ankles and made fast to the rings in the stage. She was completely helpless! "This is Florence," Lea began, "She has been selected first because of her shyness, which has already found favor with nearly all of you. I'm sure you will be pleased with her." Lea called out to another Mistress to come to the stage and start the proceedings. "Florence," Said Lea, "This is Mistress Lynette. She and her Helpers will attend to you and the others." Mistress Lea returned to her place at the Grand Masters feet and smiled at her Mistress companions, who were fondling the Grand Master under his G sting and rubbing his nipples.

Mistress Lynette was the complete Masturbitrix, and she initiated her art immediately on Florence's cunt. She rubbed Florence's sex while the Helpers began to rub her nipples and fondle her tits. Lynette clasped Florence's clit between her cuntlips and began to roll them over her clit between her thumb and forefinger. The Helpers did the same to her nipples. The passion was quickly rising in Florence, as she strained and writhed at the marvelous feelings visited on her tits and cunt. She knew she would cum if they continued and it did not seem to her that they intended to stop. Florence loved every moment of her sexual anguish. The Helpers began to squeeze and pull hard on her nipples, as they pinched, twisted and stretched them. It was painful, but it also felt good, and she wished they would continue. Her wishes were granted. Her cunt was sopping wet and her juices were flowing down her legs. Florence was uncomfortable with this and blushed even more, which pleased the Members.

Mistress Lynette was quickly bringing Florence towards orgasm with the magnificent rolling of her clit wrapped inside the folds of her cuntlips. The Helpers pinched down hard on her nipples, twisted and pulled them to their full extremity, and she knew the orgasm was upon her. Suddenly Florence exploded in a sea of cum that kept building as her clit continued to receive the manipulations. Florence had never cum as hard as this. She screamed for joy and, without warning, her joyful screams were suddenly changed to screams of indescribable pain at each of her nipples. Florence had never known such splitting pain as she now felt in her nipples. She groaned as her orgasm subsided, but her nipples blazed like fire, with a burning pain that lingered, even as her orgasm ended.

The Helpers release her nipples, but they still hurt and she had no idea why. Florence, exhausted, hung from her wrist restraints with her chin on her chest, looking down, trying to recover, when her blindfold was removed. She looked at her aching nipples and saw a gold ring neatly implanted in each one. Wearily, she looked at Mistress Lynette, who smiled sweetly at her, kissed her on each cheek and on each of her nipples. Hugging Florence, Mistress Lynette hung a small lead weight on each nipple ring, which pulled the nipple downward and increased the pain. "Sometime soon, Florence, someone will pierce your pretty little cuntlips too, and hang a little silver bell there." Whispered Lynette, so that only Florence could hear her.

The other Novices were frightened and confused by the sounds that they had heard. Each one now knew that a similar painful fate awaited them, but not knowing what it was, served to heighten their fear and anxiety. Florence's restraints were removed and her blindfold replaced over her eyes. The Helpers assisted her to return to her former place on the stage. Myrna was introduced next and the ritual was replayed. She too climaxed in a shuddering orgasm, only to have the pleasure interrupted by the searing pain of her nipples being pierced and ringed without a warning or her knowledge. One by one the Novitiates were led to the post, bound, fondled, masturbated to orgasm and pierced through their nipples! Alteisha screamed the loudest, and the twins whimpered the longest, after their screaming ended. Soon all eight of them stood naked, uncertain, nipples aching from the piercing and the lead weights hanging from the rings implanted in them. Mistress Lea mounted the stage and dabbed each pierced nipple with a stinging disinfectant. She took obvious pleasure at their discomfort. The Members gave the initiates a resounding round of applause to celebrate their piercing.

The post was moved to the center of the revolving stage and locked in place. The Helpers bound each Novice's ankles together and fastened them to a ring on the post. Each wrist was placed in a leather restraint, with a three-foot chain attached to the restraint, and the other end attached to the post. The Helpers arranged them in a circle, facing outward, about the post. Each Novice's shoulders were pushed forward thus suspending their bodies outward, with their arms extended backward toward the post. This caused them to lean out at an angle over the edge of the stage with their tits swaying freely and pointing down. The abrupt stop of their bodies caused the lead weights on their nipple rings to pull harshly at their nipples, bringing increased groans of stinging pain. Mistress Lea asked that the Member that sponsored each Novice step forward to stand in front of the woman they had sponsored. Each of the Members carried a small leather bound paddle.

"Begin!" Commanded Lea, and the Members struck each suspended tit of their Novice with the leather paddle. The paddles striking their tits, combined with the swinging of the lead weights on each nipple ring, caused searing pain to each Novice. The stage began to slowly rotate bringing each Novice within striking distance of the next Member. Their tits were struck again and again as the slapping paddles landed full on their targets. The Novices cried out, screamed, groaned and whimpered shamelessly from the pain visited on their tits. Trying to avoid the paddles only caused them to be struck on other areas of their bodies. The welts and bruises on their tits, shoulders and ribcages were turning shades of pink, red and purple. Crying out brought no relief as the paddles continued to fall mercilessly on their protruding tits. Their ordeal continued for several minutes, which seemed like hours to the Novices, until Lea ordered the punishment to stop. The Novice women's tears were flowing freely as their heads hung down. Their tits were nearly numb from the pain of the paddles, except for the pain at their nipples, which would not diminish.

The Helpers brought each Novice upright and released them from the post. The wrist restraints were locked together and the Novices were made to kneel down facing the post. Studded collars with rings were placed on their necks and the collars were attached to the floor rings on the stage. Their legs were brought underneath their bodies and spread wide exposing their assholes, cunts and clits. Leather straps were placed over the back of their knees and bound to the stage. Their ankle restraints were similarly attached to rings in the stage. Now they were, again, completely helpless. Their asses were elevated and asscheeks spread wide.

The Helpers brought forth a soft plastic dildo vibrator for each Novice. These dildos were thick and long with a nub that protruded at the base of the device. The dildos were inserted into the already wet cunts with the protrusion resting on each Novice's clitoris. The dildos were made fast to each body by a set of fine stainless steel chains that surrounded their waists and looped through a ring on the base of the dildo. The battery powered vibrator dildos were turned on, causing their wearers to gyrate with as much pleasure, as their restraints would permit.

The Novices reveled in the pleasure visited on their clits and cunts by the vibrator dildos. At random they would sigh and moan, as they would cum from the joy and pleasure in their cunts. As they enjoyed the resonant vibrations on their clits and in their cunts, each sponsor Member was selecting a heavy rubber band from Mistress Lea's treasure trove of Instruments of Discipline. The Novices soothing feelings were suddenly interrupted with stinging pain, as the rubber bands were stretched and released, to fling their terrible ravishment on the tender assholes presented to the assembled Membership. The Novices screamed again and again as the stabbing, stinging rubber bands impacted each asshole.

The pain was nearly unbearable and was amplified by the knowledge in each Novice that they were bound, completely helpless and at the mercy, no not mercy, but disposal, of the Members. The rubber banding of their assholes seemed to go on forever. Their tears and screams brought them no relief, which finally came at Mistress Lea's pronouncement of "Enough!" The Novices were crying and sobbing in their anguish from the discipline, wishing they could speak, but aware that speaking or asking them to stop would end forever their quest for membership in the order. They suffered as mutely as they could, while waiting for whatever would be next.

Now, the sponsors selected a set of thicker, longer, leather covered dildos which they lubricated before roughly inserting the instruments into each of the Novice's assholes. Each of the dildos was shaped like huge phallus, with a slight depression at the base of the shaft so that it might also function as a butt plug. The Novice's sphincters closed in tight spasms about the dildos, in rhythm with the feeling in their cunts and clits created by the vibrator dildos, still buried and working, in their cunts. The sponsor Members permitted the pleasant sensations to continue for a few minutes, to allow the rubber band stinging to abate. They waited, strap paddles in hand, for the command to begin the next discipline.

At Mistress Lea's command the stage began to rotate again and the sound of leather swishing through the air filled the Novice's ears. They shuddered as they realized what was about to happen. Myrna was in the throes of cumming, as the first blow landed across both cheeks of her ass. She screamed, but the sound was drowned out by the slaps of multiple leather straps pitilessly striking the proffered asscheeks. The whippings continued as the stage rotated, giving each sponsor the opportunity to whip each Novice. The screaming, moaning and groaning resumed from the painful application of the straps to their asscheeks. Some of the sponsor Members changed to the paddle end of their instruments and delivered hard and unrelentingly stinging strokes to the flesh proffered for their pleasure and amusement. Other Members aimed their strokes at the butt plugs and drove the dildos further into the aching assholes.

The Novices were reeling from the pain of their asscheeks, mingled with the mounting desire in their cunts from the vibrators embedded in them. Ella, though screaming from the paddle and whip, felt the desire rise in her loins and she quieted, cumming hard from the pleasure she was receiving from the vibrating dildo. Her orgasm brought applause from the Grand Master and the other Members who were witnessing her ordeal. The others, one after another, reached glorious orgasms, orchestrated by the dual sensations of pain and pleasure. The twins, Dixie and Trixie, came more often, than the others. Trixie was almost in a continuous state of orgasm and was enraptured by the spasms of her asshole closing around the butt plug each time she came. June was completely worn out and could only feel the paddle as background clutter, concentrating more intently on her orgasms. She no longer screamed, but moaned and sighed with each orgasm. Alteisha was nearly hoarse from screaming, as she fought the pain of the paddle. She would not easily give in to the Masters and Mistresses violating her body. Not even her frequent orgasms mellowed her to the point of yielding graciously to her tormentors.

Alteisha's unwillingness to surrender, though admirable, only served to redouble the efforts of the Members tormenting her. Finally, singled out by Mistress Lea, her sponsor was given a cat o' nine tails, to administer the discipline. The cat o' nine tails increased the pain by an order of magnitude, as the whip aggravated Alteisha's asscheeks with deep red and purple welts. She fought the whip until finally her skin was broken and she bled, bringing her at last, into compliance. Alteisha's tense muscles relaxed as she nearly fainted and simultaneously shuddered in a great orgasm deep within her cunt. The assembled Members applauded both Alteisha's endurance and the Master who brought her to heel. "Well done, Master Douglas!" Exclaimed the Grand Master followed by more applause.

"Enough." Said Mistress Lea and the discipline ceased. Some of the Novices continued to cum from the pleasure in their cunts. All were breathing hard as they gasped at surviving this ordeal. The Helpers released the Novices and allowed to them catch their breath. The Novices lay on their bellies, avoiding rolling over onto their still painful asscheeks. The Helpers applied ice wrapped in cold towels to each Novice's ass, which helped relieve the pain somewhat. Mistress Lea allowed them to lie on the stage while preparations were underway in the Great Hall. The Helpers had brought in straight and upholstered chairs, cushions, hassocks, small tables and large mattresses. The furnishings were strategically spread about the Great Hall and cool refreshments placed on the tables. The Masters and Mistresses rose from their seats, accepted glasses of their favorite beverages from the Helpers and engaged in small talk while they awaited the renewal of nights ceremonial activities.

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