tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 5

Castleton Ch. 5


(D/s, Fem domination, oral, hetero and bi-sex, erotic torture & piercing)

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* * * * *

Life at Castleton resumed as before for the remaining Novices. Ruth had been elevated to Slave status and she no longer lived with the Novices. She now lived with Mistress Endora in the Great House and was becoming very adept at pleasing her Mistress and any other Master or Mistress to whom Endora would loan her. Ruth felt complete. She received as much sex as she needed and reveled in periodic correction and discipline from her Mistress or other Members. She had not yet been punished for any infraction, but had been forced to witness the punishment of another Slave who had violated the Orders rules, having been caught masturbating in bed. The Slave was punished severely and without mercy.

He was an object lesson for the Slaves and Novices alike. It was three days before he was able to get out of bed to join the other Slaves. His Mistress forbade him to cum for two months even though she and others, at her bidding, constantly kept him aroused by playing with his cock, balls and nipples. Finally, the poor wretch could not stand it and chose to cum without permission, only to suffer worse punishment. In Ruth's mind, the punishment was surely not worth the brief moment of pleasure that his orgasm provided.

Slaves were not permitted to talk to any one except the Mistresses and Masters, and then only by asking and receiving permission. Although Slaves interacted daily with Helpers, other Slaves and occasionally with Novices, they were expected to remain mute or risk punishment. Any of the Masters or Mistresses could demand sexual service from a Slave and receive it without question. No sexual act was considered taboo, if ordered by a Member, at any time or place within the confines of Castleton.

Helpers would rarely rise above their Helper status and did not become Masters or Mistresses. They enjoyed the privileges of speaking when they wished and participating in the ceremonies at the Members discretion. They were prohibited from sex with Novices or Slaves, without permission from a Member. Violations earned them corrections, discipline or punishment.

Each of the Novices would undergo their personal Ordeal to advance to Slave status. They experienced essentially the same trials that Ruth had undergone, with some variations, as preferred by the Master or Mistress that selected them. June was second to stand for the Ordeal and she accounted herself handsomely for her Master. Myrna, Ella and Alteisha followed, all selected by Mistresses. Alteisha's ordeal was prolonged beyond what any of the Members thought possible, without losing consciousness. She fought the whip and the manacles, refusing to scream or cry out. She became a challenge to her Mistress, Darla, who accepted it eagerly, and took great pleasure in breaking Alteisha with a Cat o' Nine Tails, among other instruments. Alteisha's skin was broken in several places and she bled for her efforts. In the end however, the whip mastered her will, and she was broken. Her screams were frenzied and she begged for mercy, to no avail, as she was whipped on her tits, cunt and ass with the 'Cat'. Alteisha relished servicing her Mistress Darla with her mouth and tongue, as she was being whipped. Ultimately, she surrendered to Darla's will. Her Mistress took a final vengeance with a most painful piercing of Alteisha's cuntlips, which was prolonged for effect, and the pleasure of Mistress Darla.

The twins, Dixie and Trixie, were selected as Slaves by another pair of twins, the male twin, Master Leo and his sister Mistress Cleo. They decided to put Dixie and Trixie through their Ordeals together. The Members enjoyed the novelty of the 'twins on twins' ordeal and reveled in watching Leo and Cleo interchange their ministrations on the Novices, about to become their Slaves. Leo and Cleo were both beautiful people and other than their gender their facial features were nearly identical. Master Leo's body was nicely sculpted and though powerful, was not overly muscular. Cleo was a beauty in all sense of the word. Her body displayed beautiful tits with pronounced nipples, resembling the protruding tips of torpedoes. She was slender and tall, and could employ the whip as expertly and as heavily as her brother. Both relished doing so. Dixie and Trixie withstood their ordeal, and the piercing that followed, with determination. Their Ordeal ended and they were taken to Leo and Cleo's chambers. The twin Dominants lived together, and often ‘did’ each other with respect to the lash and sex. After tonight they had a readily available orgy in their chambers whenever the mood struck them.

Finally, the last of the Novices, shy Florence, was selected for her Ordeal. She had caught the eye of none other than the Grand Master himself. She had pleased him when Mistress Lea had Florence, and the other novices, sexually abuse him the weekend he served as a Slave. Her shyness captured his attention. He somehow knew that Florence would make a marvelous Slave, hence his desire to take her himself. Though sincere, her shyness belied a dedication to both the lash and the sexual delights that she sought. Tonight she would cross over to become his Slave. Before becoming Grand Master he was known as Master Octavian and by that name he would place this Novice through her Ordeal this night.

The Great Hall was filled to over flowing. This was a special night because Grand Master Octavian was to perform the ordeal. Masters and Mistresses of the Order, who did not live at Castleton, had been invited as guests and witnesses. All Helpers and Slaves were to be permitted to watch the Grand Master perform this night. The Members were seated in their usual places with their Slaves at their feet. The Great Hall was warm from the crowd hence nearly everyone had their robes open revealing their naked bodies. Mistress Lea escorted Florence into the Great Hall, onto the stage and made to kneel down to await her Ordeal. The assembled Members quickly fell silent as Grand Master Octavian entered and took the Phallic Throne. Lea cleared her throat and began to speak. "Masters and Mistresses," she began, "tonight we are privileged to witness the Grand Master's selected Novice complete her ordeal. Octavian, Grand Master of us all, has selected, for his pleasure, the Novice Florence kneeling before you. Let the Ordeal begin!"

Lea dismounted the stage and took her seat among the Members. The Grand Master Octavian motioned to the Helpers on the stage to begin. Without a sound the Helpers removed the blue satin robe from Florence's body and stood her up, naked. Instinctively Florence tried to cover her nakedness with her hands and arms, but the Helpers prevented this. The Members applauded her vain failed effort to hide her cunt and tits. The Helpers lifted Florence up by her arms and thighs. They pulled her arms back thrusting out her beautiful tits and nipples. The Helpers carried her about the Great Hall pausing before the Masters and Mistresses so that they could examine her tits and nipples. The last stop was in front of Grand Master Octavian, who examined her breasts and sampled her nipples with his tongue. Next, the Helpers spread her legs wide revealing her wet cunt. Again they presented her to the Members for viewing before stopping at the Grand Masters throne. Octavian opened her cunt with his fingers and felt for the swelling of her clitoris. He grabbed it and held it between thumb and forefinger, as it engorged. Florence moaned, sighing in shame mixed with pleasure at the manipulation of her clit.

The Grand Master leaned his head between her thighs and tasted her cunt, swirling his tongue about her cunt and clit. Florence nearly came, but fortunately held back, as she was not given permission to cum. The Helpers rolled Florence over and spread her asscheeks wide, revealing her asshole, and presented to the Members again for their viewing pleasure. Florence was mortified at this unseemly gesture. Again the Helpers brought her to the Phallic throne, to present her to the Grand Master. Octavian reached under her asshole, wet his forefinger in her cunt juices and thrust it up her asshole as far as he could. Florence jerked as the finger explored inside her. Octavian withdrew his finger and tasted her asshole with his tongue, lightly lapping it and gently pushing at her sphincter with his tongue. Florence blushed as the Helpers carried her to the stage, followed by the Grand Master.

Florence was placed on her back on a low bench and bound to it so her wrists were restrained at the rear legs of the bench. Her head hung down, as there was no support at the rear. Her legs were spread wide and ankles restrained to rings in the stage floor. Her face turned a deep shade of pink as she blushed at the knowledge that all assembled could view her wet cunt. The Grand Master Octavian mounted the stage, removed his robe and positioned himself behind Florence's head. He was naked except for the black leather hood that he chose to keep over his head and upper face. It added to Florence's anxiety. His huge balls were suspended over her face and his massive cock was rock hard seeping pre-cum in anticipation. A tray of whips, clamps and other instruments was placed within Octavian's reach. Octavian began by brushing his huge balls back and forth across Florence's face and wiping his pre-cum on her lips. Florence's tongue immediately shot out to take the pre-cum and taste its salty flavor. He lowered his balls to her mouth, which opened to admit them. Florence licked and suckled at them one at a time. She tried to take them both in her mouth, but was unable until Octavian assisted her. Her mouth was so full that she could hardly breath, but Florence kept fast to her task until he pulled up to remove them.

He replaced them with his cock and Florence had difficulty getting her mouth around its ample girth. Again he assisted her and allowed her to lick and suck while he selected an inch wide leather strap. He wrapped one end around his fist to make a sturdy handle and held the strap at his side. He pushed his cock down Florence's throat until she gagged, hardly able to breathe. Octavian continued to push, cutting off all air to his Slave, as he watched her frantically gasp, squirm and gyrate to breathe. Suddenly, in a coordinated motion he withdrew his massive cock from her mouth and simultaneously brought the strap down hard on the soft tender flesh of her inner thighs. Florence first gasped for air, then screamed from the pain cutting at her thigh. Again and again the cruel strap exacted its toll and she screamed, as the welts grew higher and redder. Octavian spared her no quarter as he savagely whipped both thighs until she begged for mercy between the screams. When fifteen equal strokes were delivered to each inner thigh, he stopped to change instruments.

“Thank me!” He commanded. She complied, with tears running from both eyes and the welts swelling high. He selected a long thin braided leather whip from the tray. He raised his arm high to test the whip in the air. The swishing sound brought new terror to Florence, as she tried to collect her senses, for what was to come. Without warning, Octavian cracked the whip hard in the fold between her cuntlip and her thigh. Florence nearly fainted from the pain. Before she could scream another blow fell savagely on the other side. Her screams pierced the hushed Great Hall, but Octavian did not relent until fifteen strokes to each side, had been harshly applied. Florence sobbed, screamed and moaned as pain wracked her body. Two Helpers appeared from either side, each wearing a leather glove. Each Helper clasped a thumb and forefinger on a cunt lip and pulled her cunt fully open, revealing a fully engorged clit straining to be satisfied.

Octavian selected a pair of nipple clamps resembling thumbscrews and tightened one on each pert and upright nipple. Florence cried out as the screws were turned down tightly, squeezing her nipples. She momentarily forgot the pain in her thighs because of her hurting nipples. Throughout her ordeal, she felt pangs of sexual desire in her aroused cunt and clit. She ached for relief, but none was forthcoming. Instead, she nearly fainted again as the thin leather whip smashed brutally, on Florence’s clit and cunt. Unerringly, Octavian flailed at her cunt and clit again and again. As he continued to deliver the strokes, Octavian nodded to a Helper, to hook a weight to each nipple ring. The added weight pulled each firm tit toward Florence's armpits, increasing the pain in her nipples. Finally, without heeding any of her screams for mercy, her Master delivered the thirtieth blow and stopped. Florence wailed as an infant from her pain, but through it all she still felt extremely sexually aroused.

Octavian stepped back so Florence could see that he still held the long slender whip. She closed her eyes momentarily to rest and Octavian chose that instant to bring the whip down hard on her left tit. She screamed as the whip next savaged her right breast. Her Master alternated between breasts, striking them brutally raising welts and bruises. The whip bit her nipples as it crashed down, causing the weights and clamps to jerk about, amplifying her considerable pain. Each tit received fifteen forceful strokes before her Master paused her torment, to refresh himself with a cool glass of Chardonnay. During this lull in Florence's ordeal, the Helpers released her momentarily, rolled her over face down and bound her again. Though her breasts were small, they were crushed against the bench. The attached weights and clamps caused even more pain as they were caught underneath her breasts. The Grand Master moved to one side, and using the same whip, rained down cutting blows on her asscheeks in equal lots of fifteen each. The deep red welts rose up again to lay testament to the ferocity of the whip against her tender flesh. Without pausing after the thirtieth stroke, Octavian moved to whip Florence's back. Fresh welts quickly arose as her Master continued to deliver the full complement of thirty lashes before pausing. Florence sobbed and wept openly as tears flowed from her eyes. She was drenched with sweat and her tears were lost in the rivulets of sweat that ran everywhere on her body. Her long hair was sopping wet and hung down on either side of her head. Octavian moved toward her legs and rewarded Florence with fifteen lashes across each calf. By now, Florence was beyond screaming. Her tortured body hurt all over and she could not stop moaning long enough to plead for mercy. The Helpers returned, with their gloved hands, to pry apart her asscheeks to be attacked by the Grand Masters whip. Florence tried to tighten her ass so that the cheeks would not open, but to no avail, the Helpers defeated her. She whimpered as her Master moved in front of her head and offered her his massive sweaty cock.

With great effort, Florence opened her mouth to admit her Masters cock to be licked, tongued and sucked. She realized her asshole was to receive thirty strokes of the whip, while she sucked the Grand Masters cock. She prayed that she would not bite him, nor allow a single tooth to touch Masters cock. Knowing that if she did, she would be so punished, that this ordeal would seem like child's play by comparison. She sucked as best as she could, given her inability to move very much, and the girth of the cock she was sucking. Florence braced herself to withstand the coming blows, without any let up to the gentle licking and sucking of her Masters cock. She regarded it a small victory, as she sucked without pausing when the first cut of the whip struck her fully across her asshole. It seared with burning pain, but she was not deterred from the task of pleasing her Master. Her taking in stride, the first wicked blow, was not lost on her Master. He admired his chosen Slave's tenacity, without even a short pause in her sucking. Master and Slave continued their assigned tasks until concurrent with the thirtieth stroke Octavian erupted in an avalanche of cum deep into Florence's mouth.

She redoubled her efforts and was rewarded with additional eruptions of thick, creamy cum from his cock, while at the same time preventing even a single drop, to escape from her lips. When the last bit of cum was pumped into her mouth and she swallowed, the Grand Master withdrew his now cleansed and flaccid cock from her mouth. The assembled Members applauded with delight at the performance. Florence was released from the bench and helped to the bed on the stage. A male Helper lay naked on the bed with his huge hardon standing upright pointed at the ceiling. Florence climbed slowly on the bed and sat over the Helpers waist with her knees on either side of him. Her ass was lifted and the cockhead placed at the entrance of her wet cunt. Florence needed no further instruction and promptly impaled herself on the upright cock. She plunged down to touch her cuntlips to the Helpers pubic area.

Grand Master Octavian's cock was hard and upright again, as he fitted a condom on his tool. He lubricated the condom and placed his cockhead on Florence's tight, exposed, sore and accessible asshole. She was extremely tight as he pushed against her resisting sphincter. Finally, as if surrendering, the sphincter gave way and the massive cock was buried deep in her asshole. Florence gasped at the fullness she felt in her cunt and ass as the Grand Master's balls were slapping against her cock filled cunt. Though she was fully aroused sexually, she ached all over from the whip and lash. Her sexual needs, however, were paramount now and she begged, pleaded and screamed to be ravished. “Fuck me!” she shouted, “please dear God…fuck me now! Fuck me!”

A female Helper straddled the male underneath Florence and offered him her asshole, while presenting her cunt to Florence. The male's tongue eagerly sought her asshole and began licking the puckered little orifice. Florence's mouth closed on the juicy cunt before her and she licked the cuntlips from top to bottom before plunging her tongue deep into the girl's throbbing sex. Florence felt the mighty cocks begin to thrust in and out, alternating their penetrations. Both her cunt and her asshole tightly clasped at the cocks, as they drew back, to prevent them from exiting either of her orifices. Another Helper moved to the bed and quickly tied Octavian's balls to the balls of the Helper fucking Florence's cunt. He wrapped a rawhide cord tightly around the Grand Masters balls and did the same to the Helper under Florence. The cord, pulling on their balls, heightened their pleasure and provided them some slight measure of the pleasure/pain, they craved.

The pain of Florence's body ebbed away as the lust of her fucking overcame her. Florence could simply not get enough of either cock, or the juicy cunt she was sucking. She moaned with pleasure as the joyful pistons impaled her, one after the other, again and again. The female Helper cried out as her orgasm consumed her. She did not back away, but instead grasped Florence by her wet hair and pulled her face into her cunt. “Again!” she gasped softly, as she ground her cunt harder onto Florence's mouth and tongue.

“Oh, God!” screamed Florence into the girl's cunt as she felt the first pangs of orgasm rising in her clit. “I'm cumming!” she shouted, and her body shuddered and jerked as she came hard. She tried to pull her knees out from under her, but the huge cock impaling her cunt prevented her from moving far. As her orgasm ebbed away she pulled her knees up and again began to relish the fucking she was getting, and giving. Both Florence and the girl Helper enjoyed several orgasms, as the mini-orgy on stage continued. Each succeeding orgasm was stronger than the previous and they reveled in their cumming. The massive cocks seemed rooted in her cunt and asshole, as Florence thankfully marveled at their endurance and discipline. After another mind numbing orgasm, Florence could feel the Grand Masters balls tighten up, as they no longer slapped at her cock filled cunt. The cock in her cunt grew even harder and Florence sensed that soon they both would cum. The Helper exploded first, expelling a huge load of hot semen deep inside Florence's cunt. She could feel the thick, pearly liquid striking the walls of her cunt as spurt after spurt of semen poured into her. The creamy nectar oozed from around the massive cock onto the Helpers pubic area and balls. Octavian put his strong arms around Florence's waist and pulled her up and away from the flaccid cock exiting her cunt. Quickly the girl Helper dove beneath Florence and sealed cum from flowing out of her cunt with her mouth. Expertly, she released the rawhide cord from Octavian's and the male Helpers balls. Slowly the Grand Master, Florence and the girl Helper backed away from the bed until Florence's head was over the male Helpers cock. “Clean his cock, now!” the Grand Master commanded. Florence greedily complied, leaning down to take the flaccid, cum covered cock in her mouth and lick it clean. Next, she moved her tongue to his pubic area and balls, licking away all traces of the pearly cum.

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