tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 6

Castleton Ch. 6


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Following Florence's Ordeal, the Members gathered their Slaves to leave the Great Hall. Everyone was eager to go to their chambers to relieve themselves of the sexual tension created by the Grand Master and his new Slave. The Members pulled at their Slaves collar chains to hurry them along. Helpers were left behind to clean the Great Hall and to go to bed unless they were selected by Members to come to their chambers after completing their cleaning chores. These were the lucky ones.

Master Leo, Mistress Cleo and their Slaves, Dixie and Trixie, were among the first to exit the Great Hall. Cleo was obviously aroused and anxious, as evidenced by the copious flow of juices from her cunt. Her cunt and thighs glistened from her nectar and she desperately wanted to reach the privacy of her lodgings. Although she had selected Dixie as her Slave, she and her brother Leo interchanged Slaves nearly at will. Usually their sessions involved the four of them in all imaginable sex acts, and some unimagined.

Their lodgings were near the highest level of the medieval tower of the Great House. It contained a sitting room, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The large bedroom was for Leo and Cleo, and a smaller one with twin beds for their Slaves. All rooms, except the bathroom, had fireplaces and were furnished with items that were useful for corrections, discipline or punishment sessions. Chains hung down from the ceiling in several places to facilitate their sessions. Steel rings were embedded in the walls, furniture, floor and ceilings throughout the chambers. The instruments of pain and pleasure were neatly arranged in glass cases mounted on the walls throughout. They contained a large variety of whips, straps, lashes, paddles, restraints, gags and clamps. Other cases held dildos, vibrators, suction and vacuum devices, lubricants, lotions and oils. The inventory was as complete as could be imagined.

The Master and Mistress had trained their Slaves well. Both slave women ran into the sitting room, removed and hung up their robes and assumed a kneeling position. "Assume the position to receive the training plugs!" Commanded Master Leo. Both Slaves grasped their asscheeks spread them wide and bent over to touch their foreheads to the floor. Mistress Cleo put a thin coating of lubricant on two vibrator dildos and thrust them deeply into each of the proffered assholes. The twins gasped as the thick dildos forced their entry past their sphincters and came to rest deep in their asses. Each dildo was shaped as a thick phallus with a bulbous head, long shaft and a depression around the lower end to be trapped by the sphincter and held fast as a butt plug.

The two Slaves were led to benches were laid down face up. Their wrists and ankles were restrained and made fast to the benches. Each of them was fitted with a ball gag and weights were placed on their nipple rings. Master Leo selected a Cat o' Nine tails and swished it lovingly through the air over the Slaves heads, so they could see what was to come. Mistress Cleo chose a long thin braided whip and brandished it in a similar fashion. Without warning, she arched the whip and struck a hard blow to the underside of Trixie's left tit. The Slave tried to scream, but the ball gag did its job well and only a moan could be heard. Dixie suffered a similar fate as Master Leo's 'nine tails' lashed across both tits and nipples. Leo and Cleo alternated their blows from one Slave to the other without let up until each had been awarded twenty strokes. The Slaves torment was now shifted to their cunts, as their Master and Mistress each awarded them another twenty strokes. Finally with both Slaves, sobbing with tears streaming down their faces, Leo and Cleo paused to refresh themselves with glasses of cool white wine.

Master Leo turned on the vibrator dildos that they had embedded in their Slaves' asses. He amused himself watching the Slaves squirm with delight as the vibrators aroused them sexually. Both had very sensitive sphincters and would often come from vibrator stimulation of their assholes. Cleo selected two more vibrator dildos with clit stimulators built into them and inserted one in each of the twin Slaves cunts making sure the clitoris stimulators were in the right place and working. She fastened them in place with a fine steel chain about their waists and down through an eyelet in the dildo and back to their waists. Leo released the twin Slaves from their restraints and removed the ball gags. He led them into the master bedroom to kneel at bedside. Mistress Cleo got on the bed to lie down, spread her legs wide revealing her wet throbbing cunt. Master Leo joined her and lay next to his sister with his hard enormous cock upright and seeping pre-cum.

"Approach," Commanded Leo and both Slaves climbed onto the bed. Dixie began to slowly rub her tits and nipples all over Master Leo's body. Trixie did the same to Mistress Cleo. The rubbing of their breasts aroused their Master's and Mistress's sexual fervor and both began to breathe heavier as they groped for their Slaves' bodies. Cleo removed Trixie's nipple weights and suckled her tits eagerly. Leo had Dixie suck his nipples while he amused himself pulling on the weights attached to her nipple rings. The Slaves sexual arousal began to heighten as they serviced their 'owners' while the double vibrators stimulated their cunts, clits and assholes. Both Slaves knew that they would face stern corrections if they came without permission and they strained to hold back any orgasm. Cleo's tongue on Trixie's nipples was more than Trixie could bear and she shuddered to a wrenching orgasm.

"You'll pay for that, you slut!" declared Cleo as she closed her eyes to receive more of Trixie's tongue. "Lick at my cunt," she ordered her Slave. Trixie licked Mistress Cleo's abdomen, stopping to lick lovingly at her navel before descending to the cleft between her Mistress's thighs. She was careful to only lick the cuntlips and withstood the urge to suck Cleo's clitoris into her mouth. Her tongue lapped the cuntlips up and down and passed over the tops of the nether lips without forcing them open. She was well aware that failure to follow her directions to the letter would only bring more corrections.

Master Leo moved Dixie's mouth from his nipples to his cock in such a position that Dixie could watch her sister lick Cleo's cunt. "Watch your slut sister lick her Mistress's cunt," said Leo as his cock got even harder when Dixie took it in her mouth. Dixie sucked the bulbous head and watched closely at Trixie licking the cuntlips of her Mistress. Cleo raised her legs and grasped her thighs behind her knees pulling her ass up exposing her asshole. Trixie quickly licked across Cleo's perineum and rolled her tongue lightly around Cleo's asshole. The Mistress sighed deeply and pushed her body toward Trixie's tongue. The Slave quickened her pace and thrust her tongue deep into Cleo's waiting asshole. Cleo erupted in a thundering orgasm, shuddering as the Slaves' tongue brought her off again. Cleo reached out and pulled at Dixie's arm to unclasp her mouth from Leo's cock. Leo nodded his approval and Dixie swiftly mounted her Mistress in a sixty-nine position and hungrily took Cleo's cuntlips into her mouth. Her Mistress removed the vibrator from Dixie's cunt to reveal a swollen clitoris.

Cleo eagerly accepted Dixie's cunt and bit hard on the cuntlips before sucking in the engorged clitoris peering out from its hood. Dixie now ventured to open Cleo's cuntlips with her tongue. Cleo was ready and she wrapped her legs around Dixie's head, grinding her cunt into her face. Trixie continued to tongue fuck Cleo's asshole as Master Leo took a position behind her. He removed Trixie's vibrator from her cunt, parted her cuntlips and rammed his rock hard cock deep into her cunt. Cleo came again from both tongues licking her openings and drew deep breaths to recover from the breathtaking orgasms. "I forbid the Slaves to cum, dear brother," she gasped.

"Discipline Slaves!" commanded Leo to Dixie and Trixie. Both girls fought hard against the urge to climax, given the wonderful attention their cunts were receiving. "Don't worry, Mistress Cleo," Leo said, "they know better and if they fail to endure, the whip will remind them of the error of their ways."

"Yes, Yes," agreed his sister as she came again into Dixie's mouth. Dixie's face glistened from her Mistress's juices as Cleo was in a state of near perpetual orgasm. The twin Slave's faces were close to one another and could see each other sucking at their Mistress's cunt and asshole. As Cleo bucked in a fierce orgasm she pulled herself away from both girls, who took that opportunity to kiss deeply on the lips, sucking each others' tongue into their mouths tasting their Mistress's nectar. Just as quickly the Slaves returned to their assigned tasks. Master Leo witnessed the sisterly kiss, but chose to dismiss any award of correction for it. He thought it was a fine show of affection between siblings and he recalled he and Cleo doing similar things when they were Slaves. He redoubled his effort at Trixie's cunt as he exploded a shower of spunk deep inside her cunt. His spasms caused spurts of thick creamy cum to splash about Trixie's cunt walls, seep out of her cunt and flow thickly down her thigh.

Cleo immediately recognized that Leo's outcry meant he had cum and she pushed Dixie off of her and placed her under Trixie's cunt to lick the seeping semen. "None must be wasted!" exclaimed Cleo as she directed Dixie to lick a drop of cum that had fallen on Master Leo's foot. She next ordered her to lick his balls free of semen that had spilled upon them. "Clean your Masters cock, slut!" commanded Cleo as Master Leo withdrew his massive tool from Trixie's cunt. Dixie licked at the mighty cock to cleanse it of cum around the head, behind the rim and down the semi-hard shaft. She finished her task in time to put her mouth over her sisters' cunt to prevent the flowing semen from spilling out. Trixie squeezed her cunt muscles and the thick creamy cum flowed out in globules, dripping onto her twin sisters' outstretched tongue. Dixie eagerly lapped it up then placed her mouth against her sisters' cunt and sucked out the rest into her mouth.

Neither of the Slaves had cum during this second session. Mistress Cleo congratulated them on their discipline, but reminded Trixie of her previous indiscretion. "You were not given permission to cum, yet you allowed yourself to do so," stated Mistress Cleo. "Dixie, you will correct your sister, and if I think you're slacking, you will receive double her reward." Master Leo placed Trixie on the bed and restrained her wrists and ankles from four chains hanging from the ceiling. He arranged the chains to assure that her legs and arms were upright and spread wide so her tits and cunt were easily accessible. Mistress Cleo selected a thin leather wrapped wire whip, which stung with incredible pain when used. Leo helped Dixie climb on the bed and stand over her twin sister.

"Twenty strokes, harshly applied on her cunt," ordered Cleo, who sat down to enjoy Trixie's torment, while sipping her cool glass of wine. "That's only to start!" she concluded.

"Please Mistress," pleaded Trixie, "any whip except that one! I'll not do it again, mercy, please!" The plea fell on deaf ears as Cleo spread her legs to masturbate, while enjoying Trixie's torment.

"You may begin, Dixie dear," cooed Mistress Cleo. Master Leo was struck with what he thought was a brilliant idea and he climbed onto the bed to get behind Dixie. He removed the dildo from her ass and replaced it with his huge cock that had become hard again. Dixie groaned from the intrusion into her tender ass. Master Leo's cock was both longer and thicker than the dildo, but it felt much better. "Wonderful idea, my totally perverted brother. Tell me if the strokes she delivers have an effect on your cock!" Cleo said anxiously. Dixie raised the whip high and paused, as she had been taught, to amplify the effect. She told herself that though she did not want to do this, her sister would understand that she had no choice. She looked down at her sisters waiting cunt and crashed the wire whip hard across Trixie's tender cuntlips. Trixie's scream pierced the chamber, as Cleo applauded the stroke and ordered Dixie to continue.

Master Leo found the muscles of Dixie's asshole contracting with each whip stroke, causing him great pleasure as the bowel closed about his cockhead. He knew at once that he would cum before the count was finished hence he made Dixie stop after five strokes to quickly slip a condom on his cock. "Start from the beginning," Cleo ordered Dixie. "You should have known that Master Leo should have put on a condom before you started," Cleo said.

"But Mistress, how could I have known?" asked Dixie puzzled by the order and trying to save her sister from five additional strokes.

"Silly little bitch!" exclaimed Cleo, "do we waste semen at Castleton?" she asked her Slave, continuing without waiting for a response. "You should have remembered your classroom training about the sanctity of the semen, and," she emphasized, "you do not speak without asking permission! No matter, you will change places with your sister, after you deliver the twentieth stroke."

"Cleo this feels marvelous!" exclaimed Leo, "I don't think I will last the full twenty without cumming."

"Should I plan on caressing you with the whip too? Or will you ask permission? Mistress Cleo teasing asked her brother.

"May I cum, Mistress Cleo?" asked Leo, amused at his sister's remark.

"Of course, darling, and I may join you in that pleasure," Cleo replied as she motioned for Dixie to resume her sister's torment. Dixie again brought down the whip harshly on her sisters' aching cunt, to the sounds of her screams. Her own cunt was beginning to throb from the joy of administering this whipping to her sister. Master Leo's huge cock, stuffing her asshole, immensely amplified Dixie's arousal. She feared that she too would cum, causing herself to receive twenty more lashes. She persevered, but her Master did not. He uttered a guttural moan and he came concurrent with the twentieth stroke. He held on to Dixie to prevent himself from loosing his balance from the severity of his orgasm. He withdrew his softening cock from Dixie's asshole and let the come filled condom hang from his cock.

Trixie was sobbing uncontrollably as her cunt burned from the severe whipping provided by her sister. Cleo seemed annoyed by her wailing and grabbed the whip from Dixie to deliver several more harsh strokes. "Now you have something to cry about! You slut!" Cleo declared. Trixie's sobbing continued unabated. "Lick your sisters poor little sore pussy," mocked Cleo. Dixie quickly fell to her knees and soothed her sisters' painful cunt with her tongue. "And now," continued Cleo, "I'll let you taste the 'Cat' on your ass, while you eat that slutty cunt!" She raised her arm and delivered a punishing blow to Dixie's ass. Dixie screamed into her sisters' cunt, but continued sucking Trixie's sore pussy, fearing that Mistress Cleo would prolong her punishment if she stopped sucking to scream. Cleo, resentful that Dixie muffled her scream, laid the 'Cat' heavily on Dixie's ass until the full complement was delivered.

"Well done, Mistress sister." Said Leo as he watched Cleo finish the punishment. He poured two full glasses of wine and offered one to his sister. He dipped his now flaccid cock into his glass of wine and held out his cock to Dixie. She licked the wine from his cock kneeling at his feet in her submissive position. He released Trixie from her restraints and helped her to a kneeling position in front of Cleo. Leo bade Cleo lie on the bed and spread her legs wide. He parted her cuntlips with his fingers and filled Cleo's open cunt with wine. He nodded to Trixie to partake of the cunt offering. Trixie, still kneeling, moved to the bedside and began to lick the wine from her Mistresses cunt. Leo retrieved his semen filled condom, which had been filled in Dixie's ass, and divided the thick creamy contents between the three women. Cleo smiled at her brother as she took her share, swallowed some then kissed her brother and gave him a portion of his cum.

Master Leo and Mistress Cleo continued the sexual games, and disciplines well into the night. The twins, both Dominants and Slaves, were totally exhausted as Leo constrained both Slaves on their beds and joined his sister in the Master bedroom. The twin Slaves were too sore to sleep comfortably and could be heard moaning even in their sleep.

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