tagBDSMCasual Acquaintances Ch. 02

Casual Acquaintances Ch. 02


I can't say how long the two have toyed with me, to me it feels like hours, but it probably were only minutes. Time and time again the both of them brought me close to a climax, time and time again my Mistress fucked me with her finger and Madame caressed my nipples and pussy lips, only to stop and leave me wiggling and begging, until I was nothing more than a trembling wreck with no other thought left than the desperate wish to cum.

Now I lumber awkwardly behind them while they explore the shop, my pussy pulls and pumps like mad and I have to hold my hands together so they don't get a mind of their own. My thighs are smeared with my juices and my nipples stand out like daggers. They come to a halt in front of a shelf with rubber toys and whisper quietly so I, in my befuddled state, can't understand a word. Madame reaches into a compartment and pulls out a pair of short but wide red rubber hoses which she shows to my Mistress. I wonder what they could be good for, and guessing from her facial expression, it's no different with my Mistress. Madame explains something, and they both grin at me, which makes me nervous.

"Do you think the size fits?" my Mistress asks, and Madame answers her with a nod.

"Maybe a little tight, this ones are B, but a C would be too lose." She swings the rubber item around, its roughly two and a half inches long and has the diameter of my lower arm. "Hold still," she orders me and I press my arms to my sides, "and close your eyes."

I close my eyes and feel her touching my breasts, then a strange, smooth feeling encasing one of my breasts. Then her fingers vanish, and the smooth feeling gets stronger, constricts my breast. Frightened, I open my eyes, but before I notice anything I hear a smacking sound and my breast is in flames. I whimper and close my eyes.

"Silly thing," I hear the biting voice of my Mistress, "not even able to follow a simple command."

My breast pulsates and and feels like it is squeezed through a narrow tube. I start. Tube... hose! I realize what the rubber things are good for, and already the other one closes around my other breast and constricts it. Hands turn me around and push a few steps forward.

"Open your eyes again," my Mistress orders me, "and look at yourself in the mirror."

I do as told and my breath catches in my throat at that sight. The rubber hoses encircle the bases of my breasts like a second skin, squeeze them together so that they are reduced to half their normal thickness, but elongated and pushing out nearly horizontally, while at the front a taut, fist size ball is formed. It looks alien, but at the same time highly erotic. I stare at the picture and am fascinated. Madame giggles contently while my Mistress licks her lips and the skin on my tits get rosier.

We wander further through the shop, and the both of them giggle and gesture like excited young girls while they pull items from the shelves, examine them and put them back. The tension in my breasts gets heavier, it feels as if the rubber is getting tighter and tighter. My Mistress pulls something small, metallic from a shelf. The corners of her mouth lift appreciatively, and it dawns to me that this doesn't bode well for me. The redhead whispers something in her ear, an explanation perhaps, and they laugh.

They begin to caress my breasts, pull at my nipples, and I twitch a bit because it feels so good, but just then my Mistress barks at me to stay motionless. "Close your eyes!" Orders the small redhead, and I close them obediently, while my tits are under electric current and thousand small lightnings run through my nipples. Suddenly, a sharp pain travels through them and my eyes shoot open. My nipples burn like hell and, shocked, I stare at them and have to gather all my concentration to not rip off the gruesome toys they have attached to me.

The metal items are nipple clamps, but not simple ones, but unspeakably insidious torture devices. They consist of a ring with bent jags, about two inches in diameter and with a hole in the middle. The jags point towards my breast and bury themselves deep in the taut skin. Through the holes in the rings they have pulled my nipples, until they reach two evil looking alligator clips which are fixed two inches above the rings and push their teeth deep into my sensitive buds and pull my teats out thin and long.

I grimace with pain and begin to tremble, and my eyes become moist. "Please..." I whimper and know instantly that this was a mistake, the enraged look on the girl's face tells it all. Her hand shoots out and smacks my pussy loudly, sends a gruesome pain through my lower body and makes tears run down my cheeks.

My Mistress watches us interestedly, and I want to throw myself at her feet and beg her to stop this, but then pride grips me. I pull myself together, feel a few loose tears trickle down my face and onto my tits and look at the girl submissively. "I am sorry, Madame, it won't happen again." Uttering those words costs me so much effort, because I know they will only bring on more pain, but at the same time they please my Mistress and promise me unbelievable earth-shaking orgasms in her arms.

The redhead glares at me. "You softie, I would have thought that a slut in heat like you wouldn't start crying at the first little bit of discomfort." She starts walking around me in a circle, furious. "I don't know if I should even bother with you any further. Maybe I should push you back out into the street like you are."

Panic grips me, a look at the face of the girl confirms that she would certainly throw me out naked as I am, and probably without even giving it a second thought. I bite down on my lower lip, but she suddenly grabs my arm roughly and pulls me all through the room. I stumble along awkwardly in my high heels and try not to fall over while my Mistress follows us with measured steps, then I'm suddenly thrown around and loose my balance.

Thanks to god I only fall for a few inches before my back hits a hard surface, and I'm so relieved that I can ignore the hard edge that cuts into my thighs.

"Sit down here," she commands me, "and put your arms and legs in the stirrups."

I take a look where I've landed and can't suppress a fresh shiver. I sit on the edge of a chair that looks like that at the gynecologist, with chrome rods upon which are half round, leather padded support plates for the arm and leg joints. The legs are spread wide by them, and the arms are stretched backwards behind the head. Fearfully I lay down on the device and position my extremities. The girl fastens broad leather straps over my joints and pulls them taut. Only seconds later I'm helplessly bound to the chair, my legs spread obscenely and my tits, whose visible, ball-shaped parts already have taken on a dark red color and glisten in the light, pushed out even further.

Only now, that my Mistress strokes my tummy in a soothing way, I notice that I have started to hyperventilate.

"Psst sweetheart," she whispers so that the girl can't hear her, "I'm here with you. Be brave for me, then you will get a reward."

A warm, wonderful feeling fills my chest, and I smile at her and nod proudly. The girl may hurt me, but I will endure everything, not for her but for my Mistress.

One of the girl's fingers begins to stroke me between the legs while she steps to my side and looks deeply into my eyes. "You seem to all better all of a sudden, if you can already laugh again," she explains in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "let's see what you think about this." She rubs harder, strokes between my pussy lips, finds my clit and presses and rubs it hard. I shudder and open my eyes wide into which she still stares, and raise my hips to meet her hand.

Suddenly the biting, pulsating pain in my nipples vanishes, she has taken off the clamps, and for a moment a smile flickers over my lips, but then the blood rushes back into my tortured teats. It feels as if a knife was running through them. I press my teeth together to avoid crying out loud. Oh god, that hurts so bad! Fresh tears run down my cheeks and I struggle futilely in my bonds.

The girl grins. "Oh, does this hurt our poor slutty?" Her eyes mock me, and I feel so incredibly helpless, I could weep. Right then she lowers her head and captures one of my nipples with her lips, then begins to rub her tongue over it. It only takes a second for me to forget about the pain, and every time her tongue touches my nipple, fresh waves of blissful shivers run over my skin.

I tighten my body and try to meet her touch, moan quietly, but already she stops her ministrations and vanishes from my line of sight. I hear something rustling, a zipper opening or closing, then some more rustling. My Mistress again strokes my tummy and bends down to me. "Not long anymore, my heart."

The girl approaches again, steps around the chair and stands between my legs. She has taken off the skirt and I can see a red rubber monster emerge between her legs, a strap-on dildo. Almost three inches wide and twelve long, from which studs extend about a third inch long and equally in diameter, placed along the shaft in a spiral pattern. My eyes widen and I stare at the dildo, then at the girl. She smirks at me.

"It shouldn't be hard to guess where this one will go." She puts the tip at my pussy, a strange feeling as if finger tips were pressing against my cunt lips. I can't believe she want's to stick that thing into my hole and begin to tremble. "But just so I doesn't get too easy, and so you don't cum too quickly, we're going to play a little game."

I look at her fearfully and try to listen attentively.

"I have brought another small toy." She raises her hand and I can see something that looks like a miniature whip, a five inch long handle with a flat leather strip of about the same length. One corner of her mouth lifts upwards. "This here, little miss drippy snatch, looks more harmless than it really is. Every time you make a noise you will get one on your tits with this baby. Believe me, it doesn't feel good." I look at my taut and meanwhile almost violet glistening tits and shudder. "When you get one with this, you're going to thank me, like a well-behaved girl does, understood?"

I node and add, even though it pains me to address this cruel young girl that way, with a quiet voice, "yes, Madame."

I hear a loud smack, a lightning bolt of blinding pain shoots through my tit and I gasp for air.

"What did you say?" She glares at me provokingly and raises the hand holding the tit-whip again.

"Yes, Madame!" I shout this time, while the pain in my breast only slowly ebbs away.

Without replying she pulls my pussy lips far apart with her fingers and looks deep into my eyes, then I feel the pressure on my pussy increase. I want to shout 'Stop!' and run away, but instead I bite my lower lip and try to breath evenly.

Without mercy she increases the pressure, and suddenly my pussy widens and very slowly the dildo enters my insides. The studs press against the wall of my cunt, slow down the movement and pull at the sensitive skin. It hurt a bit, but not too bad, nothing in comparison to what she did before. I breath easier and watch fascinatedly as the thing sinks deeper and deeper into me. My pussy adjusts to the stretching and it feels good to be filled so completely.

The girl pulls out the dildo with equal slowness, and now that the studs are wet with my juice they glide more softly. I have to give everything to suppress an excited moan. Her hands stroke my spread thighs, and I want to shout 'Take me, push it into me!' but instead I only look deeply and lustfully into her eyes. She nods at me, and I feel my Mistress behind me grabbing my hands with hers.

With a lurch the girl pushes her hips forward and sinks the dildo with a single hard movement all the way inside my pussy. For a moment I have the feeling that I am pulled apart, then a wave of lust washes trough my pussy and I moan. Smack. The leather strip cracks at my tit, and I let out a short painful cry. Smack. I remember. "Thank you, Madam, thank you!" I shout the words quickly, and she pulls out the dildo again, waits a bit, then shoves it back in all the way again. Once more I can't control myself, cry out, and she paints another fiery line over my tits. "Thank you, Madame!"

It goes on that way, she pushes in, I moan, she hits my tits, I thank her less and less intelligibly, and even though my cunt pulsates and pulls and my tits burn like fire I get hornier and hornier. Lust waves wash everywhere through my body and I mumble meaningless things while she pulls and pushes the dildo like mad and covers my swollen breasts with welts. I writhe about on the chair like crazy, panting, shaken by the lust waves, and every time the strap hits my tits lightning bolts shoot through me. I have lost the feeling for time and space, I'm nothing else anymore but a hungry, stretched, dripping wet cunt and a pair of glowing hot tits.

The girl breathes fast and loud, she shouts "cum, you little slut, cum!" and the voice of my Mistress whispers into my ear "cum for me, my sweetheart."

I let myself fall, give myself over to the feelings in my body, and it is as if I was blown into tiny molecules. Heat waves rush through me, followed by an indescribable happiness, the whooshing in my ears drowns out every other sound and lightning flashes before my eyes. My body rears up, only my legs and arms touching the chair, and I shout my climax to the world, again and again, everything trembles and flashes and is so incredibly intense.

I slowly come back to earth, I'm soaked with sweat and I'm dizzy, but a wide smile is painted over my face and, try as I might, I couldn't banish it. They have unfastened my bonds, my legs dangle over the edge of the chair and my arms rest beside my body. Right now they pull the rubber hoses off my tits, and it feels wonderful as the blood is allowed to circulate again. I blink a few times and recognize the face of my Mistress. She's smiling. "You were brave, my little one."

To my other side I can see the girl, and she is also smiling. She strokes my cheek softly. "That you were, indeed. Well done!"

I look at her somewhat surprised, she doesn't look the tiniest bit like the cruel girl who so enjoyed dishing out pain to me tonight. She smirks. "I may sometimes be a bit hard, but I'm no monster. Don't look at me like that."

I gulp a few times, look back and forth between the two, then it finally dawns to me. "You know each other, that has all been planned like this beforehand?"

My Mistress giggles. "One could say we are..."

"...casual acquaintances." The redhead finishes her sentence, and all three of us laugh out loud. My Mistress kiss my lips tenderly, and I feel better and more satisfied than I have in a very long time.

* * * End of Part 2 * * *

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