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Cat Among the Pigeons


This work was written as an insert for Agatha Christie's excellent "Cat Among the Pigeons." Doing my best to write in a style that harmonizes with the source, it is suggested to read this either after or in conjunction with the full novel. Failing that, a summary might suffice. If that too exceeds the investment you are willing to make, you will have to tell me how the story works completely out of context. All that said, I think the title of the original text is equally applicable for this work. The story takes place at an isolated finishing school, so the girls involved should be around 20. Without further ado...

Slight, elegant and by this point quite late, Shaista sashayed into the cool sports pavilion locker room ushering in a warm Arabian breeze behind her. She didn't put much stock in PT and Jennifer shared a look with Julia to acknowledge the princess's well known predilections. Ironic look aside, Jennifer couldn't help letting her eyes crawl up Shaista's impeccable figure. Tiny feet held surreally aloft by tall pin-heels; slender, sumptuously tanned legs and graceful waist wrapped in the finest Parisian style; small, pert bust lifted up alluringly by curiously foreign undergarment technology. When her eyes finally rested on Shaista's angular, feline features, those almond eyes were ready to lock with hers. A playful smile tugging at the corner of her mouth as the Princess crossed the otherwise empty changing area, a dart of the eyes slyly confirming that the three of them were alone.

"Am I so terribly late?" She asked unaffectedly.

"We should be out as well, if Jennifer hadn't stopped to chat up the gardener." Julia offered sitting already in full tennis kit with a tiny white skirt and sun-yellow shirt as, next to her on the bench, Jennifer pulled off the last of her school uniform and reached for her sport bodice.

"Don't think too terribly of me, my uncle kept me out far later than he ought to have." Jennifer and Julia shared another knowing look that was not lost on, if misinterpreted by, Shaista, "I apologize, do I interrupt?"

The utterly English girls were befuddled, "Pardon?" They asked almost in unison.

"Oh," Shaista looked to each of them to as if to verify their confusion, "I mistook the atmosphere." She shrugged unconcerned, "Where I am from it is accepted that beautiful young girls like yourselves might—" as she thought, she unclasped the dress and it slithered silkily off of her petite frame, leaving her rich, chestnut skin hidden only by black, laced panties and that singular bodice, somehow both exposing and magnifying her smooth bosom. Her brief search for the appropriate English word served to highlight it with a pause, "--amuse each other while kept away from the male sex."

"Oh!" Again the English girls spoke as one, followed by several assurances on both of their parts that nothing of the sort could be presumed, with embarrassed glances between them betraying the fleeting snatches of fantasy that each of them had certainly not indulged in.

"Like I said," Shaista said as she sat unconcernedly down next to Jennifer to access her locker, "I may have been mistaken."

The heat from Shaista's body caused Jennifer's smooth white skin to flush with the thrill and embarrassment of her suddenly acute awareness of her own nudity, "Well, just out of curiosity—" her voice caught as she attempted to play cavalier.

"—just what might we have..?" Julia took up her friend's line, but losing her nerve, she could not compose a properly indirect close to the question, unconsciously resting a hand on Jennifer's bare thigh as she leaned in toward Shaista reverentially. Julia pulled her hand back as Jennifer blushed a deep crimson and her body went rigid, the warm touch sending the already highly-strung tension to an inexperienced crescendo.

"If you do not know—" the Princess turned with a sultry expression and took Julia's hand, placing it back on her friend's silky white skin, Julia allowing it slide across in a caress, "—perhaps I truly was—" she dampened her dark lips and looked deeply into Jennifer's eyes as her equal parts excited and confused English heart beat an audible tremolando from her breast "—mistaken."

The dusky tones of Shaista's feigned uncertainty broke the last of poor Jennifer's resistance and she pressed the last centimeters to taste the exotic notes of the Arab's lips. Shaista returned her passion and while Jennifer's hands rested awkwardly uncertain on Shaista's dark shoulder, the Princess's arms snaked expertly one around her lithe, young waist and up her back and the other tracing a long, delicate stroke from Jennifer's ear to the narrow ridge of her collarbone.

For a few moments only trace, amorous coos escaped the rapture of their locked lips and Julia sat entranced watching the two entwine. Jennifer's hand wandered from Shaista's shoulder to neck to below, where it played at the fringe of the black bustier, cupping her dark succulent breasts. Julia was roused from her stunned observation by Shaista's hand brushing along her dramatic hereditary jawline, drawing her too toward their wild, inconceivable kiss. As Julia's face drew closer, she could not help allowing her tongue to escape—slightly, hungrily—toward the sensuous, worldly womanliness of the young Arab and the frenetic, child-like zeal of her new friend's fresh, familiar features. Finally, Shaista pulled back almost imperceptibly, using her other hand to guide Jennifer's passion toward its next object. Jennifer's crystalline, hazel eyes flashed open just in time to meet Julia's. Released from Shaista's spell, Jennifer fell into Julia tapping into the welled up dam of all the curious subtleties of girlish affection. Their pink lips met and parted and tongues danced against each other in a maddening ardor, wholly devoid of any clinging, tentative reserve.

Suddenly, Jennifer caught her breath and came to herself. She was immediately self-conscious, seeing once-to-be-queen of Ramat, bent worshipfully over her full, if young, ivory breasts, one grasped firmly in a massaging motion and the other cupped into her mouth, her tongue teasing at the aroused, pink pinnacle. She was wracked with unknowable waves of sensation that addled her mind and deepened the bewildering confusion swimming in her head.

Shaista felt the change and looked up to her, loath to pull her tongue away from its plaything, "You will not mind? I have so admired your gifts that I have been denied." She said with a mix of teasing and frankness.

Jennifer attempted to formulate a reply, but Julia leaned forward with a longing moan and cut short whatever may or may not have come with an embrace of redoubled intensity. Jennifer had no choice but to give herself over to the thrall of sensation that held her like a marionette. One hand lost itself in Shaista's luxurious, heavy black curls and the other dove beneath Julia's thin shirt and wrapped itself around one of the soft mounds it concealed. The girls both loosed decidedly un-English coos into the locker room as the struggled to reign in this unfocussed, overpowering yearning.

When Shaista shifted from Jennifer's bosom, her hands once again knew what to do as they took hold Julia's shirt and peeled it upward. Pulling their lips apart, Julia's lean athletic belly came into view just before youthful, but developing breasts spilled out of the cloth and finally a cascade of blonde hair fell to frame the momentarily uncertain, distinguished features of her highborn face.

"Jennifer..?" she attempted to ask, but Jennifer shushed her soothingly and leaned forward, taking hold Julia's breast as she had aptly acquired from Shaista. She smiled amicable as she lifted one stiff, pink nipple to her lips, allowing her tongue to flow around it, white teeth softly nipping at it playfully. Julia flung her head back and her breath caught. She was still struggling to get a hold of it again and she felt Shaista's warm face pressed between her legs, lips against her own. Looking down at the now wholly denuded Shaista demurely knelt at her feet, holding her airy tennis skirt back from its duty, Jennifer tried to voice concern, uncertainty—anything—but Shaista's adroit tongue held her captive in waves of ecstatic sensation. Shaista's slender, petting hands crawled from her buttocks to her waist, holding the inexperienced girl still as her body convulsed erratically; her arms lancing out to the bench and lockers behind her to attempt to hold herself steady. Shaista relentlessly lavished her attention upon Julia's delicate folds and when Julia's body then tensed and she could no longer take in air, Shaista pulled herself away from the flushed, throbbing dampness, tongue lingering behind, she took hold of Jennifer's hand and lead her toward the floor, away from her rigid, quivering friend.

"I think Julia needs a moment," the dark girl, grinned older than her years. Jennifer followed her subtle direction and Shaista pulled her over herself: full breasts pressed to slender darkness, lips pantingly pressed to lips, tongues entwined. Jennifer unconsciously began undulating her hips against Shaista and their hips slid off true, legs interlocking as Shaista mirrored the thrilling, wavelike motion. Jennifer's loosed a delicate gasp as she began to empathize with her, still frozen, exhausted compatriot. Their soft movements grew with amorous intensity before finally, Jennifer had to push herself and grasped hold of Shaista's leg pulling it up along her body and pressing it against her bosom as their legs were able to more perfectly slide together, their motions approaching a fever pitch. Julia finally came to herself and noted nothing but her friend in rapturous delight and she mindlessly crawled down to her. On her knees she reached out and took hold of Jennifer's face, kissing her over and over again before Julia could return the attention. Soon they were locked back in their passionate embrace, Shaista's leg held between them as she lifted up her hips to wildly drive up against Jennifer. Shaista reached out hungrily to Julia's still damp private area and pulled her down upon her lips.

Julia forced herself to part with Jennifer's soft lips to plaintively moan, "Please... I can take no—" but Jennifer silenced her in turn as the two English girls gave themselves over to the dance-like gyrations and cunning trills of the experienced dusky angel beneath them. Their bodies grew tense and their panting gasps soon forestalled any traditional kiss, and their hand laced together in support. Their breaths caught—bodies arched—and they cried out, one last time, in unison.

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