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Cat and Mouse


(Author's Note: This is my first story on Literotica. It was inspired by the lovely Alanija. The story will be comprised of multiple chapters. Read along and enjoy!)

Chapter1: The Chase

Anna fidgeted on her seat; she licked her suddenly-dry lips and glanced at her travel companion as they entered the country road leading to his place. After stealing a look at him, she looked down at her cute little toes which stared back at her with dark red nail polish. Her small feet were wrapped neatly in low heel black sandals and her long legs were bare up to her knees where the hem of her white flowy skirt started. It was a wide skirt, comfortable and perfect for summer. Anna knew it also looked good hugging her legs when moved by the light breeze of the summer. Her delicious thighs were well hidden behind the silky material. Her red tank top matched the color of the nail polish. Around her slender neck was a thin gold necklace and around her tiny wrist was a slim golden watch.

Looking up into the turned down mirror, she saw her earrings winking back at her and her long silky blonde hair flowing neatly over her shoulders and down her back. She was satisfied that she looked casual yet sexy especially if she got around to showing the gorgeous matching set of lace lingerie with white and gold entwined giving her a delicate yet elegant look... Her little secret; a source of confidence. It would make just about any man weak in the knees, maybe even iron-willed Mark here.

Looking at his lovely visitor from the corner of his eyes, Mark noticed she was fidgeting and getting a bit excited as they got closer and closer to their destination. It was about time the fun started. Mark kissed the tip of his fingers and then patted them on her soft cheek before he stopped the luxurious sports car and looked at the angel sitting next to him "So Anna, are you ready to play my dear?"

She looked back at him and grinned, feeling a tingle from the way he placed the kiss "I think I am. I've been waiting for this for a long time and there is no better person to try it with than with you." She paused to adjust her skirt and she looked back into his deep blue eyes and smiled "Ok, I trust you completely and I know we've spoken about it already, but let's go over this again ok?"

Mark chuckled and nodded "Whatever you say princess!" A huge grin tugged at his lips as he prepared to listen to her.

"Ok so as you already know this will be my first experience of this kind," Anna swallowed hard before continuing, she was definitely getting excited yet nervous at the prospects of this. "You have a lot of experience of course, and I want to experience some of that as well; however, we've established some rules so I'll remind you just in case. This is so you don't tell me you forgot them, I am telling them minutes before we reach your house:

Rule one: No kissing or having sex. By kissing I mean lips and by sex I mean any kind of sex: oral, anal, whatever, it's out.

Rule two: I want to keep whatever I have on at the moment it begins throughout the entire episode. This means you can't strip me; and you can't get undressed either.

Rule three: No touching in inappropriate places.

Rule four: I can always let you break one or more of those rules if I change my mind. Don't think I would, but who knows..."

Anna shrugged and paused to look at Mark. He had a certain wicked glint and lust growing in his eyes as she mentioned the rules. His grin became more pronounced as she mentioned the fourth rule and he licked his lips as his hands moved quickly, grabbing both of her wrists in his hands and holding them tight in front of her chest. One strong large hand wrapped around both her tiny wrists and kept them firmly in front of her while his other hand locked around her thighs just above her knees.

She was yanking at her hands and squirming as hard as she could, but being trapped in the car with no leverage, not to mention being much smaller and weaker in the physical department wasn't helping her, so she looked into his eyes and grinned "Ok, not fair, we said we will wait till we get to your place."

Mark raised his eyebrow and looked at her "Oh, did we really? No, we didn't, Anna, and it's not part of your conditions either. Besides did you just recite a bunch of rules my dear? I only have one rule and that is - I make the rules!" Mark looked Anna dead in the eyes and stared at her long as he held her captive in his car with his large hands before he smirked and let go of her laughing "Just kidding!" She looked back at him and couldn't tell whether he was indeed joking or not, but assured herself he had promised multiple times to respect her rules and she trusted him enough to believe he would keep his word. She nodded to herself as she arrived at that conclusion.

He started driving again and patted her head as he started moving. She swatted his hand away admitting she lost the first round and swearing to make it much harder for him to capture her later.

Minutes later, the car was driving into the large country house. It was more like a mansion with acres of land around it. Mark stopped the car and raised his finger at Anna signaling for her to wait. She looked at him curiously and watched as he went around the door thinking she might fail after all and will have to admit complete defeat early if he was planning to recapture her right away. She had no chance to win or run away in her current position. As he rounded the hood of the car, her mind was racing and she considered jumping into his seat and exiting through his door to make a run for it. Before she could make up her mind, her door had opened and she could see Mark's hand extended for her.

Was he being a gentleman? She thought to herself as she put her small hand into his larger one cautiously. Mark felt the delicate girl's little hand into his and he gently pulled her out and looked at her lovely body. His friend was simply adorable and he would have a full day with her where he could do anything to her except for those stupid four rules; or actually three as the fourth was an override. A bonus was that they were alone in the large house and the farm around it, so plenty of spots to hide, and plenty of spots to tie up the lovely damsel in distress.

Mark held her hand gently and guided her towards the door. Before they reached the door, one of his strong arms wrapped around her waist and the other quickly sneaked under her knees lifting her small body into his arms "Alright, I will have to carry you in lovely little lady. No objections!!!"

Anna was caught off guard by his move and couldn't exactly prevent it, but seeing as he wasn't trying anything suspicious yet, she decided to enjoy being treated like a princess for now and get carried inside. She even wrapped her arms around his neck and winked at him.

Walking in, Mark kicked off his shoes and then looked at Anna's tiny feet adorned by the sexy black sandals. He sat her down on a high table by the entrance and pointed at the carpets "You know my mother right? If you walk in with those lovely sandals on, she would follow us to the end of the earth and kill us both in a HORRIBLE way, and honestly I don't want to meet an early demise because of those sexy sandals. Of course, she would do THAT if she was in a good mood, if she was in a bad mood, then I don't want to even think about it, so we'll have to remove these if you don't mind."

Anna giggled at his comment about his mom and she knew her to be a lovely woman. Still, she was really interested in maintaining her house sparkling clean, even if it was her summer house. Anna nodded at him "Ok I guess, its summer and I prefer to go barefoot anyway."

She leaned down to remove her sandals, but Mark's hands were quicker as he put them on her shoulders and gently pulled her back up, shaking his head "Please allow me." His hands quickly went to work on her sandals, swiftly working on the straps, releasing her lovely feet and allowing them to be free once more. Her feet were very cute, everything about her was cute. He looked up into her eyes and grinned.

'I was planning to remove them anyway,' Anna thought to herself as she wiggled her toes at him and smiled at her best friend. He was grinning suspiciously though, what was he up to? She knew she was in a vulnerable position sitting at that table, so she watched him cautiously, ready to jump off and make a run for it.

His plans were different though. His fingertips gently brushed against her delicate silky sole, his experienced digits softly scratching and teasing her arch and she quickly began to squirm and giggle. In a matter of moments her knee shot up reflexively and almost smashed against his chin, but apparently he was anticipating that and barely blocked her knee with his palm. He then stood up deciding it would be safer to tickle her after restraining her properly to avoid getting a knee or an elbow jab and losing a few teeth in the process - or something else.

"Ok my dear, I counted my teeth before coming here and I would very much rather keep that number from changing during our brief stay here, so pretty please with cherry on top don't direct your mean knees and elbows at me" Mark playfully asked her as he let go of her foot and stopped teasing for the time being. He took her hands and gently pulled her down from the table.

Anna chuckled at his comment and slid down the table, her feet touching the cold floor for the first time, making her shiver with excitement as the cold entered her body through her bare feet. "Ok I will try, but I can't promise. I did learn some kung fu when I was eleven though, and I remember a good deal of it, so be careful!!!" She giggled as she threatened Mark with her almost non-existent knowledge of martial arts. After all, he didn't have to know everything.

"Oh really?" Mark's answer to her warning was a loud laugh and a playful swat on her bottom which made her yelp and glare at him "Ok I will take your word for it my dear," he said, then took her hand and led her upstairs. "I am going to show you to your room, it has its own bathroom as well, so will leave you there for a bit as I go see what kinds of food my mom left us."

"That would be lovely" Anna smiled as she walked through the house. It was old, very old, but the furniture was all quite new, the decorations were all fancy and the carpets were lush and soft under her toes.

Finally, they reached her room and he walked her inside, then his index finger poked her side causing her to jerk to the opposite side and take a defensive stance. She watched Mark through narrowed eyes, having already scanned the room and the door to find anything she could use in her favor. Mark just shrugged and then prepared to lunge at her. She immediately sprang in the opposite direction before realizing it was a feint, he wasn't actually coming at her. Seeing her immediate reaction Mark laughed loud and left the room "We're here to relax my dear, don't be on edge all the time! Don't expect that am planning to tie you up now and release you tomorrow when we are about to leave, so get comfy and follow me downstairs whenever you're ready."

Anna almost cursed under her breath as he had managed to fool her into thinking he was actually attacking but he, in fact, was just teasing her. She didn't believe his words even if they did make sense, but she couldn't just relax and let him win without a fight, that wasn't going to happen. She sat on the bed and smiled as it was very comfortable and the blankets were fluffy and very soft. 'This is already fun, wonder what the rest of it will be like' she thought as she went to the bathroom for a moment before she skipped downstairs to eat - the drive had been long and she was tired and starving.

The aroma of something cooking invaded her button nose and more or less hypnotized her. She had always liked that food, the taste of the meals prepared by Mark's mother, and she wasn't going to deny herself something smelling so delicious out of being cautious. 'He will probably be too busy with the food to jump me,' she thought to herself, considering the situation despite how Mark had reassured her earlier. She would have to keep in her mind to never let him move behind her and to watch him for any subtle changes at all times.

As she entered the kitchen she noticed he had plates ready and was busy heating pasta. Clean glasses with unopened soda cans were on the table. He looked over at her and grinned "No wine, so you won't think I am trying to get you drunk to make you an even easier prey."

Anna poked her tongue at him and sat at the table, choosing the chair closest to the exit. Just in case.

Mark smiled at his lovely guest and her choice of seat. He shook his head not believing she was scared he would jump her during lunch. He pulled the cooking pots to the table and put some food in her plate; he knew what she liked and how much she ate. Without missing a beat, he picked up her fork, scooped some pasta on it and then put his hand under her chin winking at her "Open the gates" He chuckled at how she glared at him, but then she giggled and opened her pretty lips. The fork went in slowly while his fingers gently held her soft chin.

She tasted the food and smiled widly "As always, your mother's cooking is amazing Mark, please thank her for me." Mark smiled at her and patted her head as he put the fork back in her plate "Will sure do, my dear." He winked at his girl as he leaned down to plant a kiss on her cheek before going to his seat to eat himself.

During lunch they talked casually, and he could tell she was getting more and more relaxed and happy as the meal was great. When she was done with her plate, he refilled it again and used the chance to give her other cheek a kiss on the way back. He was being a gentleman as he had always been. But, of course, she was sure that wouldn't be the case all day.

Mark finished lunch quickly and got up to put his plate and glass in the sink. Then he walked by Anna pretending to be going to wash his hands. Anna kept a close watch on him out of the corner of her eye as he got up and turned her head to follow Mark's movement behind her. She wasn't going to let him out of her sight!

Suddenly, before her body could move in the chair, Mark stopped behind her, put his hands on her shoulders and began rubbing the bare skin gently.

Anna almost jumped from her chair, but the hands on her shoulders kept her seated. She did enjoy his touch as he slid his palms down her silky arms and then back up again so decided not to fight it just now. When he leaned down she automatically pulled away, not sure what to expect, but Mark only kissed her cheek and then the other before letting go of her. "You are delicious my dear, but it's almost time for my favorite show, so I will have to let you go. For now. Come join me on the couch if you want to watch, it starts in ten minutes."

He gave her shoulder one last kiss and then went upstairs to wash his hands. Meanwhile, Anna finished her delicious food barely tasting the flavor as her mind kept returning to what had happened before. Finally she shook her head to rid of the memories, took her plates to the sink and followed him upstairs to wash her hands. She briefly grinned and considered changing into a bikini just to tease and get back him, but decided against it. She was a sensible woman. If they were sitting close to each other on the couch, then he could easily sneak in a surprise attack when her attention was diverted. So she stayed in her clothes, but paused to look at herself in the mirror.

Out of nowhere Mark suddenly appeared behind her and his hands were quickly on her waist. "Hey there, lovely." He spoke in a calm seductive tone as he held her close to him by her waist and breathed down her neck. Anna was shocked at his sudden appearance and froze in place for a moment as her mind struggled to adapt to the changing situation. He used that opportunity to nudge her forward with his body until hers was pushed against the counter. All she could do was stare at her reflection in the mirror, trapped by Mark's larger one. She cautiously met Mark's eyes in the mirror and he stared right back at her, holding her more than just with his body. Still watching Anna, Mark placed his hands on either side of her, framing her, not giving her a chance to move. Then he rested his chin on her shoulder and teased her with his breath in her ear "Stay more alert my dear, you're so easy to corner. But since I want to watch my favorite show now, you are spared."

Anna's legs felt a little weak and couldn't believe she hadn't noticed him coming in. And he had maneuvered her so quickly! She was discovering something in the situation was making her heart beat faster and her blood sing, however she was not one to give in so easily, not even to herself. She would have to lock her room next time but she wasn't sure she could do anything about her reaction. Then again, Mark might not allow her that luxury, besides it would make it look like she was scared and she was not. But she would close the damn door. Anna made a mental note to keep close watch of her surroundings even when she was alone.

She was quickly brought back from her thoughts as she realized this was hardly the end of Mark's teasing when his hands moved from the counter. One hand briefly rested on her belly before slipping under her thin tank top to lay directly on her silky bare skin. He used his large hand to pull her back into him until her back was firmly pressed into his broad chest. His other hand moved down and rested on her knee; however, it only stayed there for a moment and then began sliding up her leg slowly, teasingly. Continuing its upward journey his hand disappeared under her skirt to slowly crawl up her milky thigh. His fingertips were lightly scratching and teasing her sensitive skin, leaving goose bumps in its wake.

Anna had no idea how to react to the change in the situation. One moment she was alone and thinking she was safe, the other she was trapped in her own room, and now, still trapped, she was being teased and tormented by Mark's experienced hands and fingers, making her skin tingle. Anna yelped as Mark's fingers started moving into her inner thigh, first caressing and then pinching the delicate skin. He didn't let her gaze waver away from him as he used his index finger and thumb to take a tiny bit of her sensitive skin, pinching it gently and then releasing it only to lightly caress and take another tantalizing nip. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was teasing her, plain and simple. If he repeatedly and methodically aroused her tender flesh to the point where she would want release, maybe he could get her to use rule number four, allowing him to strip her and have his way with her body. He had patience when it came to Anna and he was confident he could keep her on edge a long time if necessary.

Mark grinned, thoroughly enjoying himself as he toyed with her, but all good things must come to an end. He had a show to watch and Anna needed a break. "Alright my dear, the show is about to begin, so let's go watch."

Anna was still lost in the aftermath of Mark's hands on her thigh and belly. Her skin was tingling and she had goose bumps on her skin. She definitely shouldn't have let him have his way with her that easily. Next time she won't. She will close her door and be more alert, she promised herself. She then heard him talk about his show and it helped to clear her mind a bit. She shrugged, still trapped by his body. "I don't think I am interested in your show, I have other things to do, so go down and I might follow you sometime later."

Mark didn't exactly like that answer "Nope, wrong answer, but thank you for playing." Mark chuckled, then he turned Anna around and quickly leaned down, his hands grasping her waist tightly as his shoulder touched her stomach and she found herself being thrown over his strong broad shoulder. His hands immediately moved to secure her, one hand grabbing an ankle to make sure she didn't kick or wiggle too much, while his other hand rested on her cute bottom and stroked it gently. Anna yelped at the abrupt change in position and her fists started hitting his back, but he was muscular. She could neither hurt nor stop him "Hey, not fair!!!" When Mark didn't react she changed her tactics. She started running her fingers down his sides, trying to tickle him. "He must be ticklish! Somewhere..." Anna hoped. But being upside down as she was, it just didn't seem to be working. She protested as he held her foot and started playing with her bottom instead. "Put me down."

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