Cat Burglar


Thomas was in the den watching a recap of the day's football games. He had the volume nearly off, and was sipping a late-afternoon whiskey and smiling to himself. It had been a good day.

He heard rustling outside the door. Curious, he turned off the TV and the lights. He waited. All was quiet for a few long minutes, then heard the sound of a creaking step. Someone was in the house, and going upstairs! Thomas listened intently. He heard the muffled sound of drawers opening in the guest bedroom above him.

Thomas stood up and tiptoed to the doorway. He crept to other side of the house on the first floor, then climbed the carpeted steps to the master bedroom. Without turning on a light, he felt his way to his bureau and gently opened the top drawer. He reached in and pulled out a pellet gun. It wasn't lethal, but it might just do the job. He kept the safety on, for now, and extended the gun forward as he made his way carefully in the darkness toward the guest room at the other end of the upstairs hallway. When he was just outside the door, he heard more rummaging inside.

Thomas burst through the door and flicked on the light, startling the intruder. He leveled his gun, shouting "Freeze! I've got a gun!"

"Don't shoot! I'm unarmed!" shouted the intruder, backing away. The voice was unmistakably female. She was dressed all in black, in a turtleneck, sweatpants and dark black sneakers. A black wool hat completed the cat burglar costume. She dropped her black satchel, half full of jewelry and other valuables that Thomas's wife kept stored in the guest bedroom.

"Turn around, face the wall, hands on your head!" Thomas shouted. He was emboldened by the shaky tone of fear in the intruder's voice.

She did as he instructed, facing the wall. He reached down and picked up the satchel. Looking inside, he saw her intended haul. "I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you've robbed the wrong house this time. I've caught you red handed, and you're in deep shit now!" Thomas declared, tossing the bag onto the carpet.

"Look, I don't want any trouble," she said. "Let me go and we'll forget I was ever here."

"Oh I don't think so," Thomas said. "I'm calling the police, and you're going to jail, lady."

"No please..." she said, and she started to turn around. Thomas raised the gun and commanded "Stop! Don't turn around! Keep your hands on your head!"

She froze again.

Keeping an eye on her, he walked over to the closet. In it, he kept some hardware supplies including a bag full of zip ties. Those were about to come in handy! He pulled out a dozen foot-long zip ties and walked back over to the intruder.

"All right," he said. "Don't make any sudden moves. Put your hands behind your back. Now!"

He reached up and grabbed her right forearm, and firmly pulled it behind her back. He shoved his gun into his waistband and then clasped a zip tie around her right wrist. Then he did the same with her left arm and wrist. Finally, he connected a third zip tie between the other two, making a serviceable set of handcuffs. Within just a few seconds, she was secured as his prisoner.

Confident that she was now safely constrained, Thomas turned her around. Her eyes were wide and full of fear, and she was biting her lower lip.

He reached up and pulled off the wool hat, releasing her straight blonde shoulder-length hair. It fell in a messy tumble, partially covering her face. Nevertheless, it was clear to Thomas that she was a beauty.

She looked down, avoiding his gaze.

"Well if you aren't the cutest little burglar," Thomas said, smiling. "Cute, but not very stealthy. You made such a ruckus, I don't know how you thought you were going to get away with this."

"I thought you were out of town," she said, glumly, without looking up. "I heard you were going to Disneyworld."

"Well you fucked that up," Thomas said. "My wife went to Disneyworld on a business trip. But as you can see, I didn't go."

Thomas pushed for more information. "Who are you? Why are you robbing my house."

"My name's Yolanda. I'm just trying to get by. Can't you just be a nice guy and let me go?" With this, Yolanda looked up at Thomas and tried to give him her sweetest doll face.

That stirred Thomas, but not exactly in the way Yolanda might have wanted.

"Sorry Yolanda, no dice!" Thomas said, shaking his head. "I'm going to put a couple of zip ties around your ankles so you don't run away, and then I'm going to go call the cops."

He grabbed three more zip ties and made quick work of fashioning them into ankle cuffs. When he stood again, Yolanda was bound hand and foot, and pouting. It was then that Thomas noticed that her nipples were hard against the fabric of her black turtleneck. She was apparently not wearing a bra.

It is always uncertain how a man will behave in a situation where he acquires significant power over a vulnerable woman. Even more uncertain is how he will behave when faced with a situation in which he has not only the upper hand, but a rock solid alibi for any kind of misadventure he might dream up. For Thomas, the sight of his captive's nipples straining against her stretch top compelled him to give in to one of his more nefarious angels.

"Please don't call the police," Yolanda begged. "I'm really sorry."

"You're sorry you got caught!" Thomas mocked.

Thomas then grasped the hem of the turtleneck, and lifted it up toward her shoulders. Yolanda wriggled and squirmed, but was helpless to prevent him from doing so. Thomas pulled the top over her head, then pushed it down along her upper arms and forearms until the cotton turtleneck was bunched around her wrists behind her back. He stepped back and admired her beautiful breasts.

Yolanda opened her mouth in shock. "You can't do that." She said.

"Of course I can, Yolanda!" Thomas said, pinching her right nipple between his fingers. She pulled away quickly. He laughed. "This is my house. I'm standing my ground!"

Thomas took three more zip ties, then turned Yolanda around to face the wall. He created a new set of cuffs with three new zip ties, just above the shirt. Then he took out a Swiss army knife and cut away her old zip tie cuffs, releasing the turtleneck that he pulled from her wrists and dropped on the floor. Then he stood in front of her again, crossing his arms in satisfaction.

"Seen enough?" Yolanda said dryly, as Thomas admired the view.

"Not yet," Thomas replied. He walked up to her, and cupped her breasts. Then he looked her in the eyes as he slipped his fingers into the waistband of her sweatpants. "But I will in a minute." Thomas yanked the sweatpants in one swooping motion to her ankles. Under them, he was pleased to see that Yolanda was wearing a lacy pair of black panties. She put on a petulant face as Thomas stood back up and eyed her again.

"Nice panties, Yolanda." He said, "It almost looks like you wore them especially for me! But I'm afraid we both know they have to go!" Thomas then dropped to his knees in front of her and gripped the sides of her panties. He gingerly inched them down, exposing her bald pussy. He continued to pull the panties down until they reached her ankles. Then, as he stood back up, he dragged a hand lightly across her moist pussy lips. He got three more zip ties, and did the same trick as before to replace her ankle cuffs with a higher set before cutting away the old cuff and removing her sweatpants and panties from around her ankles.

Yolanda was now completely naked. Thomas stepped back and admired her, while Yolanda blushed and looked away.

"My, my, Yolanda, you are a beauty!" Thomas declared. He reached forward and tugged gently on her nipples again. This time she didn't pull away, but just closed her eyes.

"That's my girl," he said, turning her around by the shoulders and running a hand across her plump round ass. "Looks like I have you at my mercy now, Yolanda, don't you think?"

"It looks like you do," Yolanda agreed weakly.

"Damn right," Thomas declared, stepping back once again to admire her. He was breathless. Here was a beautiful, shapely woman, completely naked, bound hand and foot, and helpless. A woman who was undoubtedly deserving of whatever he decide to do with her! Had she not broken into his home and tried to steal his wife's jewels? If there was any doubt in his mind about the direction that this night was going to take, the raging hard-on in his pants gave him all the resolve he needed. He peeled off his T shirt, unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. Now he was naked too. Yolanda looked at him wide eyed.

Thomas spoke firmly. "My dear, you have misbehaved. And now you're paying the price. The police would enjoy this arrest, that's for sure. But perhaps we can come to an agreement that might suit you better. I'll give you one opportunity, take it or leave it." He paused to let the words sink in, though neither he nor she had any doubt about the nature of what was about to happen.

"What's the opportunity?" Yolanda asked skeptically.

Thomas said, "I'll let you have the chance to give me the best fucking blowjob I've ever had in my life. If you succeed, I'll cut you loose and you'll be free to go. If you fail, I'll give you a well-deserved bare ass, over-the-knee tied-up spanking before I call the police, and then you'll be off to the pokey!"

"And if I refuse?" Yolanda asked.

"Well, this may seem like some skewed ethics, but I would not coerce you into fellatio without a fair chance of a payoff for you" Thomas shrugged. "So if you refuse, we go straight to the spanking and the call to the police."

"You're saying that if I give you the best hummer of your life, you'll let me go?" Yolanda asked.

"Yes!" Thomas replied. "But let me be clear. My wife is the queen of fellatio. Her lips are magic. So you have practically no chance of succeeding! And if you fail, I'm likely to be in a cranky mood, which is going to make your spanking all the more unpleasant for you."

"You're really taking advantage of me." Yolanda whined.

"Yes, apparently I am." Thomas conceded. "But how often am I going to get an opportunity like this?"

"Maybe never again." Yolanda whispered.

"Exactly," Thomas nodded. "So do you want to try to win your freedom with a world class oral performance or shall we go right to the spanking?"

"Can I get these cuffs off at least?" Yolanda asked.

Thomas thought for a moment, then dropped to his knees and cut away Yolanda's ankle restraints. Standing again, he said. "There, I've met you half way. But the handcuffs stay on. I'm pretty sure you don't need them for the job ahead anyway. Besides, giving me head while handcuffed might actually work to your advantage. Because as expert as my wife is at providing me oral pleasure, she's never given me a blowjob in handcuffs."

Yolanda gave Thomas a smirk and raised an eyebrow. Then she dropped to her knees gracefully, and crawled forward toward Thomas. "Your wife sounds like an amateur!" she said derisively.

Yolanda took Thomas' already hard cock in her mouth and pushed forward, swallowing more and more until her lips were firmly against the base. Then she actually hummed, sending a deep tingle down Thomas's spine. She slowly pulled back, keeping a firm lock on his shaft with her lips. She licked and sucked with abandon, returning again and again to deep throat fellatio. Thomas tried mightily to hold out, but within two minutes he was ready to explode. He shot a load exactly at the deepest point of a deep thrust. If Yolanda had a gag reflex, she was certainty good at controlling it. Thomas yelled as he erupted in orgasm, and Yolanda swallowed every drop. Then she finished up by softly kissing the head his cock and its shaft underside.

They were silent for almost a minute as Thomas regained his composure.

Finally, Yolanda threw her tousled hair back with a sweep of her neck. "So?" she asked, smiling.

Thomas picked up the Swiss army knife and cut her hands free, then reached out a hand to pull her to her feet. "I really thought I was going to get to spank you this time," he said, folding the knife blade.

"But you're not going to, right?" She said confidently.

"You know damn well that was the best blowjob I've ever had!" Thomas said, grinning. "So no, no spanking today." He embraced his erstwhile prisoner and kissed her passionately on the mouth. "It was also your best gift ever. So thanks for that too."

"It was my pleasure. I hope we never get burgled in real life, but if we do, its good to know you can handle yourself!" She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Happy birthday, Thomas. Now can a gal get her husband to take her out to dinner after all of this indulgence?"

Thomas laughed. It was no wonder he always looked forward to his birthday.

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