Cat Ch. 05


Cat 5 is the fifth in a series of stories revolving around Cat and Jason. The overarching theme is about how Cat, extraordinarily knowledgeable, extremely practiced, world traveled, and perhaps a little jaded is changed by a chance encounter with Jason, an innocent trying to find his way in a foreign world.

Note: the chapter length will be fairly variable depending on where it feels like there's a natural break in the story. Based on the ideas in my head, there will be something for everyone by the time I'm done.


It had been three weeks since "the talk". Every time Jason's phone rang he snatched it up. "Cat?" It was never her.

Finally, he called her. She answered on the fourth ring.

"Cat, this is Jason."

"Oh, hey! How's it going?"

"Fine, I guess. I just hadn't heard from you in a while. I was getting worried."

"No, everything's okay."

"Oh. Um...well, can I come over?"

Cat's eyes darted to the bedroom. The blonde was shackled naked to the bed, blindfolded with earplugs. Cat had come into the kitchen to gather a variety of items with different textures. She'd debating answering the phone, but it wouldn't hurt to let her 'friend' wait. Anticipation is an aphrodisiac as well.

"This really isn't a good time. I'm with someone."

"Oh. Umm...okay. I guess call me if you need anything. Bye."

"Wait." She could hear it in his voice. "Give me two hours, then come over."

"No, you're busy."

Cat dropped into a lower register. "I said come over. Two hours. I expect to see you then." She hung up, closed her eyes and sighed. She shook her head clear and grabbed a piece of bread, a popsicle, her bottle brush, and the cheese grater, and headed back towards the bedroom.


As Jason stepped out of the elevator, he saw a woman exiting Cat's apartment. She looked to be mid-thirties with long blonde hair that was mussy. When the apartment door closed, she leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. The woman rubbed her crotch and winced. Jason knew from experience that while Cat's member was only average sized, she could still give an incredible pounding that would leave you sore for days.

The woman's eyes snapped open and flicked towards Jason. She quickly stood up, straightened her clothes, ran her fingers through her hair, and started rapidly walking towards him. She stood tall, a couple of inches taller than him. Her face was set in a stern mask and she stared straight ahead. As they neared each other, Jason asked if she was okay. The woman blushed furiously, lowered her head and mumbled that she was fine. She picked up the pace and passed him with her eyes averted down and away. Jason heard her stabbing at the elevator button repeatedly. The car was still on their floor and the doors opened immediately. Jason turned to see her step into the car just in front of the closing doors. He shrugged and continued to Cat's apartment. He knocked several times before she opened the door wearing simple blue cotton boyshorts and a loose white t-shirt that barely reached to the middle of her ribs. "Come in."

Jason stepped inside. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and walked over to sit down on the couch.

"Come sit."

No kiss. He shuffled over and sat down at the other end of the couch.

She looked at him curiously. "What's wrong?"

"Umm...nothing. I was just concerned..."

"Because I haven't called you in three weeks."

"You...yeah." He looked down at his fingers idly fidgeting.

"Jason, we've been spending a lot of time together. A lot more than I spend with anyone else. You're not the only person who's called and asked where I'd been. I needed to spend time with others to maintain...relationships."

"I thought maybe you were mad at me."

She scooted over and took his hand. She brought it to her mouth and kissed his fingers. "No, I'm not mad at you, my champion, but you can't keep me all for yourself. I also had to sort out some things in my head."

"Can we go to the bedroom?"

Cat looked into his eyes. They were so very pretty. Below them, luscious, full lips invited her to kiss them.


His eyes lit up.

"But just once. Once. And we stay out here." She stood up, took her panties off, sat back down, and spread her legs. He scrambled to kneel on the floor in front of her. She didn't even have to say anything anymore. He leaned in between her marble thighs, but she pushed his head back with her fingertips. She held up a finger on one hand while grabbing his hair with the other. She yanked his face up and spoke in a firm voice. "Once. Then you stop. Clear?" He nodded rapidly. She relaxed back into the couch.

Jason placed one finger on her girl-cock and dragged it in random patterns, feeling the silken skin. He traced every vein, then ran his finger around the back of the ridge of the glans. She firmed slightly as faint shocks of electricity began to spread outward to the rest of her body. He took the ever-so-faintly pink head into his mouth and got it really wet, then pulled off and blew on it. It grew to its full size and pulsed slightly. Cat put one arm on the back of the couch and ran the fingers of her other hand through his hair. She couldn't help but smile. She wanted to watch him work as long as she could.

"Remember...once, then you stop." She shimmied her hips forward a bit. Jason looked up at her and nodded as he feathered his tongue along the underside. He laved his tongue around to the top of her shaft, then ran it through the short, sparse, pale blonde wisps of hair on her pubis. He tugged at them with his lips. He took her fully into his mouth and made an exaggerated slurping sound. He sat back.

"It tastes different."

"I didn't have time to get cleaned up. I can take a quick shower if you like."

He remembered the blonde leaving her apartment. "No, it's okay. I should get used to cleaning you."

She slid a hand under his chin and raised his eyes to hers "Yes, you should, but it doesn't have to be right now. If you'd like me to shower, all you have to do is ask." She stared at him, a faintly amused expression on her face.

He looked at the dried semen and vaginal fluid that covered the tops of her thighs and extended up to just below her belly button. "No, I want to try it."

"Good boy." She flexed the muscles of her pelvic floor causing her girl-cock to bounce. "Now, make me come again. Just the once though."

It took a while. She'd been balls deep in the blonde for over an hour. She'd stayed away from the woman's ass. She knew that he'd insist on sucking her off and didn't want to feed him a shitty dick. A few minutes more and her breath started coming faster, her chest flushing. Her stark white breasts heaved, the cherry blossom pink nipples stiffening. She was moving her pelvis involuntarily now, her hip flexor muscles tensing and releasing. It was getting harder to keep watching him. She gripped both sides of his head and started grinding into his mouth as she held him tight to her crotch. Her eyes fluttered and her head fell back. She forced herself in and out of his throat a few times.

"Jason..." It was soft and breathy as she drew his name out slowly. "Jason..." Her stomach quickly contracted over and over in staccato rhythm, and her hips constantly moved in random directions. The muscles in her forearms corded and she grasped the couch cushions, the tips of her fingers reddening because she was squeezing so hard that she almost punctured the fabric. Her girl-cock began jumping, and long, thick ropes of creamy come flooded his mouth. She filled him over and over. Chipmunk cheeks, a swallow, chipmunk cheeks again and another swallow. She hadn't expected to come this much after filling the blonde's pussy a few times, the last less than a half hour ago. A shudder rocked her body and she called his name again, almost screaming it. She spasmed several times and knew that she was at his mercy now. It annoyed her that she couldn't stop him if she wanted to...and she never wanted him to. Her body was shaking all over. "Ju...just one time. You promised." She let out a long, stuttering groan and he brought her down slowly.

She struggled to catch her breath. His head rested on one of her thighs and she started running her fingers through his hair again. She acknowledged his oral superiority. They both knew that he could have kept her on the couch all night if he wanted to, and she hated the implication that he could exert some form of control over her regardless of however fond she was of him.

"Wait here."

Cat strode naked down the hallway, turned on the water, and stepped into the shower. She quickly soaped up, rinsed off and opened the glass door to step out. She preferred to air dry, but she was in a hurry and toweled off. She wriggled into an emerald green dress, thigh length with open shoulders, and selected matching three-inch heels. Although she rarely wore makeup, she knew how to apply it and did so tastefully, just enough to enhance her features. A diamond bracelet, earrings, and choker, all gifts from an admirer, completed her outfit. She sauntered back to the living room. Jason's eyes bulged.

"Come on. Let's go."

He jumped up and followed her out the door.

She hailed a cab and directed it to her favorite Vietnamese restaurant. He didn't know what to order, so she suggested cha ca and ordered pho for herself. "Tell me what you've been up to?"

Jason loved his job in chemical engineering and began recounting some of the projects that he was working on. Cat found it interesting and frequently interrupted him to clarify some terms and had him explain some of the processes. After the meal, the pair sipped sticky rice wine, Jason talking about some humorous mishaps that made her laugh. They joked back and forth, cracking up, laughing so hard that their stomachs hurt. The evening was full of smiles, good-hearted ribbing, and light touches. They walked out of the restaurant hand in hand.

When they arrived at Cat's building, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him for several minutes.

"Thank you for a lovely evening, my champion. I beg of you once other people. Girls, boys, genderqueer, transvestites...I don't care, just date. Your life can't revolve around me. You need to be your own person. I will still call on you, do not fear, but please find happiness beyond me." She kissed him passionately, then entered the door and went upstairs.


Jason was on cloud nine as he sat at his desk. He'd gone on a 'real' date with Cat last night. He felt puffed up and full of confidence. He loved what he normally did with Cat, but just sitting, talking, and laughing with her was a whole new world. He knew that he was in love with her, but he also knew that she could never be confined to just one person. He'd been able to pretend that she was his alone on their date, and that was good enough for now. He couldn't really focus on work, so he thought about the previous evening. She'd exerted less dominance over him than normal, and they hadn't talked about sex once, except tangentially when she once again told him that he should be seeing other people.

He turned it over in his head. On one hand, he usually saw Cat twice a week. On the other, he hadn't seen her for three weeks before last night. Cat had insisted that he would become more expansive and well-rounded, as well as picking up some things that Cat might not have taught him yet, and his tastes would grow to include many more types of people. Jason nodded to himself. Cat was always right. He would do it.


Jason pulled open the door to Eleutherios. There were two large bouncers just inside. Two more were positioned strategically throughout the club. Each carried pepper spray and a taser. Eleutherios was a place of joy and their job was to make sure that no one disturbed that joy. One was gay, another genderqueer non-binary, and the other two straight. Since taking the job, they had learned that most people were just people and had the same needs and wants as everyone else. Early on, a few protesters had harassed patrons and even attacked the place, but a few beatdowns and a face full of pepper spray put an end to that. Any patron could ask one of them to safely escort them to a vehicle. Jason only knew of a couple of clubs that catered to alternative sexuality, but Eleutherios was by far the largest and most popular in the city. It was where he'd met Cat.

He'd put on a collared shirt, tie, jacket, and slacks. He looked in the mirror and decided that was too formal. He ditched the tie and jacket and changed into a nice pair of jeans. Now, he was here. He looked around specifically noting which women were alone. He approached the bar and sat down next to a cute, somewhat butch woman.

"Hi. I'm Jason." He extended his hand.

She glanced at his hand for a minute, then extended hers. "Cindy."

"I hope this isn't being too forward, but would you happen to be transgender?"

Cindy stared at him for a few moments, then turned to the bartender.

"Charlotte. Hey, Charlotte! Turn off the music for a second."


"Turn off the music. Just for a sec. I have something that I need everyone in here to hear."

"Come on, Cindy."

"Just for a second."

The bartender, Charlotte, sighed, said something to the other bartender, and turned the dial all the way to the left.

Cindy got up and stood on the nearest empty chair.

"Hey, everyone! Listen up!" All of the conversations near her died. One of the bouncers stood up, ready to take action. "Hey! For all the trans women... See this guy right here?" She pointed at Jason. "He's looking to meet a transgender woman. He's cute, has gorgeous eyes, and is pretty ballsy considering he just came up to me and asked straight out. So, again, if you're a trans woman and you want to meet someone, come find this guy." She pointed at him again. Jason rubbed his face, somewhat embarrassed. "That's all." She looked back at Charlotte behind the bar. "Okay, fire up the music." She stepped down and grinned at him.

"Was that really necessary?"

"No, but look at it this way. I just saved you a lot of hassle. If someone's interested, they'll come find you now."

Jason bobbed his head from side to side. "Fair point. What are you drinking?"


Jason flagged down Charlotte. "A boilermaker and a scotch ale. Whatever you've got." Charlotte nodded and turned away.

Cindy and Jason sipped on their drinks, and talked about how Jason had come to be interested in trans women. He admitted that he'd only ever been with one, but that she was amazing. She was pre-op but seemed quite happy that way, and had no intention of getting reassignment surgery as far as he knew.

"Well, with a good surgeon, you can't tell the difference, so I hope you like women in general." Cindy began relating her own bisexual experiences when someone leaned on the bar next to him.

"Eh, hmm." She cleared her throat. "Pre-op or post-op?"

"Excuse me?"

"Pre-op or post-op?"

Jason looked at her. She was a gorgeous black woman with a breath-taking body. She stood 5'5", was professionally dressed, and appeared to be in her mid-twenties.

"She said you're looking to meet someone." The woman pointed at Cindy. "Pre-op or post-op?"

"Umm...I don't think it really matters."

"Relationship or sex?"

"Sex, I guess. Talking too."

"I'm Susan. Let's go to my place."

Jason looked back at Cindy. She winked and smiled slyly. "I told you so," she mouthed.

Jason stood up and gestured for Susan to lead the way. She sauntered towards the door, intentionally swishing her ass back and forth. Jason approved of that ass and followed her out. They walked around the corner to her BMW M4 coupe. "Do you want to ride with me, or follow in your car?"

"I'll ride with you. We can get to know each other a little, and I can always take a taxi back here."

"Sounds good." She went around to the driver's side, unlocked the doors and got in. Jason climbed in the passenger side. As they pulled away from the curb, Susan asked him why trans women? Jason told her his story, and then about being with Cat, without mentioning her by name. "Well, I don't have a dick anymore, if that's what you're after. But you did say that it didn't matter."

"I don't think that it does. You just have such great stories, both terrible and wonderful, and interesting outlooks on the world. We could just talk and that would be fun for me."

"Well, I didn't come out tonight looking to just talk. Mama's got an itch she needs scratched."

Susan pulled over in front of an elegant looking brownstone. She got out of the car and walked up the steps. She turned back and waved him up before inserting the key in the lock and opening the door. Jason walked into the nicely appointed hallway. It was clear that Susan had money. She dropped her keys on a small table.

"Lock it. Do you want a drink?"


Jason turned around and threw the latch on the door. When he turned back, Susan was no longer there. He took a few steps forward and looked in both rooms that opened up on either side of the hallway. She was standing in the living room with a crystal decanter in her hand. She poured two fingers of scotch into each of two glasses and handed one to him. The pair sipped the scotch, staring at each other over the rim of the glass. Jason finished first and set his glass down. He grabbed her waist and pulled her to him. Susan laughed.

"Eager beaver, eh?"

He took her glass, set it down and kissed her. She responded with so much passion that he was taken aback for a moment. They threw their arms around each other and kissed hard, grinding their lips into each other, hands sliding up and down each other's backs. Jason pulled up for air.


"This way."

Susan picked up her drink and threw it back in one gulp. She grabbed Jason's hand and led him upstairs. Once in her bedroom, they threw themselves at one another and resumed that fierce kiss. After a few minutes, Jason pulled away. He looked around, walked over to a plush chair and sat down.


Susan smiled and smirked. She felt a slight tingle in her stomach. She reached up, unbuttoned and removed her jacket, swaying slightly to a silent beat. She began to get into it more and more as she shed her blouse and tossed it towards one of the closets. She danced around and wiggled her chest at him. Her large, heavy breasts were supported by an equally heavy-duty bra. She slid her skirt down, turned around, bent over and jiggled her ass at him.

"Very nice."

She undid all six hooks on her bra, slid it over her shoulders and turned back to face him.

"Holy shit!"

Susan grinned broadly. She put her hands on the sides of her chest parallel with her breasts. "32." Her hands slid under to cup her monstrous mounds. "E." They slid down the to the smallest part of her waist. "23." Finally, her hands reached her hips. "35." Her relatively short height made her measurements that much more impressive. Her hands came up to cup her impressive rack. They weren't an 18 year-olds, but they were still almost impossibly high and firm.

"You can play with them all you want, just don't neglect downstairs." She walked sexily over to him and sat on his lap. Jason immediately grabbed her tits and buried his face in them. Susan smiled again and lightly stroked his head. Jason wrapped his lips around a nipple and flicked his tongue at it. Susan lay her head on her shoulder. "Mmm."

Jason had never had an opportunity like this and took to it like a kid at a new playground. He took his time kissing, licking and sucking, stroking, rubbing and kneading. Susan enjoyed his attention and let him play for a while. Eventually, as good as it felt, she wanted more. She got off his lap, knelt down and tugged at his pants. He lifted his butt and they slid down past his knees.

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