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Cat Fight


My boyfriend Vinny is a good-looking man, and he knows it. He sells pharmaceuticals and dresses like a top lawyer. We've been engaged, but it never happened because of commitment issues on both parts. On again, off again. Lately, I haven't been too trusting him being surrounded by pretty nurses all day. Vinny is disloyal, and I am sick of it.

And also I earn more than he does in my business, Catherine's Catering. I work long hours, sometimes seven days a week. I've been featured on the morning news for my party hors d'oeuvre. I make great finger food appetizers like Croquettes, Cod Fish Bolinhos, Canapés, and Falafel.

"Feel awful?" asked my handsome boyfriend making the same pun he does every time he picks me up after work.

"No, I am just fine," I answered feeling stressed, still smelling like baked goods. I am too young to feel this old. I did my quick change outfit into a sheer summer dress.

"I could use a glass of wine!" Today was Saturday, so I was ready to let off a little steam.

"Hey, Catherine!" He was the picture of style with an Oxford shirt and khakis. "Did you sneak any of those fish balls for me?" he asked.

"You brought your own balls, Vinny!" I play-acted, "Don't go sneaking those fish balls all over town." We laughed at my warning, but I was also serious.

I really don't have a good sense of humor. I laugh attempting to be nice, but I can be a ball buster.

I need to get some aggression out of my system. Maybe I need to be alone, just single again without any man. But tonight I would settle for alcohol and sex.

We arrived at the the neighborhood fern-bar and got drinks. I sucked down 3 quick glasses of white wine. Sorry, but I am an ornery drunk, especially with a chip on my shoulder.

I took a minute to go to the ladies' room, and when I came back there was a rocker chick talking to Vinny. She had heavy mascara, several tattoos and one side of her head was shaved, topping a micro-mini skirt with combat boots.

She had a small notebook out, writing something as she talked to Vinny. She was outrageously pretty and sexy, and my cheat-radar went off.

"What the hell is going on here?" I roared, seething with jealousy and anger over this predatory intruder.

"Oh, hi honey," stammered Vinny with a moronically innocent expression on his face. I had no idea he was into slutty women.

"Hello, I am Kendall," said the obsequious emo bitch.

"Don't you sweet talk me, you slut!" I shouted rudely. With her big eyes and provocative fashion, she was so radically pretty that I hated her.

"No! I was just trying to..."

I grabbed the notebook out of her hand to see what she had jotted down. Vinny tried to intervene. "Honey, you don't understand! She was just asking if..."

That's when I went ballistic. I grabbed the woman's arm, pulling and pushing, but she grabbed my arm which made me fall on top of her. We went tumbling on the barroom floor.

I expected her to be enraged or frightened, but she just chuckled. She seemed to enjoy wrestling as I sat on her tummy and tried to pin her down, shouting obscenities at her, spitting venom.

"I had 2 brothers, girl. You don't scare me!" she beamed defiantly as we grappled combatively.

Needless to say, we attracted a crowd, who cheered us on. We went at it - rolling and flipping over each other. This punk chick grabbed my dress and it tore off my shoulder exposing my bra... and my anger.

I slapped her cheek hard, then grabbed her hair and started yanking hard. "Finally stopped laughing, huh bitch?" I screamed psychotically.

She tried several times to throw me off, then finally reached around to grab my ass cheek. Perhaps it was a wrestling move or just defiance, but her fingers went up so far up in my butt crease that it seemed sexual, and kept probing deeper.

Then Vinny tried to subdue me and hoist me off, tugging on my elbow, "C'mon Catherine, we got get out of here! You gotta stop this shit!" I hoped Vinny had my purse, and cell phone.

Emo girl sensed I was distracted and reversed the situation and mounted me to pin me down. It served me right, considering I was first to physically attack.

Her miniskirt had hiked way to her belly, completely revealing her panties. She was lighter than me and had to keep her center of gravity low to maintain control of me.

Her boobs were in my face and her crotch was rubbing mine, stimulating me to rage and... um, err...a borderline sexual reaction. We scratched each other shoulders and necks with our fingernails.

I ripped at her blouse and shredded it, and then snapped one bra strap. Her tit plopped out, and the whole world instantly found out she has a pierced nipple. She had nice proud breasts which looked huge on her slender frame.

We were basically reduced to just our panties and ripped garments, making an obvious spectacle of ourselves.

A random bar patron shouted, "Get this on your cellphone for YouTube! This will go viral, man!"

With that she smiled obnoxiously, then copiously licked my cheek, cackling, "Yum. You are tasty."

She continued to ride me like a cowgirl riding a wild bronco. I couldn't deny the pussy grinding was causing fantastic sensations in me, even tickling my clit.

I was frightened by the contradicting shame and joy of grinding our pussies together with a large crowd hovering of us. I thought I might even cum, right there on the floor.

I fought the feeling, slipping betweenaggression and venal sex. I refused to concede to a lesbian. I pushed up trying to flip her again, but she responded by sticking her wet tongue in my ear. I felt electricity jangle along my spine.

I kept repeating to myself that I was straight, pushing back against the waves of pleasure, but the flood continued, as we rubbed panty to panty. "No, I am not gay!" I protested, whimpering, still pretending to resist.

Then she bit my nipple. Not super hard, but with enough pain to double the insane stimulation I felt in my loins. Now I was really confused.

"You're going to cum, aren't you?" she whispered ominously. "You never fucked a lesbian before, but you will never forget this experience... Go ahead...Cum for me!"

She kept pumping her hips and grinding them against me. I fought back the embarrassment, and rage, overstimulated by vulgar contact with her body and thrusting pelvis colliding violently with mine.

I was losing control of the situation, just a bundle of neurons, reacting to stimuli, like some lower life-form mindlessly rutting. This wasn't a fight anymore. It was a mutual fuck.

Our legs clutched together like vice grips, with her shimmying loins driving me to a reluctant sexual frenzy.

Her genitalia continued to kiss mine through our panties, slapping and sliding, until an avalanche started, culminating in the best orgasm of my life.

"Oh Jeez! OH OH...Arrggh!" I shouted as my back tensed and cringed, racked with utter ecstasy. "OOOOHHH!" I wailed, blatantly cumming in front dozens of spectators. "Aooohhhh!"

My blood coursed through my body double-speed, and I couldn't breathe. My abdominal muscles quivered spasmodically. Rockets shot off in my head, and I was reborn.

Slowly, I gasped to regain breath while my legs stopped trembling.

Several bartenders and a manager came over to break up the fight. "You girls can't do this shit! We have called the cops. They're on their way."

The restaurant staff became belligerent and tried to apprehend us, but slammed her into a table, which came tipping over, spraying us both with beer and ketchup.

It was like jello wrestling at this point, still wrestling in the wet food sludge, and couldn't be separated. "You are so fucking HOT! So fucking sexy," she said, whispering in my ear.

"Get a room, you fucking lezbos!" shouted one drunk at us. I shouted curse words at the guy.

Vinny, who witnessed the whole obscene debacle, twirled around and started punching that slob. That set off utter pandemonium.

The manager started man-handling another then punched some other guy. Other clients splashed beer on each other and then began punching. Tables fell and glass smashed all around.

Now it was a total brawl! We were going to get crushed. People were falling on us.

Due to fear and sheer exhaustion, we stopped fighting to catch our breath, huddling on the floor together. We joined forces to crawl away into a safe corner.

During a momentary lull in fighting the crowd turned away to their own defense. She sensibly suggested, "We better escape to the kitchen and find a way out back. Otherwise, we will get arrested."

We got onto our feet to flee, scurrying along the wall for a minute and found the swinging doors, emerging into the tile and chrome kitchen where a couple of people were huddling away from the mayhem.

We stood up and pulled our skirts down. Our tits were still on display, so we rummaged through the linen hamper to find two chef aprons.

As we found the rear exit, we started chatting.

"Actually I am a reporter. I was trying to interview you. You are Catherine Kovak, right?"

"Wait...What??" I answered dumbfounded. "Omigod, seriously? You weren't exchanging phone numbers with Vinny?"

"No, I recognized you from the morning news TV program, and you disappeared to the restroom by the time I made my way over to meet you."

"Oh, I am SOO sorry," I gushed, cringing how horrible I was. "What was your name again?"

"Kendall Wynn from the Village Paper," she said.

"Oh, no...you're the famous food critic! I am so, so sorry," falling over myself to apologize.

"To be honest I remembered your story very distinctly from the television... how you started your business, and how successful and beautiful you are, Catherine."

"Wow you flatter me. I am so embarrassed to attack you." I apologized bashfully.

"I actually loved it, that girl fight was the most fun I've had in years, especially when I made you cum."

Instantly I blushed bright burning crimson.

Then she leaned me against the brick wall in the alley and wetly French kissed me. My pussy moistened all over again, and I knew I was hooked.

I started to cry uncontrollably, but somehow never stopped the kiss.

"God, you're so hot!" she flattered persuasively. "That was one hot tribbing session, honey!"

"Kendall...I think you just turned me into a lesbian!" I blubbered, quite conflicted on the overwhelming brink of my new future.

"Well...hopefully a happy one," wished Kendall. "And the truth shall set you free, sister!"

We heard police sirens approaching, then some whistles blowing. I thought about Vinny for a brief moment, hoping he wouldn't be arrested.

Now I realized I couldn't persist in my relationship with him anymore. Arrivederci, Vinny.

It is strange how far things got propelled just in one night. All my self-delusions were rapidly crushed. But for me, this was meteoric progress.

"We have to get out of here," I declared. "Right now!"

Kendall answered, "We need a shower, Catherine. Let's go somewhere and get cleaned up. Your place or mine?"

"Yours!" I blurted out.

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not bad

not much of a cat fight, but still good anyway

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