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Cat Scratch


Alice Gale was your normal college student. She had an average GPA, and a job at the local mall. On the night of October 28th, 2009 her normal life would be turned upside down.

The air was still and the sky clouded over as Alice and her friend Debbie locked up the book store where they worked.

"That was a long shift," Debbie said.

"No shit!" Alice replied, "I can't believe how busy it was tonight."

As the two friends walked and talked they were being stalked from the nearby bushes by a black cat. After reaching Dorm A, Debbie bid her friend goodnight and entered the building. Alice, who lived in Dorm C would have to walk there alone. As she continued down the sidewalk the breeze picked up and a cold shiver went up her spine. While passing by Dorm B Alice stopped when she heard a noise come from the bushes behind her. She walked to the bushes to investigate.

"Hello?" She asked, "Hello, is someone there, this isn't funny!"

Just then a black cat leaped from the bushes. Alice was startled and fell to the ground, she twisted her ankle in the process.

"Ouch!," she screamed as she clutched her ankle. She looked at her swollen ankle and noticed a large scratch above her right knee. The pain from the ankle sprain must have made her unaware of the scratch.

"Stupid cat!" She said to herself, "I really hate cats."

After trying to get up with no luck Alice was finally rescued when a girl who lived in Dorm B came out to have a smoke.

"Oh my god," the girl said as she ran to Alice. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Alice replied, "a stupid cat jumped out of the bush and made me fall. I think the damn thing scratched me to."

"Ok," the girl replied, "I will go get some help and we will get you off the ground." The girl disappeared for a moment inside the dorm and then returned with two other students and the Dorm R.A. The three of them got Alice to her room.

"Ok," the girl said, "take it easy, and if the swelling isn't down by morning you should go to the doctor."

"Thanks," Alice said, "I probably will anyway just to be safe." As Alice laid in her bed she could swear that she heard meowing and purring. She eventually drifted to sleep.

The next morning Alice awoke to yet another cold and cloudy day. As she swung her legs off the bed she noticed that her ankle was surprisingly healed and it felt terrific. The same could not be said about the scratch, it had changed from a faint red color to a dark almost black color.

"Damn thing is infected," she said to herself. The night before she had cleansed the wound with peroxide but it had apparently been useless.

"Morning Alice," her roommate said as she walked in the room, "I was just down at the cafeteria and got you some doughnuts."

"Thanks Jackie." Alice replied.

"How's the ankle?" Jackie asked, "It looks better than last night."

"The ankle is fine, but the scratch on my knee seems to be infected really bad." Jackie, who was at the college for nursing took a look it.

"Holy shit!" Jackie exclaimed, "That is messed up. What scratched you?"

"A cat." Alice replied.

"Well," Jackie said, "I think you should see the doctor and get some seriously strong antibiotics for that. The infection looks deep." Jackie then stripped down and got her towel to take a shower. The sight of her naked friend was making Alice uneasy and aroused at the same time. Alice shook the feeling and began getting ready for her day.

"Save some hot water for me," Alice yelled to her roommate.

"Ok," Jackie said back, "I'm about done." Jackie finished and as Alice watched her towel off the feelings of uneasiness and desire returned. Alice felt a warm tingle between her thighs that was growing stronger the longer she watched her friend's naked body. Just when she was about to pounce onto her roommate she covered up and exited the bathroom. Alice once again subdued the feelings and took her shower.

As the hot, steaming water poured over her body Alice's hand drifted towards her dripping sex as the thought of Jackie's wet naked body returned to her mind. While the water continued to pour onto her body Alice went into full masturbation mode gliding her wet fingers into her pulsing pussy. These thoughts were new to Alice, she had been roommates with Jackie for two semesters now and she had never been this aroused at the sight of her naked body. The images of Jackie's naked figure flowed into Alice's mind as her fingers were now aggressively moving inside of her. The youth continued this for another few minutes before exploding in orgasm. She cleaned off the rest of the way and exited the shower. With Jackie already gone for classes Alice would have to wait in seducing her friend.

Even with the cooler weather outside something inside of Alice made her choose a sexy and revealing outfit. She chose a sleeveless skin tight black top with a matching mini skirt. A black pair of lace panties, and black high heel boots finished off the look. Alice put on some dark make up and lipstick before leaving the dorm. As she walked towards her first class she caught the eye of many students both male and female. As the wind blew her long sandy brown hair it made her look like a model on the catwalk. Normally she wore her hair in a ponytail but today was different, even the way she walked was more sexy and seductive.

Meanwhile across town a black cat returned to a window ledge after a night on the town. As the cat leaped into the open window it transformed into a sexy woman that appeared to be in her late 20's or so. The woman stood around 6'1" and had long raven hair that flowed off her shoulders and ended near the small of her back. In addition to this she had long succulent legs and large d-cup breasts. "What a night," she said to herself as she walked further into the house. "I wonder if that girl I scratched is feeling the effects yet." The woman opened her fridge and in one swallow she downed an entire gallon of milk. She then walked into a bedroom, curled into a ball, and fell asleep.

Back at the campus Alice had caught the eye of her history professor. While the professor was giving the lecture Alice sat in the front row dangling her legs and staring at him. As the students filed out after class Professor Grey pulled Alice aside. "Do you mind telling me what that was all about?"

"Sure Professor Grey," Alice seductively replied, "the answer is simple, I want you!"

"Excuse me?" He responded in surprise, "You want me?"

"Yes," Alice answered as she drew herself closer to him. She could now hear his heartbeat get faster and faster. She continued her seductive assault as she unzipped his pants and reached down to grasp his rapidly growing member. "I know you're married." she said, "But how can you turn down a piece of ass like mine?" The Professor who was now putty in her hands took Alice back to his secluded office where she ripped off the remainder of his clothes. Alice then slid down and seductively started to kiss and tease his sack and shaft. After letting him sweat for a few moments she took his engorged penis and sucked it into her mouth. Professor Grey moaned and yelled like a school girl as Alice's tongue and lips pleased him. After a while the youth got back up and shoved Grey's head into her dripping mound.

"Eat!" she commanded, "Eat me now!!

Grey drove his tongue deep inside of her and as he played with her clit Alice came. Normally after she came Alice rested but not this time. Today she had a sense of sexual energy that was never there before. Despite her explosive orgasm she commanded the professor to keep eating her out. After a couple more orgasms Alice shoved Grey to the floor where slid herself onto his now massive member. Alice rode the professor hard and long before the older man succumbed to all of the activity and finally passed out. Hours later he woke up with no clue as to how and why he had ended up naked on his office floor. Alice however had moved on to continue feeding her new sexual hunger.

Jackie had just finished her final class when she saw Alice. For a moment Jackie wasn't sure that the woman she saw was her roommate but after looking a little longer she realized that it was her friend who was dressed like a street walker. "What the hell are you wearing?" Jackie asked as she walked towards Alice.

"I will wear what I want!" Alice angrily responded, "I look damn good and you know it!"

"I don't mean to offend you," Jackie explained, "I just meant that your outfit looks out of character for you."

"Well maybe I want to invent a new character for myself," Alice replied, "I have recently felt more alive and sexy then ever."

Just then a woman walked up behind the two friends. That woman was the original cat who was now in human form. "Excuse me," she said as she pointed to Alice, "I need to speak to you." Alice was reluctant at first but the woman flashed cat like eyes at the youth and she followed with no more argument.

"Who are you?" Alice asked as they walked, "And what is up with your eyes?"

"I can sense that you have discovered your new found lust," The woman replied.

"That is not what I asked," Alice said as she raised her voice, "I want to know who you are and what you want with me!"

"I am the black cat that scratched you last night," The woman answered, "but for formal purposes you may call me Bella. I am what some of your culture calls a shape shifter. I can morph into a cat, like I did last night or I can do a half morph into a cat human hybrid."

"Why are you telling me this, what does it have to do with me?"

"It has everything to do with you," Bella replied, "Since it was I who scratched you it won't be long before you become like me. Like I said before, I can sense that you have already discovered your new lust. Even now as we speak you are becoming aroused and sexually hungry."

"Why did you scratch me! Why do you wish for me to be like you."

"It is simple," Bella answered, "Every year I transform a young woman into a shifter like me. Over the years I have transformed many women. Every year I set up in a new town and I study many possible subjects. This year I decided that I would turn the sexy yet reserved bookworm."

At this point Alice was conflicted, on one hand she loved her bookworm life. On the other hand her new senses of lust and sexuality were very addictive. The rush she had felt when she had seduced and fucked her professor was still making her wet.

"I will give you the choice that I give all my converts," Bella said, "the transformation won't become permanent until midnight on Halloween night. After the final bell tolls at midnight you will be a shifter forever unless you ask me to reverse what I have done."

"You can reverse it?"

"Yes, but since today is only the 29th why don't you take your new sexual powers out for a test. If you still wish to have me reverse the transformation on Halloween call this number before midnight and I will reverse it." With that Bella disappeared leaving a card in Alice's hand.

"There is no way that I'm going to not reverse it," Alice said to herself, "the first thing I will do on the 31st is call her." Then out of nowhere Jackie appeared. The sight of her roommate sparked a fire inside of Alice. Though her mind was telling her not to she turned and began to seduce Jackie just as she had done with Professor Grey.

"I have always wanted to taste you," Alice said in a soft and seductive voice. "Come with me back to the dorm and let me taste you." Jackie was putty in Alice's hand, her mind wasn't being controlled but instead it seemed to be getting taken over by her lust and desire. Her mind was screaming and yelling that this was wrong and something wasn't right with Alice but the mental cries were deafened by the overwhelming desire that burned between her legs.

Once in the room, Alice locked the door and pushed Jackie onto the bed. She then stood in front of her friend and said, "Take my panties off with your teeth." Again the mental voices inside of Jackie's mind cried out to refuse but once again the lust prevailed. Jackie stuck her head into the darkness of her roommate's skirt and clamped onto her panties. She proceeded to slowly drag Alice's panties down her luscious legs one sizzling inch at a time. Once she had removed the panties both women crawled onto the bed where Alice removed her skirt and Jackie's jeans and panties. They then mounted one another in the 69 position and began eating the others waiting pussies.

The two of them danced their tongues inside of each other for a solid hour and through countless orgasms before Jackie passed out. Like the professor she woke later unsure of how she got there. Alice had halfway regained composure and went to work.

With darkness now upon the town Bella decided it was time to satisfy her own sexual cravings. She found a small club near the edge of town that would suite her needs just fine. She downed a few drinks before spotting her victim for the night. At a table in the rear of the room sat Randy Perkins, a 35 year old divorced banker who was unwinding after another day of being screwed over by his ex in their court settlement. Randy was about to call it a night when he was approached by a beautiful raven haired beauty.

"Hello handsome," Bella said as she sat across from him at the table, "I noticed that you are all alone."

"Yeah." Randy replied, "What does it matter to you?"

"Well," Bella said as she leaned in, "I was going to buy you a drink but if you're going to have an attitude I might change my mind."

Not willing to give up a free drink or maybe more Randy apologized. "Sorry, it has just been a hard day."

"As long as you're sorry," Bella responded. She ordered drinks for herself and Randy, after a while it became clear that Randy had consumed a few too many. Bella led the stumbling man into the back ally where she proceeded to massage his surprisingly erect cock with her gentle hand.

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes," Randy replied in a drunken slur, "that feels very good."

Bella tore down his pants and attacked his engorged member with her hungry mouth. The drunken Randy cried out in pleasure as she sucked him. Just before he was about to cum Bella stopped her actions and prevented the ejaculation.

"Not yet," she said, "I'm far from finished with you." She then bent over and guided Randy into her while in the doggy style position. As Randy wildly thrust himself deep inside of her wet pussy Bella grasped at and pinched her erect nipples with one hand while balancing herself with the other. Her moans of lust and desire were like a drug to Randy who kept thrusting harder and harder until the seductive shifter finally let him have his release. After blowing his load Randy collapsed in a heap on the ground. Unlike Alice who left her victims passed out and unharmed Bella needed sexual souls to sustain her. Alice would require this as well if she chose to remain a shifter. Bella approached the barley conscious man and laid a passionate kiss on Randy. A small yellow glow was seen fleeing from Randy's mouth and entering Bella's. Once the sexual soul was drained the 35 year old drunk's eyes went black and he passed out. He would spend the rest of his days an impotent man who would never be aroused again. Bella shifted into full cat form and disappeared into the darkness.

It was a quiet night at the bookstore as Alice alphabetized the mystery novels. Her friend Debbie who worked across the mall in the food court had stopped by to say hi but other than that no one had entered the book store all evening. As she was placing the last mystery book in it's place Alice felt a huge pain in her gut. She doubled over in pain and as she went to hold her head which had started throbbing she noticed something furry. She felt again and discovered that she had grown cat ears. Her normal human ears had vanished and now her face seemed to be changing shape as well. Alice fought through the pain and managed to stumble to the bathroom where she viewed herself in the mirror. What stared back at her was a half human half cat hybrid. The pain had now stopped for the moment as Alice touched her newly transformed face. Just then she heard her friend Debbie calling for her from the front counter.

"Alice," Debbie said, "I got off early and decided to hang with you for the last hour of your shift."

Just as Alice was about to sneak out the back window she caught a glimpse of her friend through the cracked bathroom door. The sight of her blonde friend caused a fire to burn between her legs. She had to have her, she had to taste her. Alice's appearance then went back to normal and the youth exited the bathroom with lustful desire in her cat like eyes.

"Hi Debbie," Alice said in a lustful tone, "I'm just going to call my boss and see if I can lock up early, then we can go do something." Alice picked up the phone and made the call. After talking to the boss for a minute she hung up and turned to Debbie. "He says it's ok to knock off early." Alice shut the lights off, put the register cash in the safe, and locked up the store. While the two of them walked down the dark and deserted streets, the sway of Debbie's voluptuous body kept fueling the fire of passion inside of Alice.

"Let's take a quick stroll through the park," Alice said to her friend. Debbie agreed and once the two of them were out of sight Alice stepped in front of her friend and stared at her with glowing cat like eyes. Alice began gently stroking her friends arm and she slowly glided her soft hand down toward Debbie's pulsing mound. This action caused Debbie to shiver in pleasure, just like with Jackie earlier voices and screams echoed through Debbie's mind but her desire and lust drowned the cries out.

"Alice took her other hand and started to unbutton her friend's jacket. "You want me, don't you?" she said as she finished with the last button.

" Yes," Debbie moaned in response, "take me."

As the fire of lust and desire flared up inside of Alice she lost control and without warning she began to transform. The sudden shock of this caused Debbie to snap out of her seductive trance. She screamed and ran away leaving Alice curled up in a heap on the ground. The transformation was painful and caused the youth to shudder and shake. Just then the black cat that was Bella walked up and she shifted back to her human form.

"It is painful because you need to feed your sexual hunger."

"What do you mean?" Alice said in between her cries of pain, "I've had plenty of sex since you scratched me!"

"Sex is not feeding," Bella replied, "you need to suck the sexual soul from someone after you have made them climax. For the time being I will satisfy this hunger for you, I have fed of two souls tonight." With that Bella lifted the suffering Alice from the ground and planted a lustful kiss on her. This caused the extra sexual soul of Bella's to go into Alice. With her hunger satisfied Alice transformed the rest of the way into a full cat. Bella shifted as well and the two of them ran off towards Bella's house. As dawn approached the two felines entered the house and shifted back.

"Welcome," Bella said as she rose from the floor, "you will stay here until you gain control of your new abilities."

"Just allow me to reverse this," Alice exclaimed, "I want to be normal again!"

"Not yet," Bella replied, "go on the hunt with me tonight and after that then I will let you choose to reverse. I have a feeling that once you experience the full potential of your new gifts you will want to keep them."

"Whatever," Alice sneered, "I will play your game but by dawn tomorrow I want to be changed back." Bella agreed and after downing some milk the two of them retired for the day.

As dusk approached on October 30th Bella and Alice prepared for their night of stalking and sex. "Here," Bella said as she threw a red latex like cat suite at Alice. "This special material will allow you to shift from cat to human without ending up naked."

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