tagNonHumanCat Scratch Fever Pt. 03

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 03


Rafael folded his arms behind his head, watching Jadyn sleep in the morning light. She rolled over onto her stomach, hugging his pillow and burying her face into its downy softness as her maple tresses fanned over it. The sheet was drawn back just below the dimples above her juicy cheeks.

He traced the delicate lines of her rose and heart tattoo on her left hip. She sighed at his touch. Jadyn was small but woman-soft, curves in all the right places and candy to his male mind. Rafael's fingers yearned to caress her, his mouth yearned to taste her. Forbidden flesh was the sweetest of all. She was claimed by Daunte but she was in Rafael's bed; in his apartment.

Rafael sniffed the air. His whole body tensed. There was another animal shifter here but a familiar one. It made his body hair stand on end. Carefully the tiger prowled out of bed so as not to wake his guest. Jadyn mewled softly, stirring a little but she only hugged the pillow tighter. The sight made Rafael ache.

He put on pants and a shirt and prowled towards the door he was able to fix just 2 hours before. He really didn't want to have to fix it again. The smell grew stronger then Rafael smiled when he finally recognized it.

Rafael opened the door to see Felix, his cousin.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Rafael growled low.

"I was about to ask you the same thing."

"I live here."

"I mean what are you doing here... with her," Felix nodded towards Rafael's bedroom. "I can smell a woman with The Heat for 2 blocks."

"Well don't get any ideas," Rafael came out into the hallway and closed the door behind him. "I know you lions like to get territorial and shit but you're not planting your seed in this girl."

Felix made a mocking pout, "Not even a quickie?"

Felix had wheat blond hair and sienna brown eyes. He was a lion shifter on Rafael's mother's side. How shifter genetics worked was a male took after the father while a female took after the mother but there were rare occasions where the female took after the father and the male took after the mother.

"I just stopped by to make sure you didn't get killed by that meat head jaguar," Felix crossed his arms, his eyes looking on his cousin's injuries with disapproval. Felix was a handsome man in his late 30s but his cleft chin had many girls swooning if they didn't already melt from the heat in his bronze eyes.

"I appreciate the concern," Rafael leaned against the wall looking confident. "But actually it was Jadyn who protected me last night." Rafael raked his fingers through his short dark hair. A light went on inside him giving the tiger an unfamiliar warmth thinking about Jadyn verbally pulverizing big bad Daunte LaSalle.

"That little lady?" Felix rubbed his cleft chin on his chiseled jaw in thought. "Well... I've seen her do some damage to a few unlucky bastards at The Scratch. That's why I always tip her heavy."

"You tip her heavy because you like her ass," Rafael frowned feeling a tightness in his chest at the thought of anyone looking at Jadyn in a sexual way.

Felix then frowned. "I still don't like this idea of yours. Daunte will rip you to shreds when he finds out who you really are."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Rafael shrugged nonchalant.

Felix growled. Rafael folded his arms across his chest, his muscles tensing.

"Daunte's family took everything from ours," Rafael seethed, his royal blue eyes turning to a menacing yellow. "Taking his girl seems the perfect revenge."

"Uh-Huh," Felix nodded, his eyes filled with doubt as his lips curved into a rakish grin. "And this has nothing to do with your own history with the girl?"

Rafael flushed to his cousin's amusement.

"Schoolyard crushes are hard to forget," Felix reconciled. "I just hope you don't get torn to pieces and start a war in the process."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jadyn rolled over onto her back, feeling the warm rays of the sun on her fair skin. She stretched out, languishing in Rafael's bed. Last night was an orgasmic blur.

The Heat was relentless. Her lustful thoughts made her dizzy and thighs sticky with her arousal. Even after so many orgasms, Jadyn felt unsatisfied. Her body hungered for another. The one who marked her for his own. What was it Daunte had said? She'll be horny for anything that moves? No, she'd be incredibly horny for him and him alone.

Jadyn miffed. She refused to give in. Yet her body still vibrated with need. Her fingers danced over her stomach that fluttered when she raked through her dewy curls. Memories of Rafael's fingers stroking and petting her ignited a fire in her blood. Yet even as Jadyn began to tease her folds, Rafael's face was replaced by another.

Jadyn's fingers gently stroked her moist lips, puffy with her unquenchable desire and pictured a pair of hot, whiskey eyes watching her with lust. She pictured a sinful mouth, sexy lips curving into a wicked grin and a growl rumbling from them.

With a melting sigh she parted her folds and dipped her middle finger into her molten depths. Licking her lips, Jadyn gave the mystery lips and eyes more definable features, imagining broad shoulders and muscles testing the limits of a cotton shirt. Her eyes drifted closed allowing the sensations to take over.

Jadyn teased her slippery nub a bit, tiny shocks of happiness pulsing through her, then dipped her finger right back inside her adding another finger to stretch her further, increasing her pleasure. She groaned at how wet she was, practically oozing once she pictured a growing throbbing bulge that whiskey eyes was sporting in his jeans.

She could taste cloves in her mouth as her passion intensified. The waitress gasped sharply feeling joy sizzle across her skin. Her bottom lip caught between her teeth when she drove her two fingers deeper into her moist heat. She felt the spasm of her muscles tighten as she grew closer to her climax.

"Starting without me?"

Jadyn's fingers were still inside her when she opened her eyes to see Rafael leaning against the doorframe watching her intently. His nostrils flared with the scent of her arousal and he licked his lips imagining her tasting as sweetly as she smelled. A naughty smirk crept into his seductive lips.

"Sorry," she purred, jade eyes meeting tropical sea blue eyes. "The Heat was getting unbearable. I think I might be getting worse."

"Perhaps I should stay by your side every minute then," Rafael crawled back into bed settling beside her. Jadyn's musk permeated the air, heady and intoxicating. The tiger shifter lifted the sheets. He flashed a debauched grin watching Jadyn pleasure herself. His own sex throbbed with desire to replace those fingers with his aching member plunging into her molten core.

"Thinking about me?" Rafael purred as he began to rub his own swelling crotch. He took himself in hand finding himself to be incredibly hard already.

"Maybe...," Jadyn was coy. It was only half true. She was really thinking of someone else but she was too stubborn to accept that. She continued to please herself, inserting a third finger this time. Jadyn quivered releasing a shuddering erotic groan. Her palm rubbed her pulsating rosebud sending electricity surging to her core.

Rafael's tropical blue eyes were glued to Jadyn's womanhood. The sounds she made, the scent she produced fed his arousal. Pre-cum bubbled from the tip of his crown allowing him to lubricate his thick shaft. He watched Jadyn's body spasm in her climax. She cried out as the orgasm crested like a wave then crashed all over her.

Rafael came right after. Damn. So much for not ruining his jeans. He felt Jadyn press her soft curves to his lean body and groaned in ecstasy as the heat of her flesh seeped into his body. They lay like that for an hour even though after 20 minutes Jadyn was hungry again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Time to get back to the real world. Rafael had to go to a site where his crew were constructing a knew office building. Jadyn had to pull a double shift. Rafael dropped the waitress off at The Scratch after stopping by her place to get new clothes.

Jadyn wore a tight red shirt and denim shorts. The shirt hugged her curves so well and the cut off denim shorts made her ass look so much like a juicy peach Rafael found himself aroused again, his stomach clenched in desire every time Jadyn stretched. But a stone dropped in his stomach when he came to the bar.

Rafael pulled Jadyn into an embrace and whispered seductively, "I wish I could kiss you but then he'd know and then come and kill me."

"I still don't understand that whole 'not kissing' thing," Jadyn tilted her head to the side like a curious bird, her lips pursed into a rosebud.

"It's a territorial shifter thing," Rafael explained. Then he noticed Daunte watching them from the window. He could feel the hatred coming off Daunte in waves and it made him grin. Rafael leaned in, his lips teasing Jadyn's ear which really set the jaguar off.

"Unless the one who marked his intended gives permission," Rafael explained. "No one is allowed to penetrate or kiss her."

"So what we did doesn't count," Jadyn smirked coquettishly, raising an elegant brow in disbelief. "Fingers and tongues are fine?"

Rafael's hand stroked the curve of her ass pulling her so he could settle her sex on his thigh. Yet his voice grew heavy laden with passion, "Be careful around Daunte. He infected you with The Heat. It's almost impossible to resist."

Jadyn was about to reply when Rafael finished with a strange jealous statement, "That Daunte doesn't deserve you."

Something in his voice made Jadyn pause. His hands wrapped around her so possessively that it seemed he would have threw her into the car and drove her far out of Baton Rouge out of Daunte's grasp. Her body cried out in protest at such a thought.

"Pick me up later," Jadyn placed her hands on Rafael's chest, feeling their firmness, then gently pushed him back so she could look at him. "I can take care of myself."

She felt Rafael's fingers tense then relax their hold. Jadyn hopped off of Rafael's thigh then danced away before the tiger could try and grab her again. Rafael didn't get back in his car until Jadyn was inside. He caught sight of Daunte still fixing him with a devil's stare. The tiger only grinned smugly and saluted the jaguar before getting back in his car and driving off with thoughts of Jadyn pliant and crying out in joy in his arms.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Sorry the text came late," Moira apologized while she cleaned shot glasses.

"I should keep my phone on vibrate," Jadyn shrugged.

"Well whatever you said to lover boy over there," Moira motioned her head towards a more cowed Daunte. "It really shook him up. I've never seen The Beast so tame."

"There's nothing tame about Daunte LaSalle."

Daunte had kept his distance all day and most of the evening. He only watched from afar. Jadyn could feel his devil eyes devouring her. When she bit her lip she could feel his stare intensify and even detect his arousal which gave her shivers and made her wet.

Even being in the same building with Daunte was torture. So many times Jadyn's body wanted to press against him. It settled for light brushes in the hallway or the feeling of each other's body heat as they stood near. They were sex magnets trying to pretend they weren't sex magnets.

Jadyn had to escape into the girl's room a few times and rub one out just to relieve the tension building within her. Her womb clenched with desire whenever she saw him. She rubbed her thighs together watching his muscles flex with every movement, every time he lifted a box from storage or when he licked his lips.

Finally it was 1 AM, closing time. But just when she thought her nightmare was over Daunte said he was covering for Moira who had a family emergency and needed someone to help Jadyn close. Holland had already left.

"Fine," Jadyn crossed her arms, squishing her breasts together which Daunte had a difficult time tearing his eyes away from. "But no talking."

"I think you've said all you needed to last night," Daunte's tone held a bitterness that kind of stung but Jadyn toughened up.

They retreated to separate places in the bar cleaning up. After an hour though the tension was so hot and thick it became difficult for either to breathe. There was an electricity in the air that would not dissipate even with their backs to each other.

Suddenly the silence became too much and it was Jadyn who broke first to her dismay, "How are your injuries?"

She expected another barb but Daunte seemed tired of the anger as well, "Just a few scratches."

The corner of Jadyn's mouth curved up a little in amusement remembering the split lip and bite mark on his shoulder. Daunte was such a tough guy that a broken arm would be a minor injury to him.

"You don't have to be so tough all the time, Daunte," Jadyn spoke softly.

"It doesn't hurt," Daunte insisted. Then he said something that gave Jadyn pause, "What really hurts is how I hurt you."

Jadyn kept her back to him. She didn't want him to see the look on her face which was surprise and then forgiveness. Was she ready to forgive him or was the Heat too much for her that she just wanted Daunte to jump her bones?

Daunte took her silence as his chance. Jadyn tucked her hair behind her ear listening to the floor boards creak from Daunte's weight as he came closer. She grew slippery inside as he neared. Her senses were alert. His male musk filled her nose and she could taste the subtle spice of cloves on her tongue. Damn it! She was falling victim again.

Then Daunte was inches behind her. Jadyn could feel his arousal coming off him in hot waves causing her clit to throb against her panties. Moist heat pooled between her thighs when she felt his breath caress her neck.

Daunte inhaled her scent of clean linen and her flowery perfume. He couldn't smell Rafael. She had washed herself clean of his scent. So they didn't... go all the way then. The thought filled Daunte with joyful relief. Of course there was shifter etiquette to consider but those were guidelines that had started wars.

Daunte step just a bit closer, closing the gap between them.

"Stop...," Jadyn was breathless already. Her core pulsated with intense need. Her nipples pearled at the feeling of Daunte so close yet not touching. But then she felt his hands. His hands placed on her hips and her musk bloomed at that simple action.

The jaguar didn't pull her against him. It was Daunte who did all the moving. He pressed his body against her small yet curvy form, his body branding itself upon her. Jadyn's knees grew watery at the heat that was seeping into her body. Joy raked through her system as her pussy clenched with thoughts of his cock burying itself deep inside her. The shared heat was thrilling.

Jadyn's anger seemed to melt away even as she melted into him. Her ass rubbed against his crotch eliciting a hungry groan from Daunte's sexy lips. She could feel him rubbing his chin on her head then burying his nose into her hair inhaling her strawberry shampoo. She felt him nibble on her ear, teasing her lobe and sending shivers racing up and down Jadyn's spine.

"Forgive me...," Daunte's voice was husky velvet, animal yet tender and full of remorse. Jadyn's clit throbbed with need against her cotton panties so moist with her musk.

"You're not getting off that easy, LaSalle," Jadyn groaned feeling Daunte's tongue flick along her neck feeling her quickening pulse. She heard and felt his body shake with his dark chuckle.

"I intend to work hard then soft then hard again to get you off first," Daunte's wicked words had tremors of delight wracking her body. Daunte wrapped his strong arms around Jadyn's slim waist, planting a sizzling lingering kiss on her throat. A sigh slipped from her lips as that small kiss sent a surge of heat racing to her pulsating bundle of nerves.

Jadyn couldn't resist anymore. She turned around and wrapped her arms around Daunte's thick neck then smashed her lips against his. Her pelvis pressed against his throbbing bulge that ached for her just as she ached for it.

Daunte's mouth was tender, his embrace sure. The sharp need of his kiss aroused Jadyn yet he was holding back allowing her to make the moves. Jadyn obliged slanting her head and opening her mouth to deepen the kiss. Daunte's hot eager tongue took the invitation and their mouths mated, teeth and tongues savage with desire.

They swallowed each other's hungry groans, Jadyn raking her fingers across Daunte's hot skin feeling the scarring of his shoulder wound. Daunte lifted Jadyn into his arms with little effort, their mouths still fused even as the jaguar settled himself into a booth with it's leather cushions. Jadyn straddled Daunte, her fingers raking through his glossy dark hair, sucking on his tongue moaning at the spicy clove taste that filled her mouth.

Jadyn was entirely consumed by need. The jaguar shifter's male scent was driving her wild. Her clit throbbed relentlessly, begging to be touched. She groaned hungrily into Daunte's sexy mouth grinding herself against the aroused bulge. Their sexes rubbed against each other creating a delicious friction.

He caressed the curve of her ass trying to grind back into her. Daunte could feel the fire of Jadyn's loins through his denim and his cock throbbed painfully with the primal ache to satisfy his desire and plunge into her molten depths to hilt until she came all over him.

But he held back. He didn't want to push her even though she was in his arms devouring his mouth. A horny growl escaped him feeling her heat and hearing her moan like a desperate sex kitten. Jadyn wanted to feel Daunte. She remembered the sight of his cock last night and was filled with hunger for it. Her womanhood pulsed with the idea.

Boldly Jadyn reached between them and unbuttoned Daunte's jeans. He paused breaking their tongue-fucking kiss, his amber whiskey eyes wide in surprise then his eyelids fell halfway, a smirk on his lips when he felt her fingers tease along the curve of his shaft.

With a coquettish smile, Jadyn wrapped her hand around his length feeling it jerk as she gave it small strokes. It was rock hard but smooth, a pulse of raw lust and she wanted it between her thighs.

As the waitress teased Daunte... oh God her hands were so warm and soft... his hands slipped beneath her red cotton shirt feeling the taut heat of her fair skin beneath his palms. Jadyn bit her lip just the way Daunte liked against the sensations that began to flood her body just from his touch.

Her pussy clenched when she felt him unsnap her bra. Daunte nuzzled the column of her throat feeling her hand slide up and down his shaft, lubricated by his pre-cum oozing from his crown.

"Jadyn... you feel so good," he whispered her name huskily as his hands slowly made their way to Jadyn's front where he cupped her breasts. The waitress felt the heat of his hands, questing, conquering as he liberated her full breasts from her bra cups. Daunte gently caressed the orbs with reverence. Jadyn released a blissful sigh, her nipples pearled into painful points and a shock wave of happiness spread once his thumbs brushed over and teased the taut nubs.

Daunte groaned, turning to liquid in her hands as he lifted Jadyn's shirt to bare her perfect lush breasts to him. Jadyn's nipples were dark pink like succulent berries ready to be plucked. He noticed the charming mole on her areola and gave it a soft kiss. Jadyn gasped sharply once Daunte drew her taut nipple into his searing mouth.

She shivered with heat feeling every bump of the jaguar shifter's hot tongue lap against her sensitive bud. Jadyn continued to stroke Daunte only stopping when she felt a tremor of ecstasy rake through her small body.

Jadyn released a shaking breath. Daunte flicked his wicked tongue across the taut nub then moved to torture the other nipple, giving it a hard then gentle suckle. Tension built between them. They could feel each other was so close to a climax. Jadyn couldn't believe she was about to come just from Daunte sucking on her nipples.

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