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Catalogue of Loss


I'm not sure if the description is really accurate, but I've come to call it my catalogue of loss. This spiral bound gregg ruled steno notebook contained the brief story of my love life in the form of a list of things I've lost. Now for anyone else it seemed more an odd listing of names and objects with little or no connection, but for me each connection was painfully new.

Frankie -- microwave, two seemingly innocent words, one: a name, the other a kitchen appliance. For me, it was my first and admittedly the most painful. Frankie was a co-worker with me at an upscale ad agency. We were both up and comers taking turns in coming up with the freshest and most lucrative ad campaigns. Both of us were glamorous and when we moved into my apartment we had glamorous, inventive sex.

All our friends and co-workers figured we'd eventually marry, have glamorous kids, become partners in an ad firm and live rich and happily ever after. We were well on our way until I wanted to get just a bit more adventurous with our sex. No, no, nothing exotic involving multiple partners or swapping or anything, all that is simply too dangerous these days. I simply wanted to try something different.

It was something she had said she didn't want to try, but I just figured she was trying to be the prim and proper lover who just needed a push over the edge. Well, one night after a few drinks and a few tokes on some illegal, non-tobacco product I slipped on a bit of extra lube and gave it a try. As my cock slipped between the twin pillows of her ass, she turned sharply and elbowed me hard enough to knock me off the bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked sitting up from the floor.

"What the hell were you doing?"

"I thought just a bit of doggie style would be..."

"That wasn't just doggie style, that was anal!" she growled.

"No, no, maybe I pushed at the wrong hole. I am a bit..."

"Wrong hole hell, you knew what you were doing."

The next day I noticed she had moved her things out of my apartment. The following day her father fired me from the ad firm (oh, I forgot to mention she was the boss's daughter). It wasn't until I began packing my things to move out of the apartment I could no longer afford that I discovered my microwave was gone.

Over the next few days I discovered that Frankie's dad had made a few calls and suddenly I was no longer an up and coming ad representative. Instead, apparently, I was an underhanded pervert guilty of sexual harassment, so my next job, as a desk clerk at a run down hotel lacked the glamour and the salary I was accustomed to.

Jennifer -- cable, I met Jennifer at the pawn shop where I was getting rid of my big screen TV. She was impressed by the sixty stations I had available on the TV I had in my hotel room. Although she was the owner of the pawn shop, she lived in an apartment above the store in a building that wasn't wired for cable. She'd have preferred cable on the big screen, but I convinced her the hotel TV was big enough.

I had learned my lesson about adventurism in the bedroom so I let her lead the way, which pretty much mean she was on top. I must admit it was exciting the way the flashing neon shined off her tiny breasts and large, erect nipples. The way the lights and my hands rolled over her body as she bounced up and down on me made me wonder if perhaps this might be what LSD was like. My dad always talked of the sixties with such candor and amazement that I couldn't help but yearn to be a flower child.

As long as she was on top the sex was good, but anytime we tried to experiment a bit it turned out to be a wrestling match. I guess you might say she had issues about control, so I just learned to get on my back and take it. I must admit, she did know how to ride.

Jennifer lasted as long as the cable did, which turned out to be about three weeks. The hotel didn't pay its bill and soon all we had were a few snowy local channels. Within a day Jennifer found herself a guy with a smaller cock and seventy-five channels. I'm not sure what I missed before, the psychedelic sessions or the cable channels.

Antonia -- the honor bar, my sadness over Jennifer leaving lasted until my day off when Antonia, the housekeeper showed up at my room to clean up. I was immediately impressed when she bent to retrieve a pillow from the floor and she was obviously impressed that I was a desk clerk at the hotel. She was even more impressed when I broke out my key to the honor bar.

Yeah, the hotel was a run down wreck, but there were still a couple of honor bars left from its glory days. Not wanting to drink up my wages, I simply used the half empty refrigerator to cool a few sodas, leaving the expensive tiny wine bottles, liquor samples and candies alone. Well, as Antonia gyrated around making up my bed, I poured a plastic cup of wine for each of us and well, before she cleaned the bathroom, we unmade the bed.

Antonia had a penchant for oral sex, so I spent the next few weeks with my head between her thighs, a pleasant enough place. She was a gracious lover and once she came several times she happily reciprocated, gulping my cum like wine.

Yes, she did gulp her wine and I later learned that she had a bit of a drinking problem. I kept the key to the honor bar hidden but that didn't stop her. One day I headed to my room at the end of my shift and found the honor bar gone. She didn't have the key to clean out the remaining booze so she simply took the whole mini-refrigerator.

Well, during the ensuing investigation, hotel management figured out that I was sleeping with the staff, apparently a no, no at this fine institution. Of course, given the reputation my earlier employer created for me, my dalliance with a housekeeper led to my immediate dismissal. Suddenly I was back on the street with only a suitcase and my growing catalogue of loss.

Well, I guess my situation had gotten pretty bad, so I decided it might be time for a bus trip home. I figured I could crash in my old room for a few months while I tried to get a decent job, I mean hell, I had a Master's Degree, certainly Frankie's dad can't blackball me that far away. I grabbed my catalogue and suitcase and headed to the bus station.

The next bus back home didn't leave until the afternoon of the next day, so I bought my ticket, rented a locker, deposited my suitcase and then wandered back onto the street. I still had over seven hundred dollars so I decided to have a nice night on the town. I considered hitting a fancy restaurant but realized my good clothes were packed away, so I settled on a small diner across from the bus station.

It was while I sat at the booth in the diner that I spotted Cassie on the street corner. She was bigger than most of the women I had been attracted to, but something about her caught my attention. Perhaps it was the too short skirt, or the way she walked but I quickly finished my dinner and walked out to the street corner before she could flag down another car.

When I wandered over to the street corner, one of the other women came up to me and asked, "What you looking for Sugar?"

I simply nodded toward the big woman.

"Oh Cassie," the first woman called out, I think this one wants a big girl.

Cassie walked up to me and asked, "You ever been with a big girl?"

I shook my head, "No."

"Well come on Hon' we gonna have some fun."

"How much?"

"Depends on what you want."

"How much for the night?"

"Oh you can't afford that. Can you afford two thousand?"

"For the night?"

"I told you."

"Look I don't have anywhere..."

"Oh, I get it. Look you give me three hundred and we have a good time for a couple of hours, then I'll leave you in the room. You just be out by noon and it will be good."

I reached for my wallet, but she grabbed my hand.

"Oh no Hon' not here in the street. Come follow me."

I followed her into a beat up hotel around the corner where she told the clerk, "He's gonna stay until morning, here's the extra." She placed several twenties on the counter and said, "Make sure it's on the first floor, I don't do stairs." When the clerk dangled the key in front of her, she grabbed it and spun in a move as graceful as any ballerina I had seen.

She led me to the room, opened the door and stepped inside. I followed her in, needing to turn to my side to slide between her and the bed. Walking behind me, she pushed me into the bathroom where she opened my pants, soaped up a wash cloth and scrubbed my cock. Once she finished she looked up and asked, "So what do you want now?"

Tossing my catalogue onto the dresser I recalled each of the women in the book and replied, "Well, we need to undress."

The big woman happily unfastened her dress and the pulled off her blouse. She unfastened her bra from the front and I watched in amazement as her breasts fell down onto her stomach with a slap. The flesh of her breasts and stomach seemed to quiver in waves for a moment as she leaned back on the bed and began pulling off her panties. Working them over her knees, she kicked them down to one ankle and then kicked it aside.

Placing her feet on the bed with her knees up she opened her legs wide, giving me room to slip in between. I quickly pulled off my clothes and moved in between her legs. Thinking of Frankie, I eased my cock into the woman's enormous pussy and began thrusting back and forth. Though she was much bigger than Frankie, I let my mind focus on the elegant love Frankie and I made.

After a few moments I noticed an odd sensation as my body moved over the rolls of flesh on Cassie. I reached up and began kneading her enormous breasts as my cock slid in and out of her wet opening. I became enthralled with the size of the woman thinking, "Wow, this is so much better..."

"So much better than what Hon'?"

I paused, not realizing I had said that. I didn't answer, instead, thinking of Jennifer I asked, "Can you get on top of me?"

"You want me on top?"

I nodded.

"Well not many men want that but okay."

I rolled off her onto the bed and watched as she kneeled above me and then lowered herself down onto my cock. It was very odd, feeling her weight bearing down on me, but at the same time feeling the immense pleasure surrounding my cock. She slowly began moving up and down, her stomach and breasts bouncing with each movement. I rolled my hands through the soft flesh of her stomach and then reached to her breasts.

She continued moving for some time until I got very close to coming and said, "Okay, stop now, please stop." When she stopped I asked, "Can I eat you?"

"You paid the money, you are welcome to put your mouth anywhere on my body you want, but understand, I've had a few other men before you."

I envisioned sliding my tongue into Antonia and replied, "Yes, I want to eat you."

Cassie rolled onto her back and opened her legs for me. Pushing back the flesh on her thighs with my hands I leaned forward and pushed my tongue into her already wet pussy. It tasted a bit odd, perhaps a bit more earthy than tangy, certainly not as pristine as Antonia had been, but it wasn't bad. I licked her pussy and then burrowed my face between her huge lips. It was an amazing feeling having my whole face covered in her juices.

While I continued running my tongue in and out of her, up and down her long slit, I worked myself around to where she could put her mouth on my cock. She immediately grabbed it and began sucking. Now Antonia was good as sucking my cock, but she was nothing like Cassie. The suction on me was phenomenal and in just a few minutes I was ready to dump my load into her mouth.

Feeling the pleasure shoot from my balls down the shaft of my cock, I moaned loudly, pushed my hips forward. Suddenly my cock felt cold as Cassie pulled it out of her mouth and began stroking it with her hand wildly. By that time there was no holding back for me and I came, spurting my cum all over her chin, neck and breasts.

I pulled my face from her pussy and raised up enough to look down. The white, sticky liquid ran down her breasts and pooled on her stomach. She then smiled and said, "Well there you go Hon, I bet you never came on anything this big before."

I climbed down off the woman and grabbed my wallet, counting out three hundred dollars. I handed them to her, slipped my wallet into the drawer and then sat down on the bed. Cassie looked at me and asked, "Can you get me a towel, I got to clean up a bit here."

I grabbed her a towel and then stood by the bathroom door watching her get dressed. It was fascinating seeing her work her huge breasts into her too small bra and blouse. She then pulled on her panties and took a deep breath to fasten her skirt. Slipping on her shoes she looked over at me and said, "You ever want any more fun you just come looking for Cassie."

Feeling my stomach suddenly lurch, I turned dove into the bathroom and slammed the door. Kneeling in front of the toilet I lost my dinner. After about ten minutes I was able to stand up, wash off my face in the sink and step out of the bathroom. I moved over to the bed and collapsed, where I remained until I fell asleep.

It wasn't until the following morning that I noticed the open drawer where I put my wallet. Looking inside I saw it wasn't there but when I glanced over at the door I noticed it on the floor. I grabbed it and peeked inside. The driver's license and all my overdrawn credit cards were there, but the cash was all gone.

Grabbing my clothes I quickly dressed and headed out to the street corner but all the women were gone. I knew I wouldn't be seeing Cassie again. I headed into the bus station, got my bag out of the locker and sat down on a bench to wait for my bus. I opened my catalogue of loss and added one more entry: Cassie -- cash. The rest of the day all I could think of was how I was going to miss the way her stomach and breasts jiggled each time I thrust my cock deep into her pussy. Yes, it was an enormous loss.

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