She caressed her sex with a single finger opening herself and revealing the shiny pinkness of her inner lips. Whether by design or not she was positioned so that she was illuminated by a ceiling spotlight which would otherwise have lit up the wall length mirror behind her.

She was wet with arousal and her scent began to pervade the confined space. For a second or two I stopped drawing breath, not wanting to be a part of it, but then I had no choice but to exhale.

The musky smell was as familiar as my own and, as it impinged on my senses, I found that I had to swallow to in order to clear my mouth.

Audris was unhurried as she continued to stimulate herself with the appearance of someone guaranteed another conquest. This display of self assurance rankled me but it felt as if the walls were closing in on us. Somewhere in the distance I still registered the sound of music and the tinkle of laughter but it was like another world.

For a few crazy seconds I wondered what it would be like. How would her sex feel squeezing my tongue? I tried to dismiss the aberrant thought but some inner imp was asking who would ever know.

Warped logic was telling me that this might be my only chance, no strings attached. If I walked away now was I going to forever regret it?

I did not want to give her the satisfaction of surrendering but I was already rationalizing it by telling myself that I was doing it for me and not for her.

I gave her what I hoped was an indifferent look, suggesting that the whole thing was of no great moment, but as I knelt in front of her I struggled to avoid trembling. The coldness of the tiles beneath my knees momentarily jarred me back to reality but I was now so close to her that I could feel the radiant heat of her sex.

She gave no guidance nor instructions leaving me to find my own salvation. I decided that I would lick her just once both to find out what it was like and to prove to myself that I could do anything if I so wished.

Again she seemed to read my mind. She withdrew her finger leaving her glistening sex open to my gaze and it triggered an odd memory of childhood confectionary. I closed my eyes and leant forward presenting my tongue.

There was nothing childlike about her taste. It had an unexpected depth with a hint of sweetness and it was undeniably feminine. At the same time I breathed her scent and understood why it was such a potent force of nature.

I reflexively licked for a second time this time using the flat of my tongue. The sensation coursed to the extremes of my body impelling me to open my eyes. Her taste and smell came to together so perfectly it was if a piece of me that had been missing had now found its place.

In some way I was frightened by my body's reaction and I tried to deny it but I had begun to lick avidly filling my mouth. I glanced upwards to find her looking at me with an indulgent smile and I was spurred to try and get a response from her.

I wanted to know what her clitoris would feel like beneath her tongue but, before I could make the attempt, she entwined her fingers in my hair. She started to pull me in against her sex smearing my face and pressing my nose into the divide.

I knew that I should have been resisting but there was something almost primal as she left her mark upon me.

Finally she allowed me to continue and I found her clitoris to be larger than mine and surprisingly firm. She gave no obvious indication that I was doing well but her body could not lie. After a few moments of avid attention her sex was leaking and it felt as if the air itself was moist.

I was perspiring, and my blouse was going to be ruined, but I was heedless. I flicked my tongue frenetically until, with a gentle sigh, she acknowledged my achievement.

As she shivered in contentment I could not escape the impression that I was simply the hors d'oeuvre and that she had other plans for later. For a second or two I contemplated whether or not I wanted to be part of those plans but sanity prevailed.

Without a word of thanks she slipped into the cubicle leaving me to clean myself up as best I could at the sink.

When I returned downstairs I looked guiltily towards Melanie's cousin who, in turn, was anxiously scanning the bar presumably looking for Audris. I decided to take my leave and quickly said my goodbyes.

Chapter Three

Over the next four weeks the encounter with Audris was rarely far from my mind. Looking back I was angry with myself for what was, essentially, an act of abasement, but there were no witnesses save Audris herself.

It was something that I had no intention of repeating but each time I considered some male company to "purge my system" I made found myself making excuses.

On more than one occasion I had been tempted to ask after Melanie's cousin but, as I had not been formally introduced to her on the night, it might have seemed suspicious.

I had more or less forgotten about Jade but then I saw from my calendar that I was scheduled to catch up with all of the recent inductees. I called up the report from her line manager and, in summary, she had turned out to be the most promising candidate of the group but with the caveat that she still had attitude problems.

A few days later she walked into my office for the second time and it was hard to believe that this was the same young woman. Her hair had been cut shorter and her makeup looked as if it could have been professionally applied.

She was wearing a gray, two-piece, business suit with matching high heeled shoes. It was a chain store purchase but it looked very good on her and the shoes helped to improve her posture.

I had imposed a strict dress code for the company but I was surprised that she was adhering to it. Even her accent seemed to have softened or perhaps it was simply because there was less aggression in her tone as she answered my questions.

The transformation from surly to something almost appreciative was quite remarkable and when I had finished the formalities and asked her how things were in general she was happy to engage.

I told her that I thought that she looked a lot happier in herself but her reply caught me off guard

"You too. You look liberated."

It was an odd choice of words and the more so because it fitted with something I had been trying to define for some days. I prided myself on the fact that I coped with the day to day stresses of running the company almost without effort but they clearly had an impact. It had come home to me when I had my aberrant moment with Audris; for that brief span of time I felt a total release when nothing else mattered to me except the overwhelming desire to fulfil my immediate need.

I mentally shook my head and moved to bring things to a close.

"Jade, I have to confess that when I first met you I had misgivings but I pleased to say that my faith in you seems well placed."

I was expecting a grateful smile but her face remained neutral as she steadily held my eyes.

"I was surprised that you took me on. I'm 'street smart' but that's not what you're looking for. I was convinced that you had an ulterior motive."

I felt my eyes blink involuntarily. Her powers of perception continued to surprise me and I quickly trotted out my prepared line which had an element of truth.

"I think that there are some very intelligent women out there who are not given a chance because of their background. I have been successful in my career and I would like to give something back."

She paused before answering.

"I was not looking for charity. I was doing well for myself."

This retort wrong footed me and I answered without thought.

"By consorting?"

She smiled knowingly.

"I never sold myself...except on my own terms.

There are lots of older women out there, successful women like you, who have certain needs. Most of them are lesbians, some are straight, but they all have the same desire. They want to get down on their knees and use their tongues on young girls.

I see you're shocked.

It's easy money. I know they find me attractive, I can pass as under aged for those that want it, and I am very discrete. Best of all, I enjoy it. They will send hours servicing me and I can lose count of the number of orgasms."

I was dumbfounded. I was her employer and I could not believe her effrontery but then it dawned on me that she had spoken in the present tense suggesting that it was still going on. I was stirred to anger.

"I am going to pretend that this conversation never took place. Your private life is your own but if there is even a suggestion that you are involved in anything that impugns my company you are out of a job. Am I understood?"

She looked at me levelly and appeared in no way chastened.


She rose from her seat and turned towards the door and I had the dreadful feeling that she was aware of my eyes guiltily surveying the sway of her backside.

As she left the room I was immediately aware of my clammy palms and a tingling between my legs. Once again I feared that she had gotten the best of our exchange and I had to calm myself with the thought that, if I so wished, I could simply sack her.

I tried to settle to some work but it was hard to put her from my mind. Was it true that there were women like that? I concluded that she was exaggerating in an effort to see if I could be scandalized but did she realize just how close to home she had struck?

My fingers idled on the computer keyboard and then I began to type a few keywords into the browser. An hour later I had established that women, like Melanie's cousin, were not so rare as I might have supposed and it followed that there were others, like Jade and Audris, who were prepared to take advantage of the situation. For many it seemed to go hand in hand with the infliction of pain but this was anathema to me.

I was amused to see that there was an established meeting place in the heart of the city. It was a club that I knew as it was close to a restaurant that I frequently used for entertaining purposes. There was nothing about it to suggest that it was anything out of the ordinary; just one of many drinking clubs that had sprung up in years past to circumvent the more stringent licencing hours of the times.

I closed down the PC and decided to take a stroll in the park to clear my head before setting off home. The evening sun was low in the sky but the warmth of the day lingered and I took the long route around the circumference.

At the north gate I was, perhaps, five minutes from the club that had piqued my interest and some sense of mischief must have guided my feet to take a look at it in a different light. There was a Starbucks opposite and I bought a latte and amused myself by sitting at the window to watch the comings and goings.

People were thronging away from the hive of offices but, in the course of half an hour, I saw only two very ordinary women turn into the shadowed doorway. It was midweek and I supposed that it only came to life nearer the weekend and I guess it was that, more than anything else, that determined want happened next.

With my heart beating a little faster I crossed the street and, taking a deep breath, I walked through the door.

I do not know what I was expecting but it turned out to be a nondescript wine bar and I even noted a couple of men drinking at a table. I was mildly disappointed and turned to leave but I was still a little thirsty and so I took a seat at the bar and ordered a small beer.

The barmaid was a young, bored looking, eastern European. As she served me my drink she pushed a second glass towards me that was filled with swizzle sticks. I wondered, with amusement, how long she had been in the job.

Apart from the male clients I saw the two women who had entered earlier each sitting alone with their drinks. One was texting on her phone whilst the other seemed absorbed by her laptop.

I began to think that my internet research was not up to date when the sound of laughter drew my attention to the door. Three girls entered the bar sloppily dressed in jeans and sweat tops and each had a tote bag laden with books.

Their presence was incongruous in that we were a long way from the nearest faculty but they seemed at home and the barmaid greeted them familiarly. They ordered soft drinks and popped swizzle sticks into their glasses. They giggled almost childishly as each sought out a pink stick.

They retired to a corner table and lost themselves in their own conversation. The loudest of the group was a very pretty blonde. She had long, naturally curly, hair and wore minimal make-up. I could imagine a talent scout from a modelling agency making an approach to her.

The girl to her left formed a stark contrast. She was heavy set but carried her weight well. There was an air of defiance about her, a pride in who and what she was. Her face was rounded and framed by her short chestnut hair which set off her piercing brown eyes.

The third girl sat with her back to me but I could see her face in the wall mirror. She looked elfin and I was guessing that there was some oriental blood in her veins. She was fully engaged with the others but twice she caught me watching her.

I decided to call it a night but as I drained my glass the woman using the laptop closed it down and put it away. She came to the bar but she did not place another order. Instead, she picked out a blue swizzle stick, returned to her table, and put it into the remains of her drink.

Only then was the significance apparent to me.

For a brief moment the conversation at the girl's table became muted. After a brief discussion the elfin girl got up and went to the ladies room and my heart tripped as I watched the laptop woman follow her a moment later.

The girl's companions resumed their conversation as if nothing untoward had happened but my imagination was suddenly running wild. With each minute that passed I felt myself getting warmer.

I ordered another beer and quickly drank half of it to help cool myself down. I told myself that it could all be innocently construed but the truth was that I did not want it to be. It was exactly fourteen minutes later, I had checked my watch often enough to know, when the elfin girl returned.

She took her seat and smiled broadly at her friends before the conversation picked up as though it had never left off. A few moments later the laptop woman returned with a high colour in her cheeks. She made a point of not catching anybody's eye as she collected her things and made a hurried exit.

I now wanted to get home myself. The urge to touch myself was so strong that I was tempted to use the ladies room but it was going to need more than a quick fix.

I was still not fully anchored to reality when the elfin girl came to the bar. She stood just feet away from me as she ordered three more cokes and I could smell her floral perfume. She paid in cash and left a tip too generous for the serving of drinks alone.

She caught me watching and smiled at me. Before I could react she picked up a blue stick and deftly dropped it into my beer. Then, without a word, she re-joined her friends.

I stared at the stick as if it were an alien artefact that had mysteriously appeared. The sensible thing to do was to pick it out and discard it but it held me mesmerized. I looked over to the girls but they did not acknowledge me and I could not shake the feeling that they knew that I was an ingénue.

After a few moments they began to gather themselves and left the bar as nosily as they had entered. As the barmaid crossed to their table to clear up after them I felt a tinge of disappointment tempered by a sense of relief but when she returned to the bar she put a beer mat down in front of me.

Written neatly in pen was an address and a brief message.

"You looked shy. If you are still interested we'll see you at 7.00"

I looked up at the barmaid feeling unaccustomedly embarrassed but her expression was totally impassive as she went about her chores.

I knew the saying "going weak at the knees" but I had never experienced it until I tried to get up. I had to hold on to the bar to stop myself from stumbling and to anyone looking I must have appeared drunk. My pulse was racing and I felt flushed but, worse than that, I was aware that my panties were immodestly damp.

There was no way in the world that I was going to take up their offer but I found myself checking my watch and calculating driving distances.

I went back to the office via the park and headed straight down to the garage. The route home took in the underpass but I knew that it would be busy at this hour. Instead, I took the ring road which took me north of the city and, coincidently, closer to the address now etched into my memory.

Traffic started to snarl up closer to the motorway and I decided that I would rather keep on moving. I took a cut through which added a mile to the trip and brought me so close now that curiosity won out and I decided to drive by just to see where they lived.

The address turned out to be a halls of residence and there were knots of students hanging around enjoying the balmy evening air. I parked up for a moment as I considered the best way to get back on route and the dashboard clock showed 18.55

I was almost in a daze as I got out of the car and crossed the street. The entrance to the building had a swipe card reader but an exiting student let me in without query. My legs moved of their own volition as I made my way to the top floor and started to check off door numbers.

When I found 301 I stared at it for long seconds willing myself to turn on my heel but I remained frozen in situ.

Two girls smiled at me as they passed in the corridor and I knew that I had to do something. I knocked hesitantly on the door almost hoping that no one would hear but it was flung open to reveal my elfin fantasy.

She looked at me without surprise and shouted over her shoulder.

"I win!"

She ushered me in and I followed to the end of the hall letting on to a communal kitchen and living area. For a student accommodation it was surprisingly clean and tidy but what really caught my attention was the girl's attire.

Her two companions from the bar were seated side by side on one of a matched pair of sofas. The blonde girl was wearing a diaphanous teddy that left little to the imagination whilst the brunette wore an abbreviated nightshirt that was almost equally daring. I was under no illusions that the show was for my benefit but I was mortified that they had considered me so predictable.

"Shall we get the formalities out of the way first and then we can have some fun."

I looked at the elfin girl uncomprehendingly and then I understood. I felt a momentary sense of what can only be described as self-loathing but, notwithstanding; I opened my bag and took out my purse.

I rarely use cash but always carry enough for emergencies. I looked at the modest wad of notes wondering if it was enough but, before I could say anything, she took about half of what I had and put it into the pocket of her jeans.

Having done so she casually began to get undressed and I stared at her mutely.

Everything was happening too fast. I was struck by the stupid notion that we had not even been introduced but then why would they? For my own peace of mind I immediately christened them Jay, Kay and Emm after three characters from a fondly remembered children's book.

My eyes flitted to 'Jay', the blonde, and she raised her head just a fraction and allowed the tip of her tongue to touch her top lip. The lasciviousness of the gesture was not lost on me and I gave an almost inaudible groan.

'Kay' had a laugh that matched her fuller figure and she now gave vent to it.

"Someone's eager!"

I switched my gaze back to 'Emm'. She was not wearing a bra beneath her sweat top and her breasts were less modest than I had imagined. In the cool air her nipples immediately began to engorge and they somehow seemed too adult for someone of such tender years but as she removed her jeans and panties my initial view of her was revived as I noted her boyish hips which seemed in keeping with her coy sex.

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