tagNovels and NovellasCatch and Release Ch. 07

Catch and Release Ch. 07


Tim parked his jeep on the sandy shoulder and shut off the engine. There were about twenty other parked cars, with no one else in sight. "Looks like a big crowd today."

Eve turned to look in all directions. "Where is everyone?"

"The locals call it 'Hedo Cove'." Tim jumped out and grabbed his backpack. Handing her a blanket, he added, "It's kind of a private party spot. The in-crowd hangs out here."

"I don't think I want to be in a crowd. So many people make me nervous."

"Don't worry. I won't let you out of my sight." He felt a little guilty, bringing Eve here, but he couldn't resist the temptation to show her off. It would be a test, for both of them.

Sparkling water glinted through the pine trees, as they drew closer to the lake. Indistinct voices and laughter could be heard above the whispering breeze.

Eve asked, "Do you know these people? Are they friends of yours?"

Tim took her hand and guided her up the granite boulder that hid the shoreline from view. "I'll probably know some of them. We just party together. I wouldn't say we're good friends."

Ten feet below, a sandy beach stretched around a small inlet. Young men and women, in various stages of undress, cavorted in the sunshine. A big, hairy guy on a jet ski sped off with a naked girl pressed to his back. A clothesline had been strung between two trees and nude couples played volleyball over a net of clothes. Two men, standing in chest deep water, with topless women perched on their shoulders, engaged in an aquatic chicken fight. The girls shrieked with laughter, as they struggled to grip the slippery flesh of their opponent. The men howled when the skinny brunette grabbed the busty redhead's chest from behind and dragged her down.

Eve silently took it all in.

"What do you think?" Tim asked, leading her to an open patch of beach.

"Looks like they're having fun."

As he spread the blanket, a girl screeched, "Timmy!"

He looked up and spotted Andrea Chetney running towards him. She bounced beautifully.

"Hi, Andrea. This is Eve--"

"Where have you been, Tiger?" She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. She smiled hungrily, and with slurred speech, growled, "I've missed you, Baby. You're always such big fun."

Uncharacteristically flustered by the brazen show of affection, Tim stumbled with a response, while trying to separate their bodies. "I've been around. Hey, Andrea, I want you to meet my girlfriend Eve."

"Eve, Shmeeve." Andrea pouted and ran her hand over his crotch.

Embarrassment on his face, Tim glanced at Eve, who stared open mouthed. Tim grabbed Andrea's wrist and twisted it away.

"Ow! Baby, that hurts."

"Andrea, stop. Eve is my fiancée."

Understanding finally registered in Andrea's brain. "Really? You're engaged?" She icily glowered at Eve, her eyes running up and down. "Don't get too comfortable, Honey. Timmy likes variety," she said flatly, and then staggered away, her thonged ass flexed with a sweaty sheen.

"I'm sorry, Eve. Maybe coming here wasn't such a great idea."

She studied him for a few seconds. "That's okay. It helps me understand you. Isn't that what engagements are for?"

"I guess." But he wasn't so sure he wanted Eve to know this side of him. The plan to show her off might backfire and piss her off instead. He started to think maybe keeping her beautiful innocence a secret was a better choice.

"I'm hot," she said, and removed her tee shirt. The flawless, ivory breasts seemed to glow in the bright sun.

Tim noticed many a male head snap in their direction, like some pheromonal beacon had just been switched on. He dug into the backpack and pulled out the SPF 40 lotion. "Better put this on."

When he reached out with the tube, Eve's shorts were already around her ankles.

"Why don't you leave them on? I don't want to have to fight off every guy here."

"Don't be silly. Other girls are nude, and no one is fighting with them. I like being naked."

He couldn't argue with the facts. But he did convince her to rub on the sunscreen. The slow, deliberate way she applied it to her legs caused eyes to bug out all around them.

"Eve, how 'bout a beer." I certainly need one.

"Yes please," she said, squirting a stream of lotion onto her taught belly. "Ooo, that's cold."

Tim popped the can top, and said, "No, Honey. That's really hot." He sat down on the blanket and touched the beer can to the back of her neck. She squealed in surprise. "That's cold."

After several gulps from the can, he applied some sunscreen on himself, and said, "Let me do your back."

Eve flipped over and Tim rubbed on the lotion, enjoying the round firmness of her bottom a little longer than necessary.

"Need some help?" said a male voice behind them.

Tim turned to see an old acquaintance. "Jeff! How's it going, Man!" He stood up and they shook hands.

"Excellent, excellent. How 'bout yourself? I see you've brightened every man's day here with another lovely lady." He looked down at Eve and smiled. "Hi, I'm Jeff Little. I'm sure Tim has told you all about me."

Eve rolled over to watch the two men, and smiled back, "Hi, I'm Eve. No, he hasn't."

Jeff slapped Tim's shoulder. "Dude, I'm crushed. I guess you just haven't gotten around to telling her about our arrangement."

"Man, that was four years ago. Statute of limitations ran out." Uneasy, Tim pulled Jeff aside, and growled, "She's my fiancée, damn it!"

Jeff's eyes narrowed. "Even better."

"No. No way. I'll kick your ass."

"Fuck you, buddy." Jeff pushed Tim away, strolled over to a beached jet ski, and shoved off. He waved goodbye to Eve, and yelled, "I'll see you later," as he accelerated toward open water.

When Tim returned to the blanket, Eve asked, "Is your friend coming back?"

He flopped down, and said, "I don't think so."

"Too bad. He seemed nice."

More about himself than Jeff, Tim said, "Appearances can be deceiving." He opened another beer.

A few beers later, Tim's disposition improved. He convinced Eve to team up with him for a chicken fight free-for-all against three other couples. Eve started out very passive, but after she was dragged down a few times her attitude changed. She became a wild woman. Tim thought it was great fun, carrying her naked on his shoulders, and watching her wrestle with other naked women. Everyone involved laughed and joked. The spectators on the beach hooted fouls and cheered victories.

Eventually, they all became too tired to fight. Tim and Eve recuperated in the chilly water.

Pulling her close, Tim said, "That was fun," and kissed her.

Eve smiled. "Yes. I like being with other people. It's so different from... my life before. It's like I'm part of something, not just an object."

At the far end of the beach, a two-seater kayak cruised to shore.

Tim pointed, and said, "I'm going to check out the new ride. Wanna come?"

"No. I'm tired. I'll wait here."

He kissed her wet hair. "Be right back."

Tim was deep into a kayak stability conversation with the boat owner when, over the roar of an engine, he heard, "Hey Tim, I'll bring her back! No worries!"

Quickly, he spun around to see Jeff Little, and his bouncing jet ski, race out onto the lake with Eve clutching his waist and waving goodbye.

"Shit!" Tim looked around for a way to chase after them, but saw nothing faster than the kayak. Pursuit was futile. All he could do was watch, as the speedy little craft splashed out to open water and stopped. The passengers appeared as distant dots. He couldn't see what was happening, but he knew what Jeff was up to. Eve was trapped and Tim couldn't rescue her. Helpless rage filled him once again.

For thirty minutes Tim stared into the glittering distance, praying Eve wouldn't struggle, fall into the water, and drown. When the craft began to move slowly back toward the beach, he felt apprehensive relief and rapidly gathered their belongings for a quick exit. He'd had enough hedonism for one day.

About 100 yards away, Jeff turned the jet ski parallel to shore, obviously searching for him.

"Come on," Tim muttered, and waved his hand to get Jeff's attention.

An evil grin spread across Jeff's lips, as he waved back. Eve sat motionless, gripping the seat cushion and facing away. Her body language told Tim everything he needed to know.

Jeff pointed to a spot, and Tim jogged down the beach.

Before Tim could react, Jeff circled around and dropped Eve off at the far side of the inlet.

Tim ran back, as Jeff sped away, yelling, "Thanks, buddy! We're even!"

Eve just stood there, her face downcast.

"Honey, are you okay?" Tim splashed out and held her in his arms, but she didn't answer. When he pushed up her chin and looked into her eyes, Eve wouldn't meet his gaze. "Are you hurt, Baby?"

She shook her head 'no'.

Slipping the tee shirt over her head, he said, "Let's go home."

Remaining quiet, Eve followed him back to the Jeep.

Tim didn't ask questions, until they were on the road. "Eve, look at me. What happened?"

Sadly, she glanced at him and then stared at her hands in her lap. "I had sex with Jeff."

Bile rose up in Tim's throat. "Did he rape you?"


"Force you to have sex with him?"

"No." She glanced at him, and then looked out her window. "He was very nice. It was... exciting."

"What the fuck happened!"

Eve jumped at his booming voice, but continued to stare out the side window. "After you left, Jeff stopped by and asked if I'd like to go for a ride. It looked like fun. He was your friend. So I said, 'yes'."

After a long pause, Tim asked, "Then what a happened?"

"Well... I got scared. I yelled at him, 'Slow down. I don't know how to swim'. So, he stopped."

"What a guy."

Eve's hands fidgeted as she explained, "Jeff turned around on the seat and offered to teach me how, but I told him it was too deep out there and that you were already teaching me. Then, he smiled a friendly smile, and said, 'How about I teach you something else?' His eyes wandered over my body. The way he looked at me made me tingle. He told me I was very pretty. He rubbed my knee. It felt... unusual to have someone else, someone new, touch me like that. It gave me that special tingle I'd only felt with you. I felt... desire. Then, he rubbed my other leg. I shivered, like when you touch me, but it was different, somehow. Then we talked about you. He said you two were old friends and shared everything, even girlfriends. Jeff said it was your turn to share. His hands felt so good on my legs, I didn't stop them when they slid up."

As much as Tim despised Jeff at this moment, he couldn't blame him. Tim knew this was his own fault. He'd seduced Jeff's girlfriend years ago and this was payback. Once again, his actions had put Eve in harms way. Once again, he could only curse himself. "So, you liked it. Did he at least wear a condom?"


"So you wouldn't get pregnant! That's why!"

"He didn't put his penis inside me."

"He didn't?" Well, that was some good news. "What did he do?"

"Well... he touched me, like you do, only it was a little different. He spent a long time feeling my breasts and complimenting my body -- how smooth it felt. I noticed his penis grew bigger inside his shorts. Curious about what it looked like, I told him that yours was the only penis I'd ever touched, and I asked him if I could touch his. He said something strange, like, "Holey sheet" and got really excited. By then, I was excited too. When he showed it to me, I wanted to study it. He said it was okay, but as soon as I put my hand around it, he squirted all over his leg. His penis is much smaller than yours. I didn't think he was... ready."

Now Tim knew why the girls called Jeff, 'Little Speedy'. Not sure why he wanted to, Tim asked, "Then what happened."

Eve looked at him with a puzzled expression. "Jeff started to cry."

"He cried?"

"Yes, and he kept saying, 'I'm sorry'. I don't know why he was sorry, but he sobbed... for a long time. It frightened me. I told him I wanted to go back, and that made him calm down." Eve covered her face, and said, "Then I felt horrible, because I'd promised not to have sex with anyone but you."

Tim thought quietly for a while. Sure, Eve strayed. She'd been tempted and given in, but what happened was barely sex. After the beer and naked wrestling, what did he expect? "So, was it worth it? Is this something you want to do again? Do you want to break our engagement and experience sex with other people?"

They drove a mile, before she answered. "Sexual desire is a powerful thing. It's an amazing sensation. I'm not sure I can control myself, or maybe I don't want to." Eve sighed. "But something was missing with Jeff."

"Yeah, your orgasm."

Eve laughed. "Well, there is that, but also, I found out something else, what I felt towards Jeff was not as satisfying as what I feel with you. It wasn't..."

"Wasn't what?"

"It wasn't personal. Does that make sense?"

"Makes perfect sense," said Tom, placing a hand on her thigh.

She covered the hand with hers, and continued, "It made me feel like an object again, a lot like I felt with the Keepers."

"Keepers? That's what they call themselves?"

"I can't translate their real name. They don't communicate with words. That's how they described themselves to me."

Zookeepers, more like it. "Eve, you're not an object anymore, unless you choose to be. Honestly, in the past, I've always preferred the impersonal, sex object, form of relationship... until I met you. You've taught me an important lesson. You're right; sex is more satisfying when it's personal. I'm a dumb jock, a slow learner. It took me a long time to figure it out."

Eve looked at him with large, liquid eyes. "Jock? You ride horses? It doesn't matter. You're not dumb. Maybe you just hadn't found the right person to be personal with."

He smiled. "You're a smarty pants." Glancing down, he added, "--less."

"The answer is 'yes'."

"What was the question?"

"Do I still want to be engaged? Yes... if you still want me."

Tim squeezed her hand. "More than ever." Turning onto the dirt road to camp, he stopped and said, "How about a driving lesson?"


"Why not. You already have a driver's license."

They traded places, and after Tim explained the basics, he said, "Okay, put it in drive, take your foot off the brake, and give it some gas."

She did. Too much gas, and then hit the brake. "Sorry."

Tim smiled, rubbed the back of his neck, and said, "Not bad. Now try a gradual pressure on the gas pedal and go slow."

They traveled at a wheelchair pace for a while.

Tim looked over and noticed Eve's tee shirt had ridden up around her waist, providing a glimpse of the entrance to her sweet cylinder. His piston came to life. "Okay, give it a little more gas. We need to get home before the snow falls."

"When's that?"

Thinking about Eve hidden under heavy winter clothes, he answered, "Too soon."

When Eve finally parked the Jeep perfectly beside the cabin, her face beamed pure joy. "I liked that. It's exciting to drive."

"It's exciting to watch you drive," said Tim, reaching over to fondle her hip.

She closed her eyes. "That feels personal."

"Let's take a shower and wash off the sunscreen."

Eve ran to the house -- naked before the screen door banged shut.

Tim walked up the steps. "Nicest ass this side of Venus."

They scrubbed quickly, eager to get it done.

Tim guessed that Eve was left a little frustrated by her afternoon's debauchery, so he decided to postpone her gratification. While drying her back, he asked, "Are you hungry?"

"Yes. Starving." She pulled the towel from his hands, knelt down and devoured his cock.

Laughing, he said, "I like being your appetizer."

It wasn't long, before he was too large to hide between her lips. Releasing his cock, she smiled up and said, "The more I eat the more there is. Is it magic?"

Lifting Eve to her feet, he said, "That's my magic wand."

"What can you do with it?"

"Come with me. I'll make it disappear for you."

The sun had fallen below the tree line and a pine breeze perfumed the cool bedroom air. The sheets were welcoming after the long, wearisome day. They lay there, on their sides, heads propped up, faces smiling.

Eve ran a finger down his chest, and said, "Times like this with you... I don't know how to describe what I feel. I just want to melt all over you, become a smore."

Tim laughed and slipped his hand into her hair. "A smore wife. Sounds good to me." He eased forward to her lips, and said, "I have a big sweet tooth."

As they kissed, Eve softened, surrendering to the heat. Tim rolled on top. Her arms wrapped around and pulled him tight. He slipped between her yielding legs and looked into her eyes. The deep blue held a tempting, irresistible pleasure. When he pressed forward, she opened herself, knees falling wide apart. Slowly, he entered her and formed the most delicious of human connections.

When their hips met, she whispered, "No protection?"

"You want it?" he asked, lying flat to savor the touch of her skin and the taste of her neck.

Eve smiled. "Mmm, I do... I want you, Timmy." Her ankles crossed over his bottom and she arched up, squeezing around his cock, to leave no confusion about what she wanted.


"Timmy the Tiger." Her hands cupped his bottom and pulled him tight.

He laughed softly and languidly thrust his hips.

She writhed beneath him with an urgency he was trying to suppress. Patience did not seem to be part of Eve's nature.

When he pulled out, she whimpered and grasped his cock.

Tim sat back and Eve sat up. Frowning, she asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm just savoring the moment," he said, leaning back. "Let's not rush this."

"Savor?" said Eve, leaning forward. "I thought that meant 'to enjoy something's taste'." Without hesitation, she sucked his shiny erection deep into her mouth, moaning a satisfied tune.

"I like your grasp of the English language."

Too soon, Tim felt the stirrings of an orgasm. Lifting her face from his groin, he said, "My turn."

Reluctantly, she let go.

"Time to learn a new position."


"Turn around and get on your hands and knees."

"Like this?" she asked, peeking over her shoulder.

Fondling her derrière, he answered, "Perfect, my little Smore. Your bottom looks like two delicious marshmallows." Tim knelt close behind her and let his hands roam between her legs and up her torso.

When the sensations became overwhelming, Eve's arms collapsed, leaving her bottom elevated.

"Nice view." Tim slipped two fingers inside her and twirled her clitoris with the other hand.

Eve pushed back, and said, "Mmm, I like that."

"How 'bout this?" he asked, placing the tip of his cock at her entrance.

Gradually, she pushed back, until his stomach pressed against her bottom. Then she exhaled with a sigh, pulled away and pushed back several times. "I like that too."

He held her hips and thrust slowly, gauging her readiness. When she picked up speed, so did he. Soon, their skin slapped together with the natural rhythm of lust. When Eve grunted wantonly with each impact, he reached around and tickled her clit. The added pleasure put her over the top, and she screamed her release into the bedding, crushing fistfuls of cotton.

Tim slowed and pulled out. Without giving Eve time to recover, he flipped her over and reentered. "I want to see your face when I come."

Heavy lidded, she smiled up. "You do?"

As he began to thrust again, she closed her eyes and moaned.

"Eve... Baby, you are so beautiful."

Tim's heart was full. His chest was tight. He felt a passion for Eve he'd never felt before. Was this true love? If not, it was the closest he'd ever been. For the first time, he wanted a woman all to himself, and he wanted this woman to love only him. Tim's body throbbed with a restless desire to please her in every way, to satisfy her beyond any notion life would be better in the arms of another man.

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