tagGroup SexCatch & Release Pt. 01: Caught

Catch & Release Pt. 01: Caught


I enter the room, thinking to surprise you. Instead, I am the one surprised. I can't see who she is, in the dim light I see only dusky skin and a fall of long black hair. Tiny, firm breasts thrust upward and then drop back as her hips arch towards you. Her body is a smooth wave, rising and falling against your mouth.

You haven't seen me enter because you're concentrating on the meeting of your tongue and her smooth pussy. I slide silently up behind you and watch as you thrust your tongue inside her when her hips arch towards you. When the wave falls, I see her clit swollen between her lips and you stroke it until the wave rises to meet you again.

She is on the cusp on her orgasm, her body trembling under your hands, her feet arched, her head thrown back and her eyes closed. When she comes it travels through her in the same wave she has been traveling while I have been watching and she is oddly silent, apparently struck silent by the force of her own orgasm. You are sucking on her clit and sliding your fingers inside her to bring her further and harder, and her body looks happy to respond.

Finally she collapses, exhausted and her eyes open. The first thing she sees is me. She tenses and her inhale cuts through the room. You rise and turn towards me and the look on your face makes me breathless with desire. There is nothing in your eyes but desire, and while it may not be for me, I have never been able to resist your hunger.

You reach for me and pull my mouth to your and I can taste this nameless woman on your lips. I suck her flavor from your tongue and your hands pull my into your groin and I can tell you must be in pain from the sheer size behind your zipper.

I unzip you without looking and free you from your bounds and stroke you lightly as you groan into my mouth. Pulling back, I turn to see your guest, who is trying to fumble for her clothes and leave quietly looking embarrassed and ashamed. I hold my hand to her silently, and for a moment she freezes. I smile at her while she stands for a moment undecided and then she drops her clothing back to the floor and comes to us. I find her mouth with mine as you watch and I feed her own taste back to her.

I whisper to her that I want to see her mouth on you, and we lead you to the bed. I press her onto her back and you slide yourself between her lips. I watch as I run my tongue over her nipples and I listen her whimper as I suck gently on them. I stroke my hands between her thighs, feeling the slickness of her moisture and your saliva as I gently coax her clit and her nipples back to hardened peaks of lust.

Her mouth opens wider to cry out, freeing you to slide deeper into her throat. She starts to pull away and you seize her hair, too drive by your own lust to allow her to protest. I whisper for her to relax, to open herself to you and she obeys, going limp under our hands.

You are thrusting hard now, and I can see your orgasm building in the line of your body and hear it in the gasp of your breath. I begin to stroke her more firmly, pulling her nipples more firmly into my mouth and her hips begin to rise against my hand.

I whisper to her about how you will feel inside of her, how thick and hard and how I will stroke her nipples while you fuck her. Her eyes are closed again, her head tilting back even as you drive yourself into her mouth. I recognize her next orgasm in the line of her neck.

When she comes, it is less intense then her first and she is able to cry out this time, even with you inside her mouth. Her cry locks her mouth around you, and that is all it takes to bring you between her lips. Your lust erupts into a horse bellow as your hips buck and you hold her head against you, forcing her to drink you in. You are leaning against the wall even before your orgasm finishes, coming long after your legs want to hold you up. She continues to lick your head while I stroke her nipples gently, still watching you.

Finally, you are both satiated, and your eyes turn towards me in unison. Slowly, she reaches out a hand towards me and smiles.

"Hi, my name is Natalie. You must be Susan. Nice to meet you."

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