tagErotic HorrorCatch Them All

Catch Them All


Ally moved about her dorm room in her lace panty and half tee shirt. The heat was turned on, and the decades old female dormitory had ancient pipes, but a cranking hot system. Looking out her window at the cold rain falling over a Midwestern November, and she was happy for the warmth.

The coed's tits were big round jutting orbs, pushing out her short shirt. Looking up from her bare midriff, one could behold the wonder of the undersides of her breasts.

The dorm room was small, barely enough room for two beds and two desks. Her room mate was at the student center so she had a little room to move around. She was doing light calisthenics, just enough to quicken the heart. This was one of many ways to combat the dreary weather doldrums. Her English paper could wait for twenty minutes.

To a snappy beat on her radio she jogged in place and waved her arms around. Her tee shirt convulsed by the bouncing globes beneath.

Bzzzt! Bzzzt! "Hey beautiful, you've got a call!" The soulful voice issued from her cell phone on her desk. "Hey beautiful, you**"

"Yeah, hello?"

"Ali, how you doing on that paper?"

"Just warming up! How's it going with you?" Great. Julie. This conversation can't last for hours, there was typing to do.

"Well, my outline is done. I spent the afternoon catching magic elves with my phone. " Julie seemed not the least bit worried.

Ally looked at her window. It was now sufficiently dark that it acted as a mirror of sorts. She turned in profile to admire her shape. Not bad! Those big tits really helped accentuate her figure.

"Girl! I've already got my magic green elf to 5th level. And I found a nest of elf gems over by the administration office after lunch! So I can relax the rest of the night and type my paper!"

Ally and Julie played the phone app game called "Catch the Magic Elves!" They walked around with their cell phones, searching for little cartoon elves, and other treasures. Ally really seemed to have a knack for it, or was just lucky, and often found her targets and rewards.

"Awwww...." The voice on the phone said. "I'm so jealous!"

"Yeah, well, I'm going to go now. I don't want to be up all night."

"Ok Ally. But help me out a little. If you see any unicorn elves, then let me know where!"

After clicking her friend good bye. Ally checked her phone app. All her game stats shown, and she was doing well. Her finger paused on the way to the off switch. What was that? The game 'radar' indicated a level 8 elf was only about 50 meters away! She'd never seen a level 8 elf! And with her new elf gems...she'd be able to capture him!

50 meters, that was close! Ally oriented herself to the direction indicator. She wouldn't even have to go outside!

Ally opened her dorm room door and peaked out into the hallway. It was empty. Although only about 8pm, it was a weekend. The place really emptied out on weekends. The young undergrad looked down at her small lace panty, and tiny little half shirt. A breeze down the hall caused her nipples to spring out like jutting light switches.

This was an all girls residence hall, but at this hour, males were still allowed when accompanied by a girl that lived here. Ally knew she was way under dressed for traipsing around the building. She should go back into her closet...a robe...something.

The elf moved! The magic elves do move around in the game, and then they even 'disappear' after a certain interval.

Making sure not to lock herself out, Ally listened intently for a few more moments, and then began her way down the hallway.

She passed other dorm rooms. She was getting closer! With any luck she'd be back in under 3 minutes.

Catchy phrases and names adorned each door. At the end of the hall, the stairwell was in the left corner. She was almost on him! The door to the stairwell creaked as the scantily clad coed moved past it. It closed behind her and she was at the stairwell which went up and down in a clockwise spiral.

"Where are you magic elf? I am here to capture you!" She whispered. Her voice carried differently along the metal staircases. Ally gazed into her phone, you could only see the elves through your phone lens. There it was! It's tiny little body scampering up the stairs to the next floor!

Ally gave chase, breasts bouncing and young thighs clenching in effort.

Two flights up and it was cornered! The little elf cowered in the corner. Ally smiled at it, holding her phone in front of her to keep it in her sights.

Then everything changed.

From her phone screen emerged a sickly green tentacle that wrapped around her wrist, holding fast!

Ally's surprised and terrified scream echoed in the stairwell. The tentacle slithered up her arm. She tried to drop her phone away, but it was now attached to her by this monster crawling out from her phone! She heard awful, heart stopping laughter. Little elfish laughter.

More tentacles emerged, moving faster than quick silver. Wrapping around her neck. They plunged under her shirt, ripping her little tee away into fragments the next moment. Tentacles wrapped and squeezed her tits, in just a few seconds they succeeded and Ally's nipples became very juicy and dripping.

When ally looked up from her tits being fondled brutally she saw....the elf standing in the corner. She shouldn't be able to see him! She wasn't looking through her phone!

With a plop! Onto the ground, a tentacle beast birthed from her phone. It stood before her, reddish eyes. Tentacles for limbs, seemingly octopus like but certainly a land creature.

Ally's panties were ripped away easily. The girl's legs were wrapped and she was pulled to the floor. Shock had caught her very breath in her throat, but her legs kicked frantically, desperately. Without conscious decision. Her leg muscles panicked of their own accord at the terror upon her!

Just as her legs were pulled violently apart, she saw yet another appendage. It was clearly a phallus. Ally hadn't been with a man yet, but she had internet, she knew what a phallus was!

The monstrosity was beyond reckoning. It was the same slimy green as the creature. It seemed to have a hard acrylic plating, alternating with hardened spikes that pointed out from the flanks, and sucker like muscles all along the unholy cock.

And then there was the size, the sheer dimensions of the brutal spear. Thicker than her arm, and nearly three feet in length!

The creature yanked her legs open, pulling painfully, nearly taking them out of her hip sockets. And it descended towards her. As it's pole reached her opening it hissed.

"Caught You!"


The police lights from a half dozen vehicles cascaded the dorm campus with reds and blues and purples were they overlapped.

"Can't you tell me anything!" Campus security officer Nadja was seething angry!

"Miss, I appreciate whatever information you can provide. But the real boys in blue will take care of all this from here onwards." The officer before her had white hair, and a pot belly. He was trying to use his normal 'crowd voice', but a shakiness betrayed him. There were about twenty cops here, some detectives too.

"You knew her?"

"Yes I knew her! I live in this dorm! Is that her?" A stretcher moved in the distance. A zippered body bag upon it. An attendant moving with the stretcher was carrying a separate black plastic bag. "Wait.....is that.....is that her head?"

"Miss, no statements will be issued now."

"Why not!" she cried.

"Well for starters, none of the details of this scene would pass the Literotica censor screens. Further, any public statements will be issued at a later time. I'm right that you were not the one who found her?"

"No, it wasn't me. I got a call on my radio." She motioned towards the one person motorized scooter car that was her 'security vehicle'. It was laughable to look at, at a scene like this one.

"Miss, go on home. There is nothing you can do here."


"Just a few minutes before...I was talking to her. She said she was going to type her paper. Why was she at the top of the stairwell?"

Julie was sitting on her bed, her head sobbing into her hands.

Nadja sat down next to her, putting an arm around her shoulder.

From her desk, Julie's room mate Summer started to say something, then realized there was nothing she could say that would help.

Julie and Summer were dressed casually, and lightly (due to the very effective dorm heating system), while Nadja still wore her campus security uniform.

"Was there anything else you two talked about, anything Ally seemed worried about?" Nadja's deep brown skin contrasted with her white uniform.

"Nothing." Julie's silky smooth black skin was showing wonderfully in her light shirt and shorts. Her athletic legs stretched forward. "Maybe just a few things about Magic elves."

"I'm sorry?" Nadja asked.

"It's a game, you play on your phone. You have to have heard of it." Julie's beautiful African cheekbones came up to look into Nadja's eyes.

"Oh yes, sorry. I have. Just a little distracted I guess. You move around searching for things...is that right? Did Ally say she was going somewhere?" Nadja had come to Julie's and Summer's room both as a friend, and to see if she could figure anything out. The police weren't making any statements at all.

"No, she said she was done with that for the day."

"But if she got a text or message from someone in this game, would she meet them?"

"It doesn't really work like that, mostly. You just chase cartoon characters."

"How do you know where to go to...for this game?"

"Well, you'll get alerts and stuff like that, but mostly its searching by footwork. And tips from other players."

"Are staircases a good spot for these Magic Elves? Do they come out at night?" Nadja really didn't understand the attraction to this 'game'. It seemed though that at least people got some walking exercise out of it.

"I don't really know any of that. Ask Summer!"

Julie and Nadja looked over at Summer. Her long blonde hair swishing as she whirled to look back over her shoulder at them. She had gotten up to pace...for her nerves.

"Was Ally murdered? Do you think the murderer is playing 'Magic Elves'?" Summer asked.

Nadja shrugged.

"Summer, show her that program you've been working on." Julie asked.

"Oh that. Okay, but I've not gotten nearly enough datum points to decrease the variance to acceptable numbers." Summer moved to her desk and computer, her long legs stepping with a purpose.

Nadja moved to Summer's shoulder to look at her screen. From this vantage Nadja could see that Summer had no bra under her light blouse.

"I'm not really supposed to do this. I got a lot of kick back from the app company when I first enquired about making such a program. They actually sell in-game perks and my program would be a 'cheat' that deprived them of income. A lot of the girls on campus are playing this game. A lot! Some of the girls know I do computer simulations as my projects and asked me if I could predict where their 'elves or treasure' could be found. Using data they supplied me about where things were found in the past....wa la!"

On the screen was a bing map of the campus. Overlaid were patterns of bright lines.

Nadja looked at the patterns move. The 'movement' was on a time scale. Lines connected points of interest. There was a pattern.

"These lines..." Nadja began softly.

"Think of them as event points. Events that happen in a chronologic order. When events are completed in the correct order, I marked them as a 'link' completed." Summer explained her charts.

"How do you know the correct order?" asked Nadja.

"You have to train your magic elves one level at a time, and use treasures in a certain order. It's all part of the game." Julie offered.

"So, all the people are walking around with their cell phone signals...completing these nodes in order...in this pattern?" Nadja seemed unnerved again.

"I don't play. But Julie and most of the girls on our floor do. People are playing world wide! You can win prizes."

"Julie, you're a Lit major, Summer...programming, right?"

"Yes" "Yes" Julie and Summer.

"We'll I'm a physics major." Nadja offered. "And I recognize that!" Pointing at the computer screen. "THAT is a quantum particle diagram. Quantum particles almost certainly hold the key to the 'multiverse' / 'multiple universe' theory in subatomic physics. And...am I right...run that sequence through again. Is the pattern decaying?"

"Yeah, that's the thing." Summer explained. "The pattern is winding down, to a predictable conclusion. This game 'Magic elves' must not be intended to run forever. I'd say in about 5 or 6 weeks, they are going to need a new pattern program. Unless the game will be over then. In some places, smaller patterns in areas may run down to completion, if enough nodes are completed, sooner than that."


Mary Alejo plopped her raincoat and umbrella by the front door and walked exhaustedly into her apartment. Another 16 hour shift at the hospital.

The gorgeous young brunette kicked off her work shoes and began working her scrubs clothing off of her body as she made her way towards the shower.

Mary's deeply tanned, toned body was framed by the waist length hair that she let loose. It fell wondrously down along her back. She turned on the shower and stepped back, allowing a moment for the water to heat up before stepping inside.

Beepity Beepity.!!!

'Magic Elves' was her guilty little pleasure. Her escape. It would do until she got a new man in her bed.

Beepity Beepity.!!! Holding the phone up to her face, she read her alert.

A level three flying elf was only a few feet away! She was completely nude! What the hell!

It was just past 3 am. Just how close was it? She turned, using the direction finder on her game app.

Close! Probably in the garage! It was a flying elf, it moved fast and would be gone soon! She had just got up to level six at the hospital during her 'dinner' break. She had enough magic points now to catch it!

Mary ran down the steps to the lower floor of her apartment. Her nude form moving athletically. She followed the arrows on her phone. What a lucky connection! Most people took a few weeks to move from level six to level seven!

She reached the door to the garage. It was a shared garage. The neighbors in the apartment next door had their SUV in there beside her Civic.

Should she dress? The flying elf moved again. It was a program, it could easily drift away, out from her building and far into the night.

Mary swung the door open. The garage was dark beyond. On the opposite side a similar door enabled her neighbor into the garage. He wouldn't come out...not at 3am! A chill came in through the door. Her nipples hardened.

The garage floor was concrete. It was certainly freezing! Mary looked about. The laundry room was right at her elbow. She had taken all the clean laundry back upstairs, there was nothing here. Damn! Wait, what's that?

Her dress shoes, she had left them here. She had hand washed her evening dress from her date last weekend (what a loser!) because the fabric was sensitive. Somehow her 6 inch high heels had ended up here in the laundry instead of back upstairs in her closet.

Well, any port in a storm. And any shoe on a freezing November concrete floor. Mary put on her 6 inch heels and stood fully nude, framed at the door into the garage and back lit from her apartment. She heard her shower water running far away.

Mary stepped into the garage, down the three steps. She held the phone in front of her. It gave out a thin beam of light forwards, and also illuminated backward toward her amazing body. She was looking for the image of the 'flying elf' that was super impose itself on her phone screen.

Her high heels click clocked on the concrete. Her shapely legs and hips took the super hot nurse around her car. Searching. Searching. The garage was dark, a well of ink in all directions that her phone did not shine.

Click clock. Click clock. Closer. Closer. She activated her game app feature to capture the elf that was so near. Completing the next circuit in her game progress. She heard the tell tale laugh of an elf on her phone speaker. Was it on the other side of the SUV? All was shadow.


The video screen was scratchy a moment, and then the garage came into view. Yet the screen was still mostly pitch black.

Mary walked into view, a brown skinned brunette angel in the light of her cell phone.

"Is...is she naked?"

"Damn right. Looks like a playboy model too."

"Who else has seen this tape?"

"I've been through it once. Got it straight from the property manager. You're gonna want to sit down. Maybe set your coffee on the desk too."

Mary walks around the SUV on the security tape of the apartment garage. Her incredible body seen from the front as she approaches, then her tight ass and shapely legs as she walks around the SUV.

Suddenly her phone flies to the floor, spinning away from her. Strange shapes cast strange shadows.

"Is there sound?"

"Yea." Turning the know all the way.

Scream that ends almost instantly as if by a plug inserted into her mouth. Her body out of sight on the other side of the vehicle. No... wait, her left leg stretching out to the side, in view now. Long and lean, from near the hip all the way to those 6 inch heels.

The SUV is rocking violently. Her leg is shaking from impacts to her body that are taking place out of sight.


Evidently, the SUV did not have an alarm set to go off. It was shaking so hard it nearly tips over from the rhythmic smashing.

Subtle sounds from behind the vehicle.

"Am, am I hearing her bones breaking?"

"Maybe it's for the best everything happens off camera."

"What? Why!"

"Well, I'd betcha none of this stuff would pass the Literotica censor screens. Doesn't make our job any easier. But it might get this story out."

Mary's form falls to the concrete floor. Still out of sight, except for that one leg.

"Wait, what was that? A voice?"

"Really? I didn't hear one before. Let me rewind."

Play button.

She lie there, unmoving.

Both detectives lean in toward the screen.

So soft. So faint.

"Caught You"

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