Catching Mom


(This story is pure fiction. This story includes incest, interracial sex, group sex, sex between those with a large age gap, sex with a male character with a well above average penis size and though not described does reference sex between bi men. If any of those topics aren't for you stop reading here.)

I would like to thank my editor Todger65.

(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

"Damn it this fucking sucks," Tim yelled to himself as he hit his steering wheel. He had had plans with his girlfriend, Nancy, but when he got to her house to pick her up her mom answered the door and told him she had the flu. He had hoped tonight he'd finally get to fuck her or at least get a blowjob.

Now instead of spending the night with his foxy cheerleader girlfriend, he'd be stuck at home alone with mom, Amy, since his dad was away again on business. She's probably guilt hi into watching some stupid chick flick with her. He cursed his luck the whole way home.

He pulled into the drive way and decided to try to sneak through the back door to his room so his mom didn't know he was home and avoid a boring night. He quietly went around the house and to the kitchen door but froze in his tracks at what he saw through the window.

There lying on their kitchen table was his mother on her stomach completely naked sucking one guys cock while another was pounding away at her pussy. But what shocked him even more were who the guys were.

The one she was sucking he had never seen before; he had to be almost 7 feet tall, covered in muscle, with skin almost jet black, but the thing that really stood out was his cock. He saw it completely when his mother came up for air, it was as thick as a soda can and over a foot long he'd guess close to 15 inches. And his mother was able to swallow the whole fucking thing.

The man fucking her on the other hand he knew. Not only did he know him he'd known him his whole life it was his best friend Jeff. Jeff was the closest thing he had to a brother and he was in there fucking his mom. He looked a lot like himself, about 6', in good shape, dark hair. Tim noticed there was one thing different Jeff's cock was average at best not all that thick and at max 6 inches, where as his was over 9 inches and somewhat thick.

At first Tim was going to burst in and confront them, but then got a better idea. He pulled out his phone and started recording the whole thing. He had to admit to himself his mom was fucking hot. He had never seen her even close to naked before. She always wore frumpy loose fitting clothes in public, and a thick baggy housecoat to bed and in the mornings.

Now he saw her in all her glory. She wasn't fat or out of shape as he always assumed, in fact she was in great shape. Her arms and legs were toned but not so much to look manly like some he'd seen. He couldn't see her belly much but what he could tell she didn't have a paunch like some moms have, and her tits had to be DDs if not bigger, and not saggy ones that hung like half empty bags of sand. But her ass was what he couldn't stop staring at. It reminded him of Kim Kardashian's, round and full butt with just the right amount of jiggle.

Tim filmed the next five or so minutes of t his until Jeff pulled out and came over Amy's ass. Tim had to bite his tongue so he didn't laugh at the few drops his friend sprinkled on his mom's big ass. Another minute or two and the black guy pulled out of her mouth and flipped her over on her back. He jerked himself a few times then went stiff as he shot the biggest load Tim had ever seen.

The first shot flew completely over his mother and splashed into Jeff's face. The next two were equally as large and were aimed at her face and chest, leaving her completely glazed. But he wasn't finished he just shot rope after rope of cum until she was laying in a huge puddle of cum on the family dinner table.

He expected Jeff to freak out about the huge facial he just got but instead he seemed unfazed. What he did next shocked Tim more than anything he'd seen so far. Jeff walked over to the black guy, cum dripping off his face, and dropped to his knees and started licking the huge cock clean.

After he was done they both walked out of the room leaving his mom where and how she was. Tim continued filming his mom as she scooped handful after handful of cum into her mouth. A few minutes later the two men walked back in now dressed. The black guy walked over to her and gave both her tits a good squeeze leaving his tits covered in his own cum. He took one hand and smeared it over her face and after taking a large lick of it himself smeared the other hand over Jeff's face.

Then they both turned toward the door and Tim, making him jump for cover in the shadows. He expected them to just walk away but the black guy pulled a cigarette out and they talked as he smoked. "So man what you think of finally getting to fuck your buddy's momma?"

"Better than I ever imagined. But how'd you get her to agree she's always so proper and reserved?"

"Simple really she's a regular down at my club. I've found that these proper little white house wives are some of the kinkiest bitches out there once you get them started."

"But I don't see how she went to your club in the first place?"

"Oh that's easy her slut of a boss brought all her employees to my club for their Christmas party and almost all where hooked after that."

"I'm kind of glad you caught me sneaking into your club."

"Hell boy I told you if you make me happy you'd enjoy being my little bitch boy."

"Well I was enjoying myself before tonight."

"I figured as much you took to my meat log better than any of my boys before you."

"Speaking of which do you think after that load you still have some for me before I go home?"

"Sure I do but not here you wouldn't want your buddy to come home to find you with my cock down your throat would you."

"No I guess not." After he was sure they were gone Tim walked back to the window to see his mom still covered in cum masturbating on the table. He kept filming; after she finished she got up cleaned off the table and left the room. He waited a few minutes then went to the front door and walked in, "Hey mom I'm home."

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by Anonymous

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by ctalon03/11/19

Chapter 2?

Next chapter please.

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by Anonymous12/18/18

Sci fi

Got as far as 15" & realized it's miscategorized.

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by Anonymous11/11/18

Reminds me

This reminds me of the time I came home from college to surprise my mom on her birthday. I was the one surprised because I walked in and found her being spit roasted by our neighbor Dan and his youngestmore...

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by Oldergenteman6910/07/18

Please Continue

I hope he gets to fuck his Mom as she lays there with other man's cum all over her!

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by brett37410/04/18

Great story

Keep going, please.

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