tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCatching Up Ch. 02

Catching Up Ch. 02


When they re-entered the bar it felt like slipping back into the normal world again, and for the first time Kristen's thoughts turned to Pam, still sitting there patiently and wondering what she was up to. She'd send her a text, tell her not to worry and not to wait for her... in a little while. When her hands were no longer full. She skipped over to the fire door with Jorge and Ed and was outside before anyone had even noticed they were there.

The door opened out into a high-walled alley, a light shining dimly from the far end where it led out onto the road. The night was warm, but it was still a shock to the system after the close heat of the club. The drop in temperature did little to cool off the two men though, and they carried straight on where they had finished. Kristen was pinned against the hard stone wall, her legs spread wide, and she kissed both men in turn as they groped her breasts and pussy, casually and freely.

Magically two cocks appeared in her outstretched fingers, and she stroked them with more vigour and purpose than she had done before. When she hit the deck this time her knees dug into the hard unforgiving tarmac, but she had something hard and wonderfully forgiving to distract her. She turned to face Jorge, opened her mouth wide and let him thrust his penis straight inside. She could taste the faint remnants of his pee on the tip as it slid into her mouth, its contours rippling against her tongue.

By now her dress was almost non-existent, pulled down below her breasts and squashed up above her hips. She propped herself up on her arms and gobbled his shaft voraciously, wondering if this was what Pam meant when she said she wasn't this trashy. If so, she ought to listen to her less often -- and probably would do, she had already decided. She took a deep breath through her nose as her throat was filled with Jorge's rapidly expanding cock. When she pulled away at last, she had coated the head with a thick sheen of spit and it was pulsing red with rushing blood.

Kristen smiled up at Jorge as he pulled backwards sharply, his chest thudding through his T-shirt. "Be right back," she promised him, and she had barely finished the sentence before her head was pulled round and she had Ed's dick down her for the first time. His grip on her skull tightened and he began to fuck her throat relentlessly, with a force she hadn't been expecting. She had to pull away slightly as she gagged, clutching his thighs for support. Massive ropes of saliva streamed down her chin and neck, and she let out a gasp of relief.

Ed paused for a moment, his fingers gliding through her smooth bob of red hair. He ran his dick round the edge of her mouth, preparing for another assault, but before he could ram it in again she sucked it down herself, taking it slowly enough to enjoy the taste and the feel of it. As she held him in her mouth she looked up at him with wide appealing eyes, her head cocked slightly to the side, asking how far he wanted her to go. He stared at her fixatedly, his mouth creasing into a smile as she steadily went deeper and deeper.

After a gust of warm breath over the head, she extended her tongue and tickled the veins underneath, following them all the way down his shaft until she could almost, but not quite feel his balls. She let his length rest inside her mouth and sucked contentedly on it, realising that she could take most of it without discomfort. She reached out to Jorge's dick and stroked it smoothly, keeping him hard and on edge. Finally she began to switch from one to the other, going down on each for a few seconds with a firm smack of the lips as she ran her fingers under their balls.

Kristen felt happier right now than she had for a long time, in charge of two dicks and shamelessly whoring their attention, but she was well aware that this place too had its drawbacks if they really wanted to get serious. With the knuckles of one hand she wiped the saliva off her chin and glanced up at Jorge and Ed. "I'm not knocking you guys back," she promised them, "but I want to finish this off somewhere more comfortable. You OK with that?"

"Um, sure," said Ed, who would probably have agreed to anything with Kristen's fist round his cock. "But I don't think my place is gonna work. It's a long way and, well, this might take some explaining..." He looked over at Jorge. "Sorry."

The latter shrugged. "Hey, I'm just along for the ride. But yeah, it's gonna be difficult. I had other plans for tonight, you know?" They all grinned.

"Come back to mine," Kristen suggested, her voice soft and matter of fact. "It's a ten-minute drive from here." In the back of her mind she had known all along that if anything was to happen tonight, she would have to take someone home. The thought had made her stomach lurch between excitement and panic, and she had that same sensation in her now, but she was absolutely sure she wanted to take the risk. From the looks of the two men, it was they who needed convincing.

"Are you sure it's OK? I mean, is the coast clear?" Ed asked cautiously.

"You really do think I'm a slut, don't you?" Kristen laughed. "Don't worry, my other half's out. And he's going to stay out too," she added shortly, not caring what they made of her domestic situation. "We've got the place to ourselves. Anyway, I'm not looking for someone to keep my bed warm tonight." She flung her hair to one side and gazed up at him. "I'm looking for someone to stick their dicks inside me. If that sounds all right to you boys."

With Jorge gripping her below her armpits she was back on her feet in an instant. He and Ed attacked her neck and chest with renewed vigour, leaving her breasts scored with their fingernails. She threw her head back and enjoyed the feeling of being mauled for just a few seconds more, then reluctantly pushed them away. "I came in a friend's car. Have either of you got one?"

"Yeah, I'm parked just round the corner," Ed said, gesturing away to the exit that led to the main road.

"OK, great. I've just got to text her. Let her know I've not got mixed up with any strange men." She gave a little wink and fished her phone out of her bag, which she had discarded on the ground behind her. As the two men watched impatiently she tapped out a brief little message to Pam, the gist being not to wait up. That felt almost as satisfying as the warm erections she nurtured on the walk to the car, her hands rubbing their crotches in the half-darkness.

The car itself clearly belonged to a twenty-something; it was nestled almost apologetically between two much larger models, and the front seats had to be pulled down to allow anyone to get in the back. "Which direction is it?" Ed asked as he took out his keys.

"It's up the valley." Kristen paused for a moment and watched him stroll round to the driver's side. "Why don't you let me drive?" she suggested sweetly.

"Uh... OK," he shrugged. "Be careful."

"Don't worry, I'm not going to total it!" she promised as she took the keys. "I've been driving longer than you, anyway." Slowly she walked round the front of the car as they swapped sides. "And you won't have to keep your mind on the road," she breathed in his ear as she passed him, her hand dragging briefly across his penis. Ed suddenly looked a lot happier, so much so that he even held the front seat down for Jorge to climb in behind him. There was nothing that got guys more competitive and more co-operative at the same time than a woman, Kristen reflected.

The journey back was a short but strange ride, along a route she had followed thousands of times before with nothing remotely like this in mind. Ed sat beside her molesting her as much as he possibly could, and that together with the demands of the road stopped her from thinking too far ahead. Being fingered at the wheel of a strange new car had its challenging moments: she had no qualms about leaking her cum all over his nice leather seat, but when he hit a sensitive spot on her clit just as they came to a junction she nearly rear-ended the car in front. Afterwards Ed settled for a lighter approach, tracing his finger over her erect nipple, which drove her just as crazy.

Occasionally Kristen snuck a glance in the rear mirror at Jorge, who sat patiently in the back seat, biding his time. He showed admirable restraint as he watched them, she thought; if that had been her sitting alone back there she would be rubbing herself raw right now. Instead she rubbed Ed with her right hand whenever she was able, in between spells of batting away his creeping fingers. The game was getting her wetter and wetter, and when she finally pulled up in her driveway there was a sticky sound as she detached herself from the seat.

She handed her keys back to Ed and led the way up the drive, a cool mountain breeze wafting round her hips. She felt the two men's eyes fixed on her as she unlocked the door, the tattered remnants of her dress clinging to her backside. Before she knew it Ed's hands were round her waist and she was propelled over the threshold, shoved into near-darkness. When the door slammed shut behind Jorge the darkness was total, and she felt the sudden shock of their hands on her, groping and scrabbling at every inch of exposed flesh.

She was spun round and positioned between them, Ed behind and Jorge in front. Ed pushed her arms up above her head and almost broke the zip on her dress as he tore it off. In an instant the tiny garment was on the floor and she was standing between them, her nakedness hidden from sight but certainly not from touch. They felt their way down her torso, fingers digging into her bare skin. They cupped her breasts, squeezed her ass, and went to work with renewed force on her clit. Soon they were eking more fluid out of her pussy, and it slowly dripped onto their knuckles and down her quaking legs as she flailed helplessly in the dark.

With a gasp of excitement Kristen slumped against Jorge's chest, letting him envelop her with his powerful legs and shoulders. She could smell him underneath his shirt, and feel the frantic beat of his heart next to her face. Her own was more than matching it, and it skyrocketed further when she was pulled back by Ed and pressed against the door. She gave a little whimper of surrender and spread her arms and legs wide, allowing them to ravage her.

It went on for several minutes more, the sweat pouring down her trapped body, until her senses were so overwhelmed that from nowhere an orgasm erupted out of her. She screamed, a loud animal scream into the dark, her back arching against the door. The fire spread down her legs to her toes, which dug hard into the carpet. "Fuck!" she barked through gritted teeth, her head dropping to her shoulder with a wince. "Fuck..."

She staggered against the door frame as though all her strings had been cut, and for a whole minute there was nothing but silence as the two men held her recovering body in their arms. She was grateful, not only for their support but for the darkness hiding her painful grimace; the cool seduction she'd displayed back at the club was a distant memory. At last she let out a deep sigh and lifted her drenched forehead off Jorge's shoulder. "Switch is just to your right," she told Ed, reading his mind once more.

The dim hallway light revealed Kristen's disheveled face, strands of hair stuck to both cheeks and her make-up smudged beyond repair. She looked from one to the other with a wan smile, seeing that they too looked as though they had gone ten rounds. It was nice to have an effect on people, she figured. "You got me," she conceded. "I guess I am a pervert after all."

"I think we'd worked that one out already," Jorge replied, giving her a long, full kiss on the lips with a sensuality that surprised her. Ed stood by her side, stroking her flank awkwardly as though not sure what to do next.

"Well," she said at last, wrapping her arms round their shoulders, "I don't know about you, but I'm ready for round two."

"Which way?" asked Ed, his mind already on the job.

"First door on the right'll do. I mean, unless you insist on the bedroom..." Kristen slipped away down the hall, turning back to give them a teasing little smile. "C'mon." She opened the door to the living room and stepped gratefully out of her heels, kicking them away into a corner. Now completely nude, she bent over a lamp at a nearby table and switched it on. With the moon shining through the large patio windows there was just enough light for her purposes. She wanted a good look of her own for a change.

As Ed and Jorge stepped in behind her, she turned to face them and grabbed their belts, unbuckling them both as fast as she could manage. With their flies already open she whipped their jeans down one after the other, running her hands up their thighs. She squared up to Ed, kissing him hard as she nearly ripped the buttons off his shirt. "You know how long I've been thinking about this?" she muttered to him, her palms pressing against his bare ribs. He jolted slightly at her touch, and she gave him another, longer kiss of reassurance.

Behind her Jorge slipped off his T-shirt, and suddenly she had both men standing in front of her in their underwear, which was virtually straining at the seams. She ran her eye over them in turn, sizing them up in every respect except the most obvious. Ed looked like someone who had tried to develop his muscles and given up, but he was still in pretty good shape despite being a little flabby at the edges. Jorge was leaner and fitter, his biceps standing out in the moonlight from the window. Kristen ran her hand down his warm stomach to the waistband of his boxers, and slipped his dick free. She pressed herself against him, their bodies congealing in the heat, and stood kissing him softly as she stroked his shaft.

In moments the two men's underwear was on the floor and the three of them stood together completely nude. Kristen wrapped her arms round Jorge's neck and stood up on tiptoe to kiss him as he and Ed groped at her hips and ass, savouring the feeling of her bare skin under their fingers. Suddenly Jorge grabbed her and pushed her towards the couch - the same couch, she realised, that Pam had seen her husband merrily breaking his vows on a month before.

She had no time to think about the irony of the situation; already, Ed was moving up beside her and sitting down in the middle, his legs stretched wide and his cock in his hand. As if they could reach other's thoughts, Jorge pinned Kristen's arms behind her back and bent her over, her mouth right in Ed's crotch. Before she could make a move of her own his hand was on her head again, gripping a fistful of her hair, and his cock was shoved down her throat. She spluttered, taking a deep draught of air through her nose, and her spit seeped down out of her mouth over his stomach.

A moment later she let out a gasp of surprise as Jorge pushed his dick inside her, straight through her soaking wet labia and deep into her pussy. The sucking sound seemed to echo in the large empty room, but it was soon drowned out by the intense groan of pleasure that erupted from his lips. He spread his legs further apart and dug his feet into the carpet for traction, leaning forward over her outstretched body. With each thrust of his cock the walls of her pussy bore down on it, drawing it deeper, and he gave a couple of gasps as he struggled to stop himself erupting inside her. He let go of her arms and grabbed hold of her ass instead, sinking his fingers into her round flesh.

Kristen steadied herself against the couch, her hands either side of Ed's thighs. As she sucked feverishly on his dick, her mouth slobbering and slurping, she got up on tiptoe again and eased herself forwards slightly, letting Jorge pull halfway out of her. A thick trail of fluid oozed out with him, glistening on the bulging veins of his cock. Kristen could feel it running down the insides of her thighs, as unceasing as the sweat pouring off her brow. She backed herself onto Jorge again, letting out another moan as he pushed her wide open. He took a deep breath, settled firmly inside her and began to pound her in earnest.

She stayed in position as long as she could, bent over at full stretch between the two men as they fucked her throat and cunt relentlessly. She wished she could have been able to set the pace herself, but there was little she could do with both of them hammering away at her. Her back was aching and she could feel her legs beginning to give under the strain. With her cries muffled by Ed's dick jammed down her throat, the loudest noise was the slapping of Jorge's balls against her pussy. The sheer dirtiness of that sound, and the feeling of him being completely inside her, made her horny enough to mask her discomfort.

Through messy fronds of hair she gazed at Ed as she gulped down on his shaft. He had his teeth gritted, and she could see the sweat gathered on his forehead too. His hips squirmed from side to side on the couch, and every now and then he ran the head of his cock against her messy spit-soaked chin, gathering up more moisture before he rammed it back into her. She could tell that for all his obvious excitement, he was following a familiar routine; this was something he'd done plenty of times before and she was simply the latest in line. She was getting plenty of use out of the two penises in her holes as well, she reminded herself.

With her body finally on the verge of giving out Kristen slumped forwards onto her knees in exhaustion. She sighed as Jorge slipped out of her, her walls clinging onto his dick as it withdrew. She was a sweaty mess, her skin blotchy red and massive trails of drool hanging off her face. It didn't seem to bother either man as they clamped their lips round her throat and reached down to her tender, well-worn pussy, giving her clit some overdue attention. She quivered in their arms as her hood bulged outwards, tingling with excitement.

Jorge lifted her hair up and kissed her on the back of her neck. "You ready to go again?" he murmured.

"Yeah, just..." Kristen let out a sigh, her knees wobbling beneath her. "Gimme a moment, would you?" Ed clasped her under the ribs and stopped her sinking to the floor. He lifted her up onto the couch and lay her down on her back, her sore limbs stretching out gratefully. She watched him trace his fingers down her torso to her pussy, which was bright pink and stretched wide open. She winced slightly as he felt around her opening, testing it out.

Her chest rose and fell as she lay there and watched him finger her, gathering up her energy for the next assault. Her eyes kept wandering to her left, aware of both his right hand pumping away at his cock and Jorge shuffling towards her on his knees, preparing to take his turn in her mouth. She was perfectly comfortable where she was, but as Ed climbed up onto the far end of the sofa she could tell that together they were going to be an awkward mass of arms and legs in this small space.

"Uh, wait a minute," she said in a hoarse whisper.

He stopped dead, seemingly thinking she had outright turned him down. "What, is there a problem...?"

"This is my house," she reminded him. "You think I'm too good for the floor?" She nodded towards the empty space beside them and gave a little shrug. Ed smiled and stood up, about to help her down, but with a surprisingly fluid motion she rolled herself off the couch instead. She steadied herself on the carpet, propped up on her elbows with her legs splayed wide. She glanced to her left and Jorge's dick was right there in her face, its head bulging eagerly towards her. "Well hello," she announced, and with no more preamble sucked him straight down her throat.

Ed knelt on the floor between her legs, pulling them upwards. His fingers squeezed the tips of her thighs as he probed round her pussy, gathering up her juices and easing himself forward. When he finally sank into her he gave a moan of pleasure every bit as loud as Jorge's, which pleased Kristen no end. She'd not exactly given her cunt much exercise lately, so she was glad to get positive feedback so fast. She clenched her muscles round his cock and sucked him deeper in, filled at both ends once more.

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